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Theatre Room with Grey Paint and Appliances!

**Honored to partner with Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery for this post! They provided our theatre room appliances for my honest review of my experience working with them over the years!  They are a long time favorite of ours. :)

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

Sharing a theatre room progress update today!  Things are moving along!  Not as quickly as I’d like (hello summer project that is dragging into Fall and most likely won’t be done until winter..) but I do have some progress to share.  We now have grey paint and appliances!  It’s finally starting to come together. :)  When we started working on this room it was a blank slate.

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

Carpenters took over and added all of the wood work!  I shared my first progress post about this space and other projects I’m working on here.  And now..

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

We have paint!  I wanted to keep this room cohesive with the rest of our house so I used the same grey paint I chose for other rooms in our home (you can find all of my house paint colors here).  So many of you have asked for more details on my paint since Frazee switched to Sherwin Williams and it’s all on my paint printable!

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

This room needed to be dark so we had the doors painted grey too.

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

Black paint behind where the screen will go!  Yes it’s big.  Yes my husband is excited.  (This screen is his doing, not mine.  It’s his only contribution to this space.)  He’s so anxious to get this room finished before football season ends.  And I have to admit, every time I think about sending him and the kids up to this room and having a quiet, clean kitchen and family room all to myself once in a while I get pretty excited too. ;)  #theatreroomgoals

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

The wall above our counter space was blank so I decided to add some shiplap for a fun focal wall.  Because.. shiplap. :)  But the most exciting news for me at this stage!?

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

We now have appliances!  As soon as the appliances were installed it felt like a real room to me!  I get asked questions all the time about where I bought my appliances when we were building our house.  I got every single appliance throughout my home (along with every single sink, faucet, bathtub and shower) from Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery.

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

We worked with a lot of people and a lot of companies building our house and to be honest, there are quite a few I wouldn’t recommend!  But the people at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery were honestly some of our favorite people to work with.  I visited their showroom in Utah and two of their showrooms in California multiple times when I was picking everything out for our home and every time I visited someone was right there to answer questions and help me with anything I needed.  They didn’t even kick me out of the store when I took hours examining and carefully selecting slow close toilet lids.  Ha!  (True story.. I hate the lids that slam.)  Really though.. I spent a lot of time with these people when we were building and they were so kind and patient with me!  They have a huge selection of amazing brands and products and their customer service is the best.   I truly can’t say enough about what a great company they are to work with.  Plus it was so nice to be able to get everything we needed for our kitchen and bathrooms in one place!  They have become my go-to people for any and all kitchen/bathroom appliances, fixtures, etc. which is why I reached out to them to see if they wanted to collaborate on this post.  I knew I was going to gush about them regardless. :)

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

The goal for our theatre room was to have a place to keep the essentials when movie watching.. drinks and popcorn. :)  I designed this little counter area with a sink, mini fridge and microwave drawer.  Aside from my husband’s movie and football marathons, this will mostly be a space for the kids – we want the teens to be at our house as much as possible! (#helicopterparents)  So we went with a quartz countertop just like we did in our kitchen.  I love quartz!  It’s so durable.

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

Drawers for storage and all of the audio equipment will be stored in the tall cabinet on the right.  They have it on a slider right now because they are still tweaking things.

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

Picking out appliances for this room was my favorite part of putting it together!  I always get excited about the small details that make a space come to life.

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

Rohl is a favorite brand of mine and this two handle Rohl faucet makes my heart skip a beat!

It’s the same faucet I used in my kitchen. :)

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

I just wanted a simple white sink so I chose this beautiful Rohl undermount in white.  When it was delivered and still in the box Kenny thought it was for sure going to be too big for our counter with the bridge faucet.  He has such little faith!  I just shook my head.  Step aside babe.  This isn’t my first rodeo…  The sink is a perfect fit!  Ha.  :)  (Although I have to admit that I made SO many mistakes like that when we were building.. it’s no surprise he worries..) ;)

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

I had a harder time picking out a mini fridge for this space because so many of them have wine storage!  Kid space means wine storage isn’t necessary. ;)  The lady from Ferguson who helped me this time around was so sweet and helpful and recommended the brand Uline.  I did some research and decided on this fridge.

Ferguson Appliances - Theatre Room
Here is a peek inside.  Perfect for drinks and cold snacks!  Adjustable shelves are always a must for me so that I can organize things exactly how I want them. :)

Theatre Room/Grey Built-ins/Shiplap

The microwave drawer was an easy choice for me.  We have LOVED the Thermador microwave drawer in our kitchen so I picked up another one just like it for the Theatre room!  We all know how to use it and it has been great for our family.  I love microwave drawers!  They are perfect for kids and I microwave a lot of things that need to be stirred.. so nice to reach down instead of up.  Plus I’m short.. so there’s that. ;)

Bring on the popcorn!


Aren’t the appliances pretty!?  Huge thank you to Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery for years of helping me with kitchen/bathroom decisions!


A few more pics I took of our progress in this room..





Still left to do:  Get the carpet back in place and have it cleaned.  Buy and install the sconces and cabinet hardware, get the fabric up on the walls (it’s being shipped tomorrow!), get the theatre screen installed (need the fabric up first), electricians need to finish lighting, painters will have minor touch-ups, and then.. THEN I will get to have the couch delivered and decorate.  Can’t wait!


Excited to have a cozy spot for football, movie parties and relaxing with family and friends.


As well as a cozy spot to send everyone when I need some quiet time to relax myself.  ;)

xoxo, Erin
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60 thoughts on “Theatre Room with Grey Paint and Appliances!

  1. I have never heard of a microwave drawer!! I love that idea. This room is just perfect. You have thought of every little detail and you r family has a great space to create some wonderful memories!!

    1. Thank you so much Susan! So sweet of you! We are definitely excited about this space. And yes! Microwave drawers are my favorite! :) xo

  2. Good Morn, I just started your sweet blog a few months ago from one of your friend blogger. I have so enjoyed it. Thank you for all that you do for easy suggestions for us the viewer. B

  3. Wow, this is going to be one awesome space when you are all done. The sink, fridge and microwave inside the room are such a smart idea. I hope the bathroom is near by, too! ;) This is totally Lit! (couldn’t resist) Looking forward to seeing it all pulled together. So happy for you that you have the space to create this wonderful room! Good luck getting it finished before the end of football season. I think I know where the Super Bowl party is! :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Let’s hope the kids think it’s lit since we’re mostly doing this for them.. ha! ;) I have to tell you that this year my husband is so fed up with the Chargers for heading to LA he is actually rooting for the Broncos! I never thought I’d see the day. So basically we’re on the same team now. ;) xo

  4. How exciting!! Love seeing the progress! I will be doing my own theatre room for kids and Hubble soon and was trying to figure out how I’d want my little kitechette part to look. Yours is a perfect example. Thank you for sharing!
    P.S. would you consider sharing your finds on mattresses? Crazy request I know. I’m wanting to upgrade my sons double bed for a queen and want to get him a good mattress but it is daunting…

    1. Thank you Brenda! I’m happy it gave you some ideas! :) Mattresses really are hard aren’t they!? I wish I had some good info. for you but we have different random brands all throughout the house! I always struggle looking for a good one too. My husband and I need a new mattress in our master though so I’ll do some digging and share what we end up with on the blog at some point! If you want to know the other brands we have shoot me an e-mail.. but like I said.. it has been kind of random finding good ones! xo

  5. What is the size of your theatre room? We are purchasing a new home with an upstairs bonus room and would love to steal some of your ideas…What an awesome space to enjoy family time!

    1. Hi Patti! Thank you! Congrats on your new home! So exciting. This room is about 17×23 feet. Kind of an interesting rectangle shape that wasn’t really planned. It is the space over our garage and just worked out that way. :)

  6. This is looking AWESOME Erin!! I love the grey and shiplap❤️ Hopefully that big tv will help Kenny get over the loss of his big alarm clock in the bedroom😂😂😂 I think I need to come visit again and see this in person!🙌🏻
    Love ya!😘

  7. Wow just gorgeous Erin! LOVE the dark gray on the walls! This will be a fabulous spot to hang out for sure! Great job as always :)

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! I’m exited about the dark grey too! Different than the white molding everywhere else. I hope it keeps things cozy. :) Enjoy your day cutie! xo

  8. So Exciting!!! Our theatre has been torn up because of an addition we are working on and we have missed it. You will love this!

  9. It is coming along beautifully! We used Ferguson’s for all our kitchen and bathroom fixtures when we remodeled. They are terrific! I cannot wait see it all finished. I know you will have an incredible space when it is all finished. xxoo

    1. Aren’t they great to work with Pam!? One of our favorites. Thanks cutie! Fingers crossed this room actually gets finished at some point! ;) xo

  10. Erin I love the gray walls and the shiplap over the kitchen area! Of course love the appliances as well and love Fergusons!!! You have done a beautiful job but now I think we need an invite to hang out here once that bit TV gets installed!!! Can’t wait to see the finished space but so far so great!!! I LOVE everything, as always!!! xoxo

    1. I’m so happy you like it Bree! Thank you! We seriously do need to have a girls weekend here when we get this all finished! Although I doubt we’d watch a movie since we can’t all stop talking! ;) It will be a fun hang out room for sure and you are always more than welcome. :) Love you cutie! xo

  11. Love it, Erin ! Everything is so thought out ! The kids will love it, and so will their friends ! :) Did you already have the plumbing stubbed during construction in this room to install the sink ? If it was an after thought, (which I doubt, since you have pretty much thought of everything !), how hard was it to get it done later on?

    1. Yea! So happy you like it Ramya! Thank you! We did already have the plumbing there because we knew that at some point we would turn this room into a theatre room. So we had thought of that one. ;) We were going to build it all out and finish it while we were building the house, but I was so overwhelmed with the rest of the house decisions (and the amount of money flying out the window!) that we decided to get settled and wait to do it all. I’m glad we did because it has been a lot of work! I’m sure it will be worth it though. Thanks again cutie! Your sweet comment made my day! xo

      1. See ! I told you I doubt it was an after thought ! :) Each and every detail in your house is amazing. I’m sure the theater room will be equally fabulous !

  12. Does the mini fridge have a freezer?! I would need it if I was putting it in a theatre room for ice cream! And are you planning on people washing dishes in the sink? Will you keep a dish drainer on the counter or is there a secret drawer just for dishes to air dry? And what about a towel for hand drying? It’s the little things like that that I wonder about, lol. Love how it’s turning out though!

    1. Love it Patricia! I think of details like that too! We are more popcorn/chips/candy people than ice cream people.. ha! So we decided no freezer in this room. Kids can always make a bowl of ice cream in the kitchen to take upstairs. We debated how much food we would have in this room and decided no disposal so not a lot of heavy food. I’ll probably just keep paper plates/cups in there. Most of the time we will just use this area for popcorn, drinks and candy. :) Thanks cutie! So happy you like it! xo

  13. Erin this looks incredible!! LOVE your colors and having all those amazing appliance is such a luxury! And I love your sink! You have done an amazing job and I can’t wait to see it all finished!
    Tam xo

    1. Thank you so much Tam! It really is going to be nice having the appliances set up in this room! Perfect for movie treats and drinks. You need to come over!! xo

  14. Erin I love the gray wall and shiplap!!!! It is going to be absolutely fabulous! I think this is where we need to have our next retreat!!!! Your home is beyond amazing and I love how you make every inch feel so warm and inviting! Love you my sweet friend! xo

    1. Randi I’m laughing! I just told Kris the same thing! A girls weekend is clearly in order as soon as this room is finished! You bring the popcorn. ;) Thank you so much cutie! Always such a treat to hear from you! xo

  15. Totally dying over here! I think I’d stock that refrigerator up, settle in, and never want to leave! Love your microwave drawer and fridge – both are so sleek! Love that you were able to get it all by one-stop shopping – that’s huge! Can’t wait to see the finished space!

    1. Thank you so much Kris! Seriously I don’t think we will want to leave once this room is finished! I’m also thinking a girls weekend might be in order. We could definitely make ourselves comfy for lots of late night chatting in this space. :) xo

  16. I keep thinking of a hospital when I hear the name “theatre room” :) This is not a common thing in South Africa and in fact, I only personally know one person (my SIL) who has a “movie room”

    I do love the little kitchenette area to contain the snacks!

  17. Erin, oh my goodness it is coming along beautifully- Can I be your kid? Just for a week? Your counter area and appliances look seamless and perfect. Can’t wait to see it continue along!

    1. I think you do need to join the family for a while. I’ll put you in charge of all the teenage girl drama.. ha! ;) Thanks so much cutie! Time to plan a girls trip! xo

  18. I get so excited when I see a new post from you!! This is looking so great. I love your sense of design and how you put so much time into the small details…as a big fan of all things home design and decor, I appreciate that! Also…shiplap. <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and sweet family with us! Love seeing what you do.

  19. This is so amazing! Forgive me if you have already said it, but what will go above the counter top? I see the electric for sconces but what about in between?

  20. Your house is a dream house! It’s got everything I want and “need”. Ha! I can’t wait to see the furniture and light fixtures you’ll choose for this space Erin. Thanks for sharing the update.

  21. What a neat space! Fun for kids of all ages! I love how you guys (or you… :D) do your designing and decorating with a purpose. Thanks for sharing!!

  22. Hi Erin,
    It looks great! We are in a similar process over here and are also doing a planked wall behind our built in cabinets. Trying to decide between keeping it classic white like the rest of my house or mixing it up and doing a brown stain plank wall with our gray cabinets. Decisions!! I do love the color of your gray cabinets. Are they by any chance Chelsea Gray? That’s one of our contenders.

    1. Thanks Kim! Happy you like it! My kitchen islands are Chelsea Gray! That’s a great color. I know.. the decisions never end right? These cabinets in our theatre room are another color I used in my house – “Elf” by Frazee (now SW). :)

  23. Hi Erin I read your blog all the time. I am currently building my own house and your gorgeous home provides so much inspiration! I was especially thrilled to read this one because I work at Ferguson Enterprises ( and have for 16 years!). Needless to say I am biased because it is a wonderful company! Cannot wait to see the final pics!

    1. Oh love that Aditi! We seriously LOVE Ferguson! It really is a wonderful company – I bet you love working with them! Congrats on your new build! So exciting! :) xo

  24. I love this space and everything you did to it. If I own such space, I would never get anything done, because I could not pull myself away from it. Wow!

  25. Just stumbled across your Grey theater room and wondered if you had pictures of the completed project. From what i’ve already seen I love it!

  26. LOVE what you have going on for the theater room! Wondering what projector your husband went with & which blackout shades you choose? We’re up in North County and wanting to do the same thing with the spare room down behind the garage but it’s got patio doors so it’s been so difficult to choose those 2 things!

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