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Fall fashion for girls!

*Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post and for helping me keep my middle school girls in style and feeling good about themselves!  (affiliate links used)


{Halloween Porch Pics}

My sweet Addison is doing a little modeling for me today to share a few cute things she has been wearing lately!  Fall Fashion for girls!  Although our Fall fashion might look a little different than yours since it has been over 80 degrees on the coast this week.  (Sigh..)  October is always one of our hottest months!  And so sad and stressful with all of the fires.  I don’t like to wish away this month, but we are definitely excited for some cooler temps.  They usually come around in November.. after my kids have spent Halloween sweating in their costumes. :)


Quick hair check before we get started. ;)


{flutter sleeve cold shoulder tee/high waist moto pants/pink Vans sneakers}

There’s my girl ready to go. :)  First up.. we are loving this top and these high waist moto pants!  The pants are stretchy and comfortable and they go with everything.  My girls have them in black too and wear them all the time.


They have them for women too and are almost identical to this pair I bought and lived in last Fall.  Very flattering!  And did I mention that they are perfectly stretchy for Fall comfort food? ;)

fall-fashion-for-kids (Sunny Side Up)

This sleeveless lace top is another favorite.


So darling, amazing quality and only $32!  El has it in navy.

zella-clothes-for-kids (Sunny Side Up)

These Zella tops are so cute and are 40% off!  My girls wear them over dance clothes or to school.  Zella has always been a favorite brand of mine so I love finding cutie Zella items for my girls!  These pink sneakers are also so fun and Ad’s favorite shoe right now.

fall-fashion-kids (Sunny Side Up)

Ad really wanted this t-shirt dress and when we first saw it on-line I wasn’t sure.  I know leopard prints are in, but to be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan.


But then it came and she put it on and it looked darling!  Such a cute, casual fit and I love the blue.  It will look good layered with leggings and a levi jacket when it gets cooler too.  She won me over quickly with this dress.


Heading to play practice with a close friend in this cute sweatshirt dress!  It’s hard to see in this pic but it has shimmery thread so even though it’s causal and comfy there’s a bit of glam.  Another dress that was high on her list.  I think she was hot the day she wore it, but was too excited to wear her new dress to care.  Ad loves fashion like her mom.  I’ve definitely had my fair share of days sweating in a scarf that I couldn’t wait just one more day to put on. ;)


I didn’t know yesterday was crazy hair day at school so when Ad walked downstairs for breakfast with her hair like this my brain was instantly racing.. ok.. how do I fix this situation without hurting feelings..  ha ha.. Total relief when she told me!  Whew.  ;)  Her shirt is our favorite brand of Nordstrom tees!  Sub Urban Riot.  They always have darling tees with fun sayings on them.  They are also really nice quality and a great fit for a tee.  They hold up well after many many washings!


Good job on the crazy hair Ad.  Next time tell your mom the day before. ;)


Two other Sub Urban Riot tees Ad is recently wearing and loving – Who Runs the World GIRLS and FLEEKEND.  :)


I know you’ve seen me in Sub Urban Riot tees a time or twenty.  :)  My favorite good vibes tee just came out in a sweatshirt!  And I kinda want the Work Hard Be Nice tee like Ads along with Taco Tuesday because Kole loves the Lego movies and would dig that. ;)

A favorite past Sub Urban Riot Top El lived in.  I’m only here for the snacks.  Sounds about right. ;)  Guess what’s crazy and so fun and also sad!?  El is growing out of the “girls” section of clothes!  I can’t even believe it.  She can still wear some of it, but is starting to gravitate to things in my departments and fits in a lot of xs tops like I do.  I thought this was so great and said “El!  We can start sharing clothes!  This will be so much fun!”  But after the “oh wow.. mom.. really?” I got followed by a teen eye roll I’m thinking she isn’t as excited about this new development as I am.  Ha ha..

Long gone are the days I had complete control and could put them in colorful, matching little dresses and do their hair!  Sometimes I miss those days!  This picture reminded me of a note I got from Ellie the day I did her hair in that side pony tail.  I was in a hurry because we were going somewhere so I mixed up her regular pony tail and did a side pony tail (because I’m wild and crazy like that) and she HATED it.  We didn’t have time to fix it so I said “leave it and we’ll take it out when we get home!”  Then while I was doing Ad’s hair she slipped this note under the door for me…

I do not like the new hair style.  I hate it.  But I do love you mom.  

That is an all time favorite. :)

Two nights ago I went to go to bed and laid down on another note.  This time from Addison.  She had snapped at me about something right before I dropped her off at play practice earlier that day and then immediately felt bad.  She wrote me the sweetest note apologizing and said at the end “and I am sorry for having a teen moment.. it won’t happen again!”  

Such a darling note but that last line just made me laugh out loud!

Oh my word sweet girl.  It most certainly will happen again.  Lots of “teen moments” will happen with both of you girls over the next 5-6 years.  Let’s just hope I have the stamina to handle them all.

If they are always followed by sweet notes apologizing I’m pretty sure that I will.



{Cute sweaters we are loving and can’t wait to wear when it cools down!}

xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Fall fashion for girls!

  1. Oh those notes made me tear up! So sweet!! Your girls remind me a lot of my 13 year old daughter, I wish they were friends. She too is in the XS women’s section now (and has a very long torso for a skinny bod) so we are in a weird place with clothes but most certainly she can’t wear girls anymore. It makes me sad every time I go shopping! So long, end of an era. :(

    1. I wish they lived close and were friends too Lynnsey! Sounds like you are in the same boat as I am! It’s SO sad. I just can’t believe how grown up El is all of the sudden! End of an era for sure. :( At least we are going through it together. ;) xo

  2. Hi Erin,

    My name is Alaina and I have been following your blog for a long time now! I found your blog when I was researching party planning tips awhile back, and found the blog post you wrote about your hosting your husband’s co-workers for a party or something. I never really read lifestyle blogs, but for some reason yours has always stuck with me. I’m 25 and may not be your normal audience (not a mom…yet) but you remind me so much of my own mother, I had to tell you that I am such a fan! My mom saves all of the notes for when we were younger, and loves to organize just like you do. I grew up in Arizona, and moved to LA to go to graduate school at USC. Your blog is so nostalgic for me, because I miss my mom every day, and I love the moments I have with her! Thank you for all of your organization tips. As I get older, I need those, and I love getting your tips for organizing my new apartment! Thanks for everything you do, and I bet your family is super proud of you! :-)


    1. Alaina! Oh my word.. your sweet comment completely made my night! Thank you so much for sharing that with me! I’m so honored that you enjoy my blog and I love that it brings back happy mom memories for you. :) Your mom sounds pretty cool. ;) Really though.. I bet she is proud of you! Sounds like you are doing so well and I can tell from the sweet comment you left that she did a great job raising such a kind, thoughtful daughter. I love that you two are close. I’m close with my mom too and love having my own daughters now. Thanks again for your kind words! And for reading. :) It means so much to me! Sending a huge hug to you and your mom. :) XO

  3. I love seeing these pics of your darling girls. I am a few years ahead of you in the daughter raising process – mine is 16. The changes are often so sad, but immensely happy as well. She has evolved into my very best friend. Yo have that to look forward to(: Blessings.

    1. Thank you Susan! I feel the same way about it all! So sad and happy at the same time. Missing the days when they were little, but also loving how much fun they are now. I’m best friends with my mom so I do look forward to that with my girls. I love that you have that kind of relationship with your 16 year old daughter! xo

  4. Oh Erin, your sweet girls are getting so grown up! My heart melted at the notes. They are definitely good at communicating their feelings in written form. Bonus for you! Your Addie looks lovely in everything (and I’ll bet she was SO ready to take that sweatshirt dress off at the end of the day). Loved the only in it for the snacks, top. I especially love the lace top. Okay, I have to ask, because I am the dorky mom who doesn’t get all the cool references…What is Fleekend? My girls are in adult medium! I say girls…my younger daughter will be 15 on Saturday! No way! I’m in total denial. Thanks so much for sharing, Erin. You are such a great mom! :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! So sweet of you to say! Yes.. she was ready to take off that sweatshirt dress but she still loved it! Ha. :) So I guess because fleek means cool or stylish they are just adding “end” to it like weekend. Fleekend instead of weekend.. I think! Who really knows what this stuff means half of the time! Ha ha.. I can’t keep up. My girls seem to get it so I just nod my head and pretend it all makes sense. :) And I’m in denial about our girls too! I seriously can’t believe they are wearing our clothes now! That just snuck up on me with Ellie way too quickly! xo

  5. All those clothes are sooo cute! I really love those moto pants. The notes are so sweet! Something to keep forever. You have such sweet girls and they are becoming incredible young women. xxoo

    1. Thank you so much Pam! I know.. the little notes from my kids over the years are my favorite. It’s just crazy how quickly our girls are growing up isn’t it!? Time needs to slow down! xo

  6. Notes are the best! I have framed the best notes my three kids have given me and hung them on a wall in my closet. I call it “The Wall of Love.” Now that they are mostly young adults, the notes make me smile and laugh every time I look at them.

    1. Carolyn! I’ve been thinking of making some sort of gallery wall of kids’ notes or something too! They are too sweet to not display. Such a fun idea to put them in your closet where you see them every day. I love that idea! xo

  7. Such sweet notes!! I would love to see what El is gravitating to at Nordstrom! I have a petite 8th grader who is too tall for lots of the kids wear and too small for a lot of the juniors!
    I love reading your blog! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Patti! So sweet of you. Sounds like your daughter is in El’s exact same boat! Kind of a strange stage for clothes isn’t it!? I’ll definitely share some of the things she is wearing in a post at some point! :) xo

  8. OH, you gals look great!! So pretty and stylish. Cute clothes do help those middle school years seem more fun!

  9. Your girls a re so sweet to apologize with notes. Sadly, I never did that when I was teen, but looking back I don’t think I had many teen moments unlike my youngest sister. I love the T-shirts especially the I’m only here for snacks. I need that!

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