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Friday Fashion/Favorites on a Sunday.. again!

formal-living-room-shelves-2Happy weekend everyone!  I might just have to come up with a new name for my Friday fashion/favorites posts since they seem to be making their debut on any day BUT Friday lately.  For some reason with our schedule this year my Friday posts just aren’t quite making the cut!  But that’s life and I’m ok with it.  Kinda fun to pop in and say hi on the weekend anyway :)  On to a few latest favorites!

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I’m having a love affair lately with vases.  Textured/pattern vases to be specific.  Remember my fun honeycomb vases from West Elm in my formal living room?
I picked up a couple more on sale and then had to get one of their “linework vases.”  I’m crazy about them!  I want a few more with the lines but need to figure out what colors.  They come in really rich colors perfect for Fall and are on sale!  Love the white.  And the tan.  And the purple.  I’ll show you what I’m doing with them as soon as I figure that out. :)
Another favorite patterned vase!  I keep moving this around in my house and it looks good everywhere!  I wish it came in different colors and I’d buy another one.
And my favorite Anthro vases.. are we noticing a theme here?  :)
I especially love these vases next to my fiddle leaf fig and basket.  Btw.. I’ve heard from so many of you that you bough this fig tree and love it!  So happy to hear that!  The ‘design lover’ in me wants a real one, but the ‘practical and busy mom who can’t keep a plant alive if her life depended on it’ side of me is beyond thrilled with my faux fig.  :)
Back to the vases.  Last one!  These waterscape vases that are long time favorites of mine are also on sale right now and going fast!  I have them in a few spots in my house.
On my hallway shelf and in my master bedroom.  They are beautiful!  I might pick up one or two more for my bathroom before they’re gone for good.

{You can see all sources for this shelf here.}

Next item up is actually my mom’s latest favorite thing!  She bought this beautiful wood table on-line a few weeks ago for her back porch and is so in love with it.  She has called me just to talk about her love for this table 3 times!  It makes me laugh.  She’s so excited about it.  She keeps trying to make me buy it too (and I’d love to!) but I don’t have a spot for it.  It really is such a cute table for an amazing price.  According to my mom it looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is.  She sent me this picture and wanted me to tell all of you about it and to make sure you all know that if you’re looking for a good coffee table and don’t want to break the bank, look no further.  (Her cute yellow rugs are from Target – similar here and you can see more pics of my parent’s treehouse here.)
Happy now mom?  :)
Last week after my last fashion/favorites post when I shared this western dress I got a lot of e-mail with questions about size.  

(So sorry btw if you’ve e-mailed me lately and haven’t heard back.  My inbox is crazy at the moment and I’m having a hard time keeping up!  I’m working my way through your questions.. promise!  I love hearing from you all.)

For those of you who were wondering about size, this dress isn’t the Tall or Petite, it’s an XS in the Regular.  It’s a little long on me (I’m 5’4 (almost!) ;) and hits me right below the knee.  I’m sure the petite would have been shorter, but I like this long length.  Hope that helps!  My friends all loved it.  Such a fun, casual dress!
Ok.. my 4 favorite Fall bags are out and on repeat!  You’ve seen them all before, but they are what I’m using every day and loving!
My new Rebecca Minkoff ‘Regan’ Satchel.  This is the back of it.  LOVE.  Love it in every color it comes in.
It works so well with my favorite reversible tote!  You all know I raved about this bag last year and it’s still my all time favorite for hauling my kids stuff around.  Snacks, water bottles, after school activity clothes, any extras I have that don’t fit in my purse.  Love this cognac and light tan option!
This Marlow purse that I snatched this summer has also been on repeat around here.  Perfect gray bag for Fall!
And you all know I can’t mention my favorite bags without tossing some stripes into the ring!  This bag will always be a favorite.  (Two almost identical options: here and here)
Speaking of stripes.. um yes.  Bought another striped top.  You guys!  I’m not even showing this to my mom and sister.  I’ll be in so much trouble for buying more stripes!  But how could I pass this up!?  It’s BR’s Marino Striped Turtleneck and I love that it’s solid black on the top and bottom and striped in the middle.  It’s a great ‘transition to Fall’ turtle neck too because it’s thin and lightweight.  It’s cooling off a little here and I was so excited to wear it!  I put it on one morning last week and took this picture but by noon I had to change.  I was so bummed!  We aren’t quite there yet.  (Love it with my favorite peep toe booties that were just re-stocked!)
I love turtlenecks.  Slightly embarrassed I bought yet another striped item, but life is short.. you should wear what you love. :)  I love all of BR’s Merino collection.  They have this same turtle neck in solid colors and I’ve ordered a couple of those.
This is a picture from last Fall when I stocked up on their Merino extra-fine wool sweaters.  I live in these all Fall/Winter long!  Just like the turtlenecks they are lightweight and perfect for cool days or colder days layered with a vest, scarf, etc. over them.
I wore this Merino wool top in black so much last year that I’m going to pick up another one.  And my favorite scarf for under $20 is back! :)  A newer version that is almost identical.  Love Fall clothes.
Picture from last week in my new gray Toms I picked up on sale.  They were marked down and sold so fast!  Still available in other colors.
I have to say though that they aren’t as comfortable as my Vince Camuto Peep Toe booties.  I was raving about these to my friends last week because they are quickly becoming my favorite pair of shoes.  I can run around in these ALL DAY and my feet feel great!  They are so soft and comfortable.  And I love the cute cut out on the side.  They sold out fast during the sale and were just re-stocked!  They also come in a brown suede.
And my Crossover sweater I fell hard for and bought in two colors is on sale!  Only a few colors/sizes left.  Going so fast the second time around!
Every Fall I get excited to pull out my favorite Camo pants.  These are hands down the one item I got the most questions about last year.  They are Hudson jeans (one of my favorite brands) and Nordstroms just got a new camo Hudson pair in for Fall.  They aren’t the exact same, but are so cute!  A bit pricey, but Hudson jeans have an amazing fit and this will be my third year wearing these jeans over and over.  Worth the investment!  If you want a great fitting camo pant for a little less this pair of True Religion camos are on sale right now.
Of course my new favorite necklace works great with my camos too.  I’ve had this on almost every day since I bought it!
So this was hilarious.  Went to meet some friends for lunch last week and Shari and I showed up in the exact same outfit! We saw each other walking across the parking lot and just started laughing.  Not planned.  I’m telling you!  Get a pair of camo pants!  And a black tee and meet us for lunch.  A good time is guaranteed. ;)  (Thinking I need to add a plain black purse to my Fall rotation for outfits like this!)

K.. this is totally off the subject, but if you have a picture of something that was inspired from my blog (something you bought/did in your home that I’ve done, clothes you bought from my fashion posts, something you do with your kids I suggested, etc…anything!) I would love to see it and share the picture!  I get so many fun pictures e-mailed to me of fun things you are all doing that were inspired by my blog and they make my day.  I thought it might be fun to start sharing some of your pictures in a post here and there!  So e-mail me your pics!  Can’t wait to see them. :)

That’s it for my latest favorites!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Friday Fashion/Favorites on a Sunday.. again!

  1. Hi Erin! I just have to tell you that it makes me smile when I spy a photo around your house that’s a pic I took. :) makes me happy!
    I think sharing others pics is such a fun idea! My all time favorite idea I got from you is the pretzel hugs from years ago when the girls were sitting on the counter in matching nightgowns helping you make them. I always take pics of out holiday baking so I’ll have to send you one this year. Oh and did you ever try making them with candy corns like I told you about? SO good! I can’t wait to make some for Halloween time!
    Also you look so darling in all of your outfits! I so miss being skinny and wearing cute jeans! Sigh! Good thing babies are so dang cute!
    (I’m first to read your post since I’m still up at 2:20 AM! Finally going to bed now! Newborn life!)

    1. Oh my word Josie! Newborn life for sure! Happy my blog can keep you company at 2:20 am… ha! ;) I have so many pics you took around my house! LOVE every single one of them! For sure send me a pic of the hugs next time you share them! We haven’t tried the candy corns yet but need to! We use red/pink m&m’s for V-day every year though. A holiday staple. :) You are sweet to say that but don’t stress your weight one bit. You JUST had a baby! Plenty of time for that later on.. right now just enjoy that sweet little boy. He’s so precious! Love you cutie! Hope you get some sleep tonight! xo

  2. Oh my goodness, Erin! I adore those vases! I can see why you fell so hard for them. They are all so interesting and textured. I’m sure they look amazing wherever you put them. Your house makes me happy sigh when I look at pictures of it. That coffee table of your mom’s look great! Too bad I don’t need one either. I remember checking out that amazing tree house but the angle of the shot you shared shows what a gorgeous view you’d have of the backyard. So pretty! And your clothes!!! I so don’t have the same figure as you, but you look great in what you share. You choose well and who cares if you have tons of stripes. When you are happy with a fit or style your clothes fit better (I believe). How funny that you and your friend thought alike! Maybe that’s why you are good friends, no? Thanks for the happy post. I don’t care when you share them. I so enjoy them any day of the week. Hugs! Happy Sunday. Oh and bummer about the Chargers last Sunday. I watched that game and would you believe I thought of you and your hubby and thought oh man, I bet he is not a happy camper. LOL Hope you have a great day!

    1. Ha! I’m laughing Jeanne! My husband was definitely NOT a happy camper after that game! Man.. our Chargers aren’t off to a great start. I need them to pick things up and put my husband in a good mood for me. ;) Thanks for thinking of us! So sweet of you! And thanks for your kind words. You are so incredibly good to me. Your comments always make my day! Hope your day was a good one too! xo

  3. Damn ! Went to buy the blue vases and as im in Australia they sent me to Aussie page who only had one choice AND not on sale !!!!

  4. I can relate to having a since (addiction?) love for Banana.. I picked up the merino wool crew in 5 colors THIS season alone… but love them.

    1. Aren’t they the best Kristin!? I just live in them for months! They are so cute and easy to mix up with a scarf or vest. Happy you love them too! xo

    1. LOVE that dress Julia! So pretty! I’ll have to try that one for sure! Would love to see pics of anything you’ve bought and love! Thanks so much cutie! Hope you like the crossover sweater! xo

  5. Erin, I’ve bought a number of things based on your Friday Fashion posts. I wish I can take pictures of them and email them to you, but for now this descriptive list will have to suffice: two Marlow purse, tote, Crate & Barrel florals, GAP v-neck tees, gold chevron pendant, wedge sandal even though it wasn’t exactly like your gray sandal. I love your mom’s table and we’re actually looking for something like that to replace our living room coffee table, but the dimensions we need is bigger. Bummer since that price is amazing! Those vases are calling my name too but I have to restrain myself this time because I want them all. Ha!

    1. Ha! I so know the feeling Debbie! Oh my word.. LOVE that you’ve bought all of those things based on my recommendations! I hope you love them all! If you ever have a second to take a pic of something send it my way. Would love to share it! Thanks for the support cutie! xo

  6. This is mostly unrelated to this post (I’m so sorry!) but I thought about it since it’s featured in one of the post’s pics – it’s your PB chunky wool & jute rug. I went back and re-read your post from 9/1/15 about the rugs in your (gorgeous!) home and found most of what I need, which was verifying it’s soft, thick, and hides all.the.things (three boys six yrs old and under, ha), but I’m just curious about the corners….with a proper rug pad to provide a bit of grip, do they stay down nicely? Similar to the comments you made in that same 9/1/15 post, I’m over the thin dhurrie rug issues we have in couple rooms in our house where they flip up and looking for something more substantial. ;)

    1. Hi Anne! YES! Corners stay flat and look great! I so know what you’re talking about with the dhurrie rugs.. I have several and the corners drive me nuts! I’m telling you.. my PB Chunky Wool Jute Rug is the best! I love everything about it! Especially with kids. :) xo

  7. Hi!! I love the shelf in your entryway, but when I click on the link it looks different. Did you assemble it differently or is it a different shelf? Thanks!
    Love your blog!

  8. Thank you for another lovely post! I purchased several of the things you’ve blogged about. Most recently I purchased several of the West Elm Honeycomb vases and the Utility canisters on sale, for our new home. I can’t wait until we’re settled and I get to enjoy them. I also love the faux flowers and autumn leaf stems from Pottery Barn. I’ve still got my eye on the Crate & Barrel Audra chevron vase and the Kora vase. Did you see that West Elm has some new Mercury Vases? Oh yes :) I haven’t found any wooden bowls at Home Goods recently but I did score a nice vintage looking wooden bowl with handles at TJMaxx. It’s the perfect time for end of season sales so I’ll just keep looking. Thank you!

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