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Let’s talk RUGS

Quite often I get asked questions about the rugs throughout my house.  Where did I buy them.. how are they holding up.. would I recommend them.  I was looking up one of my rugs on-line the other night to help answer a question someone e-mailed me and I saw that my rug was on sale.  So I looked up another rug I own in a different room.  On sale too.  Before long I realized that almost every rug I have throughout my house is currently on sale!  I guess this makes sense because I bought all of these rugs in the past year or two since we’ve been in the new house so a lot of them are marked down and on their way out.  That little discovery prompted today’s post.  I’m sharing info. and sources for most of my rugs!  And if you’ve been debating getting one of them for your home.. now is the time.  :)

In our family room we have Pottery Barn’s Chunky Wool Jute Rug.  I can’t say enough good things about this rug.  Absolutely LOVE it.  One of my all time favorites.  I recommend it to anyone who asks.  It’s incredibly soft to walk on – not at all rough like most jute rugs – you can feel the wool!  It’s thick and sturdy and only shed a bit for the first few weeks after I bought it.  I love the look of it.  Such a great neutral that would work in so many spaces and it adds so much texture to the room.  But my favorite thing about this rug?  It hides EVERYTHING.  This is the most lived in space in our house and don’t let clean and pretty blog pictures fool you – we really live in this room.  This floor is often covered in toys, books, blankets, magazines and occasionally food and drinks.  We try to be careful, but life happens.  We’ve spilled on this rug countless times (mostly water or light colored food, but also Coke Zero a time or two) ;) and so far everything has come right off.  It hides every crumb so I have to remind myself to actually vacuum.  Yup.  Dream rug!  It’s my favorite.  Comes in 5 sizes and is on sale!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.35.17 PM
Pottery Barn’s Chunky Wool Jute Rug
wide-planked-wood-floors 2
I bought our kitchen rugs soon after we moved in the house and they are still holding up great almost two years later!  These were inexpensive rugs from Target and to be honest I thought they’d only last about a year, but they’re still kickin’!  They do get dirty – all kitchen rugs do – but I toss them in the wash once every 3-4 weeks and they come out looking brand new.  This rug comes in 8 colors and is on sale.
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.52.47 PM
Target’s Simple Morocco Hand Tufted Rug
The coral rug in my kitchen nook is from Rugs USA.  I LOVE the look of this rug.  Clearly I’m a fan of coral and of this pattern.  :)  But it’s not my all time favorite because it’s so thin and not as soft as other rugs to walk on.  It works great for under a table but I wouldn’t recommend it for a living/family room rug.  The other thing that bothers me about this rug (that you can’t tell in this picture) is that the corners constantly turn up!  I’ve set heavy books on them and tried a few other things and nothing works.  I can’t flip the rug on the other side because the tag is large and sewn on the backside.  So overall I give this rug a 6 or 7 out of 10.  :)  I do love the look of it and it comes in lots of sizes and colors.  Something for everyone.
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.42.48 PM
RugsUSA’s Surya Jill Rosenwald Fallon Fal Rug
My formal dining room rug is SO similar to the dining nook rug I just shared.  It’s from West Elm and it’s a Dhurrie rug so like the rug above, it’s thin and not as soft.  Great for under a table.  It’s not available anymore, but here is one almost identical.
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.38.39 PM

green target geometric rug
Our downstairs laundry room is still seriously lacking in decor, but at least I have this fun rug from Target my mom bought me adding some color and cheer when you walk by!  Simple, fun, and inexpensive.  I love Target rugs!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.46.21 PM
Target’s Indoor Outdoor Flatweave Area Rug – Turquoise Green 
laundry room rug
Ahhh.. one of my favorites!  My black and white striped rug from Crate and Barrel in our upstairs laundry room.  This is a fun rug at a great price.  I bought the runner but it comes in lots of sizes.  If you’re putting it in a higher traffic area (kitchen rug for example) I’d buy a rug pad.  I didn’t need one for this spot because we aren’t walking on it that much.  I love this rug!  Makes a fun statement.  :)

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.54.29 PM
Crate and Barrel’s Olin Black Striped Cotton Rug
In my mudroom I have another striped runner (I’m nothing if not predictable) and I have a love hate relationship with this one!  It’s from Pottery Barn and like all of their rugs – great quality.  Really soft, thick and durable.  It does need a rug pad under it to lay nice and flat.  I bought the runner but it comes in other sizes and colors and is also on sale!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.36.39 PM
Pottery Barn’s Oxford Stripe Recycled Yarn Indoor/Outdoor Rug – Blue
Really my only complaint with this rug is that it’s too thick for the space I bought it for (which I shared in a post a while back).  It bunches up every time we open the mudroom door which is such a pain.  Most of the time I just fold up the end of it near the door but that doesn’t look great.  I’m always on the lookout for a replacement, but I haven’t found a runner that is as nice and as long with a pattern I love yet.  Plus I don’t have a place to put this one and I do love the rug!  Just don’t buy it thinking it will fit under a door.  Do you all love that you are learning from my many mistakes?  :)
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.34.34 PM
Speaking of navy striped Pottery Barn rugs I love, I’ve always had a crush on this one too.  :)
The Pottery Barn bath rugs in my girls’ bathroom are amazing.  Softest rugs EVER.  Love love love these.  Non-slip back and they come in two sizes.  I would recommend and suggest these to anyone looking for beautiful and comfortable bathroom rugs!  They come in lots of colors and are also on sale.  Woot woot!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.39.21 PM
Pottery Barn’s Marlo Bath Rug
The cute pearl embroidered bath towels I bought my girls to match are on sale too!  Wondering why I didn’t wait and buy these now? ;)
Clearly we are having a Pottery Barn party going on so I can’t leave out this beauty.  This outdoor rug was love at first sight!  The second I discovered it on-line I knew it was the one for our outdoor area.  It sang to me.  Does your home decor ever sing to you?  Mine does.  Occasionally. :)  This comes in 6 sizes and is on sale!  Such a great time to buy anything outdoor related.  Then you will have a happy surprise to pull out when next Spring rolls around!
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.35.40 PM
Pottery Barn’s Dot ‘N Dash Recycled Yarn Indoor/Outdoor Rug – Indigo

Whew!  I have done a lot of rug shopping over the past two years!  Rugs are tricky because most of them are on-line orders which means you really don’t know how the rug is going to look/feel until you get it on your doorstep.  They are a pain to return and I’ve returned plenty!  Several times in a few spaces until I found the rug that was meant to be.  I hope my reviews help and that this post answered some of your rug questions!  I left off a few rugs I have that I will share at some point.  These are all of the rugs in my house that are on sale and that are most likely only around for a limited time.  Happy RUG hunting friends!

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xoxo, Erin
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110 thoughts on “Let’s talk RUGS

  1. Thanks for sharing the sources to all your amazing rugs. When I look at or for rugs, I go for solids. How boring is that?! You are a fan of the pattern and they look amazing. Happy Wednesday! :)

  2. Thank you for this post. I love all your rugs (and everything else about your house too!). There’s one in particular I love that isn’t mentioned. It’s white with a dark diamond type pattern. I remember you recently showed off some new shoes on it! lol. I’d love to know where that one is from.

    1. Thank you Victoria! I’ll definitely share my bedroom rug and source soon – that’s the one I had shoes on :) – but I have to say that it’s driving me crazy because it sheds so badly. Hope it slows down soon! I can’t remember where I got that off the top of my head but I’ll check my notes and get back to you! Here in the comments or in a future post. :) xo

  3. We have those same Target rugs in our kitchen, the grey ones :)
    I have never “done” rugs throughout the house before because we’ve always had carpeting. But now we are doing our flooring and no more carpet! Yay! So I’m going to need rugs very soon. Love this post – perfect timing!

    By the way…thought you might smile at this one: I broke down and bought the planner! I’m giving it ONE MORE SHOT with these planners, LOL. So tell your mom…it’s never to late to perfect something. Even the use of a planner. Ha!

    1. YEA! Glad this post was helpful Katrina! And that you are giving a planner another try! This may be the time it actually sticks. Ha! I’ll tell my mom for sure. :) xo

  4. Hi Erin, Can you tell me where you got the pendant lights in the kitchen over the islands? I have been looking for something similar but can’t find anything. Thanks!

  5. Beautiful home & style ? it all! Do you mind sharing what size rug you have in your family room – (the PB jute rug) thank you in advance.

      1. Hey Erin: Another question about that rug. You say it’s soft to walk on, but what about sitting? My kids sit and play on the floor all the time. I need a rug that is comfortable for that.
        Also, have you seen the gray in that same style? Just wondering, because it looks really really dark on the website, just wondering if you have seen it in person…

        1. Hi Julia! Are you asking about the PB rug in my family room? If you are then yes! SO comfy to sit on. We sit on it all the time. :) I haven’t seen the grey in person so I’m not sure about that one. ??

        2. Julia – Did you happen to get the gray? I’m thinking of purchasing it and can’t find many pictures online to know how it will look in natural light.

          1. No, I ended up getting a Safavieh gray wool rug which has been fabulous. I can link you to it if you are interested. The PB gray was too dark fo my room

          2. Yes, if you could share the link that would be great. I look and look online but it is so hard. Too many choices and too many unknowns with texture, softness, etc.!

  6. Thanks for all the rug info! I’m def. getting the jute rug now! Btw…how is your light colored couch in your living room working for you with kids? I so badly want to get lighter couches for our new house..I’m just stressed they will get dirty.?

    1. So far pretty good! Did you mean the white couch in the formal living? It’s not used as much so it’s doing great. The light couch in my family room gets lived on and there are a few marks.. but not too bad! They probably will get a little dirty so you just have to be ok with that. For me it’s worth it for the look. :) xo

  7. Hi Erin! I really love this post! All of your rugs are so cute. I am dying to have your living room rug :) I know it’s Restoration Hardware, but can’t find it. If they still have it, can you please post the name or a link? Thanks so much!!

  8. So many fun rugs! I love the one you chose for your outside living area!
    I too can’t stand the corners of rugs going up! I put a rolled up piece of packing tape under the corners of my toy room rug and stuck it firmly to the tile floor so that it wouldn’t get rolled up, and it’s been working fabulously for a few years now! I trade it out for new tape a couple times a year. I’m not sure you’d want to put tape on your beautiful wood floors, but it would hold that kitchen rug down. :)

    1. Courtney! LOVE that idea! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that since I tape everything. Ha! Maybe painters tape would be ok on the floors? I’ll try that and packing tape and see what sticks best and does the least amount of damage. You are brilliant!! Thank you! So happy to have a possible solution. Those corners drive me crazy! :)

  9. Erin, I look forward to reading all of your posts! I just love seeing your beautiful home and your cute family! I was looking at the problem with your mudroom rug. Could you take the door down and shave a little off the bottom? Also, could you cut the pad out from under that corner of the rug to make it thinner right there? Don’t want you to have to give up the cute rug!!

    1. Sally I seriously love you for thinking of solutions for me! Such great ideas! Especially cutting the pad in that one spot! I’m going to look into that ASAP and see if it would help. Thank you cutie! I don’t want to give up that rug either! That’s why it’s still there driving us crazy everyday. Ha! :) xo

    1. Hi Carrie! K so my dining nook (coral rug) has a pad under it but my formal dining room rug (yellow) doesn’t. Don’t ask me why I ordered a pad for one and not the other. Ha! If it’s going under a table I don’t think it really needs one, but it does make the rug a bit softer. All of my other rugs have pads and aside from making the rug softer, they do help keep the rug in place. Hope that helps. :)

  10. Hey there – I’ve been ready to pull the trigger on the Jute rug in your family room, and then went to PB today and they have the Eli Jute Rug on clearance for 1/2 off! They are very similar – Eli is slightly darker and a little chunkier. I was just wondering if you’d looked at it and had any thoughts. Your review of your rug are stellar, so I think I’m sticking with my original plan, but thought I’d ask my favorite rug expert first. :)

    Also – where did you get that san diego print – california with the heart on SD from your “SD is home” post? We just bought a vacation home in SD and I’d love to have it for out there. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks cutie! I haven’t looked at all at the Eli Jute Rug! I’m sure it’s great, but I can only speak for my wool/jute rug which you know I adore. :) That California print was from a local store called Bixby and Ball. They have a website and I bet you can find it there!
      Congrats on your vacation home! Too much fun! :) xo

  11. You promise the wool jute rug is really going to stop shedding at some point right?! ;) I love the feel of it and have gotten compliments on it, but the shedding is out of control! It’s like a have an indoor cat with a serious shedding problem. I’m on day 28 and figure it has to get better soon. I’m vacuuming it twice a day following the suggestions that came with the rug and not using the power sweeper). We have dark wood floors like yours and you can see every fiber that has come off. I may be to OCD for this rug…but I am still glad I got it (and on sale, even).

    1. Kimberly your comment made me laugh! YES!! I promise it will stop. I felt the same way – the shedding drove me crazy! But then it started shedding less and less and now it doesn’t at all. I didn’t vacuum twice a day either – maybe once a week – so I bet it will slow down for you soon. Hang in there! Trust me.. I’m about as OCD as you can get. Ha! I totally get it but it will stop. :) xo

  12. Hi Erin! Everything looks beautiful! I love your choices of textures and patterns. I have a question for you. I recently purchased the Pottery Barn Wool and Jute Rug for my family room. We have had it several days and have noticed the normal shedding of fibers but also some sort of fine dust under the rug itself. Did you encounter this dust as well? If so, does it go away after first several weeks like the shedding? Also, did you go with a rug pad for this rug? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Alicia! I don’t remember a fine dust under the rug but we do have the rug pad under it so our rug probably did the same thing and I just didn’t notice! I’m sure it will go away just like the shedding eventually does. Our rug shed so much for months and now nothing! Hope you like it! That rug is my favorite. :) Happy holidays cutie! xo

  13. Hi there,

    I am thinking of purchasing the natural jute rug from Pottery Barn like the one that you have in your living room, but I am debating about whether or not it would go with my living room. In your opinion, does the jute style of rugs work with just about any style of living room? And do you think it would look good with light gray sofas? I have light gray and I want then Jute rug, but then I am also stuck on what curtains could possibly go with it :/

    1. Hi Amy! It’s such a great neutral rug.. I think it would go in most rooms! Maybe not a contemporary style. I ordered the tan rug but I think they have a grey option that would work with your sofas! I’d go with that one. You could do a grey geometric print on your curtains like I did or bring in a color that is also throughout your room. Hope that helps! xo

  14. I am currently looking for a family room rug. We took out our carpet and put in hardwood floors and I haven’t been able to commit to anything yet. I have always LOVED that Pottery Barn Chunky Wool Jute rug but am afraid because I have a golden retriever. Also, I had a jute rug in our kitchen years ago and it did not clean up well. I am happy to hear yours does! Maybe I will look at that rug again in person! I also love all the rugs in your home. They make me want to add more color to my home. I actually have a great Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor striped rug in my office that I highly recommend. I am sure you have looked into Dash and Albert before but it might be something to consider for your mudroom. Anyway, really helpful post. I am always curious to know how things hold up!

    1. Thanks Shelley! Yes! This PB jute rug has held up great and it really hides dirt which is so nice because it’s in the room that gets the most traffic in our house. I love Dash and Albert rugs too! Thanks for reminding me about them! Happy rug shopping cutie. :) xo

  15. Would you mind telling me where you mainly purchased your cabinet hardware throughout your house? In particular, your girl’s bathroom. Also where are their bathroom light fixtures from? Thank you! I love your blog!

    1. Thank you Amber! We bought most of our hardware from Restoration Hardware. Girls bathroom hardware was also from RH and I don’t remember where I got the girls lights but they are Quoizel. Hope that helps! :) xo

  16. Hi Erin! Thanks for this awesome post! Your home is gorgeous! I am in the market for a new rug for our family room and I am contemplating get the one you have from Pottery Barn. Is it comfortable to play a game on the floor with my kids? They are 4 and 1.

    1. YES! Marcie my kids were playing the board game “Sorry” on it tonight! It’s not scratchy like regular Jute rugs.. really soft and kid friendly. Plus it hides a lot! A necessity with kids! ;) Love it so much! :) xo

  17. Hi Erin! I have been enjoying your blog and design style for a while now! Your house is just stunning and I constantly find myself coming back to look at pictures of it whenever I am going to do some redecorating in our home. Currently I am trying to find a new carpet for the bedrooms. We currently have a beige toned carpet but have redecorate and repainted with grey tones and the beige doesn’t look so hot anymore! I noticed you have carpet in your kids rooms and the playroom and since your entire house is in grey tones I can only imagine the carpet you picked looks fabulous with the grey tones. Have you shared any information about this carpet in previous posts? I didn’t find anything. Wondering what type of carpet, color, texture, etc…really anything you can share about it.

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Becky! You are so kind to say that about my house! I’m so happy you like it and enjoy my blog. I wish so badly I had carpet info. I could give you! Lots of people have asked about them and I didn’t even pay attention when we bought them to see what brand/color they were. I just took my paint swatches to the store and picked out gray carpet that worked with the paint in each room. Most carpet in our rooms are a true gray and then I chose a gray/brown in my son’s room and our guest room because the paint was a gray/brown in those two rooms. Sorry that’s not more help! xo

  18. Hi there! Love e truth I g about your house!!!! It’s truly a vision!! Where is your family room sectional from???

  19. Thank you so much for this post! I love the Pottery Barn chunky wool/jute rug, but I’m worried about not being able to use a beater bar vacuum on it. Do you use a beater bar vacuum on yours? I’m really hoping I can because I love the rug and want to keep it. Also, have you ever had it steam cleaned? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Ayn! I’m not sure what a beater bar vacuum is! But I use a regular vacuum on it all the time. It’s easy to vacuum. I haven’t had it steamed cleaned.. it has held up so well I don’t think it quite needs it yet! Hope that helps! I love the rug. :) xo

  20. Hi there – I am literally about to click “buy” on the PB Chunky Wool & Jute Rug but I’m reading other websites that complain about the hairs and fibers all over the place. What has your experience been? You have small children so I’m hoping I can go with your recommendation but don’t want to be vacuuming every day or having our clothes covered in fuzz balls/hairs.

    1. Hi Allison! You definitely won’t have hairs on your clothes! It does shed for a while when you first get it, but after a few months mine totally stopped! It hasn’t shed a hair since. :) xo

  21. I really enjoy your blog! You’re home is beautiful and I love all your great rugs! My question is, do you have a rug at your front door as you enter the house? I’m trying to find a rug for my entrance and was curious, if you had one, and if so, what it looks like? Always open to a new look! Hope you and your family have a blessed and Happy Christmas!

    1. Thank you Ryan! We bought them from a store in southern Utah in our hometown called Southwest Tile. They are basic Carrara marble subway tiles that you can find at most tile stores. :)

  22. Hi Erin,
    Thank you for posting such great photos with helpful details! I would like to order the yellow rug that you have in your girls’ bathroom. Do you have a shower curtain in yours, if so what color?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Cindy! You are so welcome! I love those rugs! I don’t have a shower curtain in that bathroom because my girls have a glass shower door. I think most colors look great with yellow though! xo

  23. I purchased my chunky wool jute rug from PB today after reading your blog. I’ve been drawn to this rug for it’s beauty and after ready your blog, knew it was the rug for us! Thank you for all the wonderful information! Do you mind sharing the color paint you used in your two story family room? It’s stunning! :)

    1. Yea! So happy to hear that Kathleen! I think you’ll love it! That paint is “Seattle” by Frazee (now SW) but I’m not sure if you can get it anymore! For all of my paint colors type “favorite paint” in the search bar of my blog (on the right column). :) Thank you! xo

  24. Hi Erin! I’m new to your blog…love it! I love everything about your house. I have the same style. I have a question… I can’t seem to find on your blog where you found the rug for your living room. Would you be able to share that info with me? Thanks!

  25. Hi thanks for your post! I am also interested in buying the chunky rug from pb. Just wondering, how has it held up over the years. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Nimra! I absolutely LOVE that rug and can’t recommend it enough! We’ve had it for a few years now and it still looks great! So comfortable and it really hides dirt from the kids. Go for it! :)

  26. Hi Erin! How do you clean your Pottery Barn Chunky Wool and Jute Rug? I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner and wonder if that is too strong to clean that rug. My family (husband and two toddlers) like to eat in the living room while watching movies, where I would put this rug, and am wondering how it holds up to stains? Have you spilled wine, juice, or ketchup on it? Thanks! I love reading your vlog and love how you’ve decorated your home!

    1. Hi Heather! Thank you so much! So sweet of you to say. :) I vacuum our PB rug with our central vacuum and it’s pretty strong! We always eat in this room and we have spilled on this rug LOTS of times.. ha! Mostly food, water and Coke Zero which has all come right off with a wet towel. I haven’t spilled juice or ketchup, but it really does clean up well and because of the texture it hides all crumbs. My favorite. ;) I hope that helps! xo

  27. Hi Erin, your home is beautiful!! I love EVERYTHING about it!! I just purchased the black and white stripe crate and barrel rugs. Question: how do you keep them clean? Says they can be dry cleaned or washed – worried they’ll ravel in washer. Thoughts?! Thank you!! :)

    1. Hi Jill! Thank you so much! So sweet of you. Oh you will love those rugs! K – so far I’ve just spot cleaned them with a wet paper towel. I heard from someone else who has them on IG that she washed hers in the gentle cycle and hung it to dry and it came out great! I’m going to try that soon and will let you know on the blog! :) xo

  28. I’m about to order that PB chunky wool jute rug. But first, I have a few questions for you.
    Does the jute feel scratchy or stiff at all? Did you get a rug pad? If so, from where and what type?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Brenda! It’s not scratchy at all! That’s why I love it so much. It’s really soft.. not like a typical jute rug. We did get a pad.. the pad from Pottery Barn that goes with the rug. Hope that helps! :) xo

  29. I love your family room rug from pottery barn. I have a similar sectional sofa and I know it would look great. Unfortunately, t is on backorder in the size I need until the end of October – is there any other rug you would recommend? I am really interested in a soft, durable rug for our high traffic family room in a similar color.

    Thank you!

      1. Erin,
        Thank you so much for your quick reply. I have looked at the gray and love it but I have a lot of blue/gray throughout my house and was looking for a color closer to the natural you selected. I’ve had a hard time convincing my husband that this type of rug won’t be scratchy but finally your blog made him see the light :). I LOVE the rug in your bedroom but wanted to stay away from pattern if possible. I guess I will have to be patient and try to wait for the Chunky Rug!!

        Thank you again. Your blog is my favorite!

        1. I’m glad my post convinced him! Ha! :) It really is a soft rug. I bet they will re-stock it in your size soon! It’s a popular rug so just keep checking back. Thank you so much for your sweet words about my blog Carrie! Made my day. :) xo

  30. Hello!! Beautiful rugs and beautiful home!! You said you got your PB wool/jute rug ion sale, what was the price you paid?


  31. Hi there! Love your style. I didn’t see anything about your stair runner and I love it. Would you please post some info on that rug as well and if you like it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Robyn! Thank you! So sorry I don’t have any info. on that! It’s a carpet runner we picked out at a local carpet store and I don’t have any info. on the name of the carpet. Sorry that’s no help! xo

  32. Hey Erin! I just stumbled upon this post at the perfect time! We are searching for a new rug for our family room, and PB’s Chunky Wool & Jute Rug is a top contender! Did you purchase PB’s premium rug pad to go under it, or is that unnecessary? Also, is it still holding up well several years later? Thanks so much!! I love your style! :)

    1. Hi Alison! Thanks cutie! Happy you found me! :) Yes! We do have the rug pad too. Love this rug so much I bought another one for my dining room! It’s our all time favorite and has held up so well. It sheds a bit when you first get it, but then it stops and is so soft and so durable. It always looks clean even when it’s a mess! I can’t recommend it enough. :) xo

          1. That’s awesome! You’re a great decorator & I trust your opinion! ;) Another PB rug I’m loving right now is the Diamond Wrapped Jute Rug in khaki color. It’s a wool/jute blend also. Do you know anything about this rug? The diamond pattern is so pretty!

  33. Beautiful home!!! I found this site after searching for comments about the PB rug shedding! I have both the natural (living room) and gray (dining room) and love them both!! I’ve had them for about a month now and natural one seems to shed a lot more than the gray (probably because it’s a high traffic area). I was close to selling it but your comments gave me hope! Lol! Just in case anyone is wondering about the gray, it is gorgeous!! I love the natural for the living room though because it goes so well with any color if I ever change it up in there. We have a wood table with black chairs in the dining room so the gray is perfect with it’s black speckles throughout. Thanks for the info Alison!!

    1. Hi Traci! So happy you found this info. helpful! Yes.. hang on and that rug will eventually stop shedding! There is hope indeed. ;) Happy New Year! xo

  34. Hi there, I have been going back-and-forth on a rug for my living room area and think I am going to take the plunge and order the PB Chunky Wool Jute rug, did you get your rug pad from Pottery Barn also? If so, do you remember if you got the standard or premium pad.? Wondering if there is that much of a difference between the two pads – other than of course the cost

    1. Hi Ann! So sorry I just saw this comment! Yes! We did get the rug pad from PB and we got the premium pad. I’m not sure if there is a huge difference or not, but since this was for our main living area I went with the nicer rug pad. :)

  35. Loving your house! I have ver6 similar taste and we recently remodeled an old home in a s8milar style. I also have the PB chunky wool and jute rug and absolutely love it. My question is about your Family room sectional. Is that PB as well? If so, which one and has it held up well? I have a friend who bought a PB sofa and wasn’t pleased with it but I know they have different levels of durability/craftsmanship. Hers may have been a lower end one. We need a sectional we can live in and one that’s comfortable for years to come. Any info is appreciated!

  36. I’m about to buy the Pottery Barn wool and jute rug but am curious if you have ever steam cleaned yours? Is it still holding up well?

    1. Hi Kate! Our rug is still holding up SO well and haven’t had to steam clean it! Just regular vacuuming does the trick. It’s still my favorite rug and I added another one to our dining room! :)

  37. Hello- I love the style of your home what a beautiful space you have created. I am wondering if you know the source for the kitchen nook table?

  38. Hi Erin! I have been researching rugs for over a year and can’t tell you how many times I have read your review of the pottery barn wool jute rug. I have a shag rug and 5 kids and it is comfy but I cannot keep it clean from them walking on it with their shoes. I am hoping pottery barn has a percentage off for Labor Day this year! 🤞🏼😀

    I noticed you added another in your dining room. Have you ever replaced the one in your family room or is it the original? Do you walk on it with shoes and if so, does it look dirtier where you do? Is it soft enough to lay on and watch a movie? My husband is a teacher so I have never spent even half that amount on a rug but I am getting tired of dirty rugs and replacing them every couple years and I want a classy, timeless, neutral foundation that is comfy, stays cleaning looking and will last. 😀. A girl can dream, right??? 😉. Your blog is enchanting!

    1. Hi Jenn! I’m sure PB will do some type of sale this weekend.. yea! I would totally recommend that rug! I haven’t replaced either.. I moved our original family room rug into my dining room so that I could buy one size bigger for my family room. They are both still in great shape 8 years later! We try not to wear shoes in the house so that helps, but it truly hides dirt so well. It’s definitely soft enough to sit on. The only negative is that it sheds for a while. You won’t want to sit on it for the first few months. Then the shedding stops! I say buy the rug! And then enforce a no shoe on the rug rule because mom deserves a clean space! ;) (Honestly with 5 kids you are my hero!) xo

  39. I am building a house in the spring and am having a carpet runner on the stairs and I love the one you used. Where did you buy it? I will have carpet in the upstairs so it will be butting up to carpet. Thank you so much! Love your blog and home!

    1. Hi Joan! Thank you so much! I actually don’t have a name for that runner. I just picked it out at the carpet store years ago. So sorry I’m not more help! You could maybe show one of my pics to someone at a carpet store and see if they know the name of it?

  40. I’m wondering if you have had any issues with the PB wool and jute rug smelling funny. We love that rug and were planning to get it, but we’ve seen some negative reviews online about a musty/moldy smell that takes a long time to go away (if it does at all). It sounds like a fair number of people ended up returning it because of the smell. Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Hi Joanna! I’ve ordered this rug twice (I have it in my dining room too!) and both times it has come with a weird smell that leaves after a few days! Just like the shedding.. it stops! DON’T let that stop you from ordering it! The smell doesn’t last long at all. It’s such a beautiful rug.. we’ve had two of them for years and absolutely love them! I hope that helps. :)

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