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Nautical Industrial Boy’s Bedroom (progress!)

Friends!  I feel like there is so much going on I want to share with you all!  I could seriously start typing and never stop.  Well.  I might stop for a snack.  My posts usually make me want popcorn.  But as long as I had some popcorn I could seriously start typing and never stop!  But I won’t do that to you.  Yet. ;)  I need to keep the chit chat to a minimum because I have SO many pictures to share of the progress I’ve made in Kole’s bedroom!  I titled this post “Nautical Industrial Boy’s Bedroom” because that seems to be the direction his room is heading.  Although by the time I finish decorating there might be a new spin on things.. who knows at this point.  I’m all over the map this month!  (This might be a good time to grab that popcorn.)

Quick re-cap where I left off.  My little boy has been sleeping in our guest room since we moved into our new house because he was so little when we moved in and that room is closer to our master bedroom.  My baby is 7 years old now and not a baby anymore {tear} so we are finally moving him into his real/big kid bedroom and turning our guest room into a real guest room.  (Suddenly Pinocchio is coming to mind…)  When I last shared his room we were having our carpenter install some shiplap for a fun focal wall to get the party started.

These two go way back..

Long time buddies. :)  At least now Kole “helps” by chatting with Chuck while he works instead of climbing all over his supplies. ;)

Come in come in!

Come in faster!  ;)

Friends.  We have furniture!  And a rug!  And bedding!  Not a lot of decor yet, but all of the large, main items have been chosen and delivered and assembled.  For me getting to this point is the biggest hurdle.

(affiliate links used)

I knew I wanted an industrial style bed for this room and we have been so happy with the Owen Bed from PB Kids.  It’s well made for a kids’ bed and I love the look!

The bedding is from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.  I wanted simple navy for the comforter and debated between this set, this set and the set I finally chose because I love the grommets.

These letter sheets (also from RH) were the first thing I found and bought for his room!  Love them.  They are so much fun and crazy soft.  BUT.  They are flannel and way too hot for summer so I am probably going to replace them soon and just use them during our few cold winter months.

Rug, dresser, nightstands and the rope mirror are all also from RH (teen and baby/child).  I found multiple options for each item.. some less expensive (I’ll share them all at the end of this post), but I ended up getting a lot from RH for this room because aside from loving the look, they also carry larger sizes that worked better in this space.  The fun industrial/rope basket holding stuffed animals next to the dresser is from Tai Pan.  I bought it a year ago for my family room but didn’t love it in that space.  I was so happy to find a home for it (and a good purpose!) in Kole’s new room. :)  I still need to figure out something to hold his plastic swords/light sabers in the other corner.

This mirror looks so small in this picture alone on this wall but it’s actually quite large!  And very heavy.

The built-in window seat is my favorite part of Kole’s room.  Such a fun spot to chill and read a good book.  And those drawers below!?  I was in my happy place designing those.  :)  I’ll share how I’m organizing all of his things in an upcoming post.  But you already knew that. ;)

I picked out the coastal wall lanterns when we built the house and the linen/zinc bulletin board was a happy mistake!  I had ordered it from RH for our master bedroom, but the wide zinc frame looked too industrial for that space so I bought this one for my master and was planning on returning the zinc board.  On a whim I decided to take it to Kole’s room to see if it would work anywhere.

PERFECT size for this wall space in-between the two windows!  That was a happy day. :)

The bench seat was custom made by my friend Tritia (you can find her info. here).  The fabric has a navy and orange stripe because I’m planning on bringing orange into this room as an accent color.

Kole’s favorite Star Wars pillows are a start (here and similar here), but I need to find more fun pillows for this bench.

Homework I can handle. ;)

I looked at SO many rugs for this room.  I kept gravitating toward stripes, but wanted to try something different because I have so many striped rugs in my house already.  Ha.  :)  I tried getting Kole’s opinion and it was pretty clear he could care less!  At the end of the day I went with the stripes.  I just liked this rug the best.  What can I say!?  Except buy what you love. ;)

The biggest decision I had to make for this room was what to do with this blank wall in-between Kole’s bedroom door and his closet/bathroom.  I debated so many options!  For a while I was planning on putting a desk against this wall.  But after finding desk options and measuring, a desk and chair would have come out too far in the room.  This open space is the main walk way in this room (and the best open space for Kole to use when he plays) so I wanted to keep it open.  That meant finding something that didn’t come out too far into the room.  I decided a book shelf would be best!  I originally wanted this Emerson shelving from World Market (I’ve always loved it!) but it wasn’t wide enough for this space.  Back to RH!  This industrial pipe shelving was more than I wanted to spend but it was the perfect height, width and depth for this wall.  I’m so happy with how it looks (matches his bed perfectly!) and I can’t wait to style those shelves.  The steel pipes had to be mounted to the wall so this baby isn’t going anywhere for a while. :)

A few weeks after we got the shelves up my husband brought in this annoying Internet access point and said it has to stay put on this shelf so I’ll have to work around some lovely cords when I’m styling!

Using the bottom two rows for books.  :)

Around the corner from the bookshelf is a walkway that goes into his closet on the left (pictures of his closet in my last post!) and his bathroom.

So that’s a wrap on the progress in Kole’s room!

There is still a lot to do, but next is the fun part.  My favorite part!  The smaller stuff.  Styling and adding Kole’s things and personality into the room.

He has personality plus so that shouldn’t be too difficult to do. ;)

Sources are below!  I also included similar items I considered and the sheets I’m deciding between for the warmer summer months. :)

*Paint is “Himalayan Trek” by Benjamin Moore #1542.   Fan is from Craftmade Fan Solutions.

xoxo, Erin
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61 thoughts on “Nautical Industrial Boy’s Bedroom (progress!)

  1. Kole’s room is looking awesome1 Thanks for the update. The theme is perfect! LOVE the ceiling fan/light fixture. That is SO cool. Love the grommets in the bedding. The window seat and its lights look wonderful. Very neat bookshelf. You’ve found some fabulous pieces for this room. Maybe you can find an umbrella stand of some sort for the swords/sabers? I’m sure you’ll find the perfect item. As for the computer internet stuff. I was trying to find something to settle on to watch just last night and came across HomeTown (I think that’s the name of it. It’s on HGTV). The gal took a book and literally took out the pages and left the cover. That made this book lover cringe, I must say. Anyway, she used the actual book cover to wrap around a router. That I thought was pretty darn clever. (even though I’m still very sad a book was harmed to make the disguise). Anyway…maybe you can do something like (or find a faux book to lay on its side) that to disguise the wires and stuff. I’ll bet you’ve already thought of something like that because you are so much more clever than I, but thought I’d share anyway. The room looks wonderful! Great job. Have a super day. Ummmm, did you hear it was snowing in Utah yesterday and that storm is on its way to Colorado? I think Mother Nature is messing with us! So not lit!

    1. Love that Jeanne! I’ve seen all sorts of fun ideas like that with books! I think a lot of people hit DI/Goodwill stores and pick up older books that won’t get used much anymore, but I agree.. always hard to see a book torn up. I’ve seen some fun things done with the pages inside of books too for decor! Thanks for the fun idea! Definitely made me think.. :) I’m so happy you like the room so far! And I have to say that our weather has been crazy the past week or two too! It has been really cold here for May! We are kind of loving it because once it gets hot we usually have hot weather clear into late Fall/early winter. But snow!? That’s just NOT fun. I hope you stay warm and it passes soon! xo

  2. Oh gosh, I forgot to mention how sweet I think your carpenter is with Kole! Melts my heart! Look how happy he looks (well both of them look) in the photos. Awwwww

  3. I absolutely love it all! You did an awesome job putting this room together. I’ve always loved that Pottery Barn bed and hope to buy it myself for my boys’ room one day, too.

  4. Where did you get the bin for the stuffed animals? Such a beautiful room and all I can think of is that bin would be great for my 6-year old son’s room! Lol! I love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! That makes my day that you enjoy my blog! I talked a little about that bin in my post.. it’s from a Utah based store called Tai Pan! :) xo

  5. It’s looking great! I love the fabric on the bench! At my Kohl’s store, they have Star Wars sheets for a STEAL! Might be worth a look.

  6. Erin I really love Kole’s room! it’s perfect for him for now and all of his growing up years to come. the overall style is cool and I am in love with that bookshelf. that may be the coolest thing I’ve seen in awhile :-)

    1. Thank you so much Aria! Isn’t that shelf fun!? I was excited about it too. And so happy to find something large enough to fill that wall space. :) I’m so glad you like it too! xo

  7. OMGosh Erin! I love this look. With minor changes it can take him right through his teen years (yuck)! The bed and bedding really makes the room. Great Job!

    1. Thank you so much Amy! That’s the goal! I really wanted furniture that would work now and later. I’m so happy you like it! :) xo

  8. That is the coolest little boy room ever!! I love it all. You married the nautical and industrial so well. Are you going to do sconces or lamps by his bed? Love the ship lap wall (I can hear Chip and Jo in my head) Truly a great space for your little man. Can’t wait to see all the details when you are done. xxoo

    1. YEA! So happy you like it Pam! It is turning into a fun room for sure. I’m excited to start decorating it all now that the furniture is in! I’m leaning towards lamps and I think I found what I want! Hopefully it won’t take me too long to finish and have this room checked off the list. :) Thanks cutie! xo

  9. What a fun room for your sweet little boy! Love the industrial look and I’m jealous of the window seat :) I love seeing these progress posts, keep them coming!!

    1. Thank you so much Kaitlin! Window seats are so fun, aren’t they!? I wanted one forever before we built this house! I’m so happy you are enjoying the progress posts! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep things moving and actually finish a room sometime soon.. ha! ;) xo

  10. So perfect Erin!! This looks like such a fun room for Kole. I have the blue/orange going in my 8 year old son’s room as well and I’m loving all of your fun industrial ideas. Love the window seat too! Thanks for sharing this new update!!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa! The navy/orange color combo has always been my favorite for boys. Love that you have it in your son’s room too! I’m excited to add some orange because right now we are definitely heavy on the blue around here. :) xo

  11. Hi Erin – that room looks fab! So many great pieces there already. For Kole’s lightsabers/play swords may I recommend an umbrella stand? If you can get them easily in sunny California ;) here in rainy England they’re easy to come by! I have a metal one for my son’s lightsabers and swords and it’s a great way to corral them and make them easy to put away which is always a desirable outcome!
    Maybe something like This is the UK site but I’m sure the US site will have similar!
    Best Wishes
    Ruth x

    1. That is such a fun idea Ruth! Love it! I will look into an umbrella stand for sure. Something slim and tall like that is exactly what I need! I might have to leave my city to find one.. ;) Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Made my day. :) xo

  12. Maybe there is a rustic umbrella stand or trash can you can use for his swords. Then one day it will probably hold baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, and other long athletic equipment.

  13. Oh my word – that ceiling fan/light fixture!!! Where is it from?!

    Kole’s room is awesome. Lucky boy :)

    1. Thank you so much Michele! I have the source for that fan and couldn’t track it down last night when I was writing my post! I’ll keep looking and let you know if I find it! I have the same fan/light in all of my kids’ rooms. :) xo

  14. Erin,
    Oh my word!!! I absolutely LOVE Kole’s bedroom!! The shiplap was such a fabulous idea for an accent wall; the bed, dresser, nightstands, and mirror are perfect! And I just LOVE the shelving!! I love that you went with plain navy bedding so that you can change the accent colors whenever you want! The grommets are so interesting on the pillow shams and add so much to the nautical theme. I cannot wait to see what decor you come up with for the walls and shelves!! And I can’t wait to see his bathroom and what decor you use in there!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Jane Carden

    1. You are such a sweetheart Jane! Thank you! It made my day hearing from you. I’m so happy you like his room so far! :) xo

  15. Erin, here is a tall wire basket at Land of Nod that would be perfect for Kole’s swords and lightsabers. It comes in navy, orange, white, and other colors, and is only $39.00. Just an idea!

    1. Ahh! Jane! That would be PERFECT! I seriously think I’m buying that. Thank you so so much! Want to decorate the rest of the room for me? Ha! ;) xo

  16. I hate to be the “paint color girl”, so I searched first, but I can’t find the paint color for his walls! Mind sharing?

    Love love love what you’re doing in this room! I have three boys in one room in the basement, and this is exactly the look we’re going for. (They’re all in there together on purpose) Thanks for the amazing inspiration, can’t wait to see more!

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! And oh my word.. I can’t believe I forgot to add the paint color! It’s “Himalayan Trek” by Benjamin Moore. I’ll add it to the post! So fun you have your 3 boys all together! I love that. :) xo

  17. Loved seeing your updates in your house! Your little boy’s room looks so cute! Can’t wait to see more of the guest bedroom as it comes together.

    1. Thank you so much Jill! Oh my word.. some things just came in for the guest room yesterday.. it’s looking so good! I’ll definitely have more to share on that space coming up! xo

  18. Also, forgot to put this in my last comment, but a galvanized trash can would be cute in the other corner for his light sabers! I use one in my craft room for wrapping paper and love it.

    1. Oh my word.. love that fan! Thanks for reminding me to include the source for it! It’s from Craftmade Fans. I just added the link to it at the bottom of my post! xo

  19. Love seeing the update on Kole’s room! I love the furnishings you chose and that seat bench with storage below is perfect. I can’t wait to see all the added decors you’ll incorporate. I can already see some sign above the bookshelf, something fun and quirky like Kole.

  20. I am getting ready to redo my son’s room and loved several elements within this post as did my son. I looked on RH for the bookshelf, but didn’t see it. Did you purchase it a while ago or am I missing it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Melissa! Head to RH Baby and Child and type in:

      Let me know if you are still having problems finding it and I’ll send you the link! xo

  21. Erin I love the progress I’m seeing here!! This room is so special, and cozy!!! You know I ove that window seat too, what a perfect place for Kole to hang out and read books💙 Love it all dear friend…excellent job 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  22. As always Erin, you never cease to amaze me! I love your sweet little Kole’s room! Thank you for having your sources and alternative price sources for the items. I love mixing high/low and this is fantastic!

    All the best to you!

    1. Adrienne you are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for your kind words about Kole’s room and my post! Completely made my day! All the best to you right back. :)

  23. Love his room! The choices were great…the fan, shelving, and shiplap, everything.
    What type/brand of carpeting is used? Do you have it in all the bedrooms?
    Thank you

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! I’m so happy you like it all! I don’t have info. on the carpet! So sorry. I just picked it out and didn’t write anything down! It’s a different shade than the carpet in my girls’ rooms and our play room but the same carpet that is in our guest bedroom. :) Sorry I’m not more help with that! xo

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