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Tory Burch Favorites with Nordstrom!

Is it just me or does it feel like it should be Friday by now?  Or at least Thursday!  But it’s not.  So happy Wednesday.  And counting down. ;)  My week is dragging but this post will be a fun mid-week pick me up.  I hope it is for you too!  The crew at Nordstrom asked me if I wanted to share some of my favorite Tory Burch items with you all and I don’t think you’ve seen anyone jump faster.  What a chore right? ;)  Most of you know I’m a huge Tory Burch fan and as you can see my friends love all things Tory too!  We all do don’t we?  What’s not to love about Tory Burch?  Maybe the prices. ;)  But seriously if I am going to splurge on something nice, quite often I turn to Tory.

I have been eyeing this Parker Leather Tote for months now.  When I got asked to do this post I knew it was sign!  It was meant to be mine.  I bought the bag and then that night when my husband came home from work I told him he has been working so hard lately that I really wanted to take a few things off of his plate..  “Babe.. I got myself a great gift for Mother’s Day this year so that you don’t even have to sweat it.  It’s perfect and I love it and you’re welcome.  I’m always thinking of you.”  He rolls his eyes at me, but secretly I think he does love not having to come up with a gift.  And I love my new bag so win win for everyone!  Mother’s Day just got good before it even started.  Now all I need are homemade cards from my 3 favorite little people and I’m set.  Sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands with these holidays, right girls? ;)

{J Crew Lace Bib Sweater/Jeans/Brown Bracelet/Navy Bracelet/Similar Shoes/Tory Burch Tote}

It really is such a gorgeous bag and it comes in lots of colors.  I used it a few days ago for the first time and loved how much I was able to fit inside of it.  Perfect for when I want to bring my planner and notebooks and extra stuff for the kids around with me.  The great thing about splurging on a nice Tory Burch bag is that it never goes out of style.  I have a Tory purse from about 10 years ago that I still use and get compliments on!

One of my friends at church last Sunday had her Tory tote with her so I snapped a picture of it.  This is a similar style but several years old.  She said it’s her favorite bag.  Classic!

Doesn’t she look beautiful in this skirt and head to toe pink!?  Wish I could pull off that color like she can!  So fun for Spring. {Thanks for modeling for us Vanessa! ;)}

You can see the cute lace in this pic on my new J Crew sweater (details in this post).  It’s perfect to wear with my two favorite Tory Burch bracelets.  My Tory Burch double wrap logo bracelet and my little navy Tory bracelet have become staples for me.  I bought the brown double wrap logo bracelet in LA with friends.  A little 40th b-day gift to myself. :)  There are SO many cute Tory Burch bracelets in stock right now!



I love that double wrap look so much that I’ve had this watch on my wish list for a while now too.  Just waiting for another holiday so I can make life easy for my husband again.  He’s so lucky to have me. ;)

Aside from Tory Burch bags and jewelry, I’ve also always LOVED Tory flip flops and sunglasses.  These cute flip flops are so comfortable and come in LOTS of fun colors and patterns.  A great price for Tory too.

{Swim suit/Black Romper/Tory Flip Flops}

K – let’s all ignore how white my legs are (time to bring out the spray tan!).  I really didn’t want to post this picture.  A little self conscious because I don’t love my legs/thighs, but I’m sacrificing myself to show you how cute the flip flops look on – ha!  All in the name of fashion!  Plus I’m 40 years old now so I’m trying to embrace all flaws and stop being so hard on myself… because that’s what mature 40 year olds do, right?  #workinprogress

I chose the Black Gemini Link patterned flip flops because my favorite swim suit and new romper that I plan on living in this summer are black.  Plus I wear a lot of black clothes in general so these will work with everything and be perfect to run around in on hot summer days.

Aren’t these other colors/patterns fun too!?  There are even more to styles to choose from on-line.

I also love the Tera Flip Flop.  They make me excited for summer!

You really can’t go wrong with Tory footwear.  A lot of my friends have these signature Tory Miller flip flops and love them.

I’ve been wearing Tory Burch sunglasses for years now and I always gravitate to them because aside from loving the look, they are such a great fit.  My face is narrow so I have a hard time finding sunglasses that don’t slide right off of my face.  Tory sunglasses always fit so well!  Snug but not tight.  These 55 mm square sunglasses are so cute!  They come in lots of different colors/patterns.  I have the dark tortoise and love them.

Pic of the back side.  I love the Tory sunglass cases too. :)

I snapped a few pics of my sunglasses in my car a few days ago while Kole and I were waiting to pick up the girls.

{Sunglasses/Black Tee}

My partner in crime wanted to join the selfie party.

Then he grabbed my phone and the next 20 pictures after this one were a blur of our heads and him laughing.  Never a dull moment with this one. :)

There are SO many fun new Tory Burch bags in for Spring!  Nordstrom always carries such a good selection of them.  They carry a good selection of all of my favorite brands which is why I shop there so much.  All in the name of making life easy for my husband of course.  Because I’m nice like that.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I’ve been searching for a nice gift for my mom!  One of her favorite brands Nordstrom carries is Eileen Fisher.  Eileen Fisher clothes have a fun coastal, relaxed feel with clean lines and they are amazing quality.  I tried on this organic linen sweater and loved it!  It didn’t come home with me only because I had already splurged on my Tory Bag. :)  Here are a few things I’ve been debating for my mom..  mom – pick out your favorite! ;)

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  And for your amazing selection and customer service.  And for making my Tory Burch tote dreams come true.  My husband also sends his love. ;)


In other random news I am off to pack because I’m flying to Texas tomorrow for a conference.  I’ve never been to Texas!  Crazy right?  I’m excited.  My husband will be managing life at home with the kids for the next few days.  I don’t know that he shares my excitement. ;)  My kids are obsessed with making slime at the moment.  I shared this picture on IG and Facebook and it sounds like a lot of your kids are doing the same.  Elmer’s Glue is a hot commodity right now.. ha!  So yeah.. say a prayer for Kenny.

He’ll need one. ;)

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Tory Burch Favorites with Nordstrom!

  1. Apparently slime is the thing at the moment. Some librarians on facebook groups I follow are saying that some kids are even stealing glue from the library to sell to other kids so they can make slime!

    I made this noise putty with our kids recently, but think we need to make slime next. Our 9yo boy will love it! Here is the noise putty video we followed:

    1. Oh my word Jamie! That is hilarious! So funny that it’s such a thing right now. I’ll have to watch that! I’m sure my kids will love it. Maybe I’ll forward it to Kenny and give him something fun to do with the kids while I’m gone. He’ll love me for that. ;) xo

  2. Oh I love the bag and the sunnies so much! ..and girl if I had legs likeyours i would be going to nordstrom in a string bikini 😂

  3. The Picture of all the bags at Nordstrom, the one bag looks blue green. But online it looks baby blue or powder blue… What does it actually look like in real life ??? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lindsay! I’m trying to remember but I think it’s closer to my picture! It doesn’t have green in it, but it’s not as powdery of a blue as it shows up on-line. I loved it if that helps! Ha! ;) xo

  4. What a an array of fabulous items. Thanks for the showcase, Erin. Happy you were picked to highlight the products. You did a fabulous job. There’s a lot of love in that line. And in my very humble opinion, I think your legs look pretty darn good. Glad to hear you are going to try not to be so hard on yourself. You are more than your legs. I adore your sunny, happy disposition and find that a lot more interesting than body parts. :) Love the photos of you and Kole and the kids making slime. I think I am glad my girls are past that phase. ;) Although my high schooler was thrilled to pay homage to the minions the other day for spirit week at school. She picked out a bright yellow t-shirt and found some denim shorts overalls and black boots and was thrilled that her classmates knew who she was dressing up as.. Guess you are never too old to pay homage ot your favorite character. Have fun on your trip and good luck to your hubby! I think both of you will have a great time! :)

  5. Hi Erin,
    Nice post with the round up of Tory Burch. Kole reminds me of my little one all the time. I always read with a smile when you mention about Kole. Same things happened to me all the time. And I like the idea of gifting to ourselves. I do that sometime :) Enjoy your Texas trip!

  6. So many beautiful Tory Burch accessories! Love the bag and sunglasses. You look so glamorous! Have a blast at your conference in Texas. Best of luck to Kenny…always a great way to remind our loved ones what we do each and every day. HAHA!

  7. Yay! Welcome to Texas! If you’re in the Houston area, let me know and I’ll send some restaurant recommendations. Barbecue and Tex Mex for the win!

  8. I bought the Parker tote in black a couple months ago and I LOVE it!! I completely agree about how great it looks and how much “stuff” can be crammed inside! Nordies didn’t sell the smaller size in black so I “had” to visit the TB store at Fashion Valley, and then ended up walking out with two bags! LOL!

  9. HiErin, absolutely LOVE the bag! Also love that Nordstrom ships to Australia. I had never heard of them before your post, i’m not sure if they have physical stores here but I have shown all my girlfriend and we are obsessed!

    Have a wonderful time in Texas. Maybe when you’re away it would be time for Kenny to do a guest post on how wonderfully you decorated his office – HA!


  10. Your legs are great; you have nothing to worry about. I hope you had a great time here in TX; I live just north of Dallas. We had a cold front come through Friday night that brought some winds and hail then cooler temps Saturday but Sunday was a beautiful day. Cute pictures of you and your little boy by the way; he is just adorable.

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