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Roses, Gates, Sales and Survival!

Happy Thursday friends!  How is that for a post title?  Random one today. :)  First up for discussion.. my roses are blooming!  I took some pictures of them quickly last week.  They are just too pretty not to share!

When we were picking out plants and flowers for our yard I wanted TONS of hydrangeas!  Then my builder and landscaper reminded me (for the 645th time) that I don’t live on the East Coast.  Those plants don’t do well in Southern Cal.. so why couldn’t I just pick out a Spanish tile roof and some Palm Trees and move on already… ha!  Clearly I was supposed to live in Nantucket and missed my true calling. ;)

Ok.  Fine.  Next best thing to hydrangeas?  White roses!  So we planted LOTS of white roses.  Lining the driveway and around the yard.

They bloom on and off during the Spring/Summer and I get absolutely giddy when they first start popping out every year.  So pretty!

These are white iceberg roses.  They are always a bright white at first..

and then they start turning pink.  :)  (Still need to get some flowers in that window box!)

Kole and I have a little routine every week.  He brings the trash up from the street to our gate while I check on the roses.  Then I open the gate and put the trash cans were they go and then we play outside for awhile.  Sometimes we play hide and seek.  Sometimes we look for bugs.  :)

Last week I brought out my camera and while I was snapping pics of the roses I realized that I’ve never shared pictures of our side gates!

They are simple, but one of my favorite things.  My builder and husband wanted the gates on the sides of our house to be rock.  I wanted white gates.  Because I think I live in Nantucket remember. ;)  I sketched a picture of some inset wood gates (similar to the cabinets in our home) but wanted a fun detail on top so I added the little open squares you see on top.

I was excited about how they turned out!  Kind of craftsman coastal like the rest of the house.  Plus they cost less than rock gates would have so my husband was happy.  He got to stay in budget and I got to continue on with my East Coast home fantasy.  Win win. :)

A view from the other side.

I also added  this on the side of our yard for an enclosed trash can area.  Kenny gave me a hard time about figuring out a way to make the trash cute.  But why not?  :)

Then we added that same style of gate to the side of the house.

It hides all of the ugly swimming pool equipment!

White roses and white gates.  I’m a fan.  :)

My little buddy loves to skip.  Seriously the cutest thing.  This picture makes me happy because it has SUMMER written all over it!  Roses, green grass and skipping in the sunshine without a care in the world.

We are almost there moms!  This May has been so insane.  A couple of nights ago I found this post I wrote last year and re-read it!  I needed the reminder.  These 5 Strategies really do help me whenever I start feeling overwhelmed.  I thought I’d share this post again in case any of you are also drowning in end of the school year activities!

And for those of you who are finishing school this week or next (I’m so jealous btw.. we go until mid June!) here is what our Summer To-Do list looked like last year for some fun ideas of things to do with your kids while they are home.  My kids really look forward to brainstorming this list every summer.  Almost as much as I do. :)

Ok!  A little fashion before I sign off!  I know.. this is the never ending post.  My week is so busy that I have to fit in as much as I can when I have time.  Major back log of blog posts going on around here!  But Nordstrom is having their Half Yearly Sale and it started today!  Woot woot!  So many of my recent favorites are on sale!

(affiliate links used)

{Ribbon Tie Sleeve Top/Instasculpt Jeans}

This picture is awful because it was cloudy when I took it, but I’ve had this Ribbon Tie Sleeve top for a while and love it!  Perfect comfy top for some of our recent cool May weather.

The ribbon sleeves are such a fun detail.  It comes in 4 colors and is marked down to $29!

{Hat/Similar Tee/Liberty Jogger Pants/Chucks}

Keepin’ it real with this one!  CRAZY month = no time to get ready.  I look real impressed with myself don’t I?  Ha!  It’s all good because I have no problem running around in sweats on days that I’m working from home and then playing taxi driver all afternoon. :)  These Liberty Jogger Pants have been on repeat!  Cute, comfy.. a great fit.  They are Make and Model – one of my favorite brands of lounge wear.  And I know lounge wear. ;)  Love them!

Remember my Valencia Tee?  LOVE love love this top.  It’s on sale too!  Also comes in a pretty coral color.

I wore it this week with these cute Zella capri joggers.  I have a feeling these pants are going to be my favorite thing to wear this summer!  They fit darling!  True to size.  SO lightweight you guys.  They come in black too and I already have the black pair in my on-line cart. :)  Zella has always been a favorite brand (love their leggings!) so I was excited to try these and even more excited after I tried them on.  Perfect summer staple!

My Eyelet Collar top is 40% off!  (Comes in other colors too.)  And so is my favorite navy clutch!

{Ruffle Sleeve top/Jeans/Faux leather tote/Wedges}

My favorite ruffle sleeve top is also on sale!  I told you all how soft this top is!  Like wearing pj’s all day.  After I shared it a few posts back I heard from so many of you that you bought it and love it.  It always makes me so happy to hear when you love one of my recommendations!  This comes in gray and black too and sizes are going fast.  It’s a good one. :) My wedges are also 40% off!  And I don’t have a picture in this ruffle sleeve top but I love it and it’s also marked down!

So excited about this one.  My Vince Camuto cross body purse is 50% off!  Shut the front door!  I think this color just sold out (it was still there when I started writing this post and isn’t now) but it comes in lots of fun colors.  They won’t last long.  Such a good deal!

And we can’t forget fun things for the home now can we!?  My cute coral fringe pillow is just $26!  And this throw or this one would look so cute with it and are also on sale.   This sale is a good one you guys!  Kind of excited.  Good sales have that effect on me. :)

Favorites (most are on sale!)

Other sale items I’m excited about (the headphones are my husband’s favorite!)

Rugs I’m loving that are marked down!

Alright.  Signing off!  I’m sorry my posting is so sporadic this month!  Kind of in survival mode right now.  I have two more crazy weeks and then everything starts to SLOW down.  And I will limp across the finish line like I do every June!  And then I’ll have lots to catch up on with you all.


xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Roses, Gates, Sales and Survival!

  1. Just love this post !
    Lots of outside shots and places we’ve never seen before 😊
    Now off to buy me a few new tops before they all go !

    1. Thank you so much Dianne! So happy you enjoyed the post and I hope you got the tops you wanted! :) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. Hiding the garbage is awesome. It always makes a property look better. Who wants to look at dirty garbage cans all the time?

  3. Those gates are gorgeous and so functional! Win Win! I know what you mean about school almost being out…where did the year go?? Lauren is done on June 8th and it is creeping up fast. Looking forward to it though.

    So many cute clothes. Love that top with the ribbon ties on the sleeves. I may have to look into that! Haha!
    Have an amazing weekend doll! xxoo

  4. You are just the cutest thing ever! Your home is so gorgeous- OF COURSE you have a beautiful place to hide your trash cans and pool equipment! :) Your blog is always so uplifting and family-centered- I just love it. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

    1. Lindsay you are such a sweetheart! Thank you! What a thoughtful comment. It made me so happy. :) Enjoy your long weekend too! xo

  5. I always love when you do a fashion post. Have you found any beauty favorites lately?
    Also, those roses! You did such a good job landscaping!

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! I’ve tried a few new beauty products that I’m loving! I’ll try to include them in an upcoming post for you. :) So happy you like the roses! I love them too. Enjoy your long weekend! xo

  6. Love the valencia tee and zella capris. What size were you in those two? My frame is similar to yours.

  7. I love the way you placed your iceberg roses around your house. I was looking for a photo of that online and was how I came upon your blog. A lot of people put something under the roses and I like the spaciousness of letting them stand alone.
    Who do you recommend doing gates? Your white ones are gorgeous – did your husband put them in? I’d like to redo our gates but haven’t the foggiest idea who to call.

    1. Thank you so much! We actually designed and built our home 6 years ago so my builder and his crew did the gates when we built the rest of the home. Sorry that’s not much help! I would recommend calling a few people who specialize in landscaping and I bet you’ll find someone in your area who does them! If the landscapers you call don’t put up gates they would most likely know someone who does. I’m so happy you like the roses! They are my favorite. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I came across your blog because I was looking for landscaping ideas with iceberg roses. Yours just looks gorgeous! How big did you start them at and do they grow fast? How many years have you had them (at the time of your photos)?

    1. Thank you Belle! We’ve been in our house about 8 years but my roses grew pretty fast! I started them small and I would say it takes around 3 years to get them looking like that. :)

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