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Naples Beach Cottage GIRLS Trip

Happy Friday friends!  Sharing some pictures of my trip to Naples, Florida last weekend!  I mentioned in my last Friday Favorites post how excited I was to meet these four beautiful friends of mine in real life.  We met on Instagram.  Isn’t that crazy!?  We met on Instagram and hit it off and over the past year have become so close through IG and text messages and blog comments and phone calls.  Sometimes (often actually) we would stay up so late all texting each other back and forth that my husband would just shake his head and call it a night and go to bed without me.  :)  When Shauna invited us all to her beach cottage for a weekend we couldn’t buy plane tickets fast enough!  Before I share a peek at our trip let’s first check out her amazing vacation home in Florida.  She completely renovated this house from top to bottom and friends, it is AMAZING!

Is it not the most charming home?!  I just adore every inch of it!
Black and white stripes?  Yes please!  Her floors look like wood but are actually tile.  Perfect for a beach house!  I love the wide planks.  And the stripes.  Did I already mention the black and white stripes?  :)
The whole house is so light and bright and welcoming!  Just a breath of fresh air.  It made me want to come home and paint all of my walls white!
This is the cute bathroom I got ready in every day. :)  You have to see all of the “befores” to really appreciate the work that went into this home.  My friend Shauna is so talented and just before we came to visit, this charming beach cottage of hers was featured in the local newspaper!  So proud of her.

Ok.. on to the trip!  Here are a few pics we took..
This picture pretty much sums up what we did for most of the trip.  TALK TALK TALK. We would wake up and stumble out to the pool in our pj’s and talk, put on our swim suits and clothes and talk, head to lunch and talk, come back and sit around this table and talk.  Head to the pool or beach and talk.  Get ready for dinner and talk.  Go out to dinner and talk.  Come home and put pj’s back on an talk.

We talked a lot. :)   We talked about design and blogging and families and kids and friends and life.
Let me introduce you to my friends if you don’t already know them!  Starting on the left: Tana and Brittany.. and on my right: Shauna and Bree.  They all have amazing blogs and are truly the most kind, talented and down to earth girls.  Couldn’t love them more!

This was our first morning together!  Heading to lunch followed by the pool.  Wore my new tank and shorts.  :)
We spent a lot of time poolside!

{Brittany’s beach bag/swimsuit.  My swim suit/ purse/ skirt/ flipflops}

Brittany and I were cracking up.  We seriously have so much in common it’s scary.  Both married our high school sweethearts, both have a daughter named Addison, both have crazy thick hair that takes too long to blow dry so we both go crazy long periods of time in-between washing our crazy thick hair. :)  Then we showed up in almost identical swim suits!  We were total twins until dinner when I said I was up for anything but seafood.  Brittany loves seafood.  Shoot.  We were on a roll. ;)
I forgot to introduce you to the 6th member of our trip.  Is this not the cutest flamingo pool floaty!?
The two of us got along famously.  :)  Definitely going to get one for our pool because after this trip I truly believe that every pool needs a floating pink flamingo.
Heading to dinner out!  Wore my beloved Anthro jumpsuit and peep toe booties.  Naples is such a darling city!  I wish I would have taken pics of the downtown area we ate at every night.  It was all lit up and had so much personality and charm.
It was so refreshing being able to take our time getting ready and then take our time taking pictures.  Usually by this point at home if I start taking pics before a date my husband is ready to blow… “can we just go to dinner already!?”  Loved being with four other people who think just like me.  And who understand the value of taking time to get that perfect shot. ;)
We didn’t take enough pictures lounging (this is an awful outtake!) but I’m sharing it anyway because this is what we did every evening after dinner.  Ate junk food in pj’s and talked until past 3:00 a.m. in the morning.  Not a bad life. :)  {Side note:  I’m wearing my favorite “Easy Like Sunday Morning” tee in this pic and I bought it because I knew it would make my husband laugh.  We have early morning church on Sundays and getting our crew up and fed and dressed and hair done and to church on time is anything but easy.  Ha!}
Beach bound!  Brittany bought us all these adorable SQUAD shirts to wear.  Love them!  I’m actually wearing mine right now typing this post. :)  I’ve pretty much lived in it since I got home.  Such a fun top for friends.  It’s so important to find your “SQUAD” in life, isn’t it!?
We attempted to take some “oh we’re just casually strolling along the beach” pics and FAILED epically.  But we laughed (hard!) and had fun trying.  Then we called it quits and pulled out our beach chairs and watched the waves and talked for hours.
Heading to dinner another night.  I bought these cute Chino cropped pants for the trip and didn’t realize until after this picture was taken that they weren’t rolled up right at the bottom!  They are really cute when they are.. promise. ;)  Love them with my wedges. (similar here)
More of us doing what we do best.  Lounging and talking.  :)
Hair up, pj’s and glasses on.  We were talking shop about blogging this night.  I tried to learn a thing or two from Tana (she designs websites and is a marketing pro) but failed.  I struggle with the tech/business side of blogging.  I don’t like to think about SEO and HTML codes and site speed and blog hosts and branding.  I just want to organize and decorate and take pictures and chat with all of you all day.  :)  I tried to focus on what she was saying, but just like when my husband starts talking business and finances, I find myself drifting off and going to my happy little place in my head where such things don’t exist.  Ha!  Good thing Tana is a friend and doesn’t mind repeating a thing or two.. ;)
This trip was magical because I was spending time with friends I felt comfortable with.  That’s what I left this trip thinking about.  There is something so special about friends.  Friends who you truly connect with.  Friends you can be real with who don’t judge.  Friends who love you for who you are and are there to share life’s ups and downs.  This trip was such a great reminder of that.  {Thank you to my sweet husband who understands how important friends are to me and offered to hold down the fort with our kids for a few days so I could go on this trip!}  I’m so grateful for him and for this SQUAD and for all of the friends I’ve made who add sunshine to my life.  Including all of you!  My sweet blog friends who read what I write and support me along the way.

I can’t imagine life without friends.  :)

xoxo, Erin
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45 thoughts on “Naples Beach Cottage GIRLS Trip

  1. How awesome is this post? So happy for you that you have met and gotten together with some wonderful ladies. Looks like a fabulous time was had by all. Love that pink flamingo! You and the one gal (Brittany?) look like twins! Thanks for sharing a bit of your wonderful weekend with us. Hope this one is fun, too! :)

    1. Thanks so much Jeanne! Wasn’t that flamingo adorable!? Loved him. :) Brittany and I posted a pic of us on IG and so many people said that we looked alike! So funny. I think it must be our hair. :) Thanks cutie! I hope your weekend is a great one too! xo

  2. I’m a huge believer in the quote from ‘Marjorie Hinckley “Women need Women”..I need my girl time, it makes me happy, it makes me feel like a day or so away can give me the boost I need. I’m going to time our for women this weekend, I can hardly wait !
    So glad you had a great time and those squad shirts.. freaking love them!..
    You guys are so adorable ( and skinny ) lol
    Yay for girl friends.

    1. Thank you so much Heidi! I know.. aren’t those squad shirts darling!? I agree completely! I feel like a new person after time with girl friends. We really do all need each other. Have a great time this weekend! I’m so happy you get to do that. So fun! xo

  3. This looks like a blast! And I love how you all look like high school girls having a sleepover, despite being sophisticated, gorgeous women!

    1. Oh what a sweet thing to say Megan! Thank you! That’s totally what it felt like.. a big high school sleepover. :) xo

  4. Erin, as sad as it is that I missed this trip, these pix bring my heart peace! It truly makes me happy to see beautiful friends enjoying time together! It looks like everything I thought it would be. I laughed when you said your hubby would just be like, “Let’s go already!” when it comes to taking pix- that’s one thing I was thinking about missing- taking photos with people who are just as obsessed with getting a good shot as I am. They just KNOW. I don’t think it’s a vanity thing. I think it’s a blogger/artist thing. Lol. I love it! And I don’t think you failed the “casually walking on the beach” pic at all! I love that shot! You are all so beautiful, and even more than wanting to be around design-oriented people that have good taste and who I can learn from, I would’ve loved to connect with you all as mothers. I need a late night bitch fest to be honest with you! Lol! Can’t WAIT to give you a big long squeeze in August! I may not have the tshirt, but I consider you all my squad!!! Xoxoxo

    1. Haneen we missed you so much!! We talked about you all the time and how we can’t wait for you to join us on the next round! You were right where you needed to be that weekend! But know you are loved and absolutely a part of the squad. ;) I laughed out loud at your “blogger/artist” comment.. ha! Love it! I’ll tell my husband that the next time he’s giving me grief about taking pictures. :) Can’t wait to see you this summer! Love you to pieces cutie. xo

  5. It looks like loads of fun Erin and wanna know what I noticed in this post… your hair up in a ponytail!!! lol I don’t think I’ve ever seen that! but I’m super glad you got to go and have this little mini vacay with your virtual friends :-) I’m curious, because I live in NC and for me I’m a beach lover but only love the water from July to October… did you guys get in the water and if so how was the water temp in Florida?

    1. Ha! Too funny Aria! I don’t do ponytails a lot because they always give me a headache! I think my hair is too thick for them! ;) But I almost always rock a ponytail at the pool or beach. :) We didn’t get in the ocean other than wading but the water wasn’t too cold. It was so warm and humid outside! Probably would have felt great! :) Thanks cutie! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  6. How fun Erin. I agree, girl time is the best. You and Brittany do look alike. I think your jumpsuit is darling and I have always thought that cottage is so pretty
    Happy Mothers Day. Hope you have a great day!! xo

  7. Erin!!! You’ve got me in tears over here! Such a great post the way you summarized everything…it was perfect! And getting to know you and the other girls on a more personal level was so special and I’m beyond thrilled to call you all my real life friends now! And thanks for putting up with me and being my “roomie” (you seriously were the best roomie ever!). Can’t wait to see you this August and again next year for our annual girls trip!!! Love you dear friend:)

    1. Thanks so much Bree! I agree.. such an amazing trip and I LOVE that we all bonded like we did. Real life friends for sure. :) Can’t wait for August! I see LOTS of girls trips in our future. :) xo

  8. Okay, this is the best post ever!!! My heart is so full knowing you gorgeous (inside and out) ladies had such a wonderful time! You are such a bright light Erin and you always find the perfect words to describe everything from design to organization to friendship! So happy you have your wonderful squad…including the pink flamingo! xoxo Loving those cargo pants by the way…rolled or not! Adorable!

    1. Jen you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much! I just can’t wait to see you in August! We talked a lot about that on the trip.. how much fun we are all going to have together! Seriously counting down. Love you cutie! So grateful to call you a friend! xo

    1. Oh my word! That is TOO funny! I think it’s hilarious too! Ha ha! Thanks for thinking of me and sending it along… great idea. :) xo

    2. I love it! I bought my daughters teacher a frozen margarita mix, glass and a people magazine for the last day gift!

  9. When we go to Florida we always go to Naples . We go in Feb and it’s a wonderful place. Glad you got to go! From Pamela in Ohio

  10. Love your blog one of my favorites!! Glad you had a great time nothing like having girl time ,have to have it to survive!! What would we do without friends?? Keep blogging I look forward to it every week. Keeps an old Grandma up to date on the latest fashions and decorating. Happy Mothers day…..

    1. Oh you are too kind Kathy! Thank you! So happy you like my blog. I agree 100%.. we all need a little girl time in our lives! Thanks for your sweet comment and happy Mother’s Day to you and your family! xo

  11. Eeekkkk!!!!! LOVING IT!!!!!
    You girls look like you’ve known each other most of your lives! Like sisters!
    Love seeing all the fun photos!
    And love the beach house!
    You ladies are awesome, thank you! Xxx

    1. So sweet of you Samantha! I know.. crazy that we met on IG! I am constantly amazed by all of the friendships that have come because of blogging and social media. My favorite thing. :) Thanks so much cutie! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  12. Erin,
    It looks like you all had the best time! Your hair is so cute in a pony…we don’t get to see that often :) I have the same peep toe booties, but man they kill my feet. Thanks for sharing your trip and introducing us to new friends.

    1. Thanks so much Kristin! I know! Those peep toe booties are “dinner out” shoes for sure. The things we do in the name of fashion. ;) Enjoy your weekend cutie! xo

  13. What a wonderful trip – it was like an extended Girls’ Night Out!!! It is just incredible that you all met each other via your blogs and have such a great connection! The vacation home is just adorable, and I loved seeing photos of the interior and exterior. Thank you so much for sharing!! Hugs!!

    1. So happy you liked this post Jane! Oh my word.. isn’t her beach cottage the cutest thing!? It was so much fun and like you I still can’t believe we met on-line! Thanks for your sweet words! They always make my day. :) xo

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your trip wilth all of us. I can tell by the way you wrote this post that you had the time of your life with your new friends!, (now in person). You and Brittany can pass for twins, that for sure. Hope the humidity didn’t put a damper on any of your plans. ( I live in Fl on the east coast), but you get used to it. Hope to see you back soon, and Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Oh my word Nancie.. it was definitely humid! I can say that my hair had seen better days for sure. ;) But other than that it was such a fun trip! :) Thanks so much cutie! Hope you enjoyed your weekend! xo

  15. Finally just sat down and read this and of course my eyes fill up with tears because I.Miss.My.SQUAD!! You wrote such a beautiful recap of a truly amazing weekend!! Hanging out with all of you and understanding what we all juggle with in blogland and our own personal lifes was so treasured! Having you girls as guests in my cottage was truly a dream come true! I can’t wait for our next get together! Ps. we never settled on a name for the pink flamingo! haha!

    1. Oh I feel the same way Shauna! Missing you all! It really was such a treat to be able to pause regular life and just lounge together all weekend. I had such a blast and your beach cottage could NOT have been any more darling! Excited for our next round! Can’t wait to hang with you girls again! :) xoxo

  16. Erin, you looked like you were having a great time .. Naples is pretty . We used to go to marco for years , but you must try the one and only palmilla in Cabo San Lucas .. Just stunning , my utopia !!! We go all the time , I take my bestie every year!!
    Probably for you and hubby .. Look it up .. It’s a must try .. Have a great night doll , Annette ps.. Love following you, you are one of the real ones 😘

    1. Oh thanks so much for the tip Annette! We will have to look that up for sure! Sounds gorgeous! Thanks so much cutie. Means a lot to me that you think that. :) xo

  17. This post made my heart happy, Erin!! 😍💕. I was soooo bummed that the girls’ trip week conflicted with our week in San Antonio…but, just seeing these pics and reading your beautiful re-cap, was almost like I was there!! Almost!!😉🌴😍☀️ I’m sure it was the most amazing time, and I’m so happy that it finally came to fruition…we’ve all talked about it for so long!! 😊❤️ You’re all just the cutest friends with the loveliest hearts…and nothing could be better than forging those friendships in Naples!!😎🌴☀️ Next year, Girl…Haneen and I are going to CLEAR our calendars!! Thanks for sharing all the fun here, Erin…I loved it!! 😘💕👭💖

    1. So fun to hear from you on the blog this morning Debi! Made my day. :) We missed you and Haneen SO much!! There will be more girls trips for all of us in the future FOR SURE! xo

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