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Fashion Friday – (graphic tees and summer fun)

Happy Friday friends!  Usually I’m pretty pumped for the weekend but with summer here, all of the days sort of blur together.  That can be a really good thing and a really bad thing. ;)  I don’t have a lot of outfits to show you because honestly this week I’ve pretty much gone back and forth from my swimsuit to these favorite striped sweat pants I shared in last week’s favorites/fashion post.  Back and forth.. back and forth.  Our first week of summer has been a relaxing one to say the least. :)


{necklace/similar dress/shoes}

I did take off my sweats for church last Sunday (begrudgingly) and wore this favorite wrap dress.  I bought it last fall at Banana Republic and have loved it.  It’s sold out now but Nordstroms has an almost identical dress here.

Btw.. have I ever shared my secret weapon with fitted dresses like this?  I’m sure most of you know about Spanx, but if you don’t.. they will be your new best friend.  Especially if you’ve given birth a time or two. ;)  This pair and this pair are my favorite.  I don’t wear them all the time, but when I do, I swear they take 5 lbs off.  And who doesn’t want that!?
My girls both looked cute for church so I said “who wants to let me take a quick pic for a Fashion Friday post?”  El ran the other way.  Ad popped her knee to the side and flashed a smile.  Ha!  My girls never change.  This cute flannel dress was a fun find last fall from Old Navy and I’m loving it with her new pink sandals.  Even her scripture case matches.  That is so my Addison. :)

{happy camper tee/chuck sneakers/AG jeans}

K – I actually did get dressed one day this week.  We needed groceries so I was forced out of my swim suit and sweats. ;)  This Happy Camper tee is one of my all time favorite graphic tee’s.  Love it so much!  I bought it a year ago and still live in it.  You can’t wear a tee that says “Happy Camper” and not feel happy.  It just doesn’t work. :)  This beloved tee of mine just came back in stock at Nordstroms.  Every time they get it in it sells out so fast!  Then months later it always comes back.
It’s not fitted so I always tuck it in in the front a bit.  Sometimes I wear it out and about with jeans.  Sometimes I sleep in it.  I kind of have a thing for graphic tees.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m a casual dresser at heart and graphic tees are about as low key as clothes come.  You can make them into an outfit (casual albeit, but an outfit nonetheless) and then stay in them all night for pj’s.  My kind of clothes. :)
squad-white-picket-fence copy
This SQUAD graphic tee from my trip to Naples with blog friends is another favorite I wear often.
{Easy Like Sunday Morning tee/jean jacket/camo pants (similar)/gray converse shoes/drawstring gray bag/watch/bracelets (similar)}

I also reach for my “Easy Like Sunday Morning” tee more times than I’d like to admit.   Sometimes I pair it with camo pants and a jacket.
But even more often I wear it to lounge in.
See.  Works for both.  :)  Here are a few other graphic tees I found that I’m loving right now..
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.54.58 PM
{Going Out Shirt} – I’m ordering this.. it cracks me up.  I’m always looking for an excuse to go casual and this tee really gives me one. :)
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.15.21 PM
{RED WHITE BLUE} – Love this for the 4th of July!
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.22.36 PM
{Nope… Not Today} – I laughed out loud when I saw this one.  TOO good!
graphic tees collage
{Coffee Before Anything, I (cup) Coffee, COFFEE.. a hug in a cup, Will Work For Coffee} – I’m not a coffee drinker, but I have a lot of close friends and family who are and would pretty much work for coffee.  And love any one of these tops or sweatshirts!
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.23.16 PM
{Life Is Short.  Buy The Shoes.} – Couldn’t agree more. :)
Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.18.45 PM
{Today has been canceled – go back to bed} – Love it too much!  This is one for my girls.  I don’t usually like to spend much on their tees, they grow so fast, but I don’t know if I can pass this one up.  I might just order it in the largest size and hope it fits me too. ;)
Speaking of the kids.. I’ve had so much fun with them this week.  We have loved waking up when we are ready, watching cartoons in pj’s, eating breakfast and then heading out to the pool.  Some days this week have been cloudy.  swimming-in-the-pool

{Backyard details here.}

Other days have been full of sunshine.  We love them all!  Life is pretty good when you have nowhere you have to be!  And when you own a pink flamingo floatie.  Couldn’t resist getting our own. :)
For the most part my kids have been so good and have played really well together.  The first week of summer I’m always a bit selfish and want them all to myself!  We keep playdates to a minimum and just hang out together.  This week was really relaxed and low key which was just what we all needed after coming off of such a busy 4-6 weeks ending the school year.  Next week I’ll start our little summer routine/schedule (I’ve come up with one and I’ll try to share it at some point!).  Who knows.. next week I might even get dressed a few times.

But I’m not making any promises. :)
My husband has come home every night this week loving how happy and relaxed we all are.

The pool and popsicles for a daily agenda will do that to you.

Yes.. right now I’d say we are Happy Campers indeed.


Enjoy your weekend!

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xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – (graphic tees and summer fun)

  1. Your Friday Faves posts are always so fun. It’s neat to see what you are wearing and what has caught your eye. Usually the clothes you share I’ve not really seen before (not to strike fear in your heart, but I’m not into clothes shopping at all) so am really out of the fashion loop at times. But those graphic tees…I have seen those sayings before and on tees! And I laughed at them, too. And I find it hard to believe you feel the need for Spanx! Love your pool pics. What a gorgeous pool you have. It’s no wonder they want to live in it! Poolside Popsicles for the win. That picture of Addison is so pretty. She is so grown up looking! Yikes! Love how she has the model pose down. So happy to hear you had such a relaxing first week of summer break!

    1. You make me laugh Jeanne! No fear in my heart.. :) I totally get that and I go through phases myself where I’m not as into fashion. Thank you for your sweet words about Addison! I know – kids grow up too quickly. Sometimes I look at pictures of my girls and I just can’t believe I’m really looking at them! They will always be around 2 and 4 in my mind. :) Happy weekend cutie! Hope you are having a great start to summer too. xo

  2. I definitely need to invest in some spanks. Do you find that the first ones you linked to roll down throughout the day at all? Or do they stay up pretty well? Love all those cute graphic tees!

    1. Thanks Joanna! Mine have never rolled down, but I’ve only worn them for a few hours at a time. I just use them once in a while for church or if there is a big evening event I have to dress up for and I’m wearing a really fitted dress. :) Happy weekend cutie! xo

  3. Hi Erin, love these fashion posts…along with all the others :) I’m picking up some summer tees and have a totally random question about the Vintage wash V-neck tees from the Gap you talked about a little while ago – are they see through? What do you wear underneath? Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Alis! So happy you like my fashion posts. I think some of the tees are a bit see through, but the colors I chose aren’t at all (I stuck with the darker solid colors) so I don’t wear anything special under them. LOVE those tees! I’m wearing one right now.. ha! :) xo

  4. Hi Erin! I loved your post as I’m NOT on vacation right now (and won’t be before the end of August) and your post reminded me the great time we had when we were kids when school just finished,with my sister, little brother, cousin… such cherished memories! I wish you a fabulous Summer time together!

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