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One skirt three ways, purse love and a birthday tradition

{Moroccan Rug (one of my favorite rugs but it shed for a year!)/Coral Pillow (also comes in blue!)/Vince Camuto Gray Crossbody Purse with Tassles/Navy Saddlebag (see other color options below)/Gray Studded Purse/Black Pom Pom Purse/Navy Flap Clutch}

Sharing some recent favorites and how I’ve been wearing them lately!  You guys.  I’m going through a bit of a purse obsession lately.  I can’t really say why.  Maybe because I’m usually a “stick to one purse for two years” kind of girl and I’m ready to break out of that rut?  Maybe because my kids are finally old enough that I don’t need to constantly have a huge bag full of fishy crackers and crayons with me at all times?  Or maybe because it’s Spring!  And it’s sunny outside!  And there are DARLING new purses popping up everywhere.  My mom would tell you that it’s an obsession that started when I was a little girl because I always loved to organize purses.  I used to beg her to let me dump her purse out so that I could organize everything and I would always try to get her to buy new purses so that I could organize the new one for her and keep her old purse to organize for me.. ha!  :)  (You can see how I organize my purse in this post btw.)  Whatever the reason, lately I have loved having a few new purses in my rotation and switching them up here and there depending on what I’m wearing.

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{Pillow is custom but this pillow is almost identical/Gray Vince Camuto Tassel Purse}

This is my latest new purse and I’m so in love!  I had a gift card to Nords for my b-day and since my husband got me the navy saddle bag purse (love that bag too!) I got this in the gray.  It’s a Vince Camuto (love that brand) and it comes in lots of colors.  On a side note.. this is a corner of my master bedroom and you guys it’s finally finished!  The last thing I was waiting on finally came last week.  I’m hoping to have pics up on the blog sometime in April.  YEA.  My pillow and bench seat in this pic are custom and because I get so many questions about my custom items I’ll also be writing a post with info. for you on that soon.

{Gingham Skirt/Navy Espadrilles}

Remember the cute gingham skirt I wore to the Design blog conference?  I have loved it so much!  Here are three different ways you can wear it.  One – with a white top like I’m wearing above.  I’ve had my top for a while but I found some cute white top options for Spring below!  All would look cute with this skirt or any skirt.. or jeans for that matter!  I have this one and just ordered this one. :)

{Necklace/Bracelet/Yellow Ruched Top/Gingham Skirt/Navy Espadrilles/Navy Clutch}

Two – I’ve also loved my gingham skirt with this beautiful yellow ruched top.  LOVING this feminine blouse for Spring!  You can’t wear yellow and not feel happy.. try it and you’ll see.  ;)

{Navy Saddle Bag in a smaller size}

This outfit looks cute with my navy clutch or my navy saddle bag purse.  (The saddle bag purses sold so quickly!  They still have the navy leather in a small or the distressed leather and mushroom in (both on sale!) and they also got in this cute new color for Spring.  Popular bag!

{AG jeans – currently my favorite brand!}

I also love this yellow top with jeans!  A great dressy casual look and so fun for Spring.

{Frill Sleeve Tee/Gingham Skirt}

Three – Ok.. a third way to wear this skirt is with a simple gray top.   This frill sleeve tee is so cute and only $15!  Comes in other fun colors too.

{Necklace/Bracelet/Frill Sleeve Tee/Gingham Skirt/Vince Camuto Tassel Cross Body Purse/Navy Espadrilles}

Here you can see how cute the Vince Camuto gray tassel bag looks with this outfit.

{Black Lace Dress/Pom Pom Purse/Necklace/Vince Camuto Strap Sandal}

This lace black dress is another recent favorite.  I needed something dressy and nice to wear to a work event with my husband and this dress fit the bill.  It’s conservative, but still really flattering.  I ordered it to try because it had such great reviews and I can see why.  Such nice, thick material that smooths and thins you out instead of showing every bump and lump. ;)  It also comes in navy and in a beautiful blush color that would be so fun for Spring!

It’s hard to tell in these pics, but it also has a really pretty lace detail on the front sides (you can see that better on-line).  And I love the lace sleeves.

It looks really cute with my black pom pom purse and my all time favorite ankle strap sandals.  This dress is one I know I’ll have and wear for years.

{Favorite Tee/Black Track Pants/Adidas Sneakers}

But since I can’t stay dressy for long.. (ha!) here are some casual favorites that have been on major repeat around here.  Loving these black track pants and they were just marked 40% off!  So comfy and I feel like I can run around in them all day and not look like I’m in sweat pants.  Even though I kind of am. :)  (If in-between sizes go down one.. these are an xs and still fit baggy.)

{Make and Model Lounge Pants}

And then my favorite new sweat pants that I’m living in around the house.  Make and model are a favorite brand for me because they are so soft and comfy but are also light weight.  Flannel pants only fly for a couple of months around here and then they are just too hot!  These are perfect.  They come in a fun coral and blue that I wanted but they were a bit more see through so I went with the gray.

Below are links to all of the new clothes and purses I shared!  You can also find them in my Header under “Shop My Favorites” and I’ve added a few new recent favorites there too.

{Pleated Shirt}

March is coming to an end and like all good things.. so are my 40th birthday celebrations. {sigh!} ;). Every year it has become a tradition celebrate my birthday with my San Diego besties at the same restaurant.  This year they spiced things up a bit. :)  When I got to the restaurant they were all already there and had the table decorated so darling with black balloons and other black decor.  They all cheered when I walked in and gave me this “40 looks good on me” banner, a crown and coral tulips.. my favorite.  A lovely Miss America look.. a bit past her prime… ;)

They took this pic off my blog, and wrote “Hi I’m Erin and I’m 40!”  They were all wearing them pinned to their shirts!  They also had on Happy Birhtday crowns..  I was cracking up.

We moved the balloons and party decor to snap this picture.  Oh my word.  I love these girls so much!  We laughed so hard and talked the night away like we do every year.

They completely spoiled me.  And they gave me darling gifts, but one gift topped them all.

They pulled out this sheet of “40 Things we Love About Erin” that they had all added quotes to and I couldn’t read it!  I started to.. got 2 sentences down and then started to bawl.  So Katy read it for me.  And I cried and we all laughed because some of them were hilarious but most of the reasons were the sweetest things.  I can’t tell you enough how much I love these girls.  We are all so close and if anything happened to me or my family, they would be there before I could turn around.  Having friends like that is the best gift ever.  I am so blessed to have them all in my life and I will treasure this list forever.  They all know how much I love a good list.

And this list tops them all. :)

We took our traditional group photo that we take in the same spot every year and I was so mad at myself for not remembering my good camera!  Cell phone quality this year and I can’t get the red eye out but oh well.. we got one to remember the night!  You can see I didn’t get the memo to wear black. ;)

And because it’s tradition.. a look back.  Here is some good fashion (and hair!) for you through the years.. ;)



weeks away from meeting Kole :)









Love these girls.  And I’m totally embracing 40!  Bring it on!  I think this decade just might be my best yet.  A few more wrinkles sure, but I’m surrounded by lots of love.

And at the end of the day.. that’s really all that matters.

That and a great face cream.


xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “One skirt three ways, purse love and a birthday tradition

  1. What an amazing group of friends you have, Erin! You are well and truly blessed. Thanks for sharing your bestie birthday bash. I’m so happy for you to have such wonderful women in your life. The purses in this post look so fun. Yay for having more organizing opportunities! That yellow top and that black dress were the stars of your fashion show for me this time. Wow…they look amazing. The gingham skirt rounded out the top three. Not that the other items weren’t nice, mind you. :) You do find some wonderful pieces! Another fun read. Thanks so much for another fun and happy read. Have a great day! :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! So happy you enjoyed the post and I love that yellow top and dress too! My sweats take a close second for me.. ha! ;) Thanks for always making me smile with your fun comments. :) xo

  2. Great post! Love all the cute ruffle detailed tops you shared. I especially love the birthday photos through the years. WOWSA…can I just say that Addison looks just like you! Hope you have an incredible year beautiful friend! xxoo

  3. Ohhh, that navy suede purse is gorgeous! I also went a bit crazy when I could finally carry a small purse again after years of throwing my wallet into a big ole diaper bag. So liberating!!

  4. Ok, this is the cutest! Those are the BEST kinds of friends! And I want to steal every outfit off of you! LOVE the yellow top with your gingham skirt!

    1. Thank you so much Haneen! I wish we lived closer and could borrow each other’s clothes! You always wear things I want to steal too! ;) xo

  5. You look adorable, and super-adorable with Kole in the “oven!” What a great group of friends you have, and as grateful as you feel to have them in your life, I am certain they feel equally blessed to have you in theirs. You are wearing “40” very well, and a good face cream cannot be beat!
    Hugs, Carol

  6. Oh Erin, I’m so glad your friends did that party for you! I had kept thinking I need to send Erin something special for her 40th, and had totally thought about a cute gift of writing 40 things about you! But…I never get anything done these days! So I’m glad you have awesome friends in your life who actually get the good ideas done! Looks like such a fun night, I absolutely love the I’m Erin pins, that is a hilarious idea! So funny!

    1. Oh Josie you are so sweet to even think about doing something like that! I’m the same way.. always great intentions but hard to pull off anything “extra” with so much going on all the time! And I know.. those pins were hilarious. I am lucky to have these girls (and YOU!) in my life. :) xo

  7. I started tearing up at the list just sitting here so I can’t imagine actually being the recipient of such kindness; I certainly wouldn’t be able to get through it. I’m definitely a cryer and am easily touched for sure. You are definitely blessed to have such friends in your life; I’d give anything to have one such friend like that. Oh I have friends don’t get me wrong but I don’t know that I could truly count on them in my greatest moments of need. I’ve always been that kind of person but it seems to find those in return are few and far between.

    1. Such a sweet comment Rebecca! Thank you! I agree.. it really is hard to find true friends like that. I was so fortunate to meet these girls when we were all starting to have babies. We have raised our kids together and have really been there for each other. A blessing for sure! I have no doubt you’ll make friends like that someday because you are that way your self. :) xo

  8. Loved this post. I am turning 40 this year too!! Quick question, I clicked on the link for the AG jeans and there are so many different styles. Is there one style you like/fits the best? I would love to try these. Always on the lookout for good jeans.

    1. Thank you Stacey and yea for 40! We get better every year, right? ;) I have several different styles of AG but one style I like the best! If you head to my “shop my favorites” page (I’ll add the link below) there is a picture of them and that link will take you to my favorite pair. They are awesome jeans! So sliming and a great fit!

  9. Maybe you are just naturally slim (in which case, curse you–just kidding), but can you do a post on what you do to stay fit? Do you eat a certain way? Exercise regularly? Also, are you tall? I’m considering ordering those cute sweat pants but wonder if they will be too long for my 5’3″ self.

    1. Oh you are so sweet to say that! I’m not naturally thin! (And I feel the same way about people who are.. ha!) ;) I try to exercise 4-5 days a week and to really watch what I eat. Sometimes better than other times. ;) I’ll have to do a post on my routine! And I’m a shortie too! 5’3 and a half (that half inch is important.. right) ;) so those sweats will be perfect on you. :) xo

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Lady!! How lucky are you to have such great friends to celebrate such a great birthday!! I have enjoyed following your blog for over four years. You are a great inspiration, a woman full of great tips, wonderful ideas and honest life experiences! Happy 40th Birthday 🎉 🎈🎁🎂and many more to come. 💕

    1. What a sweet comment Amy! Thank you so much! It means so much to me that you have read for so long! You made my day. :) Sending a huge hug your way! xo

  11. Hey Erin! I’m in the process of designing my master closet and am interested to know your storage and organization tips for your closet, especially your handbags!

    1. Hi Tiffany! I’ll try to share a few closet pics sometime this summer! Right now I have some purses in a built-in cupboard and some hanging next to my skirts. They are a tricky thing to organize and I keep moving them around. I’ll try to share pics of how they are now at some point! xo

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