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MY favorite things! (kitchen, beauty products)

I’m always looking for new, fun gift ideas for family, friends, and neighbors and you all know that when I find something I love I get so excited to share it with all of you!  Favorites are more fun when you share them.  :)  A lot of these things I’ve already shared at one time or another, but I thought it would be fun to round them all up together to give you some fun gift ideas.  (Is anyone else still scrambling to finish Christmas shopping?) These are all things I use and love and a lot of these items I’ve given as gifts in past years.  I started working on this post two days ago and it is taking forever because I have SO many favorite things!  So I’m splitting it up into two posts.  Today I’m sharing things I love in the kitchen and my favorite beauty products.  Tomorrow I’ll have more random favorites to share.  FUN!
Despite my aversion to cooking, I somehow still end up in the kitchen a lot.  Alas, I am a mom.  :) Moms know that life revolves around feeding your kids.  And then feeding them again.  And again.  And again.  And again after that.
So here are some of the things I love and use often in my kitchen.  All of these would make great gift ideas for someone who loves to cook – or for someone who like myself, doesn’t love to cook but has to anyway.  :)
OXO DISH SCRUBBER – I took this to Ann’s favorites party last year and the girls who took it home told me this year how much they have loved it.  You squirt your dish soap right into the handle and just push a button to get it out when you’re ready to scrub your pots and pans.  LOVE this.  I’ve been using mine for years and I gave them out as gifts to several family members a few years ago.

CRATE and BARREL’S NON SLIP CUTTING BOARD WITH COLANDER.  I love having the drainer and cutting board all in one.  I mostly use this to clean and chop up strawberries (we eat a lot of strawberries around here) and other fruit.  I love the green.  It makes me happy.  :)

 You can see my OXO dish scrubber on my sink.  :)

WILLIAMS SONOMA MIXING BOWLS.  This is actually a set of three but one of them was dirty and in the dishwasher when I took this picture.  I was too lazy to wash it first.  :)  These mixing bowls and cups and spoons are my absolute favorite.  I use them to make EVERYTHING.  The bowls are rubber on the bottom so they stay put on your counter and one of the three sizes is perfect for making just about anything.  I gave these as gifts one year to Kenny’s sister in law and grandma and they have raved about them ever since!  I bought mine a few years ago and it looks like now they come in sets of four in fun colors.  You won’t regret buying these!  I love them.

OXO PIZZA CUTTER and OXO GARLIC PRESS – my two favorite kitchen tools.  The pizza cutter I use ALL the time.  Embarrassing how much I use it really.  (Lean Cuisine Pizzas are my favorite dinner).  I don’t use the garlic press as often, but every time I do use it I’m amazed at how well it works.  I’ve had both of these for over 10 years and they are still in great shape!  OXO is such an impressive brand.

OXO GOOD GRIP CLEAR CONTAINERS – You know I went on and on about these in my pantry post but I have to say that I still love these.  I think a few of them would make a fabulous Christmas present.  Everyone can find a use for a clear air tight container!

And last but certainly not least, my OXO LETTUCE SPINNER.  I make a lot of salads so we use this often.  This baby gets our lettuce so clean!  Plus it’s incredibly fun to spin.  The girls and I fight over who gets to do it first.

They usually win.  :)  TA-DA!  Clean lettuce ready to eat.  I’ve given these as Christmas gifts before too.  Always a hit.
Here are some fun beauty products that I love and use everyday.
I would be lost without a few of these!
CONAIR CURLING IRON – You’ve all heard me rave about my curling iron.  Inexpensive and fabulous.  I took it to the favorites party our first year and they were scooped up so fast.  Great reviews. (Ignore the owl plate.  This was the only pic I could find of my curling iron!)

NEUTROGENA SUNLESS LOTION – I know.  Who is thinking about tanning lotion in December? Someone in San Diego, that’s who.  :)  Despite your current weather, this is a fun stocking stuffer for someone once it warms up again.  Especially someone with fair skin.  Just rub or spray a little on your legs to get rid of that all too scary white.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, not fair.  :)

CROC FLAT IRON – While my curling iron is cheap, I spend a little more on my straight irons.  Croc is my favorite brand and I have had the one pictured above for years.  Great quality – makes your hair so straight and smooth.  If it weren’t for the darn humidity around here I’d use this baby a lot more.  I use it often for Ellie though and can’t say enough good things about it.  My mom has given me a new CROC straight iron several times for Christmas over the years.  It’s a fun gift.
CROC IRON COMB – I am SO in love with my iron comb you guys!  Have you ever used one?  It is THE BEST comb to use when you are straightening your hair.  You slide the flat part into your hair and then comb as you are straightening with the straight iron.  Does that make sense?  Maybe another vlog to explain?  :)  It helps get your hair super straight.  If you already have straight hair you can do without this, but if you have thick hair with natural wave/curl, this comb is the best – such a great tool for straightening hair.  I’ve given them as gifts many times!

ENJOY STRAIGHTENER – While we’re on the subject of hair… you know how much I LOVE my Enjoy hair straightener.  If I’m straightening my hair I rub a little Enjoy on my hair while it’s wet.  Blow dry.  Then use my CROC comb and straight iron to straighten my hair.  Then I rub a little Moroccan Oil (mentioned yesterday) to add shine and keep it straight.  I use the Enjoy when I’m doing my hair curly too (and I use it often on Addison’s hair) so it works for straight or curly hair.  I’ve given it for gifts many times and now my friends love it too!

The rest of these items I mentioned in my favorite make-up post so if you want to read more about them you can do that here.  This is all make-up that would work for anyone and I’ve given most of these as gifts to my mom, sister, and mother-in-law.

 PAINTERLY by MAC.  The perfect foundation for your eyelids to make eye shadow stay on and not crease.

LAURA MERCIER eye last curler
MAC eye lash curler  – my two favorites.

MAYBELINE DEFINE-A-LASH MASCARA – shared it in my last post.  Combine this with an eyelash curler above and you will have LONG eyelashes.

 MAC EYEBROW GEL – keeps eyebrows in place and full.  One bottle lasts forever.

BOBBI BROWN HIGH SHIMMER LIP GLOSS – this is pricey for lip gloss so I don’t buy it myself, but it shows up in my stocking every year.  I’ve trained Santa well.  :)  It looks beautiful over any lipstick.

NATURAL ICE cherry chap stick.  This I’ve been getting in my stocking since I was a little girl.  My girls love this for chapped lips too.

So there are a few of my favorite go-to’s for kitchen and make-up that I think would make fun gifts.  I’ll be back tomorrow to share a few more.  :)

Enjoy your day!
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xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “MY favorite things! (kitchen, beauty products)

  1. Great ideas, I like the William Sonoma Bowl set , that color is so pretty. You said they are rubber on bottom, Is the bowl itself plastic?
    I still use the brand mascara you recommended & love it ! And the Balsam Bath & Body works candle you showed before I love too !

  2. Hi Erin, I have been reading your blog for a couple a months now and you just seem like such an energetic, optimistic person. I like it! :) I went out and purchased the mascara you recommended; I do like it. Have you ever tried Loreal Voluminous mascara? Up until now that is what I have used. I really enjoy that, also!

  3. Hi Reenie! The bowls are melamine. Very durable. I’ve washed them in the dishwasher a million times. So happy you like the mascara and candle! :)

    Thanks Lynn! I haven’t tried Loreal Voluminous before but now I’m going to! I love testing make-up. Thanks for the tip!

    Me too Jamie! :)

    Thanks Becky!

  4. Hi, Erin,
    I have problems with my eyebrows, they always look so messy, and it seems that the hairspray on a toothbrush :D doesn’t work! I even purchased a special eyebrow comb but they are still resilient to the hairspray part, so I’ll have to try that MAC Brow. Also, I have such a big problem with electric hair – when it’s hot it’s frizzy but now in the winter it’s so electric that I look funny. If you had experience with a product that could help me I would be very grateful!
    Greetings from Croatia

  5. Erin,

    I love your favorites! Thanks for sharing them!

    My husband just gave me tickets for my birthday to see Wicked in January in San Francisco. I’ve been listening to the CD with my two girls and we love it!

    What are some of your other favorite musicals or CDs that you enjoy with your girls?

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Hey Erin!
    I would appreciate a vlog or further explanation on the Flat Iron Comb. I’ve never heard of one of those and my hair is super wavy so I bet it would help me straighten better.

  7. Since you and I agree on MAC Painterly and Moroccan Oil, and I loved your mascara recommendation, I know you won’t steer me wrong with the cutting board. I literally read this and went right to Crate and Barrel. I still needed a gift for two people and I know they will both love the board/colander combo. I got one for myself, too! Thanks!

  8. Girl, OXO should be paying you:) I have so many of their gadgets too and love them. I am also now hooked on define a lash thanks to you. Thanks for the list, I’m definitely going to check out the Mac painterly pot. I also wanted to tell you one of my new favorites, it is Josie Maran Argan Oil….it is the bomb!!!!!!! You have to try a small jar to see if you like it. I don’t know if you have dry skin at all, but if so. You. Must. Try.:-) can’t wait to see the next post

  9. Oh my….I just bought the Fresh Balsam candle and it smells just wonderful. I just wish I bought more than 1!!! My husband was thrilled and said this was what our house was missing. This is the second time I’ve followed your recommendation. I also have the OXO clear containers. :) Thanks for all of the awesome suggestions.

  10. What a great post! I’d love to know what size of Oxo clear containers that you used for your flour & sugar. Our newly graduated from college dd is moving into her own apartment in January and I’m thinking these would make a perfect Christmas gift or first apartment warming gift but can’t decide what size to get.

  11. I absolutely love the natural ice chapstick. It’s the only one I will buy. Now I can’t find it in any stores that are near my house. So I have started buying it on Amazon.

  12. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! SO happy the favorites are helping some of you!

    Rusulica – Try the Moroccan Oil! Put a little on your hair after you blow dry it. It really helps with frizziness!

    Julie – Hmmm… other musicals. Wicked is the only one we listen to (OVER and OVER). :) But I am so excited to take my girls to Mary Poppins and Lion King someday. We took them to the play of The Grinch last weekend and they loved it. So fun when they are old enough to enjoy musicals! I’m so happy your girls are loving Wicked too!

    Kimberly – YEA! You will LOVE the cutting board!

    Mindy – I think my flour and sugar are in the 4 quart jars. It is the second biggest size of the OXO containers and I used those and the square ones (2 1/2 quarts I think?) in my pantry. I ordered the biggest size for our Bisquick because we eat a lot of waffles around here. :) GREAT gift idea for someone moving into their own apartment! FUN! :)

    I will have to do another hair tutorial with the straightening comb! Probably in January when things slow down a bit. :)

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