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Backyard pics

I was going through some pictures this weekend – making some sort of attempt to get my picture folders organized after being lazy over the summer and dumping everything in one spot – and I came across some yard pics I never shared.  These were taken in the spring and to be honest, when I first saw them they made me kind of sad.  Because of the drought here in So. Cal we have cut back water so much that my yard isn’t looking nearly this pretty.  I’m so glad I took these pics when I did!  Everything was just starting to bloom and grow.  My plants and lawn were so happy once upon a time.  :)  There is a lot of talk about us having an “El Nino” year and getting a lot of rain this winter.  I’m kind of obsessed with reading the news about it!  Fingers crossed it does more good than bad and we get some much needed moisture around here.
A while ago I shared our outdoor entertaining area.  It was such a great summer having furniture in our yard!  We used the space so much more than last summer.  Every day.
You can see more pictures and read details on this space here.
We also finally got a table and chairs!  We ate a lot of dinners outside and I thoroughly enjoyed having my husband at the grill cooking and much easier clean up.  :)
I have some fun plans for this back porch but they will have to wait until a few things are finished up inside first.
You can see a peek of our formal living room through these french doors.  And a nice shot of me taking pictures.  Always lovely when that happens.  :)  Those chairs are just extras for around the table when we need them.
The biggest change to the yard this past summer was the addition of our lounge chairs and umbrellas.  Because our yard is still so new there isn’t much in the way of shade.  Last summer I roasted watching the kids and their friends swim everyday.  This summer I have to say that I quite enjoyed being poolside.  :)
The garden area we planted that takes less water than the grass we previously had in this spot is still doing well.  A few plants have died, but definitely a smarter option if our drought continues so we will most likely be creating more areas like this one in the future!
You can read details on our outdoor pergola and fire pit here.
Furniture:  Leagrave set at Restoration Hardware.
Everything else is from Pottery BarnOutdoor UmbrellasOutdoor PillowsTowels.
We are so grateful to have this yard to entertain family and friends.  It was a dream in my head for many years!
Just for fun, here’s what the yard looked like when we were just starting to create this space.
Talk about a drought.  ;)
and AFTER.

It has been a busy two years.


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xoxo, Erin
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46 thoughts on “Backyard pics

  1. Your back yard is literally my dream space! Like being on holiday without having to travel. Although here in the UK it wouldn’t get as much use as it does in (sunny) California!
    It’s a bank holiday here today and we’ve been forecast 2 weeks worth of rain in just one day!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Erin! I’m so sorry for the drought. Having grown up in Southern CA, I know that condition well, but this one is even more extreme than I ever experienced. Your backyard is a piece of heaven on earth, I think. I would definitely want to live out there, too in all that beauty! Thanks so much for sharing. Let’s hope things start changing for the better, but not too much at one time. :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I know. So excited about the rain but I’m worried it will be too much all at once and cause other problems! Out of our control. That’s the hard part. :) xo

  3. It’s absolutely gorgeous as always Erin!!! It looks like an oasis and in my mind I imagine that there’s no bugs or any of the things that I detest about being outside, because it just looks too perfect for any mosquitos! lol

    Because of your blog I tell my husband sometimes, if we ever move from NC (which I can’t imagine, too beautiful to leave) we’re going to San Diego : ) it just seems so pretty and although I like seasons, they get old quick, haha I wouldn’t mind living in that weather almost year round : )

    1. Thank you Aria! So sweet of you. We don’t have bug issues so that is nice and the weather is great, but I’m always bummed in the Fall. It’s the one time of year I would love to live somewhere else! Leaves don’t change on palm trees. :) Definitely good and bad any place you live. I’ve never been to NC but I bet it’s breathtaking in the Fall! xo

  4. Your backyard furniture is amazing. Those umbrellas. Seriously. Your pool area looks like a five star hotel’s pool area. I love those umbrellas! And the lounge chairs with those big pillows. Our yard isn’t big enough for all of that, but maybe two of those lounge chairs and one umbrella. Where did you buy them?

    1. Thank you Katrina! You are so sweet. I just added links/sources to all the furniture because I was getting several questions so check back in the post! :) And yes! Two lounge chairs and one umbrella would be perfect! Unless we’re entertaining once in a while that’s all we use anyway! ;) xo

  5. So gorgeous! I’m bookmarking this as we’re just starting on our backyard and yes, I’ll take this please!!!! I need to know ~ where did you get your pool furniture and huge umbrellas? They’re perfect!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Good luck with your project! So fun. I’ve been getting questions about the furniture this morning so I just added links to the post! :) xo

  6. So stunning to see the construction phase and the current look! You did a beautiful job in planning and executing. We have had so much rain in Iowa this summer–wish we could send some to California.

  7. You are so blessed to have such an amazing house! I can’t imagine the planning it takes to get a custom house built. I’m living vicariously through you.

  8. So beautiful. I didn’t know yards like that existed for anyone but celebrities and hotels. I so love your colors/lay out.

    It is too bad we can’t pick and choose what weather to send where and when. Hope you get helpful, not destructive, rains soon.

  9. I love your house! It is so gorgeous! Would you mind telling me the color of your shingles? I apologize if I’ve asked you this before. I just think it is the perfect silvery grey and I want to pin a picture of it to my “exteriors” pinterest board with the paint color. Thanks!

  10. Your backyard is gorgeous! I love the idea of creating shade with umbrellas (we have no large shade trees right now) but they wouldn’t stand a chance in our Oklahoma wind.

  11. Wow! this is absolutely gorgeous, it looks like a resort. So beautiful. Here in Australia it is mandatory to have pool fencing. How do you get around that with little ones? Thanks for sharing, just stunning!

    1. Thank you Amanda! We have an automatic cover that closes over the whole pool when we aren’t using it. Pool safety is my number one priority! :) xo

  12. Your backyard is absolutely DREAMY!! I live nearby in Chino Hills, CA and we love to visit San Diego and do so on a regular basis….How I would love a yard and pool like yours!

  13. What a beautiful backyard you have! I admit I am totally jealous. I’d give almost anything to have a pool like that and to live somewhere without such a harsh winter. Oh well… working towards it lol.

      1. Well the fall is nice while it lasts, but sometimes the leaves get blown off after like 2 weeks and then it’s dry and brown until it snows haha. Oh well!

  14. Oh to live in a home like this….stunning does not begin to describe it. Everytime I see a new blog post my mouth is open in utter awe and wonder, so so so beautiful yet also an inspiration for my smaller home, so thank you very much. Sending you rain from a very green Northern Ireland xx

  15. Hi Erin. Love your backyard. I sent an email but not sure if you got it so thought I’d try here. We are doing pool constructio right now and have yet to decide on pool deck. Curios if you know color or material used under your chaise lounge chairs surrounding the pool? Are they pavers? Also curious if you have any other favorite navy/blue/sea foam type color throw pillows you can recommend so ce those katrea and dreyton pillows (which I love) are all sold out. Thank you so much. Again, love your house!

    1. Hi Celine! The main material in our backyard around the pool is pavers. I will find some similar pillows for you and include them in a post soon! Have you looked on-line at Pottery Barn? Even though mine are sold out they still have a lot of other fun pillows in those colors! I’ll look around some more! xo

  16. Sorry if I’ve posted before (3rd try). Just want to say how much I love your backyard. We are pool building right now and have yet to decide on pool deck. Curious if you used pavers (under the lounge chairs surrounding the pool) and if you happen to know color or any info. Also I love the navy katrea and deyton pillows you have In ththe backyard, but since they are no longer available do you have any other navy pillows you love/recommend? I would any input. Thank you and again what a gorgeous backyard to enjoy with your family!

    1. Oh and I wanted to tell you that when you write a comment on my blog, it doesn’t show up until I approve it. When it’s a question for me, I usually wait to approve it until I have time to respond so that I don’t forget to answer the questions. That’s why you didn’t see your comment pop up! Just wanted to let you know for next time. :) Thanks cutie! Good luck with your pool! So exciting! xo

  17. Such a nice backyard! Can you tell me where you got the two rectangular hanging laterns on your back porch (outside the French doors of the formal living room)?

    1. Hi Terrence! Thank you! I can’t find that source and I can’t remember! So sorry! If I come across it I’ll respond here and let you know!

  18. Hi Erin, My wife just showed me your blog. We are doing a pool and your deck is my absolute favorite! It looks like everything you touch turns to gold :) I would love to know the color and style pavers you chose. It’s exactly what I’m looking for.. thanks so much for sharing.

    Daniel Harris

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