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Fall Fashion for Boys!

Huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  And for keeping my little buddy so stylish all the time. :)  (Affiliate links used.)

Couldn’t share clothes I’m loving for my girls without including my youngest sidekick and partner in crime. :) We spent a fun afternoon together last week!  Ran a few errands.

And then had a yogurt date.  The two of us have yogurt dates together all the time.  It’s our thing because we like yogurt.  And he likes gummy worms on top of his yogurt.  And when I’m in a good mood (which is usually the case when I’m getting yogurt) he gets away with getting lots of them. :)

{Peace graphic tee/similar shorts on sale/Natives}

Army green and orange is a combo I love when it comes to clothes for my little buddy and this Peace tee is a favorite.  So is that second grade smile. :)

We had a great chat about his upcoming field trip to the fire station (which convinced me he needed this darling shirt.. ordered!) and the nice girl he sits by at school and future playdates and future holidays and future yogurt outings.  He talks non-stop and I just sit and smile and listen and take it all in.  His laugh.  The enthusiasm in his voice for the smallest things.  The way he says “hanitizer” as one word instead of “hand sanitizer.” The gummy worm munching.  I enjoy it all.  Because second grade doesn’t last forever even though I wish that it would.

Then we went to the grocery store to pick out some more pumpkins.  Because #thirdkid.  This is the closest we are going to get to a pumpkin patch during this crazy busy month!

But he doesn’t seem to mind.  He picked out a few little pumpkins for his bedroom.  Just for fun.

Then we went in the store and got a treat for mom and dad too.  Just for fun.

A few days after we decorated our porch he was wearing his Sharpest Tool in the Shed tee so I told him to smile for me for a picture for this post and this is the look I got.  So anti-picture lately!  This morning I was walking him into his school and I stopped to take a picture of him quick with my iPhone and when another student with her mom walked by Kole pointed at me and said to them “she takes way too many pictures… she is a blogger AND a mom.”  Ha ha.. the girl’s mom and I had a good laugh.

Yup.. rough life buddy.. those two things make a deadly picture taking combo.  Like it or not. ;)

His pose of choice.  Because he lives with teenage girls.

Then I told him that if he’d give me one good smile (because it’s a tradition for mom to get a good picture of him on our Halloween porch each year) I’d let him water the plants.

And there’s my smile. :)

His favorite.

A win for both of us. :)

There are times however, that this child of mine is more than happy to ham it up for the camera.

I love that El is watching me with a look that says “how long are you going to let this go on?”  Ha ha..  I’m easily amused. :)


I have more pictures of him dancing and acting silly than of anything else.  LOVE this henley top!  It’s just a handsome shirt.  Looks so good on and it’s lightweight.  Perfect for our “winters” and perfect to layer with a vest or jacket if we venture to colder winters.  His blue Asics have been hands down our favorite shoe he’s had.  He loves how comfortable they are and I love velcro for busy mornings.  Plus they have held up amazingly well considering all they go through in a day!  When he grows out of them I’m just going to buy another pair.  Looks like they come in an orange too so we’re in business. :)


I loved the henley top so much that I bought it in green too. :)  And how cute is this layered animal shirt!?  I love a shirt that looks layered when it’s really just one shirt.  It reminded me of this favorite shirt of mine so I had to get it.  Now we can twin in our stripes. ;)

This colorblock stripe t-shirt is a lot like the henley.  So soft, lightweight and I love the casual look.  He was trying to explain chess to me in this picture.  Again.

He has been taking a little after school class and learning how to play and loves it!  The game isn’t quite as thrilling to me, but I’m trying.  For him. :)  He won this little cardboard set and plays it non stop with anyone who will play with him.


I see a real chess set in his future.  If he keeps up his good behavior until Dec. 25th. :)


And last but not least my boys on their way to church last week.  I can’t do a Nordstrom clothes post for boys and not mention our favorite white dress shirt EVER that I continually stock up on.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but if you need a white dress shirt for your son (or any boy in your life!) this smartcare wrinkle-free dress shirt is worth every penny!  Toss it in the dryer and it comes out like it is pressed and ready to go!  I hate to iron and seriously wish every shirt was just like this one.  I also love the zip ties (stripe) and (solid) for my little buddy.  Easy on and off.  We’ll take it!  (His shoes are Vans slip-ons.)  Kole needs a new coat/jacket this year and so far this one is my favorite.  I’m also in love with this shirt for him (great price!) and just can’t decide if I want the black or orange!  And I stocked up on these for him – cutest patterns and they come in solids too.

Well!  That about sums up what is in his closet and my on-line cart for my little buddy for Fall!  So many fun things for kids from Nordstrom right now! It’s just a fun time of year, isn’t it!?  And a fun season of life.



xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Fall Fashion for Boys!

  1. Such a fun, full of life and typical boy! And handsome, too. He looks terrific in everything. You choose well, Mom! As for pictures…I see a lot of them in his future. Ha, ha! How fun that he is learning to play (and loving) chess. I’d be a confused mess. And he sure dresses up nice in that dress shirt(hubby, too). I’m gonna show my age, big time, but I remember when Vans (and Converse) were not the tennies to wear….meaning they weren’t all that expensive when I was a kid. LOL Told ya I’d show my age. Ha, ha! Oh Kole’s dab is LIT! Or is it Fleek? I dunno, I’m old, remember?

    1. Ha ha.. yes.. this boy is far from done having his picture taken. :) Jeanne! I totally remember when Converse and Vans were all the rage! Then they weren’t cool. And now they’re cool again. Believe me.. I show my age with these kids every day! Ha ha.. (thinking that was a dab? Totally lit..ha!) ;)

  2. Such a handsome dude and good helper! I laughed when you mentioned he loves to put gummy worms on his Froyo…so does Lauren. Grosses me out, but to each their own. :)

    Hope you and your family have a terrific weekend, Erin! xxoo

  3. Love these posts on Ad and Kole. They are growing up so quick Erin. El is all grown up. I had to laugh at the hanitizer! Jeremy has called it that since he was two. I have caught myself saying it. So many times. Love the clothes. Nordstroms is my favorite place for kids shoes. It’s just so easy. Elle and i don’t like shoe shopping for the kids so Converse and online to the rescue. Have a great weekend Erin. Xo

    1. I agree Cathy! So easy to order them clothes on-line at Nordstrom. Shoe shopping with kids is NO fun.. ha. :) And I love that Jeremy called it hanitizer too! Oh my word.. it’s the cutest thing. I don’t ever want to correct him. :) xo

  4. I love this post!! Cole sounds like such a funny and sweet best buddy for you. What a handsome guy he is! My son is almost 23 months and I am 25 weeks along with baby boy #2, so 2nd grade seems so far away, but I love hearing about it and I know it will be here before I know it for both my buddies <>. Thanks for sharing!! :)

    1. So sweet of you Genelle! Thank you! I remember Ellie at that age and being pregnant with Ad like it was last week! Seriously.. it will fly. Remember that on hard days. :) So fun having two boys close in age! They will be best buds. I’m happy for you.. you have a lot to look forward to. :) xo

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