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Guest Room (the beginning!)

Alright friends.  Guest room!  Let’s do this. :)  When I posted a reader survey at the beginning of 2017 most of you requested seeing more decorating/organizing progress posts.  This is definitely a progress post!  Small progress.. but progress none the less.  I’m working on a few spaces in our home this year and one of them is our guest bedroom.  A bit of background on this room…

When we first moved into the new house 3 1/2 years ago Kole was 3 years old.  Still so little and he was just getting used to sleeping in a bed.  (You can see his nursery from our previous house that doubled as my office/craft room here.)  Our guest room is located just down the hallway from our master bedroom so we moved him into the guest room to keep him close to us at night knowing that at some point when he was a bit older we would move him into his real bedroom and make this space a guest room.  These bunk beds were in my girls’ bedroom in our previous house so we put them in the guest room for Kole to sleep on temporarily.  We weren’t sure if he would be in this room one year or five.  It ended up being three. :)  I didn’t take a picture of what this room looked like before we started moving everything out, but it really wasn’t decorated much more than this.  Some dinosaur bedding and random toys.  A temporary happy space for Kole since he doesn’t seem to mind whether or not his room is coordinated. ;)

I took these pics when we were starting to move everything out of this room.  Still hanging on to the rocker from his nursery.  I need to get rid of it but am having a hard time letting go.  I rocked all three of my babies for countless hours in that chair.  It might have to hang around in the attic for a bit until I’m feeling stronger about parting with it. ;)

How is my baby 7!?

We cleared everything out of this room and brought in the guest bed (that was temporarily in Kole’s room).  Then we tackled the bookshelf last.

We got rid of over half of his books and just kept favorites.  Kole was a huge help with the purging as always. ;)

Good-bye bunk beds!  I had a hard time parting with those too, but they went to a good family so that made it easier. ;) You can see in this pic that the walls were a blank slate and I knew I wanted to do something fun for a focal wall when we turned this space into a guest room.  For quite a while I was planning on putting up some wall paper.

Then on a whim I decided I wanted to do a grid pattern with molding instead.  My carpenter and I sketched it out and two days later the wall was up!

 The next week I had it painted white.  I love the way it turned out!  It looks better in person (I snapped these pics so quickly and they aren’t great!)

I’ll take you on a quick tour of this room.  Lots of doors. :)  This guest room will be used by any guests who stay with us, but my parents will most likely use it the most and because of this my mom put in a request for a TV.  Ha!  She likes to stay up late watching the news in bed.  When we were designing the room I knew I had to fit a TV on this wall in-between the closet and bathroom door so we tried to make the space as big as we could!  As soon as the focal wall was finished we got a TV for my mom.  We’re hoping it bribes her to come down more often. ;)

Window on this wall.

And a blank wall opposite the window just waiting to be decorated! :)  (The doors across the hall open up to my organized decor closet I shared a couple of months ago.)

As soon as I take down the “art” Kole decorated with.  There’s quite a story that goes along with the two long pictures.  All sorts of ghosts and monsters and good guys and bad guys are in a major battle.  Add a print out of a donut, some snowflakes and his handprints and we have quite a masterpiece.  On second thought maybe the decorating on this wall is taken care of. ;)

There really isn’t much I need to do in this room and I’ve had a vision for what I want it to look like for a while now.  It should come together fairly quickly because I already have most of the furniture picked out.  In fact, the first of the new furniture just came last week!

These lacquered mint nightstands from Anthro were absolute LOVE at first sight!  The second I saw them I knew they would be perfect for this room.  Of course I’m a huge fan of mint everything, but I also love the gold hardware and that they have a bit of a filing cabinet vibe.  They make me think of organizing.. ha!  I know that’s so nerdy but it’s true.  You can see why they had to come home with me!

Also they are lined with flowered paper!  A fun surprise when they arrived.  Just when I thought I couldn’t love them more. :)

Obviously they don’t work so well with the old quilt this bed is currently sporting. ;)  Next update post should have some new bedding!

These are a few of the pillows that will go on the bed (also from Anthro).  Colorful and fun with touches of mint.  I’m so in love with this room already!  More progress coming soon!

And mom.. your Diet Coke with lemon will feel right at home on the new mint nightstands.  Plus the TV is waiting..


GUEST ROOM SOURCES: (rug is from my master bedroom)

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xoxo, Erin
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36 thoughts on “Guest Room (the beginning!)

  1. What a great start to this room, Erin! That focal wall looks amazing. As does your “art” wall. I’m sure your mom wouldn’t mind that art staying either. LOL The nighstands are very cool. You do find some pretty neat furniture. Stuff I’ve never seen. Of course, I don’t shop for furniture, so that could be why. ;) Looking forward to seeing progress and the final reveal. I know it’ll be fabulous! Have a happy day1

    1. Thanks Jeanne! I’m sure my mom would be just fine with that art staying up. ;) Hopefully more progress will be coming soon. I’m trying to move a little faster with this room because I usually take SO long to finish anything.. ha! ;) I hope you had a good day cutie! xo

  2. That grid wall is gorgeous!! It really brightened up the room even more. LOVE those nightstands. Erin, your home is just so welcoming and beautiful. Your guests will feel so at home. xxoo

  3. Erin, your blog is my favorite! It always brightens my day whenever I see you have posted something new. I love how the guest room is coming along. So bright and cheery!! I have a cleaning question since you are the queen of cleaning and organizing!! I have a shag rug very similar to yours and I was wondering what type of vacuum you use on it and how you clean it?

    1. Tracy you made my day saying that! Thank you so much! :) I don’t know about being the queen of cleaning and organizing.. ha! But I’ll take it. ;) I just vacuum that rug with my central vac vacuum (same that I use in the rest of my house). I just set it up on the highest setting! xo

  4. I LOVE all the doorknobs in your house. Where did they come from?

    Also, I know we’re all supposed to purge everything these days, but consider holding on to your rocking chair. I, too, have rocked all my babies in one special rocking chair– the same one that MY mother rocked me in. I’m so glad she held on to it. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, she had it stained and reupholstered to look a little more modern and gave it me as a gift. It’s gorgeous and I treasure it. :)

    1. Thank you so much Cathy! I absolutely LOVE that idea! So much that I think I’m going to do that very thing and give my rocker to one of my kids. I can’t thank you enough for the suggestion! I was really struggling with getting rid of it. :) I bet you do treasure your chair. So special. And my door knobs are all from Emtek! :) Thanks again! xo

  5. You made my day getting to read another post from you! I am kinda obsessed with your blog and get so excited when you post something new! I LOVE the wall, what a cool idea and it adds so much to the room! Excited to see what you do with the bedding. Your Mom is lucky to have a daughter like you making all her wishes come true! I hope she stays longer. Parents just don’t seem to stay long enough! Thank you for your fun posts!

    1. Kendra you are such a sweetheart. Thank you! I agree! Parents definitely need to stay around longer. :) That made me so happy to hear you look forward to new posts! Sorry this week has been a little slow.. ha! (Spring Break!) Lots more coming soon. ;) Thanks again for your sweet comment Kendra! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  6. Hi Erin! I love the focal wall in your guest bedroom! I am working on my 15 year old daughters room to make it more grown up…sniff sniff! I think I’m going to borrow your idea and try this in her room. Just curious…did you use the same color white on the wall that you used on your trim and doors or did you choose a different white paint? Thanks for all of your wonderful posts…you are truly an inspiration!!

    1. So sweet of you Michelle! Thank you! I did use the same white paint as the doors and trim although it looks a bit off in my pictures. Oh my word! 15! That’s El in 2 years. SO crazy. Time needs to slow down, doesn’t it!? This wall treatment would be beautiful in a teen bedroom.. so fun. Enjoy your weekend sweet friend! xo

  7. Coming along beautifully, as always, Erin! I LOVE that wall! I started my guest room last year, and it still isn’t finished! What color bedding are you going with? My parent’s still own the wooden rocking chair that they rocked all of us kids in :-) I can’t wait to see the finished room!

    1. Love that Shari! I’m totally going to keep that rocking chair and pass it down. :) I’m going with white bedding! At least that’s the plan right now.. always subject to change because I still need to find “the one.” I have white bedding in my master bedroom and love the look so much. Fingers crossed we both finish our guest rooms this year! We’ll be each others motivation. ;) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  8. Diet Coke and a TV in the room. . Never mind your mom, I’m coming lol
    My husband refuses to have a TV in our room.. I tell my kids you need to discuss this before you get married lol
    This space is going to be beautiful

  9. I love the trim work around your doors (we’re currently building and will have the same doors so I pinned your trim work). However, I cannot full copy cat until I know where your doorknobs are from! Do you mind sharing your source? Ps. I also copied your double french doors for my living room. :)

  10. Hi Erin
    Am loving your blog came across it one day when I was looking for laundry ideas and yours popped up I am in Australia and love reading all your organisation and home decor ideas very inspiring we have just brought our first home and are going to renovate it so love checking out what you have done with you beautiful home we have a loft with a lot of unused roof space am so doing the drawers you put in your play room and hopefully I can incorporate the storage cubbard too can’t wait to see what you do next

    1. I’m so happy to hear that Tess! Thank you! It makes my day that you enjoy my blog and I’m so happy you found me! :) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  11. The focal wall looks so good! I’m loving your pillow choices too, looks like it’s going to be a beautiful room! Can’t wait to see the rest :)

  12. Hi Erin
    Just recently started following your blog, you have such a good eye for everything! Was wondering what paint color your guest room , master and the purple you mentioned in one of the girls rooms. I really like your style and if you’re willing to share that would be great. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Beth! What a sweet thing to say! Thank you! So funny you asked that because I’m working right now on creating a PDF with all of my paint colors! Hopefully will be up on the blog before summer is over. :) xo

  13. Hi Erin! I love your blog and always get inspired to keep moving along with my house after I read one of your posts! Just curious if you remember where you purchased the bunk beds? Thanks!

    1. Thank you Genelle! That makes my day! :) I bought those bunk beds years ago at a local store here in San Diego called “Children’s Land.” xo

      1. Okay! Well, that sounds like an adorable place. I will have to look around and see if we have something like that here in Cleveland. :) Thanks so much!

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