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Mirrored Console Table (all grown up!)

Ok.  I know I share console table decor a lot.  Maybe too much!   But this time I actually had a reason to re-decorate my console table instead of my usual reason.. which isn’t really a reason but more just a constant itch to switch things up. :)

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My formal living room turned out a bit more on the elegant/sophisticated side and since my entry table and this living room are across from each other and the first things you see when you enter my home, I’ve been feeling for a while that my mirrored console table in my entry needed a grown up look to match.

So I gave it a grown up look to match. :)

The colors in my formal living room are navy, coral and a bit of teal so I went on a search (that lasted months!) to find the perfect focal point for this table that included those colors.  When I was on PB teen’s site one night looking for something for my daughter and came across this beautiful art from Minted I did a major happy dance!  To be honest I have a hard time finding art I love so I was beyond excited to not only find something I loved, but to also find something with colors that were my favorite and just what I needed!  Which is probably why I loved the art. :)

I knew I wanted to bring out navy to match my formal living room drapes so I also went on a hunt for the perfect lamp.  I found several fun options and really wanted this lamp from West Elm, but it was a bit tall for this space (I wanted the lamp shorter than the art) so I ended up going with this navy lamp from Houzz.  I also loved how the gold on the bottom of this lamp tied in with the gold in the art.

Whenever spaces start looking a bit cold to me I bring in wood!  Wood always warms things up.  I shopped my house and snatched this bowl from the shelf in my hallway so now I need something else to go there.  This is why my house will never be finished!  I’m always shopping one space to complete another. ;)  I already had the sea glass filler inside of it and it also matched the art perfectly!  Major advantage to using a lot of the same colors throughout your house when you decorate.  Everything works in multiple rooms. :)

These three vases completed the look!  Aren’t they beautiful!?   Target baby!  (Large/Medium/Small)

I’m loving this more sophisticated look for my mirrored console table.  And speaking of my mirrored console table, it’s back in stock!  It always sells out quickly so act fast if you want it!

Here’s a peek of what my console table looked like last year at this time.  All decked for Easter and I loved this look!  But I do feel like what I have going on now works so much better with my formal living room.  Although I do miss the candy that I kept in that little silver bunny.  Might have to toss some Easter candy in with the sea glass. ;)

Another thing I’m loving is having a lamp in this space.  It’s so nice to turn on late at night when the outside house lights are off.  I’m always walking back and forth past this entry in the evening and the lamp gives such a nice glow and lights everything up for me.  Always a bonus when the pretty decor is functional too. :)

So there you go!  My mirrored console table all grown up.  I’ll try to take a break from console decor posts for a while now.

But as you all know, I can’t make any promises.


{All sources are below including a few additional similar options I considered when decorating my entry!}

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Mirrored Console Table (all grown up!)

  1. I enjoy your blog and your decorating style! I do have one comment that pertains to many blog sites I follow: the pastel color print used within the post is very hard on the eyes and difficult to read! So when I am enjoying your content, coming across a few words I have to strain to see is a frustrating challenge. Just wanted to share this with you. In all other ways I really enjoy receiving your post!

  2. Beautifully sophisticated space! I am the same when it comes to art. You have chosen well. I adore that wooden piece with the sea glass in it. The shape and texture is so interesting. Beautiful lamp and vases, too. You’ve definiately added to the beauty of your home! Will giggle big time if you ever share that bowl with some candy in among the sea glass. ;) Have a happy day!

    1. Ha ha.. I think candy is just what it needs, right!? ;) I know that bowl is so cool and unique.. a Home Goods find! Thanks cutie! I’m so happy you like it. :) xo

  3. Erin, you never fail to impress me!! I love that artwork you found! Im just trying to figure out where i can put it in my house :) I love your console table too, I’ve seen a lot of variations of the mirrored table but yours is by far my favorite. Thank you for such a happy post on a Monday morning, back to reality. Mondays are even harder when the weekends are so fantastic, the weather has been AMAZING!! Happy Monday!

    1. The weather really has been amazing Lacey and I hear you! Mondays are rough after fun weekends! I’m so happy you like the table and art! The art was a bit out of my comfort zone but I love the colors so much and it all flows so much better with my formal living room now. Thanks for your sweet comment cutie! Made my Monday much better. ;) xo

  4. That art is perfect and so pretty! It really just makes you smile. Great find! Love the updates to the mirrored console (which is one of the prettiest console tables EVER!) xxoo

  5. Erin, it’s so pretty! Looks great! And I had to pop on over and look at your Wainscot. I think it’s the same style we’re going with in the new home. I love it in yours! Hope you’re doing great! xoxoxo

  6. I was hust browsing through a UK website Marks and Spencer and spotted a beautiful glass/brass box (Aria Trinket Box) that has all your pretty colours in it and would be so cute in this space. Not sure if they trade in the US (or deliver)?

    I’d be tempted to switch out the vases on the right side as they’re a little pale for me in the space and have 3 statement vases in your core colours of turquoise/coral/cream to add vibrancy and balance out the navy lamp.

    Beautiful space though and a lovely welcome to your home x

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