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Reward Style Conference (and what I wore)

Happy Friday friends!  Have you all been doing your 20 minutes of organizing each day after reading my last post?  Yes?  No?  Kind of attempting but not really happening?  Ha!  I get it.  I pulled off 3 nights so far.  I was on a total roll until last night when Kole decided that he wasn’t tired when I put him to bed and needed a story.. or two or ten before he could sleep.  Probably time better spent anyway. ;)  I’m excited the weekend is finally here!  I’m still so sleep deprived from last weekend that I’m desperate for a morning to sleep in and catch up.  Today I’m sharing a few fun pics from the Reward Style conference I was at in Dallas last weekend.  It was held at the Cresent Hotel and everything was just beautiful!

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{Brittany/me :)/Bree/Kelley/Elaine/Kris}
{Camo pants – 30% off right now/shirt/shoes/purse}

I have to say that this conference had me a bit intimidated!  It’s mostly the fashion blogger crowd and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was invited to go last year but didn’t dare.  :)  I’m not exactly runway model fashion like a lot of these girls.  My style is more like running around chasing/driving kids all day fashion.  Ha!  ;)  This year some of my home blogging besties were also invited and we decided that we’d brave it together.. strength in numbers!  This was a pic of us when we all arrived at the hotel.  I was so excited to see my friends!  Wore my favorite camo pants for comfy traveling on the plane.   (They just went on sale btw!)

{yellow blouse/gingham skirt/sandals}

The first night there was a pool party hosted by Sole Society.  Sarah joined us all and we had a great time catching up!  Everyone at the conference was so nice.  Every time I go to one of these conferences I wonder why in the world they stress me out!   They always end up being a lot of fun and not at all intimidating.  Even the runway models with their personal photographers were nice.. mostly. ;)


Heading to dinner after the party!  After I changed into my favorite jeans.  Because I will hands down pick jeans over a dress if given an option!  EVERY time.

Three things I loved about this conference.. one was how gorgeous everything was.  The flowers at the hotel were just stunning and they had everything decorated so beautifully.  Spring is such a fun time to travel, isn’t it!?  I also loved how organized it was!  We got an agenda when we arrived and had been assigned certain classes based on recommendations for us.  Everything ran so smoothly!  I loved the way the conference was laid out.  Because I’m nerdy and pay attention to details like that.  When things are pretty and organized I’m a happy girl. ;)  It was also really fun to see all the clothes!  So many stylish girls in one place.  It was like a non stop fashion show.  One trend I noticed were the shoes!  Lots of cute wedge sandals with straps.  I’ve been eyeing this pair for summer but keep going back and forth because there are so many fun styles I love and want right now!

There were flowers and lights in all the trees.  It was especially beautiful at night all lit up!

Another fun party!  I didn’t buy a lot of new clothes for this conference (although I probably should have given I was at a  conference full of fashion bloggers!).  This black flutter sleeve top was the only new thing I wore.  It looks really cute tucked into a skirt like I’m wearing it or partially tucked into jeans.  I was so excited to see Megan!  We have been friends for a long time and have so much fun together.  She called me the day before the conference to catch up and I seriously could have talked to her for six hours straight!   All of these girls mean so much to me.  We met a lot of sweet girls that night including one of the Real Housewives of Dallas.  Who everyone knew except me!  Oops.  I don’t watch the Housewive shows.  A lot of my friends do and love them, but honestly all the arguing just gives me a headache!  And seems so ridiculous.  I can’t go there.  Am I getting old!?

Beautiful picnic lunch one afternoon with Banana Republic!

{Cargo pants/Rebecca Minkoff tee/shoes}

Every single time I wear these cargo pants people compliment them and ask me where they’re from.  Every time!  Some girls I kept passing in a store a couple of weeks ago said they were calling me “the girl with the cute pants”.. ha!  They are definitely favorites.  So comfy!  And perfect for a full day of sitting in classes at this conference.

Class time with Cassie!

And lunch with Topshop.

{Denim dress/shoes/purse – my denim dress is on sale this weekend with everything at BR!  Better pics of it in this post}

{Black lace dress/earrings/similar purse}

The last night we got all cleaned up for a fun party to finish off the conference.  We spent a few hours chatting with everyone at the party and then decided to call it a night and go back to the room to put on sweats, order food and have girl time.  We called an Uber, got in our car and were starting to drive away when we saw that the party was moving to another location for dancing.  Some girls wanted to still go back to the room but a few of us hopped out to head back to the party.

Oh my word.. best decision ever!  I seriously haven’t danced like that since my high school/college days!  It was so much fun.  And unlike most people at the party, I don’t drink so I was feeling especially proud of myself for getting down like I did without the help of alcohol.. ha! ;)  I’m always begging my husband to dance with me at parties and he never will so I loved being with so many fun friends to dance with!  If the DJ is playing “Salt-N-Pepa” and “House of Pain” and other music from my era.. I’m gonna dance.  TOO much fun.

We danced until about 1:00 am and closed the place down.  By that point we were seriously sweating and our feet were KILLING us so most of us had shoes off.  Megan was the only smart one to bring flats to put on.  It was such a fun way to end the trip!


Heading out to catch my plane home and I got a quick picture with Cyndi.  Another friend I’ve made through blogging who I absolutely adore!  Loved catching up with her last week.  We were so in sync with our coordinating striped shirts. :)

My whole crew was excited I was home but this little guy was the most excited to see me.  He came running at the airport and almost tipped me right over with his hug.  Best feeling EVER.  Love my little buddy.  #pleasedontgrowup

I love to travel but it’s always so good to be home. :)

Couple of fun favorites that are on sale this weekend!  My layered top is 40% off!  Sizes are going fast.

These favorite sweats are also on sale!  I have loved these so much I just ordered this pair.  Make and Model and PJ Salvage are hands down my favorite pj’s.  And I know pj’s.  ;)  The only thing I don’t love about this time change and the lighter evenings is that it’s a bit more embarrassing when I put on my pj’s for the night at 5:00 pm.  When it’s dark I feel like I can get away with it easier.  That doesn’t stop me from doing it of course..  :)

My favorite rug is also on sale!  PB has all of their rugs marked down this weekend and I’m debating between a couple from there and one from West Elm (also having a big sale on rugs) for my guest room.  I feel like I need to hurry and decide tomorrow to take advantage of the sales.  So excited about how the room is coming together!  I’m waiting for a few things to come in and then I’ll share another progress post.  {All of my family room sources are HERE}

My kitchen canisters are also on sale!  Love them.
My kitchen decor gets switched up monthly, but the canisters stay. :)  Most recent kitchen post HERE – I still need to finish my sources!  Always a work in progress around here.

Alright friends!  That’s it for this weekend.  I hope you have a good one!  We’ll chat again real soon. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Reward Style Conference (and what I wore)

  1. Love all of your outfits! Those cargo pants need to be in my closet now! I love that you change your kitchen decor monthly. How do you store your items that you are not displaying currently and how do you choose what to display each month? Thanks!

  2. Fun! Thanks for sharing a bit of your weekend with us. Looks like you had a grand time in a gorgeous location. Such pretty fashions, too. Glad you were able to go dancing. So much fun! It’s good to let loose and just enjoy yourself that way from time to time. I always enjoy photos of your sweet kiddo and your beautiful home. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to head home to all that! :) Have an awesome weekend!

    1. Happy weekend Jeanne! It did feel good to let loose and dance! I told my girls when I got home their mom still has it going on and they just rolled their eyes. I was so “lit!” Ha ha.. ;) Love you cutie! xo

  3. Erin! This was such a fun post! I have totally started checking out my blogging friends’ fashion posts before shopping online, and I’m telling you, that is how I manage to buy things that I actually love and don’t send back. Your outfits are SO SOOOOO cute and I would wear every one of them. Thank you for sharing, and I’m glad you had a great trip with all your friends! Everyone is so beautiful and it looks like a fun time was had by all!

    1. You are such a sweetheart Lisa! Thank you! I know. Shopping from blog and IG posts has just made everything so easy, right!? I love seeing clothes on real people doing every day things! It makes it so easy to decide if something will work for you or not. This was a fun trip for sure. You need to join us next time! I’d love to meet you in person someday! xo

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip Erin! Everyone looked so beautiful all dressed up! My husband doesn’t dance either! I also want to thank you for sharing your home/clothing sources, as I have purchased a few (okay, maybe more than a few) items for my home and closet. I agree, it’s fun to get away, but there’s no place like home! Have an amazing week! xo

  5. I have to agree with the other comments: cute clothes on a cute girl! Glad you had a great time. Can’t wait for your master bedroom “reveal.” We’re wanting a king-size bed and I told my husband, “We have to wait so I can see what headboard Erin has!”

    1. Thank you so much Tamara! You are such a sweetheart! I’m hoping to take pics of my master this week and post it next week! And I love my headboard! So yes.. wait! ;) xo

  6. Oh my gosh; you were in my neck of the woods! I don’t drink alcohol either and I always have a fabulous time whenever my husband and I go out; some find that hard to believe :)

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