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Fall Mudroom Decor and a New Rug

Well!  Happy Wednesday friends.  By the time you read this post, it will be Wednesday.  I know this because today (Tuesday) on my IG stories I was sharing details on my shiplap Halloween display and I told everyone happy Wednesday.  Then text messages from friends, IG messages and a phone call from my mom came pouring in.  All informing me that I was off a day and that it was in fact Tuesday.  Ha ha.. oh my word.  So embarrassing!  Mom brain!  I get it often.  So happy Wednesday friends!  Let’s hope I can keep things straight for a change. :)

Sharing some Fall decor in the mudroom and my new rug in this space today!

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custom-mudroom-bench-black dutch door

I decorated my mudroom the same as I have in past years.  A throw, pillows and wreath from Home Goods.  Simple orange touches to bring in the season!

black dutch door fall mudroom decor

This wreath usually only lasts about a week on this dutch door before my husband complains about having to move it to go in and out of the door and takes it down.  Kinda similar to how he complains about having to take off the pillows on our bed every night and the way I keep moving his precious family room clock around where he can’t see it.  Ha!  I don’t get it.. I mean .. what does he expect?  That we live here too? ;)

black dutch door fall mudroom decor side table

I added some pumpkins to my little side table in the corner of the mudroom..


And this beautiful painting of the Eiffel Tower I got when we were in France last year.  It was the only souvenir I bought that whole trip!  I love it so much and it reminds me of such a fun week with my husband.  (I still need to write about France!  Post #3,486 on the list.) ;)


Cozy corner!


The only thing missing was a rug!  I usually have this rug in front of our mudroom lockers – perfect for Spring and Summer but Fall?  Not so much. :)


So I did a little digging and researched lots of runners and ended up with this Chenille Jute Basketweave Runner from PB (the natural).  I LOVE it!  It’s so soft, the perfect fit and very neutral and cozy for Fall. :)  This is a major traffic area with my kids and while the border shows a little dirt (not too bad) the inside hides dirt really well.  (You can read about the rest of the rugs throughout my home in this post.)  


It just makes the whole room feel warm – always a good thing!  Speaking of PB.. oh my word you guys.  I’m trying to contain myself when it comes to their Christmas decor, but seriously!  They have the cutest things this year!  I know.. I say that every year. ;)  But they always do!  I just ordered these bathroom towels and this vintage Santa advent calendar.  And their Christmas signs!  How cute is this one!?  Trying to figure out a fun spot for it.  Also my favorite Magnolia Garland is back in stock!  I know I know.. we haven’t even had Halloween yet.  But I have to decorate early to have posts ready for the blog so my brain is already in total Christmas mode.  (Major job perk in my opinion.) ;)  I’ll be showing you all of my favorite Christmas decor in a post at some point, but things are already backordered and the good stuff always goes so fast!  It’s hard for me to contain my excitement when it comes to Christmas decor.  All things Christmas really!  I have so many fun things coming up on the blog.. can’t wait to share it all with you!

Speaking of all things Christmas coming up.. I’d love to hear from you!  What would you like to see on Sunny Side Up this holiday season?  Christmas decor?  Fun holiday outfits?  Ways to stay organized during the holidays?  Gift ideas?  Things we do with the kids?  Anything specific? I have some fun things planned, but would love to also make sure to cover anything specific you’d enjoy!

Such a happy time of year!  Ok.. back to Fall and Halloween.  I hope you enjoyed the Fall mudroom decor.  Since I’m taking it all down November 1st.


xoxo, Erin
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30 thoughts on “Fall Mudroom Decor and a New Rug

  1. Your simple approach to decorating is so inspiring!! I am working on our home now and I wish you were my neighbor so you could help me(: Thanks for the inspiration to keep things clean and simple! Just my style!

    1. Thank you Susan! I wish we were neighbors too! How fun would that be!? YEA for simple. It always appeals to me most! So happy you like it too. :) xo

  2. I love your posts on the favorite things party and also keeping up with your adorable growing family. Besides all the kid activities, what do you and your family do together during the holidays?

    1. Thank you Jillian! I’ll have to include some family activities this holiday season for sure! My friend isn’t having her favorite things party again! So bummed.. she’s taking a few years off. But I have a fun party planned that I’ll be sure to share! xo

  3. Hey, I’m impressed you are posting things at all on the blog or IG stories. Messing up on a day doesn’t seem so bad as busy as I’m sure you are. I’m busy, too but my poor blog and instagram are being sadly neglected. Of course I don’t have a blog like yours. Mine is for my crafty stuff and I haven’t been able to create much if anything lately. So kudos to you for posting!! :) And I have to say, your mudroom looks fabulous. The new rug is great. Hope it continues to hold up to traffic. I noticed your print right away and the colors are beautiful. Such a love image to remember your trip. The pumpkins looks fun, too. Lovely welcoming little room there for you and your family. I just enjoy whatever you want to share, so I’m no help to you in deciding what you post. Hope you have a very happy Wednesday and rest of your week, Erin! :) xo

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I wouldn’t have much time for crafting either! Although that stuff always sounds and looks so fun. I can’t believe it’s almost November! Isn’t it crazy how quickly this time of year flies!? As soon as Halloween is over I want it to all SLOW down. Love this time of year! Thanks for always reading and being your sweet, funny, encouraging self! You always put a smile on my face. :) xo

  4. Hi Erin,

    I love all your decorating posts, can’t wait to see more of your Christmas ideas!

    Do you use pads under your rugs?

    1. Thank you Kathryn! I usually do use rug pads! They make the rugs softer and hold everything in place. But I don’t have one under this mudroom rug! It’s thick enough that you don’t need one! My office rug doesn’t have a pad under it either (it’s also thick) but the rest of my rugs do have pads. I always order the rug w/o one and see if I need it. Most of the time I do. :) xo

  5. It looks great, Erin! Love the pops of orange. My husband would do the same thing with the wreath. I am still in denial that it is almost November. Where did October go?
    I love anything holiday…it is the BEST time of year. Decor, entertaining ideas, gift ideas, outfits, family traditions, etc. I LOVE IT ALL! Thanks for always sharing so much of your beautiful home and life with us. xxoo

    1. Thank you so much Pam! You are always so kind! I can’t believe October is almost over either! This month just FLEW. It always does this time of year. Everything goes by too quickly! Sounds like you like the variety which is right up my alley. YEA! Christmas! Bring it on. :) xo

  6. I’d love to see holiday outfits and Christmas decor! Also, I love seeing other family’s Christmas activities – it gives me ideas.

  7. Such a cute, simple fall mudroom! Love that throw blanket and the Eiffel Tower art! We were there in May and it was lovely! Seeing your art took me right back to that happy place! Now let’s talk Christmas! I AM SO EXCITED! I am actually putting up my first tree tonight (this has been a long negotiating battle with the hubby!). I would love to see décor ideas including Christmas tree styling, holiday organization, and gift ideas!

    1. Ahhh! TIffany! Your comment made me giddy. SO fun you are putting up a tree tonight! Your husband is a good man. ;) I should be! But my kids made me promise to wait until after Halloween. If it would have been up to me I would have started weeks ago! I just want to enjoy it all as long as possible! I’ll definitely include a little of all three of those things this year. YEA! Bring it on! :) xo

      1. Thank you! Husband is the hardest to shop for but I like all ideas! My 4 year old son loved the nails and tools toy you posted a few years ago! Keeps him entertained for awhile lol! :-)

        1. Oh yea! Happy to hear that Sarah! Kole loved that too. :) And same! Husband is always the hardest! I’ll try to come up with a few good ideas for them this year! xo

  8. Yes, Yes and Yes to all the above. I’ve already referenced back to last years posts several times in hopes of being ready by Dec. 1 this year, since last year that didn’t quite happen. I have the PB rug with the red trim sitting in my office right now just waiting for Nov. 1. No sense in carrying it all the way downstairs for one week. I loved all your posts last year about everything, so just keep it up.

  9. Oh it looks so pretty and fall!!
    As for Christmas I would seriously love to know what’s in your kids Christmas lists because my kids are killing me lol

  10. I would love to hear more about your family’s Christmas traditions and things you do with the kids to make the season special. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything Christmas but recently it feels like a bit of the Christmas magic has been missing. Love your blog!!!

    1. Thank you Terisha! So happy to hear you enjoy my blog! That made my day. :) I know what you mean.. December can be such a busy and stressful month and that sometimes takes away from the magic and fun of it all. I’ll definitely share a few things we do to make it special for our kids! xo

  11. I was going to ask about that wreath, if you take it down at some point to be able to use the door. Funny! Erin, you should live in the Philippines because once the month ends in ER (Sept) until January they are in Christmas mode. Music, lights, building decors, etc. are all over the place. Only when we moved to the US that we learned Christmas isn’t celebrated that long. Although, Philippines also didn’t have Halloween or Thanksgiving,. These days some Filipinos living there are adopting American holidays but the Christmas spirit still starts super early and ends late.

    1. Loved learning more about Christmas in the Philippines! I would seriously love Christmas going from Sept – Jan! It really is never long enough for me. Might be time for a move.. ha! ;) xo

  12. Hello, My wife and I like the trim style around your door. We would like to copy it. Can you give me the widths of the side and top pieces? Oh, and what is the width of the floor trim? Thanks, Jason

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