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Some of you might remember not too long ago I shared in a post that my parents were featured on the Utah news sharing their fun treehouse.  (You can see the news clip HERE if you missed it.)  I promised I’d take pictures of the treehouse the next time I was at my parents, so the day after my mom’s retirement party I snapped a few.  This treehouse is such a dream for all of us!

A cozy house nestled in the trees for non-stop play and imagination.  My kids and their cousins LOVE it.  How could they not!?
The top deck holds some simple outdoor furniture.
And the pole slide surrounded by a gate because.. safety first. :)
The pole slides into the sandpile.
A shady sandpile underneath the treehouse.  The perfect place to escape the summer heat.
All of the kids were playing inside when I snapped these pictures except my sweet little nephew.
My dad designed the treehouse, helped build it and did all of the rock work on the pillars.  He doesn’t work in construction.  This treehouse was just something he had been dreaming up in his head for a long time.  And my dad is just good at everything.  He’s also incredibly humble and would hate that I just said that.  But it’s true and this is my blog so I can say what I want.  Sorry, but not sorry dad.  ;)
The inside isn’t quite finished yet, but that hasn’t stopped the kids from taking over and making it their own.
My parents had a plaque made to dedicate the treehouse to their grandkids.  I get a lump in my throat every time I look at it.
My dad planted flowers all around the treehouse (this yard is his baby!)  and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they are all blooming.
I didn’t take many pics of the whole yard.  This is one my mom sent me in a text message a few weeks ago saying her yard was too quiet and to come and visit.  My crew definitely brings the noise. :)
Last fall when we were all home for Thanksgiving we had some family pictures taken around the treehouse.  Nothing too planned or formal.  Just snapped a few while we were all together.  The leaves had turned such a pretty yellow and were just starting to fall.
mom and dad
My cute parents.  Love them so much.
And I adore this pic of them with all of their grandkids.
We got a family picture on that same bench.  Either this bench is really small or I seriously should have laid off all the turkey.  ;)
These kids are in their happy place in the treehouse all together.  It’s truly their favorite place to be.  My kids count down the days until they can head to the treehouse with their cousins.  Love this pic of little Finn trying to peek over the ledge. :)
And back to summertime!  I can’t thank my parents enough for giving my kids such an amazing gift.  They will all have the best childhood memories of hours spent together playing in this treehouse.

And bonus.. hours of entertainment for the kids means that the grownups have more time to talk.  It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.  To everyone.


xoxo, Erin
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30 thoughts on “Treehouse

  1. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely one of the most generous gifts ever! What love and dedication when into the creation of this dream house. Your parents are amazing. That treehouse is amazing. They must have a huge lot to have that beauty and a swimming pool, too! Love how the kids don’t care that it’s not “finished.” They can decorate it, kid style and what a boost to their imagination. Truly a spectacular gift that indeed, keeps on giving. The kids’ decorations remind me of the “fort” that my brothers put together in our backyard growing up. I think it was mainly plywood that had been laying around, but it had a couple of “rooms” and we had a blast playing in there. We brought in empty food containers to set up house, too. Lots of hours spent out there and maybe a splinter or two, from the “rustic lodge” look, but we sure didn’t care. :) Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I know.. it’s such a dream for all of us! They do have a big lot and it’s gorgeous. My kids LOVE being there. It’s home away from home for all of us. We had a treehouse when I was growing up too but it looked nothing like this and I can’t count how many splinters we came home with! But like you said.. we didn’t care and made the best memories. :) xo

  2. Such a beautiful teahouse and yard. We are just trying to put our yard back together after our remodel destroyed it. I would love to do something like this down the road. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Erin, I just adore your entire sweet family and feel like I know them all, just from reading your blog for the past few years!! This beautiful treehouse is such a safe haven for all the children in your extended family and will provide so many wonderful lifelong memories!! I love it!!

    1. Thank you so much sweet Jane! I love that you’ve been with me for so long. Means so much to me! :) Lots of fun memories are being made in this treehouse for sure. xo

  4. that’s so cool that they built that treehouse for the grands!! and I love those family pictures with the beautiful golden leaves… perfection!!!

  5. What an amazing gift that your grandparents have been giving to their grandchildren! Lots of memories will be made there! Congrats and much love to your beautiful family (and your parents are so adorable too, by the way! :) )

  6. Holy cow! That treehouse is a guest house! The outside looks like it’s a real house. What a gift that is to their grandchildren. Are your parents living in California also so that you can all visit them often? I’m just curious because of the pool since all California houses usually have pools.

    1. No Debbie.. my parents live in southern Utah. :) Thank you! I know.. it’s quite a treehouse! My brother and sister and I are always asking when we can move in. Ha! xo

  7. Grandpa Van wins Grandfather of the year for sure! I also got a lump in my throat when I read the plaque. Such a sweet thing to do for his grandchildren, and the entire yard is gorgeous besides!

  8. Oh Erin…..You have such a loving family! I am truly envious, what an amazing gift to the grandchildren from your parents! Memories forever….

  9. Omg Erin, that’s just the coolest most precious tree house , gift .. I have 8 grandkids .. I showed my hubby.. Aka papa. Ok start building !!! Your family is beautiful .. And you are a doll inside and out .. Which you know I love following you !! Family’s that play together , stay together .. From an Italian nana 😍 .. Thanks for sharing !! Your a great blogger!! Keep up that great work .. Xo

    1. Oh Annette! You always make me smile. :) Love that you told your husband to get going.. ha! He won’t want you following me anymore. ;) Thank you so much for your sweet words about me and my family! SO SO kind. You seriously made my night! :) Your 8 grandkids are lucky to have you! xo

  10. I love the design and would like to do it for my kids. Is there nechance of geting the blue print from
    you i would really appreciate it.. am from a country called Tanzania in Africa and this will look amazing up
    country.. i expect to hear from you.

    1. Hi Maryam! I don’t have a blue print for this! It’s my parents and they just pieced it together themselves. :) Good luck if you decide to design one! xo

  11. I love love love the tree house! Do they have a set of plans? We are interested in building one.


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