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Christmas Pinspiration!

I needed a little down time tonight to clear my mind and relax from the busy week.  Naturally I turned to Pinterest!  I haven’t had much time to decorate my current house this year because I’m so busy with the new house, but I can’t wait to implement some of these fun ideas into my decor next year!
I am loving candy canes right now!  Such a cheap, simple, fun way to add some whimsy to your house in December.  Here are  a few ideas on how to incorporate them into your decor…





And last but not least, how fun is this for breakfast on Christmas morning!?  I think even I can pull off this meal.  :)


You all know how much I love a good Christmas card!  In years past I’ve always displayed my cards on/around my pantry door –

or on my wall and in my aqua frame (full post here)

I’m using painters tape this year btw.  I used regular tape last year and the cards were dropping like flies.  Drove me crazy!

I also love having our Christmas cards from past years on display.  Fun to see how our family has grown.  I need an updated picture with our latest cards.  I also need a two year old who doesn’t want to tear stuff like this apart each year.  Are you listening Santa?  :)

Here are a few other fun ways to display Christmas cards…



When Christmas is over I love creating a simple layout with the pictures of some of our friends.  Between the years, everyone we know and love is pictured on a layout in our Christmas album at least once.  Here is another fun idea I love if you don’t want to cut up your cards…
Simply punch some holes in your cards and add a few binder rings.  So easy to make and fun to set out on your coffee table to flip through each year!
I’ve also found some great snowman inspiration!  Check out these cute ideas…




How fun!  I want to try them all!

And since I just ordered all of our outdoor lights for the new house today (I’ll have to share a pic of them!), above is a fun idea for how to spruce some of them up for Christmas next year!


I also loved this Christmas tree advent calendar for the kids to countdown till Christmas.  So much more fun than the regular chain we usually make.

And on a totally separate note, today was such a fun day.  Kole and the new house occupy most of my time and energy lately and I have been missing girl time with my girls.  So I got a sitter for Kole and pulled the girls out of school at lunch time.  We went to lunch together, just the three of us.

(On our way to lunch!)

Then after we ate, we picked Kole up and went home and put him down for a nap and watched Miracle on 34th Street together under a blanket on the couch.  It was the first time the girls have seen it and they colored during the too much talking parts.  :)  It was a perfect, relaxing afternoon and I loved having a little time alone with my girls.  They talk my ear off and keep me pretty entertained.  I think we need to make our lunch/afternoon date a tradition.

On our way to lunch we were all three walking holding hands and a sweet lady stopped us and said “oh you make me want to have little girls someday!”

I answered “yeah – it’s pretty great.”
And it really is.  :)
Happy weekend everyone!
xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Christmas Pinspiration!

  1. Haha. I thought the exact same thing when I pinned the banana/strawberry candy cane “hmmm, something I could actually do”. Glad you got to have a specila lunch date with your gorgeous girls. They seem so sweet!:-)

  2. What a sweet idea to have a special lunch with your girls…made me tear up a little at the end of your post because I have two girls too and it IS great.

    Have a super weekend!

  3. I’m pregnant now and I wish to have a girl (I still don’t know my baby’s sex). But you and your family make me want not only one baby)) Seeing what a good time your girls have togather. But I know theirs good relations are only your merit. You are great!
    Aljonushka from faraway Belarus

  4. Eri, this is something your girls will remember FOREVER! I still remember when my mom surprised me with mid morning pick ups from school! Once we went shopping and I got a maxi skirt – all the rage with the 2nd grade girls at the time! and then once she took me to the theatre! I can’t remember if we saw GIGI, or A Little Night Music, but I do remember how incredibly special I felt :)
    You are doing really well, providing a very happy childhood for your children. Keep it up and let us know more . . .

  5. Erin, I can still remember my mom coming on a field trip w/ my class in kindergarten & we got back to the school mid day & she took me home early w/ her. And that was so long ago & I still remember that. I can even remember the Holly Hobby dress I had on that day LOL!
    Love the Holiday Decor pictures you pinned, I especially like the one of the outside light w/ garland on it.

  6. Brilliant post:) I love how you said the girls coloured during the talk too much parts during the film:) That’s a brill film. Is it the one with Richard Attenborough in? (I always have to try & remember which one it is as David, his brother, does a nature programme over here)

    The picture of the paper chains reminded me of Christmas when I was a child. We always had paper chains like that.

    I especially like the idea on hanging Christmas pix of the bannisters.

    I bet you’re enjoying all your Christmas CDs etc:).

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