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Friday Favorites – Gift ideas for men!

10 great gift ideas for men
Happy Friday everyone!  This has been a fun week.  I’ve had Christmas music going around the clock and have been decorating up a storm.  My favorite!  The only problem is that every room is half way done because my attention span is only so long and I keep flitting from one room to the next starting everything and finishing nothing. Ha! :) Anyone else like that?  I’ve always had a bit of decorating ADD.  Let’s hope I can rein things in this weekend and complete a room!  I’m joining blog friends for several Christmas home tours this year and I’m anxious to take pictures to share and to see all of the beautiful Christmas decor inspiration in blog land!  Such a fun time of year.

I have to admit that my early Christmas shopping is going about as good as my decorating.  I’m a bit scattered!  I can always come up with fun gift ideas for the girls in my life – mom, sister, friends, etc. Usually I just give them some of my favorite things!  But every year I get stuck on my husband, father in law, dad and brother.  Especially my husband!  I never know what to get him.  Since I have a feeling I’m not the only who struggles with what to get men for Christmas I thought I’d share a few past gifts I’ve given my husband that have been successful.  I’ve given him a fair share of unsuccessful gifts and have learned a few things about what he really likes and will use.  I’m also sharing a few things I’m planning to get him this year so I told him to promise not to read this post!  Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.56.38 PM 1- Go Pro Hero4 Camera

The Go Pro Hero4 Camera is what I gave my husband for Christmas last year.  He had slightly hinted that he wanted one and it was a huge hit!  You can buy just the camera on its own but I bought this bundle so he would have everything he might need.  This camera is amazing.  He used it when we took the girls’ snow skiing last year and had so much fun filming them (attached it to his ski helmet!).  We also took it to Maui on our last trip and filmed the turtles underwater when we were snorkeling!  Too cool.  If I was more of a techie I’d load up one of the videos to show you.  It’s a fun toy that my husband loves.

2. Exercise/Sport Gear

My husband has recently started running.  Sort of funny because he always hated running and was never into it.  Then one morning he woke up and told me he was going to train to run a marathon because it’s on his bucket list.  And just like that.. now he’s a runner. :)
IMG_7537c2{My outfit details: shirt/scarf/jeans/boots (which just went on sale btw!)}

I shared this picture on IG last weekend after he had finished his second half marathon.  We were in Utah and it was cold and I was in heaven wearing a scarf and boots!  I love cheering him on from the side lines.  With a bag of chips in hand. ;)  So needless to say, lately I’ve been giving him running gear for gifts lately.  So far his favorites have been this watch (it tracks all of his running activity) and these compression calf sleeves that he’s modeling in the picture so nicely. ;)  If the men in your life are interested in a type of exercise or sport, sports gear is a great gift idea!
k with girls_edited-1Leaving the race with two of his biggest fans. :)  Btw – I had my kids so bundled and my mom was cracking up.  It was 60 degrees.  But that might as well have been freezing to us.  Ha!

3.  Activity Gift

Another gift that has always been a hit with my husband is a gift that gives him a fun activity to look forward to.  One year I bought him several movie passes and promised he cold choose what shows we would go see on date nights.  Tickets to a sporting event, skiing, a play, etc. – all fun ideas.  One year I bought him deep sea fishing passes and he loved that.  It’s fun to give something that will include spending time with you or family or friends.

4.  Camping Gear

My husband loves to camp so camping gear is always a go to gift for me.  Tents, sleeping bags, warm camping blankets, flashlights, coolers, etc.

5.  Duffle Bag or Briefcase

Something I’m getting my husband this year!  He needs a good duffle bag for trips and for carrying around running gear or other miscellaneous things.  I’m trying to choose between these two!
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 7.51.28 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.19.37 PM
This grey Novel Duffle Bag OR this one with black and grey stripes.  You all know how much I love my new striped bag.  Maybe we can match?  ;)
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.06.49 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.21.34 PM
Another common gift I give my husband every few years is a new briefcase for work.  He wears them out!  After 3-4 years his work bag starts looking so beat up so I find a nice replacement.  This Estate Messenger Bag by Fossil is one I’m looking at.  I’ve bought him Fossil briefcases in the past and he really likes them.  This looks nice and has great reviews.

6.  Decorate His Office

One year for my husband’s birthday I surprised him and spruced up his work office.  I organized things a bit (what I dared move around!), hung a peg board with pictures of the kids and some of their artwork, set out a few other frames with family pictures and then added a plant.  Made a huge difference and he was happy with the makeover. :)

7. Clothes and Shoes
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.40.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.14.54 PM
Kind of a boring gift but I pick out and buy most of my husband’s clothes and shoes so Christmas is a great time to stock up on a few things for him!  He loves the fit of clothes from Banana Republic so I get most of his stuff there.  He likes their flannel shirts (especially the slim fit) so I always buy a few of those.  (My favs right now are this one and this one.)  I usually look for sales on good shoes for him at Nordstroms.  They are having a good sale right now so I’ve been narrowing down my search!  I love these Cole Haan sneakers and just need to find him a dressy pair for work.
Btw I asked my husband a few weeks ago after I gave him a new shirt if he’d model it for a Fashion Friday post for me.  I can’t remember exactly what he said but it made me laugh out loud and assured me that wouldn’t be happening any time in the near future. ;)

8.  BBQ Equipment
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.57.49 PM
This is a standby but it’s a good one!  I gave my husband a good grill set the first Christmas after we moved into the new house and he uses it all the time!

9. Bose Headphones

A few years ago for Christmas I bought my husband a really nice pair of Bose Headphones.  Hands down one of his favorite gifts.  He uses them constantly (was just looking for them tonight!).  He especially loves them for when he travels.  They are great to have on airplanes.

10.  Coolest Shirt Ever  

I asked my husband before I typed this post what he wants for Christmas this year and he said “lingerie for you.”  I said “try again.”  I couldn’t get anything else out of him (he’s always so sarcastic – won’t ever just answer a question for me!) so I sent a text message to my brother and asked what he wanted his wife to get him for Christmas this year and he said the same thing!  Made me laugh.  Men!  I haven’t prioritized a trip to Victoria Secret (and most likely won’t!) but I did find something I’m giving my husband instead…
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.58.11 PM
Ha ha..  How cool is this shirt!?  It even comes in multiple colors.

Serves him right.


I hope this post gives you a few gifts ideas for the men in your life!  If you have a fun gift idea for men that I didn’t mention I would SO appreciate it if you would share it in the comments!  I need a few more Christmas gift ideas for this year.  Thanks friends!  Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Gift ideas for men!

  1. Hey, Erin. Haven’t commented here in a long long time. Just wanted to say how much I adore your formal living room. (Don’t get me wrong, the whole house is amazing … but formal living room is the last room you’ve finished decorating, I guess.) The rug! The side tables! Oh my … Dying to see your master bedroom&bathroom! Not to mention your genius storage ideas. Definitely stealing some from you. :) I am always bummed because here in my country we don’t have all those furniture/decor stores that you guys have in the US. Well, now I got sidetracked. :) When it comes to gifts for the men in my life … the struggle is mutual! I try to focus on practical aspect or give something they really need at the moment (which is usually nothing! ha!). My go-to is sports or hobby gear and technical stuff. However, with gift giving I stick to my mom’s formula – something for the mind, something for the body and an indulgence. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season, dear Erin. Wishing all the best to you and your lovely family. Good luck with all the gift craziness and decorating.

    1. Thank you so much Sara! I’m happy you like that room so much! It has been a fun one to decorate. :) Your mom’s gift giving formula is a great one. I’m going to remember that! Thanks cutie! xo

  2. Thanks so much for the great ideas, Erin. You two have what looks to be a great relationship. I think that last shirt should be under every tree! :) So funny!

  3. OK Erin, This is really getting spooky :) ( too much similar things)
    I get the same answer from my husband!
    I would buy that t-shirt for him too ;)

  4. Great ideas! I love running Marathons and am addicted to running. Things I love for Christmas are my favorite running shoe in multiple, socks, a good foam roller. If he trains in the dark check out Knuckle Lights. If he is serious about a full marathon think about a hydration belt for those long trial runs.

  5. Hey, Erin! Always enjoy your blog! Just wanted to share a fun gift idea for men (or anyone) that my husband sells in his etsy shop – Ampoids. He builds little speakers in Altoids tins to connect to your phone or MP3 player through the headphone jack. Then you can share your music with a roomful of friends. At $30, it makes a great gift. He also makes tiny amps in Altoids tin to use with electric guitars. Both kinds are very popular at Christmas!

    Thanks again for all your fun posts!

  6. You’re so cute and I’m the same way…!!
    I have ADD of the decorating and gift buying sort too!! ;) Why can’t we be neighbors?! You’re adorable Erin and so is your post. Hugs and Happy Weekend!! xoxo

    1. Kristy! It made me so happy to hear from you on the blog today! Thanks so much cutie! We seriously DO need to be neighbors! Can you imagine!? Non-stop fun. :) Happy turkey day! So excited for you that Emma will be home! Enjoy your holiday sweet friend! xo

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