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Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan

(Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan *affiliate links used)
Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

I’m always so ready and excited for summer when it finally rolls around and until this week I really didn’t want it to end.

But then.. it happened.

Sometime yesterday between the 14th popsicle of the day dripping on the floor, the 6th time repeating “no!” to more time on the iPad and the 23rd ride to the beach/a friends/the mall/Starbucks/the movies.. it happened.

Like the flick of a light switch.. I turned.  And decided summer is dead to me.

And the first day of school can’t come soon enough.  Ha. ;)

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

One of my summer goals was to start decorating our upstairs hallway.  I don’t know if I’ve ever shared pics of this hallway before?  Probably not.  There hasn’t been much to share.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

It’s a hallway.  And it hasn’t been decorated.  I love this hallway though – hard to show in photographs but it is always lit with beautiful natural light from some french doors that lead out onto our front balcony.  I am so excited to finally prioritize it!

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

I had my carpenter add shiplap to the middle wall a couple of years ago when he helped me with my shiplap display wall downstairs.  I knew this would be the main focal wall I would decorate.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

Then I fell hard for this console table from a local store and it was the perfect length for my shiplap wall.  (I’ll link to similar options I also love below!)

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

At the end of this hallway near our stairs is our upstairs laundry room.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

We have can lights along this hallway ceiling and I planned to have 3 hanging fixtures in this space, but I was so overwhelmed with figuring out all of the other lighting in our house when we were building that I decided to wait and choose the upstairs hallway fixtures later.

“Later” turned into 5 years later.  Wasn’t really planning on waiting that long but.. life!  Here we are 5 years later and I’m finally decorating this space and picking out fixtures.  Better late than never. :)

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

The winner I finally decided on?  These Hicks Pendants that I’ve had a crush on for years now!  LOVE them.  LOVE them so much.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

I knew I wanted a round mirror over this console table on the shiplap wall.  I found this Pendant Round mirror and fell in love.  For a mere $2,000+ it could be mine.  Yikes!  A lot more than I wanted to spend on a mirror for this space.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

So I kept looking and I found this Bjork Mirror that is so similar and $430!  SCORE.  Couldn’t order it fast enough!

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

Right before we left on our trip I had my electricians come and hang my hallway lights.  Kenny was going to do it but was so busy with work and since I still have all of our building crew on speed dial.. ;)  They were laughing at me that I was just now putting these up when I told them I’d have them back a few weeks after we moved in to hang some.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

What can I say except good things come to those who wait!  I love my new hallway lights.  I was SO torn on the size to order and to be honest I still wonder if I should have gone one size bigger (these are the smallest size).. BUT if I would have gone bigger I wouldn’t have had any links hanging.  The next size up lights are quite a bit longer (the round part) and this hallway is only 9 feet tall so I wasn’t sure how it would look to have them so close to the ceiling vs. hanging down a little like they are now.  Probably either way would have worked!

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

The beginning of some personality in this hallway!  YEA.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

Aren’t they pretty!?  Am I the only one who gets THIS excited about a few new light fixtures?  I took over 20 pictures of them.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

Maybe 25.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

Can’t wait to style this table for Fall!

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

That door to the right is our playroom and I’m making progress in that space too.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

After I finish the playroom and decorate my console table I want to figure out something fun for this big blank wall next to our laundry room.  It’s huge and empty and would be a perfect spot for something creative.  I’ve thought about different gallery walls and might do something simple with rows of frames, but if you have other ideas let me know!

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

Right below this space is our shiplap display wall.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

So I already have a place to display my kids’ pictures.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

And their artwork.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

And all things holiday. :)

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

Then I have this gallery wall in my formal living room.  SO.. not sure what to put on my upstairs wall that’s not a repeat of something I already have.

Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan (Sunny Side Up)

Speaking of this gallery wall I’m just about to switch out our summer pics!  Waiting for school to start and then it’s GO time on Fall decor.

Until then I’ll just be over here mopping up popsicle #15..



xoxo, Erin
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55 thoughts on “Shiplap Hallway Decor Plan

  1. Looking beautiful! The light fixtures look awesome. I’m sure you will have so much fun styling that table. Honestly, the first thing that came to my mind for the wall you asked about is either handwork, or since you don’t do that, I don’t think, maybe some art that has some texture to it? And maybe some words that inspire. I don’t know. I’m not a home stylist of any sort. Good luck! Hope the time before back to school is a happy time!

      1. I like Jeanne’s idea of words to inspire and maybe you can get several related to whatever season is happening so you can change them with the seasons. Or several pictures again of the season that is currently happening. I do like the idea of some texture though and the words to inspire forces you to not just look but read.

        So enjoy reading your posts and seeing your beautiful home and family…

        … Bette

        1. I really like that idea too Bette! SO many creative ideas in the comments on this post! Thank you! It makes my day that you enjoy my blog. :) So sweet of you! xo

  2. How about a wall of large black and white pics of the kids or trips you’ve taken? I love black and white photos.

  3. You already have a lot of family galleries so it needs to be something simple. Years ago I saw thins in a designers home, it was amazing. He had 2 children so the large frames were hung on top of each other. You could do 2 of each child on either wall.

    He had large frames with photo’s blown up (huge) of only each childs eyes. The frames could have been 12×24 or even larger. Most likely there was a 6-8 inch white matte then the eyes. Super cool. You would have to give it a little more thought on how to get them blown up clearly, but today photography is easy to get about anything done! Color eyes would probably be the best, but bak and white could be great as well!

    Keep those walls simple… Make sure the mirror is large… Have fun

    1. Oh WOW Sandy! That sounds amazing! What a cool idea! I thought about three simple LARGE pics.. one of each of my kids, but never thought about focusing on something like their eyes. Super cool! Isn’t it fun when you see something so inspiring like that!? I agree.. I need something simple here. You’ve given me some fun things to think about.. thank you so much!! xo

  4. I think some wall paper would be great on that wall. It would be something different, it would fill the whole wall and could complement the ship lap. And you wouldn’t have to hang anything on it.

    1. Such a smart idea Marixa! I love that! I could put some on both walls next to the shiplap.. hmm.. that would definitely be fun! Thank you for sharing that idea with me! xo

  5. Love those lights! What about a series of your own favorite travel pictures in big frames – no people in them?

    1. Melissa I LOVE that and so funny.. I had thought about that for the blank wall in our playroom! I was going to maybe do all Hawaii pics.. but I love that idea of incorporating ALL travel pics. Ok.. definitely something to consider doing on this wall and then I could do something different in the playroom. Thank you for sharing that idea! I love it! xo

  6. Erin, I think it would be lovely to do something with the quilt(s) that are special to you on that blank wall – I think you did a post about blanket storage where you mentioned a quilt one of your grandmothers had made. What about having that hanging in a lucite box or else hang it or lay it out and take a photo and then have the photo printed as large as you can and use that in a gallery wall with other photos of grandparents, extended family or vintage family photos. Love the new lights!!! I am a school secretary/office manager and even I am excited for school to start up again–routines are best for all ;-). <3 Tina

    1. Tina what a neat idea! I hadn’t thought about incorporating one of my grandma’s quilts! Love that. Something to think about for sure. Thank you for the cool idea! And yes.. routines are a good thing for sure. Especially after a few months without one. ;) xo

  7. The lights look fabulous! I think the size is just right! I have seen these particular pendants over kitchen islands, and to tell you the truth, I just thought they were ok, but I love them in your hallway!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the space come together…

  8. Perhaps the use of an unusual architectural piece would look beautiful on that wall near your laundry.
    Love your blog and especially your humor.😉

  9. Oh I don’t mind seeing 25 pics of the light fixtures because they are so gorgeous and I LOVE seeing spaces in your house we have never seen before! How is a hallway so beautiful?! Since you already have lots of shiplap and gallery walls maybe you could do rectangle paneling/molding on the wall? Either leave it blank and let the paneling take center stage or paint the molding/inside. I have also seen moldings with wallpaper panels inside them that look beautiful!

    1. Oh my word.. Kaitlin! I seriously LOVE that idea! Molding with wallpaper would be so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing that. Definitely something to consider doing on my blank hallway walls! Thank you so much!! xo

  10. I looooooove your new hallway decor Erin! I think the lights look the perfect size! Can’t wait to see what else you decide to do here, and also in finishing up the new playroom! :) Have a great day!

  11. Your hallway lights look perfect! The lights look so nice with the floor. Another framed out ship lap gallery wall would look nice on the blank wall. I love those. That was my first thought when I saw it. I’m sure what ever you chose will look great! Your home is beautiful! Even though I have no kids in school anymore I still start to decorate for fall when the neighborhood children start school. 🍁 I’m looking forward to seeing the hall table deco!

    1. Thank you so much Noreen.. so sweet of you! I’m so happy you like the lights! I love the shiplap gallery walls too. So many fun options when you have a blank wall to play with. :) Happy Fall decorating! xo

  12. I love the idea of a large-scale art piece (or print, if it were me — less $$$, lol) on that big blank wall.
    Love the new fixtures!!!

  13. I’ve seen several options that would look great – there are the life size (think big IKEA poster frames) of each child, there is the artwork by and you could hang them in a four square arrangement like kindred village did (LOVE), there is also other types of photo collages like pictures of places you have lived (, places you have traveled, then there is also some big letter art to capture a family motto or quote like on etsy:; or this one:

    1. Gretchen you are so sweet to share all of those links and fun ideas with me! LOVE them all! Using words on a wall is such a creative idea. You’ve given me a lot to think about! :) Thank you!! xo

  14. I think you chose the right size pendants; the links help make the pendants shine. But I still swoon over that laundry room. LOVE the colour. As for the wall, I think all the ideas already listed would work well, especially something personal like hanging a quilt–I’ve seen them hung using a long rod anchored to the wall. I also think that a REALLY LARGE piece of art (sorry for the caps, ha!) would look beautiful. You have quite a few lovely gallery type walls, and something simple and BIG would look lovely, too.

    1. I’m so glad you think so Wilma! Thank you! And I love the idea of quilt too.. so beautiful AND personal. Thank you for your fun ideas and your sweet comment! xo

  15. The light fixture size is perfect, and having it hanging is better than not. That wall would be perfect for a macrame wall hanging. It would add texture but also simplicity to the space.

  16. How about hanging a pieced quilt in your hall? It has great texture and size and brings something a little different to the table. Love the light fixtures!

  17. I just read through the comments and people are so creative!!!
    I do like the idea of big pictures but I also like the wallpaper. The framing of a quilt – brilliant!!!
    Can’t wait to see what you decide and the playroom too!

  18. Hi Erin, did you painted the staircase or was like that already? Would love to paint mine but I think it will take lotttt of work since is brown and I want them white 🥴🥴

    1. I Dianet! We had the stairs painted like that when we moved in the house and they were new. But I have seen others paint brown stairs white! Would definitely take a few coats. ;) xo

    1. Oh my word.. what a FUN idea! I’ve never seen that! SO cute. I bet everyone does love and comment on it! Thank you for sharing that with me.. I love it! xo

  19. So fun Erin! Love that console table! And really it makes me feel a teensy but better that a few things in your house have taken you 5 years. Here I am at 11 years and still have blank walls! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Life! Kids!
    I think you should do some sort of gallery wall, you can do something completely different than downstairs. Maybe something more “kid” since your upstairs is mostly kids’ spaces. I’ve seen a lot of the cute scrabble names too and think it’s darling. You could do a gallery wall that’s a mix of photos and fun things like the name tiles.

  20. The lights look wonderful and I cant wait to see how you style that console table. I agree with many of the above comments that the wall needs something large. Maybe a very large canvas photo of your family? Black and white would be striking. There’s already color coming from the nearby laundry room so the black and white would be calming and make a statement at the same time. Good luck- it’s always fun to see what you do!

  21. Easy for you to say, Erin!! You live in gorgeous San Diego!! Over here in Michigan, we’re trying to hang onto every last shred of summer and hoping and praying to God that we get a hot September or at the very least somewhere in the 70’s. Anyway………
    I still love you! But please no pumpkins yet!

  22. What if you did clocks set to times of different places that mean a lot to your family (Utah, Hawaii, Virginia, California, etc). Like they do at fancy hotels!

  23. Erin, I absolutely love this hallway! What a gorgeous mix of colors, textures, the natural and new lighting, etc. I cannot wait to see the “finished” product! My first thought re: that blank wall is to incorporate some artwork that represents the cities/places special to you. San Diego, Utah, Hawaii, etc. :) We live east of Cleveland and while we have only been here 9 years and our family members are all elsewhere, our boys were born here so it’ll always be a special place to us! So I have been looking at some metal Cleveland skyline art work for our office nook. There’s watercolors too, and I’m sure many more options!

  24. to play off the black and gold in the pendant lights, I think I would do some of the picture shelf leges with black and whites of your travel in similar gold and/or black frames of varying sizes. . Love that console table. So warm and so different that a lot of your other pieces!!

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