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Hi, I'm Erin! Welcome to Sunny Side Up. I'm so glad you're here! I live in sunny San Diego happily married to my high school sweetheart (we just celebrated 25 years!). We have three kids who are now 18, 16 and 12. My oldest just started college this year so she pops in and out! I started blogging 13 years ago when I was staying home with my two little girls after teaching Elementary school for six years. My blog started as a fun way to stay connected and share pictures of what we were were up to with family and friends who didn't live close (this was long before social media!). I've always loved writing, photography and connecting with people so blogging was love at first post! I also love decorating and organizing so I started sharing projects I was working on around my house on my blog (mostly so that my mom and sister could see what I was up to because they were the only ones reading!). What started as a family journal organically snowballed into a lifestyle blog about all of my passions - home design/decor, organization, and fashion (with a side of family and daily life mixed in!). I've always been an overly optimistic person and truly believe that life is more fun when you focus on the sunny side. :) I hope that you get some fun ideas and inspiration here and that you'll stick around long enough for us to become friends! XO

Hi, I'm erin!

About Sunny Side Up


If you love home design and decorating you’ve come to the right place!  I have always loved design and I was finally able to implement all of my design ideas when my husband and I built our current home from the ground up.  We spent six months designing our home and a year and a half building everything.  We’ve lived in our new home for nine years now and I have been happily putting my stamp on the place and sharing the journey on my blog ever since.  I love sharing design and decorating tips and ideas with all of you!


If a clean, organized space makes you giddy OR if you struggle with organization, but want to become more organized you’ll feel right at home here!  Organizing has always been a major passion of mine and I absolutely love finding creative ways to organize our home and keep things simple.  Sunny Side Up is full of ideas on how to organize every single space in your house. I have three kids who are busy and going in different directions at all times so I also share a lot of tips on keeping your sanity and staying on top of things.   Organization is a topic I NEVER get tired of. :)


I’ve always loved fashion – not “run way model fashion”.. more like “I’m running around all over the city with my kids fashion” and want to be comfortable and look cute while I’m at it. ;) Clothes spark major joy for me and I love sharing my fun fashion finds with you!

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