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Friday Favorites and Fashion (on a Sunday) :)

k on chair 5x5
Happy weekend everyone!  So this post was supposed to be up Friday morning but it’s officially summer for us which means.. #priorities.  ;)  So happy to be done with our school year!  As you can see, so is my little buddy.

And so are his sisters who jumped into the pool with clothes still on the second they got home from school on their last day!  Oh to be a kid again.  :)  #newtradition

We had a busy Friday and the girls had friends over for a party tonight, but starting tomorrow after church we are home free with a completely open week ahead of us.  BEST feeling ever.
Ok.. on to some favorites!  Hydrangeas have been a favorite flower of mine for years.  When I see displays like this around town I can’t help but smile.
I shared this pic on Instagram Friday night because we have new flowers planted in our front yard!  I can’t wait to watch them grow.  If you look really close in the shady left corner you’ll see some hydrangeas.  They don’t grow well in southern Cal, but I’m making an attempt anyway because well.. I just love them that much.  I planted 5 when we moved into our house 2 years ago and only 2 survived.  Let’s see if I can save a few from this batch!  While I love living on the West Coast, I’ve always wanted my house and yard to look like I’m on the East Coast.  Is that so bad?  I think I was actually born in the Hamptons and stolen at birth.  ;)
IG formal living
I have lots of favorites throughout my house when it comes to home decor and one of them is this set of chairs in my formal living room.  I often get asked where they are from.
I bought them through Ballards, but I just found the exact same chair at Wayfair!  They are less expensive than mine were (on sale now) and even come in a similar gray!  You can find them here.  Thought some of you would be happy about that news.  :)
Loving these lemon dishtowels from Williams-Sonoma!  So happy and fun for summer.
I also love this set of lemon coasters that go with them.  All on sale!
So I gave them for teacher gifts.  So fun, right!?  My mom actually helped me pick them out when she was in town.  You might remember from my last Favorites post that she has a thing for lemons.. which is probably why I have a thing for lemons. :)  I also have a thing for Williams-Sonoma dish towels and have given them as gifts for years.  Love all the patterns and they hold up so well!  A long time favorite around here.
Oh my word.  This next favorite is such a treasure!  My little buddy’s Kindergarten teacher put together the neatest albums for each of her students.  I think I’ve looked through it at least 20 times.
It’s full of fun art work and pictures from throughout the year.
Including several pictures of when mom came to help.
And dad.  :)
And a lot of his writing.  What a keepsake!  Kole and I have loved looking through it so much that it has motivated me to get to work on my kids’ albums.  Time to make them a priority again!  This album will be a forever favorite.  I’m so grateful his teacher took the time to make it.  She is amazing and we keep trying to convince her to loop up to 1st grade!
My new coral Vince Camuto shoes finally came!  This is my second pair of these heels.  I love them so much that when they went on sale I picked up another pair.
I think this colorful pair will be perfect for things like my black striped dress from Banana Republic.  I’ve been on their site today picking up a few things for my husband for Father’s Day.  I always get his clothes from BP and everything is 30% off right now.  Score!  (Btw.. if you need some Father’s Day gift ideas, check this post full of my husband’s favorite gifts.  Hope it helps!)
Ok.. I know I shared these fun gray wedge sandals last week.  But you guys.. I’m seriously so in love with them!  They are worth mentioning twice!

{all links to this outfit in this post}

I’ve honestly worn them every day since I got them and guess what.. they are becoming more comfortable each day!  Plus they just seem to go with everything.  I’m debating getting another pair in the cognac color.  I love the nude too but that color is sold out in my size.
Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.54.05 PM
When Nordstroms had their last sale I ordered this cute pair of AG cropped pants.  I don’t normally order jeans on-line (have to try them on!) but I tried this time because AG jeans have quickly become my favorite.  LOVE the way they fit.
They are darker than they look on-line which made me happy (really sliming).  It said to order a size up if you are in-between sizes and I did and they fit perfect!  The only thing I didn’t love was the length on me.  They are too long (no surprise there) so they fit more like pants than cropped pants.  I rolled them up and have been trying them out.  They are still on sale and if you’re taller than I am (doesn’t take much) I would totally recommend them!  Or if you’re short you can just roll them up like I did. :)
This Lush top I recently shared sold out so quickly!  Did any of you get it?  I love it so much that I’ve been looking for a few similar dressy/casual tops.
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.35.33 PM
This similar top is on sale for only $20!
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.35.48 PM
It’s long in the back just like the one I bought.  I also like this Lush top that works for summer or Fall.  Lush tops like this always run big so order your smaller size if you get one.  Excited to try these two out.
Ok.. another newish top I’m LOVING!  This roll sleeve cotton knit top is perfect!  Oh my word.  BEST fit.  It’s so flattering!  Also lightweight and comfortable for summer.  Casual but not boring.  Fits true to size.  I’m wearing an XS in the blue cobalt (which is more of a navy than it shows on-line).  It comes in lots of colors!
I loved the dark blue but the only down side of this color is that it’s too dark to wear with all of my dark jeans so I paired it with these white linen pants I’ve had for years.  I love the top so much that I’m ordering it in the lighter blue (more aqua) color too to wear with jeans.  It’s one of those tops I want to reach for everyday!  (Also worth mentioning.. my favorite Espadrille wedges similar to the ones I have on in this pic are HALF off right now!  I’ve been waiting for this.)  :)


I shared this I Kat J Crew dress last week and finally wore it.  I have to admit that I’m torn on whether or not I like this on me!  I love the pattern (I have lots of I Kat pillows.. ha!), but it’s a bit out of my comfort zone for clothes because I tend to gravitate towards solid colors.
I do like the fit (comes in cute at the waist) and I love the flutter sleeves and I love how light weight it is for hot summer days.  Really comfortable!
Another dress I ordered during the Nordstrom sale.  I love this one!  It’s a little low cut in front, but other than that.. perfect!  Love the color and love the fit.  Looks like the blue sold out and there is only one size left in the black.. it went fast!  But Nordstroms has so many other cute cobalt dresses right now.  I’m smitten with this color!  So pretty, isn’t it!?
Alright.  Last favorite for clothes.  Happy about finding a couple of cute new dresses, but this is what I really live in. :)  These ‘Freedom’ jogger sweat pants are my all time favorite pair of pj pants these days.  SO comfy.. flattering fit.. light weight for summer.. and just plain CUTE.  I’m sure my husband is so sick of seeing me in these because the second I’m home for the night I put them on.  And I’m sad when I have to take them off!  They also come in shorts and they go with this sweatshirt (fun for the 4th of July!) but I’ve just been wearing my navy Gap tee with them.
Remember my favorite summer v-neck tees?  I knew that they’d end up being pj’s too.  :)
I was wearing this beloved outfit last week when El snapped a pic of me and Kole and his end of the year “self portrait.”  Quite a resemblance if I do say so myself.  :)
Ok.. last favorite for the week.  (This post is becoming a novel, isn’t it!?)  But I have to share my favorite new summer dishes.  I have been looking for some fun outdoor dishes to use when we have people over for 2 years now and I finally found them!  This is the Ikat Melamine Dinnerware Collection from Williams-Sonoma and I couldn’t be more excited about them!
I have a thing for navy and coral right now and Ikat?  Could not be more perfect!  Plus they go so well with my outdoor area decor.  :)
I’ve actually been looking for dishes like this at Target because I wanted something that didn’t cost a fortune and that wouldn’t break and that would be good for kids because let’s face it.. most of our entertaining involves kids. :)  But this set is 50% off right now!  Cute and functional and affordable.  SOLD.  I got the plates, bowls and one serving tray and one platter.  There are matching salad plates too, but I don’t think we’ll use those.
They even coordinate with my Ikat pillows.  Not intentional but I’ll take it.  :)
This boy is a fan.
Just not a fan of too many pictures.

So that’s it for Friday Favorites and Fashion.. on a Sunday.  :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

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xoxo, Erin
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22 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and Fashion (on a Sunday) :)

  1. I really enjoy your Favorites posts. Does not matter what day they show up, I know I’m going to enjoy the read. Loved your photos of the kids. And that keepsake book of Kole’s is priceless. That pic of him with Dad reading…he looks so very proud! Gah, tugs at your heartstrings. Special indeed! And boy you are tiny! I don’t think I’ve ever worn XS anything. :) I am short, so appreciate a good roll up on pants. I just did that the other day on some long jean shorts. I’m iffy on the pattern dress for you. It looks fabulous on you, just not used to that pattern on you. Maybe keep it for when you want to wear something different. Hydrangeas! I have what we call a snowball bush in the front of our house(as tall as the house)that is a hydrangea, but it only blooms once a year in May. Guess what the blooms look like? It’s so neat looking. To think I almost cut it down right after we moved in. Thankfully, hubby prevailed. Thanks for the fun read. Looking forward to hearing about your summer adventures. When you have time to post, that is. :) (sorry if this comment is too long)

    1. Jeanne your comments are never too long! I always love hearing all you have to say. :) I know.. that dress is so NOT me! I keep going back and forth on whether or not I should keep it. Your snowball bush sounds absolutely gorgeous! Give your husband a hug. ;) xo

  2. I’ll take Friday favorites on a Sunday!! lol I wanted to share that I like the print dress that you’re on the fence on..I like that it’s out of your norm and it’s flattering on you! we need a few pieces like that in our wardrobe : ) and that was the sweetest thing Kole’s teacher did for her students!!! It melted my heart!!!

    1. Thank you so much Aria! I’m glad you like that dress! So sweet of you. I know.. I probably need to keep it just because it’s not my norm! :) And I know, right!? That album is so precious! xo

  3. Hi Erin! I smiled when I read that your girls jumped in the pool with their clothes! My sister and I loved to do it too :-) Children know were the fun is, right? I love your new dinnerware! It’s beautiful ! And I hope your hydrangeas will survive this time. I often feel I’m an East Coast girl too… even if I don’t live in the US :-)
    I wish you all a wonderful Summertime together!

  4. Hi Erin, Thank you for all the awesome fashion recommendations! My husband is not so thankful! LOL! I got the Gap t-shirts and it was love at first wear. I was just wondering- do you put these in they dryer? I was afraid of shrinking them so I’ve been just hanging them up wet but they look wrinkly. And I really don’t want to bust out the iron! Just curious. Thank you!!


    1. Thanks so much Jamie! Makes me happy my fashion finds are helpful and you love those tops! I am living in them! And yes.. I dry them. They haven’t shrunk much at all! I avoid busting out the iron at all costs.. ha! Thanks again cutie! And tell your husband sorry. ;) xo

  5. I know looks aren’t everything :) … But .. You have STUNNING kids, Erin!I rarely comment but just could’t help to post this. You and your husband are obviously both good looking but omg. Really, they are sooo beautiful and radiate happiness. It’s all your fault :) I can see them growing up in happy and successful adults, because I’ve been reading Sunny side up for years and I know what a great and attentive mom you are. All the best to you. x

    1. Sara! Oh my word! What a kind thing to say! You are such a sweetheart and completely made my day (actually my month!). :) Really – that means so much to me. Especially that you’ve been reading for years. :) Thank you sweet friend! All the best to you too. xo

  6. Love these posts!.. that binder is amazing.. what a great idea!!!
    The picture of your hubby reading made me laugh the book he’s reading was my kids all time favorite! !!
    I love the dress on you.. keep it!
    We have 2 more weeks of school.. it can’t come fast enough for me !

    1. The Big hungry bear and the red ripe strawberry book! Oh my word.. one of my ALL time favorites that I read to all three of my kids! I sent it with my husband that day. It’s always a crowd pleaser. :) Counting down with you Heidi! xo

  7. I love your fashion posts too as well as house related things. What fun it will be for the week without anything on the calendar. Lounging by the pool and eating on your new outdoor dishes sounds about right for the first week of summer break from school.

    My Neta sandal finally arrived since I ordered it after seeing your 1st post. I have to say that it’s the most comfortable shootie ever. I had a Vince Camuto shootie that was returned and this was a welcome exchange. I ordered the Cognac color and it goes well with almost everything because it blends in with my skin. The Nude color is way too light when I saw it at the store. My only problem with the Neta is the end of the stitching pokes out at the back where my ankle is. It pokes into my skin every time I take a step and it’s pretty painful and irritating. Do you have this problem with your shoes? I solved it by sticking a self-stick padding over the stitch and then it was wearable and now my favorite shoe. It does look great with capri pants and jeans. Today I’m wearing it with a shorter skirt and it actually looks great and gives an edgier look to an outfit. I’m going to experiment wearing it with dresses too.

    1. Yea Debbie! So happy you are liking the shoes! Sorry it’s poking into your skin! Mine don’t do that, but I’ve had other shoes that have and I’ve done the same thing – put a small sticky pad or bandaid over it. Usually my skin gets used to it after I’ve worn the shoe several times. I’ll have to try my sandals with skirts! I LOVE them! Thanks cutie! xo

    1. Oh no Emelia! I was worried mine would do that but they have been so comfortable for me. They are honestly my favorite shoes right now! Have you tried putting a little bandaid or pad there when you wear them? I’ve done that with shoes before. xo

      1. I’ve used the pads on multiple other shoes and they are a lifesaver! I keep forgetting to put them in the wedges. I need to take a lesson from you and start a to-do list. :)

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