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Over 100 gift ideas for kids and adults!



So excited about this post friends!  I’ve rounded up over 100 gift ideas for kids and adults!  Every fall I set a personal goal to have my Christmas shopping finished with most gifts wrapped by the end of November.  It doesn’t always happen, but the years I do manage to get a head start on holiday shopping have been my absolute favorite!  I love hitting a good mall, but in December?  No thanks!  It’s too busy and I’d much rather spend the month doing fun Christmas activities with my kids or curling up next to the Christmas tree to watch It’s a Wonderful Life.  With all of the activities December brings, the only way I can find time to slow down and enjoy the month with my family is if my shopping is out of the way.

Most of you know I’ve been sharing favorite gift ideas for years on my blog.  Each year I share our favorite toys, my favorite gift ideas for family and friends, and then a round-up of favorites from a party I attend every December (friends’ favorite gift ideas!).  These are always popular posts and I know it’s because we all want fun gift ideas that our kids, friends and neighbors will actually use and enjoy.  So I’ve rounded up and organized every post I’ve ever written that includes gift ideas.  Years of gift ideas my friends!  (Whew!  This was a labor of love.) :) I hope this helps give you a few ideas for this year and jump starts your holiday shopping (or at least your holiday planning!) so we can all enjoy a calmer, less stressful December.  #missionaccomplished

Enjoy and happy shopping!  :)


{Favorite Toys 2014}  *Most of these are still favorites this year!

{Favorite Toys 2013}

{Favorite Toys 2012}

{Favorite Toys 2011}

{Favorite Children’s Books}

{Favorite Christmas Books}

{Favorite Christmas Movies}


{Favorite Things Party 2015}

{Favorite Things Party 2014}

{Favorite Things Party 2012}

{Favorite Things Party 2011}


{My Favorite Things 2015}

{My Favorite Gift Ideas for Men 2015}

{My Favorite Things 2014}

{My Favorite Things 2013}

{My Favorite Things 2012}

{My Favorite Things 2012 post #2}

{My Favorite Hair Products}

{My Favorite Make-up}

xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Over 100 gift ideas for kids and adults!

  1. I absolutely love your blog (and your sense of humor, you always have me laughing!)! I’m relatively new to following you and this is my first time hearing of the “Favorite Things Party” – what a great idea! I will definitely be implementing this with my friends this year… I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas:)

  2. I can’t wait to read about all your favorite things this year. I eagerly wait for your favorite gift ideas post every year and its so very helpful to choose gifts for friends and family.

  3. I love reading about your favorite things. I saw on one list that you had purchased your girls a karaoke machine. Could you share which one and whether you were happy with it?

    1. Thanks Kim! I couldn’t find the one we bought on Amazon! That’s why I just linked to what they have. They must not be selling it anymore which is a bummer because we have been really happy with it! Maybe just look for one with good reviews? That’s what we did last year. :) Sorry that’s not more help! xo

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