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Sunny Side Up 2017 Year Review

Happy weekend friends!  We have been easing back into a routine ever so slowly around here.  My kids have still been out of school this week so we are enjoying a nice mix of hanging out and relaxing plus getting on top of housework.  Next week I will be ready to hit 2018 head on!  For now.. we remember the past. :)  I’m sharing a round-up of posts from 2017!  It was such a great year.  I hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane and click on any post you missed or want to re-read.  I didn’t share every post, but I shared a lot of them so this round-up is LONG.  Grab a snack and enjoy!  I looked over some of the organizing posts again and they helped motivate me to tackle some new spaces!

If you have something you’d love to see me post about this year leave it in the comments and I’ll try to include it!  Thanks again for all of your love and support this past year!  So looking forward to sharing more with you in 2018. :)Sunny Side Up - 2017 Posts!

We kicked the year off with some organizing.. of course!  I shared FIVE FAVORITE THINGS THAT KEEP ME ORGANIZED.  Some of my tried and true favorites!

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

Then I helped my girls whip their bathroom drawers into shape.  GIRLS’ BATHROOM – ORGANIZED DRAWERS.  I am having them do the same thing this weekend.  They have kept them much cleaner than before but bathroom drawers often need a little re-fresh!

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

I shared Addison’s PINK AND AQUA BLUE PRETEEN GIRL’S BEDROOM.  Then I totally spaced sharing El’s bedroom.. ha!  Pics are still sitting in a folder so they are coming this year for sure. ;)

Simple Valentine Party Ideas! (Sunny Side Up)

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

We got ready for February with some SIMPLE VALENTINE PARTY IDEAS.  I also shared a few other ways I’ve made Valentine’s special for my family.

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

Then I shared my ORGANIZED DECOR CLOSET which felt so good to check off my list.  It was such a disaster!

Sunny Side Up - 2017posts!

I kicked off February by sharing my DECORATED and ORGANIZED LAUNDRY ROOM (with COLOR!).

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

Then we got a little personal when I shared 10 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR MARRIAGE STRONG.  My husband and I are far from perfect, but after 20 years of marriage we’ve definitely learned what works for us!

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

Clearly last year was the year of closets for me!  This post on my ORGANIZED BLANKETS AND TOWELS showed how I organized this hall linen closet and my girls’ bathroom towel closet.  Happy to say those two closets are still looking good!

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

I shared a few KITCHEN DECOR IDEAS FOR SPRING!  I’m going to re-read that post because my kitchen is a blank slate right now just waiting for a few Spring touches. :)

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

In March I joined some blog friends for a fun Spring tour and shared pictures of our WHITE MASTER BATHROOM (READY FOR SPRING!).

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

Then I took off to LA for a few days for such a memorable trip!  I had a blast with friends, won the award Best Design Blog for 2017 (did NOT see that one coming), and turned 40.  I shared all the detains in my post DESIGN BLOGGER CONFERENCE (WHAT I WORE) AND HELLO 40!  Thank you again to everyone who voted for me for that award btw.. it meant so much to me!

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

I shared my powder bathroom drawers and other fun Spring touches around my house.  Posts like this are often my favorite. :)  ORGANIZED BATHROOM DRAWERS AND SPRING DECOR.

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!Then I shared my process for sorting through my kids’ art/school work in the post KID’S SCHOOL WORK (WHAT TO SAVE AND WHAT TO TOSS).

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

A SIMPLE EASTER TABLESCAPE brightened our dining room.

Then I ended the month with some fashion favorites and a 40th birthday part my darling friends gave me!  ONE SKIRT THREE WAYS, PURSE LOVE AND A BIRTHDAY TRADITION.  The gift they gave me that night is an all time favorite.  I cried a lot of tears!

Entry Table Console - Sunny Side Up

I kicked off April with our MIRRORED CONSOLE TABLE (ALL GROWN UP!).  I just put this beautiful artwork back on this table yesterday after taking down the Christmas decor.  I still love it so much!

I get so many questions about the custom items in my home so I finally wrote a post with my designer/friend’s info!  She’s the best. :)  CUSTOM ITEMS IN MY HOME (HOW YOU CAN GET THEM TOO!)

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

Finally started decorating our guest room!  I’m excited to show you my recent progress soon.  GUEST ROOM (THE BEGINNING!)

How to organize EVERY space in your house! (Sunny Side Up)

HOW TO ORGANIZE EVERY SPACE IN YOUR HOUSE!  After almost 10 years of blogging I finally took the time to round up all of my organizing inspiration so that everything is all in one post!  Great place to start if you need some ideas for whipping your home into shape this year!

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

Nothing like Tory!  This bag is still a favoirte. :)  TORY BURCH FAVORITES WITH NORDSTROM

5 reasons you can't stay organized and how to fix it! (Sunny Side Up)

One of my favorite posts!  5 REASONS YOU CAN’T STAY ORGANIZED (AND HOW TO FIX IT!).  The reason I know why you can’t keep your home organized is because I’ve been there too!  These are the stumbling blocks I’ve dealt with over the years and how I’ve learned to work around them.

I spent the end of April at the Reward Style Conference in Dallas.  Good times!  I was happy I finally dared to go. ;)  REWARD STYLE CONFERENCE (AND WHAT I WORE)

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

I kicked things off in May by sharing some new decor updates!  POTTERY BARN SMALL SPACE COLLECTION (DECOR UPDATES!)

Along with recent FASHION AND FAVORITES!

GARAGE AND CLOSET ORGANIZATION.  Oh man.. we SO need to wrap up our garage organization this year!  The post above includes updates and pics of how I organized Kole’s clothes closet.

built in window bench (Sunny Side Up)

NAUTICAL INDUSTRIAL BOY’S BEDROOM (PROGRESS!)  Loved sharing Kole’s bedroom with you all this year!  Finishing it up with the small details is on my project to-do list for 2018!

FASHION FRIDAY (NEW FAVORITES FOR THE KIDS!)  Fun new clothes for the kids!  And this twist front cozy fleece pullover is so soft and still one of my favorites!  Great reviews and comes in so many colors.

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

ROSES, GATES, SALES AND SURVIVAL!  All sorts of randomness in this post!

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

I shared pictures of Kole’s NAUTICAL MODERN BOY’S BATHROOM!  Fun giving you the official tour. :)

Lots of everyday life posts throughout the year!  I’ll just link to this LIFE LATELY post in June because this pic I quickly snapped of my boys is one of my favorties. :)

Easy Cashew ChickenIt’s not often that I share recipes on my blog but this EASY CASHEW CHICKEN is so easy to make and a hit with my crew!

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

My living room got a little summer re-fresh!  LIVING ROOM SUMMER DECOR

Then I shared what I was packing for an upcoming trip to Maui.  FASHION AND WHAT I’M PACKING FOR MAUI

Things didn’t exactly work so well the first time I organized this space so I found a better solution for our medicine cabinet!  Check the post to see the after. :)  ORGANIZED MEDICINE CABINET (TAKE 2!)

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

I shared some pics of my kitchen drawers and cupboards and a few of my best tips for keeping your kitchen clean and organized.  MY ORGANIZED KITCHEN (AND HOW TO KEEP YOUR KITCHEN CLEAN AND ORGANIZED TOO!)

organized bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Then we kept organizing our way through summer with pics of my ORGANIZED MASTER BATHROOM.  Nothing like clean bathroom drawers!

We did some major damage at the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!  The sweaters and clothes I bought last July have been on heavy rotation the past few months.  I love that sale.  Time to start saving for next summer. ;)

feta tomato onion dip (Sunny Side Up)

What!?  It’s another recipe.  Well would you look at that. ;)  FETA AND TOMATO DIP  (So good!)

We ended July with some DECOR UPDATES WITH BARN LIGHT ELECTRIC!  Lamps for Kole’s room and some new every day dishes.  Still working on manners at the breakfast table. ;)

Home Decor Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Wrapped up the sale with NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE – FINAL FAVORITES!  Lots of fun clothes and home decor I’m still loving.

BRING ON FALL!  Fall is my favorite time of year to shop for clothes.  Lots of fun fashion in this post!

planked art work hallway display


SAYING GOOD-BYE TO SUMMER!  Always a favorite post to wrap up months of chaos. :)

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

I kicked off the new school year by sharing A DAY IN MY LIFE!  Not so glamorous but fun to document a full day!  Thinking I need to do that once a year because those are the posts that will be really fun to read in 20 years.  I hope things have slowed down by then. ;)

organized hair tools

Then I shared more of my organized master bathroom!  ORGANIZED HAIR TOOL AND BATHROOM DRAWERS

FAVORITE FALL ACCESSORIES.  Still in love with all things Madewell!

Fall Family Room (Sunny Side Up)

FRESH IDEAS FOR FALL TOUR!  Remembering this post makes me wish Fall was starting all over again!

barn door tv cover (Sunny Side Up)

Finally finished and shared our BARN DOOR TV COVER!  It adds so much to our outdoor space.  Another project I was happy to see finally checked off my list.

Then it was time for my husband and I to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary with friends in Colorado.  Followed by NY for the Better Homes and Gardens Event.  Best trip!   COLORADO TO NEW YORK (ANNIVERSARY TRIP AND WHAT I WORE!)

I gave my kitchen some SIMPLE FALL KITCHEN DECOR and geared up for pumpkin spice everything.


theatre room progress (Sunny Side Up)

THEATRE ROOM WITH GREY PAINT AND APPLIANCES!  It was so fun finally sharing a theatre room update with all of you!  Hoping to completely finish this space in 2018.  We are getting close!

craftsman coastal home (Sunny Side Up)

Kole and I had our annual HALLOWEEN PORCH DECOR party.  Best little helper. :)

halloween porch decor

Then I shared some favorite new clothes for the kids!  Love Fall fashion. :)   FALL FASHION FOR GIRLS and FALL FASHION FOR BOYS.

trick or treat halloween planked wall (Sunny Side Up)

I got our hallway ready for Halloween with my SHIPLAP TRICK OR TREAT HALLOWEEN PICTURE DISPLAY!

And the mudroom. :)  FALL MUDROOM DECOR AND A NEW RUG!

My husband did his first fashion post and shared some MENS FALL CLOTHES (GIFT IDEAS FOR THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE!).  That was.. interesting.  Ha!  He’s a good sport. ;)

Fall Living Room Decor (Sunny Side Up)

Then I shared our FALL LIVING ROOM DECOR to wrap up October!

Christmas Gift Giving Printables (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve wanted to make and share printables with all of you for a long time now!  I was so excited to kick off November with some FREE CHRISTMAS PRINTABLES FOR ORGANIZED GIFT GIVING!  I hope they were helpful to some of you!  More printables to come. :)

FASHION FRIDAY!  ON A SATURDAY. :)  I seriously need a new title for those posts.. any ideas?  ;)

Favorite Christmas decor (Sunny Side Up)

FAVORITE CHRISTMAS DECOR!  Man.. so bummed I had to put all of this away!

tree decorating (Sunny Side Up)

You know what was so funny?  This picture above was my most liked picture on Instagram from last year.  What!?  Isn’t that funny!?  I can’t figure out why.  Is it my half decorated, messy room?  The bad lighting?  My stunning look in no make-up and sweats?  Ha ha.. I’ll never understand social media!  TAPERED COLLECTION – NEW FAVORITE TEES

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

OFFICE CHRISTMAS DECOR WITH THE CONTAINER STORE!  One of my favorite posts this year.  Because office Christmas decor is my favorite!  And because anything to do with The Container Store just makes me so very happy. :)

gift ideas for her (Sunny Side Up)

I shared HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS FOR EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST!  Lots of fun things I gave my family and friends this year. :)

Sharing my FROSTED CHRISTMAS TREE WITH BALSAM HILL was another highlight for 2017!  Excited to finally share the rest of this room with you all.  For real this year! ;)

Sunny Side Up - 2017 posts!

I joined some fun bloggers to share our shortcuts when hosting.  No baking?  Sounds like my norm. :)  This cheesecake recipe is a good one!  FAKE IT, DON’T BAKE IT: STRESS FREE HOLIDAY HOSTING!

Christmas console table (Sunny Side Up)

2017 FAVOITE THINGS!  An annual favorite post of mine!  ALL of my favorites from the year in one happy post. :)

tree house (Sunny Side Up)

THANKSGIVING AND CYBER SALES.  Sales and pics of our time in Utah.  Basically me and my new baby niece because all I did was hold her!  Missing that little peanut.

black dutch door (Sunny Side Up)

My last post in November was pics of my MUDROOM DECKED FOR CHRISTMAS!  Love that little tree.

Whew!  I’m going to stop there and not share December posts because they are so recent (you can see them below this post on my blog!).  I’m also putting the breaks on because this post has become a novel.  Clearly it was a busy year!  Thank you again for sharing it all with me and if you have something you’d love for me to blog about this year leave me a comment on this post!  I’m so excited about a new year for Sunny Side Up.  Good things in store!  Always.


xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up 2017 Year Review

  1. What a wonderful recap of the year, Erin! You were busy and productive and efficient and fabulous! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2018. I’m sure it’s going to be great. I have spent some time this past week working on a few little things in my house and it shows. Yay. I have also spent a lot of time crafting and that feels awesome! I have nothing specific in mind for you to share. I thoroughly enjoy whatever you choose to share. Happy weekend to you!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I’m so happy you’ve had some time to work on your house and craft (I know how much you love that!). That’s the best. :) xo

  2. Are the Easter eggs you have hanging from the branches the Mini Mercury Eggs from PB?
    Also, I loved that pic of you with the Christmas tree on IG also. It captures the prettiness of your home and you being happy in your home!

    1. Hi Kathy! They are the Easter eggs from PB! Not sure if they are the mini? And so sweet of you to say that about my IG pic. :) Thanks cutie! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! xo

  3. Great recap! I loved them all 💕 I am going to go back and look at the organization posts to get motivated to tackle some of my spaces this weekend. Looks like you had a fun filled exciting year!

    1. Thank you Piper! Yes! The organizing posts are always my favorites to re-read! They help me get motivated for new projects. :) I hope you’re having a good weekend! xo

  4. Yay! This is great! One post with all the good stuff! Thanks so much!
    You need to write a book and I would be the first to buy it! I use to have a blog. But stopped after 5 years. Do you know if a Blog can be put into a book? Did your husband do that for you one year? How do you do it?
    Amy in Wisconsin

  5. Happy 2018 Erin! I’m excited to see what’s up your sleeve for this year on the blog! Something I’d like to know about is maybe some tips for navigating blog conferences. It’s something that scares the mess out of me but is something I want to eventually step out and do. So maybe some tips now that you’ve been to several would be great especially how it was for your first one? Was it like the first day at a new school? Have a great weekend!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Aria! I’ll definitely try to chat about that at some point! They were intimidating to me too at the beginning, but once you’ve gone to one you realize how NOT intimidating they are. :) xo

  6. What a great year for you, your family, and your blog! I started reading regularly in early May, so it was fun to catch up on some things I missed. :) Thanks for sharing and organizing (your specialty!!) all of these fabulous posts in one place. I jotted down a few ideas to do in my son’s bathroom tonight after bath time! AKA….store extra washcloths and towels in the empty drawer as to avoid carrying a naked and wet 2 year old down the hall to the linen closet after forgetting to grab one!! :D Have a great Monday night!

  7. Thanks for the recap! So whats the status of your TV room and guest room?? Always like to see what you do for some great ideas and inspiration.!

  8. Hey Erin,
    I was wondering if you have any secret for your suede boots to protect them from denim “bleeding” onto them. I bought the Sam Edelman suede boots from Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and I love them! Only part is that every time I wear them with jeans I have to clean the suede to remove the blue from jeans! Any secrets? recommendations? or favorite jeans that don’t do that?


    1. On no Ana! I’ve never had that problem! I know Nordstrom sells a spray for Ugg boots.. maybe they have some for suede boots? Sorry I’m not more help on that one! xo

  9. I enjoy your blog very much, and look forward to all the tips and advice. The one thing that makes it difficult to do a lot of these things, is money. I would love to have a well organized, clean, neat home………and I try my best. But if you don’t have the resources and money to do it, it makes it that much more difficult. Our home is nice, but small, and the ceilings are very low…’s an older ranch. We did remodel our kitchen, and I love it. I’m a really neat person, but the rest of my family is not. It’s really hard to keep things organized and neat when you don’t have the space, or the people living with you who want the same look. It feels like a constant battle sometimes, because I just can’t get my space to be what I want. Anyway, I really do enjoy your blog, and seeing your style and home improvements, tips, and advice.

    1. Thank you so much Lynne! I agree.. it’s definitely harder to stay organized when your family isn’t on board! I feel like that is something that has taken me years.. to get my family to all work hard to help keep things clean and organized. It’s possible! It just takes time. As far as money, there are so many creative solutions for organizing on a budget! And really the best way to stay organized is to just have less stuff. I know that for me in past smaller homes we’ve lived in that was the key.. being ruthless with purging! Best of luck staying organized this year and hopefully I’ll be able to help give you some more ideas with future posts! xo

      1. Thanks Erin! I didn’t mean to sound so down in the dumps!! lol I’m extremely fortunate and grateful for everything the good Lord has provided for me! Family for sure is number one! I’m working on the organization part……which is actually really fun! I love to organize………much to my husband’s dismay. Thanks for being a great inspiration! :)

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