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Reader Favorites!

Friends.  I have a fun post today!  Not long ago in this Friday Favorites post I added this:

K.. this is totally off the subject, but if you have a picture of something that was inspired from my blog (something you bought/did in your home that I’ve done, clothes you bought from my fashion posts, something you do with your kids I suggested, etc…anything!) I would love to see it and share the picture!  I get so many fun pictures e-mailed to me of fun things you are all doing that were inspired by my blog and they make my day.  I thought it might be fun to start sharing some of your pictures in a post here and there!  So e-mail me your pics!  Can’t wait to see them. :)

Your e-mails started rolling in!  They have all been so much fun to read!  I’ve been getting e-mails with pictures like this for years and I’m so excited to share some of them with all of you!  It makes my day to see spaces/purchases/anything that has enhanced your life that was inspired by my blog.  Here are a few of your pictures.. (most of them were snapped quickly with cell phones which I love.  Real life!)

(*affiliate links used)
Does this rug look familiar?  This sweet reader from Indiana actually found my blog by researching Pottery Barn rugs!  She read my review of my all time favorite Chunky Wool Jute Rug, bought it based on what I said and is now 100% smitten with it. :)  Then she started reading my blog regularly and has also bought some of the clothes I’ve shared in Fashion Friday posts and loves them too.  This picture/e-mail made my day!  It was so kind and doesn’t the rug look amazing in her living room!?  I love it with the dark couch!
This next e-mail was also special to me.  This darling reader from Chicago wrote me and shared the different ways my blog has inspired her from decor, organization, fashion even down to chore charts for kids.  She recently built a custom home and you guessed it.. ordered my favorite PB rug.  :)  She also bought my same coffee table from Restoration Hardware.  Don’t they look beautiful in her home!

I get e-mails/questions every day about my family room couch, rug and coffee table so I dug up a picture I took when we very first bought them.  Here are the links to each of them (I’m also linking to a coffee table I love that is similar and costs less than the the one from RH.  I needed something larger for this room or I would have bought it!


Happy to now have some decor in this room!
Ok.. back to my new friend (we had so much fun chatting through e-mail!) and her gorgeous custom home.   Isn’t that fireplace beautiful!?  And check out her kitchen..
STUNNING.  Isn’t the barrel ceiling cool!?  That was her husband’s idea.  Smart man!
Love that oven hood.
And check out her mudroom!
So cute.  I love the gray.  A perfect place to sit, take off shoes and hang your jacket.  Do you recognize those beautiful hooks?
My favorite striped hook from Anthro in my office!
So happy I lead her to them as well.  :)  I know all too well how much work goes into building a custom home like that and she and her husband did such an amazing job.  I’m thrilled I could help with a few small details.

Ok.. ready for a beautiful look alike?
Can you believe this Entertainment Center!?  From a sweet reader in San Antonio, TX!  I had to just stop and stare at this!  It’s so similar to mine right down to the silver latches.  :)  She is thrilled with how it turned out and I’m thrilled I helped her solve her problem of what to do with this big, blank wall.
A pic of the original.  ;)  I think the only main difference is that she made the top crown a straight edge.  Love it.
Ok.. my mudroom!  I get pictures of similar mudrooms so often and they always make me smile.  I think there are many moms who (like me) want their kids’ school stuff not only in a set place, but also hidden!  Out of sight out of mind!
This beautiful mudroom belongs to a kind reader in Washington DC who sent me such a nice e-mail thanking me for answering her mudroom questions when she was designing something similar.  Her mudroom turned out gorgeous!
The main difference is that she kept the bottom cubbies open instead of adding drawers.  Love that!   And isn’t her light fixture stunning!?  I also love that door.

Of course I do.  :)
Remember my mudroom bench?
She even created something similar.  :)   It turned out so beautiful!

Ok.. this next mudroom is so similar to mine it’s scary!  In a cool way.  :)
RIGHT!?  I did a double take when this picture popped up in my inbox.  I thought it was my house for a second!  This sweet reader from Boston searched pictures of mudrooms on Pinterest, Houzz, etc. but when she found mine she knew it was the one.  She even put the same shelves inside for lunch boxes and used my same hooks.  I’m thrilled she liked my mudroom enough to create the exact same space in her house!
Here are my lockers (just faced the other way) to compare.  SO similar right!?


She even has a door to the left of the lockers like I do.  Love it!  We’re twinning.  :)
Ok.. on to some fashion!  How cute is this darling reader from Spokane Washington!?   Rocking my favorite Cheveron necklace.  (Similar here.)  (Can I hire this girl to take over Fashion Friday?  Or at least contribute form time to time!  Love her!)
She also bought and loves the Neta Leather Wedge Sandals I lived in and loved all summer!
I found a picture of me wearing both the necklace and the sandals.  Easy to do because I wore them so much!  As soon as Spring rolls around these shoes will be my go to’s again.  They look good with everything and are really comfortable for a sandal.
She also loves the faux Cherry Blossoms I shared in my formal living room.
My pic.. love Spring decor!
And she has and loves two of my favorite bags!  I love that she liked the Marlow purse so much she bought it in two colors.  :)  It’s a great purse!


Here are a couple of my pictures of my favorite Fall bags.  The Reversible tote made my list of Favorite Things for 2015.  I still LOVE this bag.  It’s my “toss everything in and go bag.”  It wasn’t too pricey so I don’t worry if Kole’s fishy crackers spill all over it, it holds a lot and is stylish and cute.  Win!  It’s also a great gift idea.. I gave the gray to my sister in-law for Christmas last year.  Also in this picture is my favorite Rebecca Minkoff purse.  I DON’T put fishy crackers in this one.  Intentionally anyway.  :)  Love it too.
And a closer look at my Marlow purse.  It comes in so many cute colors!  I have the Slate.
Ok.. one more darling reader from Canada who needs to join my Fashion Friday posts!  Love her hair, love her beautiful happy smile (love those built-ins in the back ground) and of course.. love the dress!
Ahh.. my striped dress from Banana Republic.  Still one of my favorites!
I wore it last summer at Haven I love it so much.  It was a happy day when I found this dress!  It’s sold out, but here are a few similar dresses that I adore.  You all know I own WAY too many striped things (decor and clothes) so I’m trying not to pick one of these dresses up.  But I really want to.  They are ALL on major sale!  We’ll see if I’m strong enough to hold out.. but wouldn’t the sleeveless dresses look cute with a sweater over them this time of year?… (be strong Erin..)

It was so much fun for me to share these pictures with all of you!  I just love the heartfelt e-mails so many of you send.. they honestly mean the world to me.  I save them all!  It was such a blast to share a few of them here today.  Thank you so much to those of you who contributed pictures for this post!  If you all liked this post, I’ll definitely continue to share reader favorites.  Keep sending in your Sunny Side Up inspired pics!

You all inspire me.


xoxo, Erin
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47 thoughts on “Reader Favorites!

  1. Fantastic post, Erin! I’m so happy you shared this. What a wonderful feeling it must be to know that others respect what you are doing so much, they want to emulate your style. That’s fabulous! Boy there sure are some gorgeous houses out there!

    On a completely unrelated to this note, but I didn’t want to forget and I thought you’d get a kick out of the story. My daughter and I worked Bingo last Saturday night and at the end of the night after all the players had left the building(roughly 12:30am) one of the boys played the song, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins (from Top Gun) on his phone and the other boy there ran around the hall “dabbing” the whole time. It was the silliest thing, but oh so funny to see a 14 year old boy doing that. And this boy who did that is normally pretty low key and kind of serious. Kids get a leeetle bit silly sometimes. Dabbing apparently continues into high school. There’s a chuckle for you.

    1. Thank you Jeanne! A good feeling for sure and oh my word.. I know! Beautiful homes! Wish I could tour them all. :) K your “dabbing” story cracked me up! Hilarious! I’ll have to tell my girls. They will get a kick out of that too! Thanks for the smile this morning! :) xo

  2. Yes yes and YES !!
    Absolutely loved this post !
    And what gorgeous stylish readers you have 😍
    I also have bought many things you recommended and I’m in Australia 🇦🇺 postage was a killer lol but very happy with all items 😊
    I will post you some pics soon to share
    Love Dianne xx

    1. YEA Dianne! I’d love to see your pics! So happy you liked this post! It was such a fun post to write. I DO have stylish readers! And even better they are incredibly kind. I’m a lucky girl. :) Thanks cutie! Sorry about that postage! xo

  3. This was a really neat post. I’ve made many purchases based on your recommendations and have loved them all. Looks like you’re a wonderful inspiration to so many other women, too. Thanks for always sharing so many wonderful things with your readers.

    1. What a sweet thing to say Kim. Thank you! I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed everything I’ve recommended! And I’m thrilled you liked this post. It was a fun post to put together. :) Happy holidays! xo

  4. I need something to fill a large blank wall and love the idea of a entertainment center. Where did you get yours and is there somewhere you suggest looking that is affordable? Maybe Wayfair? Thanks for your help! :-)

    1. Hi Sarah! I had my entertainment center made custom! I designed it and then my cabinet guy built it when we were building our house. You can buy them though and Wayfair would be a good place to start looking! I just typed entertainment center in their search bar and some really cute ones popped up! Also check your local furniture stores. They always have weekend/holiday sales and I bet you could find a great deal during black Friday! xo

  5. Hi Erin- love your blog! I have made several purchases based on your recommendations – I bought the grey bucket handbag with gold hardware from this spring. Have gotten so many compliments on it! I also bought the pink flamingo float ( so cute!) and I even joined Grove collaborative- loving it! I love your house & organization skills- I have 3 kids but still haven’t reached that level of organization. Question- the picture of group from Haven in this post- who is the girl in the black floral dress to your left? She looks familiar – does she have a blog? I recognized several others in the photo from their blogs. Keep all the great posts coming.., ( Greenville, SC)

    1. Hi Michele! Yea! Thank you so much! I loved hearing about your favorites from my blog! That purse is so cute – still one of my favorites too! And I’m thrilled you have enjoyed Grove! They are such a great company. The girl in the black dress is my friend Shauna! Her blog is The House of Silver Lining and I spent a few days at her beach cottage last April. I wrote a post about it so that might be where you recognize her from. Thanks for your fun comment this morning! Made my day. :) xo

  6. Great post, Erin! So fun to see how others are inspired. Keep up the great job and I look forward to seeing more greatness. xxoo

  7. That was so fun Erin! I just discovered your blog recently and love your style. We are planning to build in the near future and the photos of your home have inspired me so much. I would love to see a simple floor plan of your house as well as square footage, if you want an idea for a future post sometime. ;) Thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

    1. Thank you so much Jill! I’m so happy you found me! I’m not sharing our floor plan/square footage for personal reasons (I wrote a little about that when we moved in because so many people were asking). Thanks for understanding! And congrats on building! You have a lot to look forward to. :) xo

  8. I spy my mudroom!!! We just love it! So great keeping everyone’s things out of sight and organized! What a fun blog post seeing everyone’s ideas you inspired!
    Kristen from Boston

  9. Thanks for posting my pic! Though next time, I’ll tidy up a bit more :)

    I was actually by San Diego last week for a vacation with my hubby and kids. One day they went to Legoland, and I went shopping in the city–I thought about you when I was perusing the Rag and Bone jeans–too short for me, unfortunately, but they did look great!

  10. I love this! I’ve only followed your blog for a little over a month. I happened to be redecorating my living room at the time. In the past two weeks I’ve bought the Wool jute rug, the gray striped chair, many Potterybarn Christmas pillows (many for me, many for gifts), Target baskets galore, the denim dress from The Gap, and your beach towels for our pool that we haven’t even got the permit for. We’re hoping to break ground in Jan. No pics yet, things are still arriving, but I love the rug (i got the gray one), the dress and the pillows that have arrived thus far. I owned one holiday pillow before your blog, by next week, I’ll have 11! Oops, forgot the coffee and table to go behind my couch. They are very similar to yours, but I found them at Wayfair. Thanks again. You make me look like I have great taste and decorating skills. Oh ya, I also got some paper organizers form PB like your white one from Ballard’s. I got the metal one’s with 3 slots. I got two so each of my 6 kids have one. Time to get organized! I love It!

    1. Oh my word Ashley! You are having a shopping marathon! Love it! How fun to re-decorate your living room! You have to e-mail me a pic or two! I’d love to see how it’s all coming together. And YEA for getting organized! So happy you found me. :) Thanks cutie! xo

  11. Hi Erin, long time silent follower here:) great post! I have so many items inspired by your blog in my house including your PB Chesterfield sofas, octagonal mirror from RH and many many more… I will send you an email with all the pics later on:))) So fun to see all the reader’s pictures !

    1. Hi Eda! So fun to hear from you! I would love to see some pictures of those things in your house! Love that sofa and octagon mirror. :) This was a fun post, wasn’t it? I loved seeing everyone’s pictures too. :) Thank you so much and enjoy the upcoming holidays! xo

  12. Erin, Always love your posts! Can we talk about that jute rug? Does it shed much? I owned another one from PB (Heathered Chenille) and ended up getting rid of it because there were always tiny hairs floating around so I was always dusting :) but I do keep eyeballing it!!
    And one more question, are both your sofas comfy? Family room and living room ones? I’m in need of a new one and love both. Thanks so much! You’re always a bright light for us readers!!

    1. Hi Lisa! It does shed at first! I was vacuuming up hairs for about 3 months. Then it just stopped! Completely. Now it doesn’t shed at all. I think you just have to stick it out with rugs like this. Both of my sofas are comfortable but the family room sofa (comfort sectional) is hands down the most comfortable. I bought it because it was so comfy. We love it. The sofa in my formal living room isn’t a couch I’d buy to lounge on and watch TV. It’s comfortable to sit in, but not lounge comfortable.. if that makes sense? :) Thanks for your sweet comment! That means a lot to me. :) Happy holidays! xo

  13. Erin,
    I feel so honored to have pictures of my home on your blog post! I’ve been waiting for this ;) so fun seeing how others have been inspired by you as well. I actually just purchased the white zuma tray from C&B for my RH coffee table because it looked so great on yours! Thanks so much for helping me make my home happy by sharing yours :)

    1. Yea Julia! I was going to e-mail you to let you know so you didn’t miss it! Thank you again for letting me share those pictures. Your home is just drop dead gorgeous! I’m so happy I got to “meet” you and your darling son! You are so beautiful inside and out. Enjoy your holidays in that stunning home! xo

  14. Loved that post :) One of my all time favorites is the Happy Camper Shirt which I actually found on a sale-page in Germany. It is awsome!

  15. Hi Erin! I love your home! We have such similar tastes. I was recently searching your blog for the Seattle paint color you mentioned that is on the majority of the walls of your home. I am having trouble finding any info about it on the Sherwin Williams website. Do you know the formulation of it? Or maybe the color that they’re calling it now? I am building a new house and it will be finished in one month and the building needs the color. And yours is THE ONLY ONE that I absolutely love and I am heartbroken that I can’t find it ANYWHERE! Can you help? Thank you so much! After it’s done, I PROMISE to send a picture so I can be in the next post like this one! :-)


    1. Hi Lisa! Shoot! I don’t! I do know that people have gone into a SW store and they have been able to find it knowing that it used to be “Seattle” by Frazee. That is probably your best bet! If you don’t have a SW in your area I would try calling one. Hopefully they can help! Congrats on almost being done with your new home! So exciting! And yes.. please send pics when it’s all done. I’d LOVE to see it! Happy Thanksgiving cutie! xo

  16. Hey! I just must say you have the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen and in the best place on earth. Love following your blog and instagram. Keep up the good work :D

    Happy thanksgiving from Sweden!

  17. That was a fun post to read… But I am still waiting on seeing pictures of your girls rooms decorated and Cole’s bedroom and bathroom designed… I have been waiting for over two years for you to post about them…. Wanted to get some inspiration to redo my kiddos rooms and maybe remodel my sons bathroom… Still waiting patiently….
    Blog reader for over 6 year now. :-)

    1. Summer!! I’m SO sorry for the delay! I have pictures of my girls’ rooms sitting on my computer all ready to post! The holidays hit and things got so busy and now I’m in too many Christmas home tours to get them up this month. January for my girls’ rooms FOR SURE! Kole’s room is still in progress so I’ll either show the progress in Jan. or just finish it and share it in Feb/Mar. Same with my master. And my pantry! It’s all coming in the New Year! Don’t give up on me. ;) Thanks for reading so long! Means a lot to me. :) Happy holidays! xo

  18. Hi Erin! I ABSOLUTELY adore your home! So beautiful and well thought. My husband and I are also the parents of 3 little ones and are building our little slice of heaven at the moment. I love, love, love your living room orb chandelier! Could you please tell me who makes it?

    1. Thank you so much Shaundra! And congrats on your new home! So exciting. My living room orb was from a store called Jeremiah by Craftmade. I’m not sure if they still have that or not (it’s a few years old) but you can look them up on-line and see! My fingers are crossed for you. :) Good luck with your build! xo

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