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Theatre Room (it’s finally done!)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Ahhhh!  Finally.  Finally!  I’m finally sharing our theatre room with all of you!  It’s finally DONE.  Right now you’re either thinking “finally!” yourself OR you’ve forgotten all about my theatre room and that it was even spoken about to begin with. :)  Honestly this was just one of those projects that took on such a life of its own!  So many hiccups along the way (I could write 3 blog posts alone about all of the snags I dealt with).  Then I finally got this space 85% done and was just so tired of working on it I needed a break before finishing it.  Basically this room took me as long to design and build and decorate as our whole house did.  Ha.  But it’s done!  I can finally say our theatre room is DONE.  Have I used the words “finally” and “done” enough yet?

It’s finally done.

Moving on. :)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

To fully appreciate this forever long project of mine let’s remember what this space looked like after we moved into our new home almost 6 years ago.  This room was an extra room we added last minute when we were building because it’s located over our garage and was an easy, inexpensive add-on.  At that time my husband thought he might want a theatre room, but we weren’t sure if we’d really use one so we decided to just move into the house and decide a few years later how best to use the space.  With no real plan for the room it of course became a catch all for storage.  (The white door leads into our attic where I store all of my holiday decor).

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

(Prepping for the wood work!)

A couple of years later our girls were getting older and we could tell that a theatre room would be a good idea.  They constantly had friends over and everyone was always piling into the playroom, moving furniture and crowding around the TV in that room to watch movies and have birthday parties and sleepovers.

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Exhibit A.  :)  Told you my house gets messy.. ;)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

When I decided to take on this project my husband was busy with work and still burned out from building our house (I still don’t think he has fully recovered!) so when I told him I was ready to turn this room into a theatre room he politely told me that other than picking out the actual screen and sound system I was on my own.  I said BRING IT ON of course (not fully knowing what I was getting into) and started sketching out this space.  Really I didn’t want a traditional theatre room with stacked seats.  What I wanted was another family room with a really big TV, a big comfy couch and a place to pop popcorn.  And molding!  Pretty molding of course. :)

Ready to FINALLY see our theatre room?  This is how it looks today..

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Even if you don’t love it, please do a happy dance for me that it’s DONE!  :)  So exciting to have it look like a REAL room!  It was a hot mess of to-do’s for way too long.

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

*affiliate links used

You might remember that I had a different rug in this space to begin with.  Long story short – I loved the rug but it just didn’t feel right to me for this room.  I couldn’t move past it!  I tried to find pillows and decor and decorate around it and it just wasn’t working.  Every time I walked into this room it just didn’t feel right.  It wasn’t “young” enough if that makes sense?  Not right for a space that mostly teens would hang out in.  So I returned the rug, took a couple of months off and then found and bought this Souk Wool Rug.  I loved it in this room the SECOND I laid it down!

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

I brought our black stripe teepee into the corner after I laid down the rug realizing I could pull more black and white into the room and BAM.  Those two items were all I needed to know the direction I was going with this space.  Moral of this story.. don’t underestimate the power of a good rug!  It really sets the tone for the room.  Also black and white stripes are always a good thing in my book.  Right up there with popcorn and molding. ;)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

(Textured Indira Pillow/Tasseled Pandana Pillow/Anthro Throw)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

I didn’t put a coffee table in this room because I knew we’d often have a full room with kids all over the floor so instead I bought this Fringed Boho Pouf to use for a foot stool and then my kids all have these bean bags in their rooms they can bring into this space for extra seating.

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

I also added this fun Winslow Arc Floor Lamp for extra lighting and I love it in the corner!  It’s hard to tell how HUGE it is in this picture.  It’s also hard to see what the fabric looks like on our walls so I’ll try to get a better close up picture soon.  It has a light grey herringbone pattern on it and is so beautiful.

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

{Textured Correll Pillow/Pommed Jute Pillow (in black)/Textured Indira Pillow (in blue)}

I’m a sucker for Anthropologie pillows (LOVE the texture they bring into a room!) so I mixed a few I already had with a few new pillows for this couch.

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

(Textured Indira Pillow/Tasseled Olive Pillow/Similar Black Stripe Throw)

Also.. not pictured but I just bought this fun throw to also go on this couch and this cute basket for this room – they both look so good!

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Ok.. so we’ve covered the couch area of the room.. let’s tour the rest!  (You can find details on my couch here.)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Got my BIG TV. :)  I really struggled the day we hung the screen because I wanted to center the top and bottom on the fabric so badly!  But for viewing purposes it needed to be lower because the couch is low.  One of the many times I’ve had to sacrifice design for function!  Things like that always drive the perfectionist side of me crazy for a while and then I get over them and move on. ;)  So fun watching movies on this screen and my husband is absolutely giddy thinking about Fall football and afternoon weekend naps in this room!

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Remember the beginning of my fun shiplap focal wall and appliances?

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

It’s my favorite part of the room. :)  You can see I left the door on the side of our playroom painted white..

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

But I had the theatre room side of the door painted grey.  My instinct is to always go light and bright so I had to really force myself to think DARK for this room!  When the black out blind is closed it’s SO dark in this space.

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

You can read all about our Ferguson appliances and sink in this post and you can download my paint colors here.  The shiplap wall paint is the same as my main house color and the darker grey is the same grey I used in my formal living room coffered ceiling!  When you find something you love you stick with it. :)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

The counters are white Quartz and I fell hard for the chrome sconces (similar here).    And the numbered movie prints!  Aren’t they fun!?  I searched high and low for something for this shiplap wall that would take up space between the sconces but not cover too much of the shiplap.  Really.. I looked for MONTHS.  Happiest day when I landed on these old movie prints on Etsy!  I reached out to Jennifer at Coco and James (CUTEST Etsy shop!) and she was so incredibly sweet and sent me the prints right over!  Seriously if you need prints for a baby/child’s room you have to check out her shop.  Beautiful and the prints are amazing quality.  I put my new prints in these white gallery frames and was honestly giddy with how they looked.  Perfect finishing touch to our theatre room!

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

(Hand Towel/Rattan Round Tray/Similar Stripe Vase/Faux Potted Fern)

The remote needed to stay plugged in on this counter so I set up a little tray and plant to help disguise it. :)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

I tried so many things in this corner and at the end of the day my favorite Douro vases just looked the best so I guess I’m figuring out something else for my family room console table where they usually sit. :)  (Similar white faux flowers)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

I’m excited to share the organization going on in this room (always my favorite part!) but this post has gone on long enough!  I’ll share that soon in another post and answer any other questions about this room so feel free to ask in the comments if I’ve left something out!  (UPDATE:  YOU CAN FIND MY POST WITH ANSWERED QUESTIONS AND DRAWER ORGANIZATION HERE)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Here are a few more random pics I took.  Playroom door closed..

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

and play room door open. :)  You can see my latest playroom progress here.  Can’t wait to have that room finished like the theatre room is now!  Baby steps around here.  Very SLOW, methodical baby steps. ;)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Theatre Room (Sunny Side Up)

Our theatre room!  Done.  I’m so happy it’s finally done.  Sometime I’ll have to take pics at night to share the lighting in this space.  And of course I’ll have to share pics of how the room usually looks.. with pillows tossed on the floor and full of kids. :)

All sources are below and like I said.. let me know if you have other questions about this space!  Thanks for being patient with me on projects that take a little.. ok.. A LOT longer than planned. ;)



xoxo, Erin
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62 thoughts on “Theatre Room (it’s finally done!)

  1. It looks amazing, Erin! Well worth the time and effort it took to get to this point. Lots of fun details. The teepee is still being used!! Love the prints and that whole mini kitchen corner. The screen is HUGE! Wow! I really like all the textures in the pillows and blankets. Looks soft and comfy. Just what you want when you are having a movie night or viewing party. I know you love it and your husband is giddy. How do the kids feel about it? I’m sure they are very excited about it, too. Can’t wait to see it being used. Congratulations and job very well done!! :)

    1. Ha ha.. yes! I still love that teepee and so does Kole. :) The kids love this space! They have been in it with friends ALL summer. So nice to have it finished for them. Thank you so much sweet friend! xo

  2. oh my goodness. soooooo pretty from every angle! just spent my whole 20 minutes designated to email this morning reading your post. ha! can’t wait to catch up on more. and i totally agree, a rug makes a room. i just returned one from our family room for the same reasons. it just wasn’t exactly right…thanks for sharing this fun space!

    1. Ha ha.. thank you so much Erin! So sorry I stole your precious e-mail time! But I’m thrilled you like it. :) Good luck finding the perfect family room rug! xo

  3. Looks great! I am interested in the acoustic panels, are they DIY and if so, could you tell us about them? We are researching making some for a Sunday School room and would love some insight. Thanks.

  4. Hi Erin,
    I’m really curious about the screen and sound system.
    I’m planning a veeeeeery similar setup and I feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done (so many things to consider, choose and commit too )

    Would you mind sharing the details of the cinema hardware?

    Million thanks in advance,


    1. Oh my word Mara.. SO many details in a theatre room right!? It’s overwhelming for sure. I’ll ask my husband and include details on the sound system in a Q&A post soon! xo

  5. Looks great! I love the black and white striped throw. Where did you find that? Need something like that for our bed. Thanks!

    1. Hi Leah! Isn’t that fun!? I’ve had it for years.. it was from PB but they don’t sell it anymore. I just found a similar throw (on sale!) and added the link at the bottom of my post! I hope that helps! :)

  6. I love the grey paint on the trim, with the fabric and the shiplap. It’s really great! I’d love to see inside the cabinets (fellow organization nerd)😁

  7. I absolutely love how this space turned out!! I can imagine Sunday Football being amazing in there!! I love the bar area the most, those prints are the perfect touch and look so great against the shiplap!!

    1. Hi Louisa! We put that blind on when we built the house and I’m not sure if I still have the source (it’s not coming to mind right now) but I’ll do some digging and if I can find it I’ll share it in my theatre room Q&A post! xo

  8. WOW Erin!! Just WOW! I love the new theater room! The 3,2,1 prints are SO perfect on your shiplap wall with the sconces! You did it! Now enjoy :)

    1. Hi Stacey! Thank you! They aren’t in stock anymore but I linked others that I also have that are very similar at the bottom of my post! xo

  9. Wow Erin it’s.. perfect! I love every. Single. Thing. In this room. Lighting, pillows, appliances of course. And the prints! And the vases! And molding ;)
    There is a little sea-side atmosphere in this room. Maybe the stripes, lighting and grey molding. Congratulations on this big project, our patience is gifted!

  10. Erin, I absolutely love everything about your theater room!! The rug caught my eye right off the bat!! It’s just perfect! I love the comfortable sofa, lighting, 3-2-1 movie posters, Kole’s teepee, the pillows, throws, and all your accessories!! Your family will have many years of enjoyment watching movies and sports in this theater room!! It’s beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. What an amazing space! I love everything about it, and the Anthropologie pillows are perfection!! I adore the little kitchenette area also!!

    1. Yea! Thank you so much Dawn! I’m thrilled you like it! Isn’t the kitchenette fun!? My favorite part too. And Anthro pillows are always a good thing. :) Thanks again! So sweet of you. xo

    1. Such a good question! I’m going to answer it in a Q&A post soon because others have asked that too. :) Thank you so much Wilma! So happy you like it! xo

  12. Love your theatre room! The gray looks so crisp and clean. Everything looks great, especially the shiplap wall area!

  13. Hi Erin, Another successful project!! That was a big one. It came out beautiful. So many favorites in this space where should I start? Hum……all of it! I really do love the lights over the snack bar and the 3 2 1 prints!!! I’m sure your family will enjoy this space for many years. On to the next project, Ha Ha.

    1. Noreen your comment made me so happy! Thank you! I’m thrilled you like it! I love the lights and prints too. :) So sweet of you! And yes.. several other projects are already in the works but thank goodness they aren’t as big and time consuming as this one! It about put me over the edge. ;) xo

  14. this is such a great room! we have a theater with tiered seating which is fun, but it looks like you’ll be able to fit WAY more people in this room than we can in ours (since theater chairs are big). and this is so much cozier. you did an awesome job!

    1. So sweet of you Erin! Thank you! I know.. I love the tiered seating too (the chairs are so comfy!) but yes.. they are large! I definitely wanted to maximize our space. Plus my kids and their friends always end up on the floor for some reason.. don’t ask me why! Ha. So I knew I needed plenty of big empty floor space. I’m so happy you like it! xo

  15. SO pretty and fun Erin! I love it! We are ready to come over for a Disney movie night! You are definitely the only person I’ve see do a theatre room like this, as in no leather couches with traditional seating, and I love it, it’s so you! What a beautiful and fun space!

  16. I really do love, love, love it!! I do understand why you didn’t go with a coffee table, but are you concerned about where to put glasses and bowls of popcorn? Or are you wanting to keep all of that over by the wall? I’m wondering if you have a fun solution in mind. My Dad’s TV only has a table by his chair and I’m always looking for a place to put my drink when I’m watching a show with him!

    1. Hi Ashlee! Thank you!! I’m so happy you like it! That is such a good question and I do have a solution! I’ll show you what I’m doing for drinks/popcorn in my Q&A post! Totally spaced mentioning that in this post. :)

  17. Amazing room! Quick question – what did you use for sound insulation? I see passed panels on the wall.


  18. What is the fabric on the wall? Is this a wall paper? Everything looks amazing as always! You’re so talented!

  19. Nice job! I am so impressed with the job you did – I especially love the appliance area, so many cute touches.
    Your taste is lovely — lots of great memories to be made in this space!

  20. Hi Erin,
    We built our house 15 years ago. With five kids and dog, it’s time to refresh walls, floors, carpets, decorations. I just found your blog this summer and it’s been a major source of inspiration and motivation to refresh and reorganize!! I’m doing a few decor items at a time. We painted the main level (which has been lavender for a few years after a gray selection-gone-wrong) and carpet is next. We have two rooms on the main level (family room and den) with carpet. Do you know the color of the wall-to-wall carpet in the theater room under the West Elm rug? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tamara! Thank you! I’m so happy you are enjoying my blog! I don’t know the exact name of our carpet but it’s a true gray! I hope that helps! Good luck with your refresh. So much fun! :)

  21. Is the couch comfortable? What fabric did you end up getting since it doesn’t look like a slip cover? thank you

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