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2016 FAVORITE THINGS! (Gift Ideas for everyone on your list!)

Happy Thanksgiving friends!  We made it over the river and through the woods.  I’m always relaxed at my mom’s house!  Plus we all know I’m a much better assistant than head chef when it comes to Thanksgiving. ;)  I’m so excited to be sharing a post I get excited about every year.. my annual FAVORITE THINGS post!  For those of you who are newish to my blog (hi and welcome!), every November I share a round-up of my very favorite things from the year and then later follow it up with favorites from a friend’s annual Favorite Things Party.  My friend decided that this year just to mix things up she is going to have her party in the Spring, so those favorites will be coming later.  But don’t fret, I’ve got lots of fun favorites for you this year.  It was hard to choose my top picks, but I think I’ve done it!  These are truly the things I love most of all.  I also added some family favorites as well so hopefully this post gives you lots of fun holiday gift ideas!  Ready for this monster of a post?  It’s a long one.  Grab a snack and let’s go!

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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  I read a lot of organization/time management books this year (they are always my favorite!) but this book was hands down my #1.
I read it on a vacation and then read several chapters over again throughout the year.  Such an amazing book.  If you need some motivation to get organized in the New Year this will do it!  Also check in with my blog because lots of good things to come as far as organization goes in January here too. ;)
CANON EOS Rebel SL1  – Love my little Canon!  I have a large, nice camera I use for my blog, but it’s TOO nice and big and heavy to travel with.  I wasn’t loving that all of our family pictures were being taken with my iPhone so my husband did some research and bought me this little gem.  cannon-camera-3
It’s so small!  And it takes great pictures.  Perfect to toss in my purse and for when I’m on the go.  I saw on Amazon that they are offering my camera with a huge accessory bundle for less than I paid for the camera!  Such a great deal and exactly what I would recommend if you are looking for a great SLR that isn’t cumbersome.  For those of you who are serious photographers and are looking to take your pictures to the next level the camera I use for my blog/home pictures is amazing.  It’s an investment, but worth it if you take as many pictures as I do!  I have the Canon EOS 5D Mark 111 and the lens I use is the Canon EF 24-70 mm f/2.8L.  Can’t say enough about either of them!  My husband gave them to me for Christmas a couple of years ago and I couldn’t believe the difference in the quality of my pictures.

Idiom Keychain from Anthro – I love this keychain!  So cute and it makes it a breeze to find my keys when they are swallowed up in my purse.  Anthro has a variety of unique, fun key chains and I am giving a couple of them for gifts this year because I love mine so much.
Return Toys to Santa Bag – K.. is this not GENIUS!!?  Seriously!  What a perfect way to get your kids to donate old toys they aren’t using anymore before they get new toys.  I wish so badly I would have had this sack when my girls were little.  They always struggled parting with their toys (they still do!) and I know if I would have made this a Christmas tradition from the beginning it would have helped immensely.  They would feel better knowing Santa was finding a good home for their beloved toys.  I’m hoping it’s not too late to start this now!  The organizer in me couldn’t snatch this sack up fast enough. :)

Planners by 1Canoe2 – Friends.  I’ve found my planner for 2017.  And you all know how seriously I take my planner shopping.  :)  As soon as I saw these planners by 1Canoe2 I fell hard!  So many things to love about them!  I love the simplicity, I love the large boxes to jot notes/to-dos for each day, and the spiral binding is a must for me!
pl2017-mock-floralIsn’t this mint floral planner adorable!?  The colors alone had me at hello.  I’ll be sharing more details soon (huge fan of all things 1Canoe2!).  This planner is definitely a favorite!

Clinique Moisture Surge Mask – Absolutely love this!  I use it more like a nightly lotion than a mask.  I put it on every night after I wash my face and it makes my skin so hydrated and smooth.  I’ve been using this same bottle for months and still have a lot left.. a little goes a long way!
Enjoy Straightener/Moroccan Oil/It’s a 10/Nano Titanium Straight Iron – My favorites when it comes to hair care!  These products are tried and true and have been favorites for years!  I use It’s a 10 right after I shower as a de-tangeler, then I put on the Enjoy straightener (makes my hair so smooth!), then I add a touch of the Moroccan Oil  to smooth my hair out even more after it has been dried.  My Nano Titanium straight iron makes my naturally curly hair stick straight.  Love these products!

Kate Spade Watch – My favorite Christmas gift from last year and a wardrobe staple for me!  I love its simplicity, style and the gold/silver combo goes with everything!
Kate Spade watches come in so many cute styles!  I adore them all and gave my mom one as a retirement gift last summer.
Tanner Small Bar Pendant Necklace – LOVE this necklace!  I know I’ve mentioned it a lot on my blog, but it just looks good with everything and I wear it ALL the time.  Several of my friends have bought it now too!  I have the gold, but also love the silver and copper.
Pic showing me in the watch and tanner necklace.  Love them both!
{Gray Ugg booties/Black Peep Toe booties/Wood Suede Koral booties/Addison Wedge booties/Over the Knee Melaya boots/Black Suede Ugg boots}

Love all of the shoes I’ve been wearing this Fall, but if I had to pick my favorites.. all things Vince Camuto!  The brown boots and my two pairs of Vince Camuto peep toe booties are so comfortable and my favorite go-tos.  My boots were just marked down again! 

Hanna Split Neck Knit Top – I’ve shared a lot of fun clothes with you all this Fall, but the next few things are my go-to very favorite items!  Most of them are green.. clearly my latest color obsession. :)  LOVE my Hanna split neck knit top.  It’s such a cute fit, comfortable, and just perfect for every day running around.  Comes in lots of fun colors.  This picture doesn’t do it justice!
Cardigan – A cute cardigan is a wardrobe staple and I have lived in mine this Fall!
Quilted Vest – I’ve shared my love for this vest more than once!  An all time favorite and it was just marked down.. again!
Happy Camper Sweatshirt/Adidas Shoes –  You all know how I feel about anything that says Happy Camper.  Instant fav. :)  Loving my Adidas shoes too!  They are SO comfy and make me fast enough to keep up with this little boy.. which is saying a lot.  :)

Knit Fringe Infinity Scarf – I’ve had this scarf for a few years and it’s still one of my favorites!  It’s light weight but still warm and always looks cute.  I gave them as gifts to friends one year and my friends still love them too. :)
Heritage Plaid Infinity Scarf – Of all the scarves I bought this year this is my favorite!  I have it in two patterns (the navy also) and love it!  Wore it yesterday with my girls. :)
PJ Salvage Pajamas/Ugg Socks – I’ve shared my love for this brand of pj’s many times!  My all time favorite.  They are a little pricey, but great quality and SO comfy.  I’ll wear them for years.  These are the polar fleece pants and the graphic henley top (I also have the Oh Deer top and can’t wait to bust it out after Thanksgiving!).  Oh.. and I tested the Ugg socks – like walking on a cloud!

Wooden Ladder (options here, here or here) – LOTS of favorite home decor this year!  I have a recent obsession with wooden ladders!  They look great everywhere I place them in my house.  I have one in my powder bathroom with towels draped over it and one in my bedroom that holds blankets.
Morgan Memory Foam Bath Rug – LOVE this rug.  The most comfortable rug ever and it washes so well in my washing machine.  When the Better Homes and Gardens crew came to photograph my kitchen they couldn’t stop talking about this rug!  They all loved it and wanted one.  I have this same rug in grey in Kole’s bathroom and just bought another one in grey to switch out with this one for the season.  You’ll see it soon. :)
White Kitchen Canisters/Oil – Vinegar Jars – These cute canisters and jars added so much to my kitchen!  Love them.
Black and White Striped Boxes – This cute little striped box has moved all around my house and I love it everywhere!  Adds a fun punch to all of my trays.

Chunky Wool Jute Rug – Ok.. I’ve bragged about this rug enough this year.  But you all know.. it has my whole heart.  :)  (You can find more info. about the rugs in my house in this post.)
Fiddle Leaf Fig/Beachcomber Basket – The day I decided to give up keeping a real fig alive was a happy day.  This faux fig makes my day with no brown drooping leaves and no maintenance.
Eva Colored Glass Lamps – I have two of these lamps in my bedroom and could’t love them more!  They come in three colors – I have the Jade.  Master Bedroom will be coming in the new year!
Urban Farm Wood Serving Board – Everything on this shelf is a favorite but I especially love my Urban Farm serving board.  It looks great as decor but is also fun to entertain with.  Of course stripes are always favorite too. :)

Herringbone Throw/Pom Pom Knitted Fur – I love all Pottery Barn throws and have more than I dare admit!  But these two styles are hands down my favorites this year.  Giving a few for gifts!
Kole loves my throws too. :)
Hyannis Lanterns – I love these so much I wrote a whole post all about them!screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-10-13-13-pm
Pine and Burlap Tree – I have a lot of Christmas decorations that I love, but my little burlap trees have been my very favorite for years!  Every year I get asked about them.  Mine were from PB but I found these that are almost identical and on sale right now!


My family and I all had fun talking favorites a few nights ago.  Here are a couple of things they all love!
Design and Drill Activity Center – Kole loves this and so do all of his cousins.  It’s a favorite for all of the little boys!
The boys just drill bolts in and out!  Pure entertainment.  Great for ages 3-7.
Radio Flyer Ziggle – Hands down still one of Kole’s favorite toys.  He loves zipping around our yard in this!  It comes in pink for girls too.  For more fun toy ideas check out this post on some of my kids’ favorite toys.
Hydro Flask Water Bottles – My girls still say this is their favorite!  I bought them each one for Christmas last year and they use them every day for school and after school activities.  I also gave one to my brother and brother in law and they’ve told me several times how much they love them.  They keep water SO cold all day long.  A great gift idea!
Epson Laber Maker – Since you can see how I labeled my girls Hydro Flasks, I have to share my long time favorite label maker.  Can’t imagine life without it. ;)  It’s on sale!
Fitbit – This is what my girls are obsessed with and want for Christmas!  They are saying it’s a favorite before they even get it.  Ha! Hopefully Santa won’t disappoint. :)  Love the cute colors it comes in!

Emerald Wood Coffee Table – One of my mom’s favorite things this year!  She loves her new coffee table.  It’s beautiful and an amazing price.
Gotta say I love this table too. :)
Hobo Wallets – My mom also loves Hobo Wallets from Nordstrom.  They really are such high quality, beautiful wallets.  I always talk her into letting me use her old one when she gets a new one. :)
Found this picture from last December of me and my husband and siblings running around Target acting like dorks.  (Spouses too but they all feel like siblings.)  Love my family!  We all have too much fun together.   Here are a few of their favorite things!
Gold Cup Sneakers/Soft 7 Sneaker – My husband made my day when he said the shoes I bought him this past summer are favorites!  He does love these shoes.  He isn’t one to splurge on shoes for himself but can clearly feel the difference between these and his usually inexpensive sneakers (that he wears unit they have holes in them!).
Bose Headphones – I gave these to my husband for Christmas years ago and he loves them!  He takes them on planes when he travels and now Ellie steals them to listen to her music.  Great quality headphones.  I haven’t been able to top this gift!

iClever Boost Cube – This is my husband’s latest obsession that he bought himself.  You can plug it in and charge three things at the same time.  It really is cool!  We plug in both of our phones and the iPad with one plug.  A fun gift everyone can use!
Beats Wireless Rose Gold Headphones – This is my sister’s favorite thing!  A gift from her husband that she loves.  She couldn’t say enough about these headphones.  Guess our family is into headphones this year!
J Crew Pom Pom Hats – this is my sister’s other obsession.  She loves her J Crew Pom Pom hats and lives in them all winter!  She lives in SLC where it is COLD so I can see why she loves them.  They are so warm and would look cute with anything casual you are wearing.  Thanks for modeling them for us Car. ;)
Garmin Forerunner Watch – Her husband’s favorite is his Garmin Forerunner watch.  It has a large screen, counts calories, tells you the weather.. pretty much does it all!
Make a Masterpiece Art Kit – My niece Claire said this is her favorite thing!  Darling Art Kit that she got for a gift and uses all the time making all sorts of masterpieces.  I know my girls would love this too!  Great price for a fun art kit.

Those were a few favorites from my family!  So happy to be with all of them for Thanksgiving.
Also thankful for all of you!  My blog readers top my favorite list every year. :)  I hope this post gave you a few fun gift ideas!  Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people you love!

If you still need some good gift ideas, below is a round-up post with so many of my past Favorite Things!  We’re talking years people.  I’ve been in the business of Favorite Things for a long time now. ;)



xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “2016 FAVORITE THINGS! (Gift Ideas for everyone on your list!)

  1. Thanks for the fun filled post, Erin. What a marathon it must have been to get this all organized and linked up. Such a trooper you are to do that just for us! Apppreciate your time and dedication to it. Great stuff here. And lovely pictures of the family. Happy Thanksgiving a bit late and hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Hugs! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! You are so sweet to say that. It means a lot to me! This post is always a marathon but it’s so fun to put together. I love talking favorite things. :) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your beautiful family! xo

  2. This is my favorite post each year! I have bought so many gifts as a result, from the Nantucket table and chairs set for my girls to the fisher price dollhouse etc. The ideas from Kole are always hits with my nephews too! Thanks again for the holiday inspiration….in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

    1. Thank you so much Mary Beth! I’m so happy I’ve helped with your shopping every year! Those gifts you listed were some of our favorites. :) Happy holidays to you and your family! xo

  3. -Will you be making a favorite toys list 2016? I already bought some toys for my son off the 2015 list! Thanks for your help with ideas!

    1. You are so welcome Sarah! I’d like to but I’m not sure because I’ve got so many decorating posts coming up! I’ll see if I can squeeze one in, but my kids play with a lot of the same toys they did last year! xo

  4. I always look forward to this post!! I have been away from blogs and social media for a few days..lots of catching up to do. Great ideas as always. Can’t wait to check some of them out. Such a beautiful family picture. Enjoy the next few weeks of celebrating with family.

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