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Pottery Barn Small Space Collection (decor updates!)

Home Updates with the Pottery Barn Small Space Collection

Happy Monday everyone!  I’m so excited about today’s post!  The crew from Pottery Barn reached out to see if I would be interested in sharing with you all how I’m using items from their Small Space Collection in my home.  Hmm.. let me think about that one.. ;)  It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Pottery Barn and always have been!  I have so many PB items in my home!  I’ve always loved that they offer so many beautiful decor options in a wide range of sizes.   A lot of items in my previous smaller home were also from Pottery Barn because aside from large furniture, they also sell a lot of smaller furniture that is still big on style.  And I love their style!

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Home Updates with the Pottery Barn Small Space Collection

There are so many fun things in their Small Space Collection that I had a hard time narrowing down what to get!  I finally decided on a few things.  I ordered two of the Mateo side tables and couldn’t be more excited about them.  I have been looking for a side table for this end of my couch for a while now.

This side table is the perfect size!  I love that it’s open between the table top and bottom shelf so it doesn’t feel too large and bulky.

The bottom shelf is perfect to hold beloved magazines that get read over and over.

Plus there is just enough room on the table top for a drink, reading book and a pretty plant or some flowers which is what I wanted in this space.

Our new side table has made this corner of our couch perfect for afternoon reading time. :)

Kole still loves to sit on my lap when we read together and I’m in no rush to see that tradition end.  Pretty soon his legs will be longer than mine.  (tear)  Not that that’s saying much. ;)  #shortie

Owen is a long time favorite.  Love that Mrs. Tweezers. ;)

Home Updates with the Pottery Barn Small Space Collection

Home Updates with the Pottery Barn Small Space Collection

A lot of times after we finish reading books together he likes to sit down and read the stories again to himself. :)

Such a cozy corner.  Now we all fight over this spot!  I ordered two of these side tables thinking I would put one on the other end of my couch, but I’ve been moving it around and trying it in lots of different spaces.  Playing my favorite game.. musical furniture. ;)

{Family Room Sources}

Mudroom decor

It looks good everywhere I put it!  For now it’s sitting in the corner of my mudroom.  Ever since I put a Christmas tree in this corner last December I’ve felt like I need something here.  I don’t have a lot of space between the door and wall and this table is the perfect size.

Custom Mudroom

These fun pillows are also from the PB’s small space collection.  LOVE them.  The black and cream is a fun change for this room and I love the patterns.  They are the Gemma Lumbar Pillow and the Jules Embroidered Pillow  and both pillow covers are on sale!  Don’t forget pillow inserts too. :)
Custom Mudroom

I’m thinking some fun art prints or something would look good on the wall space above the end table.  Or you might see that end table pop up somewhere else.  Nothing stays put in my house too long. ;)

Craftsman porch (Sunny Side Up)

I also tried my new pillows on my outside bench and love them there too!


They go so well with my lanterns and black striped rug.

Craftsman porch (Sunny Side Up)

Hello Spring flowers!

Craftsman custom Home (Sunny Side Up)Thanks to my little buddy our porch is sparkling clean. ;)

Closet organization (Sunny Side Up)

The last item I ordered from the Small Space Collection were these Galvanized Nesting Bins for Kole’s closet.  I just started moving all of his clothes up into this closet a few weeks ago and have been looking for some bins or baskets to fit on these three closet shelves.  I was so excited that these galvanized bins were the perfect size!  His room decor is taking on an industrial vibe so they are perfect.


Right now I’m using them to hold clothes that are too small and need to be taken to his cousin in Utah, clothes that are too big that he isn’t wearing yet, and then one for all of his swim suits.  These bins are deep and have a lot of storage space so they might end up holding toys or blankets at some point too.  They were made to work with the Turlock Coffee Table or the Turlock Storage Table and I love both of those pieces.  I keep thinking about how fun the Turlock Storage Table would be in an outdoor patio area to serve food/drinks.  All of the galvanized bins could hold plates, napkins, kids’ outdoor toys, pool towels, etc.  Stylish and organized!  My favorite combo. :)

pb-small-space-collection-storageThe small space collection also has so many fun options for wall hooks and shelves.  Perfect for a bedroom, entry or really any space in your house.  If I would have had the wall space in Kole’s room I would have hung this rustic shelf with hooks in a heartbeat.  I love it so much.

Some of the items in this collection I already have..

This Oxford striped rug has been a long time favorite in our mudroom.

dining room nook (Sunny Side Up)

The Small Space collection also includes my beloved Bistro chairs.

This collection has so many fun and affordable options to refresh spaces in your home regardless of the size.  Below are all of my favorites!  I’ll take one of each please. ;)

Huge thank you to Pottery Barn for sponsoring this post!  Believe it or not this is the first sponsored post I’ve written for Pottery Barn.  You might not know that because I promote them so much regardless… ha!  There are just certain stores that you can always count on to have one or two things you are going to love and want to take home.  For me when it comes to Pottery Barn, I always want to take home fifty.  ;)  Their Small Space Collection is no exception!

Enjoy your day friends!  I hope it includes time with those you love most.

And a little decorating on the side.


xoxo, Erin
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34 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Small Space Collection (decor updates!)

  1. Amazing finds! I, too love pottery barn they are a one stop shop for me. I especially love the throw pillows that you found, they bring a fun flair to the mud clothe trend.

    1. Thank you so much Kelley! So sweet of you. It really is hard to find good side tables! I was so happy when I saw the two I bought in this collection. :) xo

    1. Thank you so much sweet Jen! I have always loved reading with my kids. I’ll be so bummed when he can’t fit on my lap anymore! Growing too fast. ;) xo

  2. Erin, I just love all of your choices!! Especially the new pillows, and PB inserts are in every single pillow in my home!! Beautiful post, friend and thanks for sharing your faves with us!! Xoxo

  3. Erin what great finds! I love how prefect your side table fits next to your couch – that can be so tricky sometimes! And those pillows are fabulous! I love that you still have such a special bond with your little guy too :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Love your side table. I have to agree, those pillows are so cute. I’m going to check out the bins. You can never have enough storage. Kole is so cute!!!

  5. Your home is beautiful and I love your mud room lockers. Could you possibly tell me the dimensions.? I would like to try to recreate them in my new home.

    1. Thank you Danielle! I’m working on updating my home sources (in my blog header at the top of my blog) and will add the mudroom dimensions to that page as soon as I have time! xo

  6. Fun post, Erin! Love the side table. It looks like it was made for that space. :) Oh gosh, my heart melted at the pictures of you and Kole reading together. Such sweet images. I know you treasure those moments! Who knows, maybe he’ll be willing to sit in your lap or very, very close to it for a few years yet! The Pottery Barn line has lots of clean lines and beautiful prints. Items that look quite at home in your home. Wonderful finds and looks for your beautiful spaces! Have a great day! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Oh my word.. I’m so sad thinking about the day when he can’t fit on my lap anymore! Or doesn’t want to! Whichever comes first. ;) It’s hard seeing the baby get so big isn’t it? Treasuring each moment for sure. Enjoy your day sweet friend! xo

  7. Love the baskets you chose can’t wait to see koles room love all the shelving you chose in the wardrobes so cleaver for not a massive space am so doing something similar in our wardrobes

  8. Pottery Barn is wonderful! Love their stuff! That side table is perfect…I love light pieces too. It lets the light filter in and leaves the room airy. Those galvanized buckets in Kole’s room are great too. Can’t wait to see what you do to his big boy room. The pictures of you two reading as so sweet. They grow up way too fast. xxoo

    1. Thank you so much Pam! I love that about those end tables too! And I know.. our kids need to freeze in time. It’s so hard for me to see my youngest getting so big! xo

  9. I LOVE PB but because of the word “small” I hadn’t really checked out the line but mostly just haven’t had the time to stop and look through the catalog. Really glad you shared. Those bistro chairs and galvanized buckets rock! I know what I’ll be doing today when I take a break. Most importantly, I love the pics of you and Kole reading and especially love he doesn’t mind being photographed. He is adorable.

    1. Thank you so much Cindy! I know.. they have a lot of great things in that collection that work for large or small homes. So sweet of you to say that about Kole! He’s pretty used to having a camera around and doesn’t even notice it half of the time! Especially when he’s into one of our stories. :) xo

  10. Erin! Love this so much! Everything you chose is perfect! Love the galvanized storage containers in Kole’s closet! And you’re right- that end table looks fab everywhere! And when can I come and sit on that porch of yours? Love those PB pillows and love your spring flowers! Hugs, friend! Miss you!

  11. Hi Erin,

    I love your style. You do such a fabolous job! I was wondering where the planter and coasters that you placed on the side table are from?


    1. Hi Iris! So sweet of you to say! Thank you. :) Those coasters are from Target and the planter is from Home Depot. I just bought a few more of those planters last week because I love them so much so I know Home Depot still has them! xo

  12. Hi Erin! Can you tell me what size your pottery barn rug is in the family room? 9×12? Or 10×14? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Jen! 10×14! We started with the 9×12 and then when PB came out with a bigger size (the 10×14 wasn’t available a few years ago) we moved the 9×12 into the dining room and bought the 10×14 for the family room. :)

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