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Fashion Friday – favorite make-up!

It’s Friday!  And we’re talking make-up today!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!  So.  I’ve had these pictures ready to post for months now.  And I kept putting off posting them because I was going to try to take some pictures of what this make-up actually looks like on my face.  But I have been wearing very little make-up this summer and on the days that I am getting completely ready, I’m too busy getting everyone in this house ready to stop and take pictures.  But by now you’ve seen enough pictures of me on this blog to get an idea of what my make-up looks like anyway.  :)  And really it’s nothing that special.  I’m not an expert on this subject, but I do like to try out new make-up.  After years of sampling lots of different brands and colors, these are my favorites!  My go-to’s that I wear every day.  Every day that I actually venture out of my gym clothes and get ready that is.  :)
**Quick tip before we start:  Make-up can be really expensive once you leave places like Target and Wal-Mart.  If you want to splurge on some nice make-up but don’t know where to start or what to buy, the best thing to do is to make an appointment to get a makeover.  The makeover is usually free as long as you buy some make-up so if I know I need some new make-up anyway, I love to get a makeover to try out new products.  (I’ve always done this at Nordstroms but you can get makeovers at most big department stores.)  And DO NOT feel like you need to buy everything the make-up artist tries on you.  They work pretty hard to sell you as much as possible, so hold your ground and only purchase the stuff you really love and know you will use.  One thing I’ve gotten really good at over the years when it comes to make-up is learning to say “thanks, but no thanks.”  :)  I’ve linked to most of my favorite products if you’re interested in checking them out.   So here we go!
My two favorite brands of make-up are MAC and BOBBI BROWN.  I’m slightly partial to BOBBI BROWN, but love both brands and would absolutely recommend their products.

My make-up brushes are a mix of both brands.  It’s a pain to pay for make-up brushes, but I would highly recommend buying some nice ones.  They make a big difference when you are applying your make-up and as long as you take care of them, they will last for years.  (Post on washing make-up brushes here.)

First thing I apply on my face everyday is sunscreen (I’ll share my favorite sunscreen at some point!  I forget to take a picture of it).  Next is foundation.  I LOVE Bobbi Brown foundation.  I’ve tried lots of different brands and this one is my absolute favorite.  Aside from great coverage, it just seems to give my face a nice even glow.  “Sand 2” is the shade that looks the best on me.  I have very fair skin, so obviously find the shade that matches your complexion.  This stuff isn’t cheap, but a little bit goes a long way and this bottle lasts quite a while.  I once made the mistake of asking Kenny to pick me up some new foundation on his lunch hour because I didn’t have time.  He came home that night and said “ERIN!  Is that how much you’re paying for this stuff!!?”  So now I ask for new make-up a lot for my birthday, Christmas, etc. Takes the sting out if it’s a gift.  ;)

I also really like Bobbi Brown’s tinted moisturizer.  It’s a lighter foundation (not as good of coverage as the foundation above) but it still gives your skin a glow and offers a little sun protection.  I use this the most in the summertime.  (For some reason the Amazon price was a lot higher than I paid for this in Nordstroms so check out your department store first if you want to try this.)

Switching over to MAC, this is their Strobe Cream.  I got this in my stocking last Christmas and have really enjoyed it.  It’s a cream you apply over your foundation and it sort of brightens your skin giving it a little extra pizazz.  I don’t wear this every day, but it’s fun to apply for special occasions/date nights.

This is probably my favorite product hands down.  It’s Bobbi Brown’s eye concealer and it’s FABULOUS.  You have probably noticed from my blog post times that I’m a bit of a night owl.  You also know that I’ve had a baby or toddler for the past eight years.  Sleep deprivation has become my norm.  I have learned how to function on little sleep (it’s the only way I get anything done!) but my eyes have paid the price.  I wake up to terrible, dark circles under my eyes every morning.  Bobbi Brown concealer to the rescue!  I just apply a bit of the cream under my eyes and then cover it with the powder and wa-la!  I suddenly look like my pre-kid self!

If you decide to try this I would totally recommend getting the touch-up brush that goes with it.  It applies the cream so evenly.  I love it!

In my last Favorites on Friday post I shared my love for “Painterly” by Mac.  Foundation for your eyelids.

Just use your finger to rub a little on your eyelid and it keeps your eyeshadow looking great all day long.  No more creases!

This is Bobbi Brown’s “Graphite Shimmer Ink” gel eyeliner.  It is dark black and I wear this under my eyes and on my top eye lid. I would have never bought this on my own, but the last time I got a makeover at Bobbi Brown they put it on me and I was surprised by how much I liked it.  It has more of a dramatic effect so I don’t wear it everyday.  Just for special occasions when I’m really trying to clean up.  You have to have a small, thin brush to apply it.  It goes on so smoothly and it’s easy to create a thin or thick line (whatever you prefer).  I think this would look good on everyone!

For everyday eyeliner, I use either “Prunella” by Mac (it’s a dark brownish purple color) OR I just apply some of my eyeshadow in a really thin line below my eye with a special “eye definer” brush.  I tend to use the Prunella the most often because I can put it on so fast.  I love the way my shadow looks, but it takes more time to apply.  I usually have 5 minutes or less to put my make-up on so I tend to stay away from anything that slows me down!

My all time favorite eye shadows are the two to the right in this picture:  “Satin Taupe” and “Shroom” by Mac.  I have been wearing these colors for YEARS.  I try new colors all the time, but I keep coming back to these.  I put the Satin Taupe on my bottom eye lid and the Shroom on the top.  These are both really neutral colors that would look good on a lot of skin types.  I bought them for my mom and she has been wearing the same colors and loving them ever since too!  Mac eyeshadow has such a fun sparkle to it.  I was trying to find a picture of me that shows these colors and remembered I have a close up of my eyes closed in this scrapbook layout:

Not the best picture, but we’re all about the eyeshadow today.  :)  You can see how the Mac eyeshadow has a bit of a sparkle/shine in it.

My blush is “Cubic” by Mac.  I like it, but I’m not in love with it.  I want to try something new as soon as I use it all, but this stuff won’t go away!  I do love Mac’s blush brush though and have used it for years.

This is another fun Mac product that I LOVE.  It’s their clear brow set gel and it keeps your eyebrows nice and neat.  Crazy eyebrows drive me nuts!  I love applying a bit of this each morning.  My eyebrows stay looking perfect in place all day long!


Let’s talk Mascara!  YES!  Use an eyelash curler!  I know a lot of people don’t, but this makes the biggest difference for me and my eyelashes.  Just ten seconds on each eye with an eye lash curler and my eyelashes are curled up and SO long.  Sometimes if I’m really rushed, I just curl my lashes and don’t even put on the mascara and they still look so much better.  My favorite eye last curler is the top silver one by Mac.  You can buy one that looks the same and is cheaper in Target, but the Mac curler has more of a spring in it or something.  It works better and is totally worth the extra 10 bucks.  I also love this lash curler by Laura Mercier.  I read about it in a magazine (it was voted the best eye lash curler in a contest).  But again, it takes me a little longer to use so I find that I grab my silver Mac eyelash curler most days.

Ok.  I’m stepping out of department store make-up and into Target for my ALL TIME favorite mascara.  EVER.  I have tried SO many mascaras.  Seriously. I think I’ve tried them all!  And my go to LOVE is Maybelline Define-a-lash.  I love all Maybelline mascaras, but I think this one is the best.  It makes my lashes so long and I can easily apply more and more if I’m going out and want my lashes super dramatic.  No clumping.
Here are a few other mascaras I’ve recently tried.  They aren’t as good!  I haven’t found anything I like as much as my Define-A-Lash by Maybelline!  In my opinion, even the more expensive mascaras don’t compare.

I replace it about every three to four months (3-6 months is recommended for replacing mascara).  I kept putting my old mascara in my cupboard after I bought a new one thinking that I’d keep it just in case for a back up.  Last time I cleaned out that cupboard I realized how many I had stashed away!  HA!  I tossed them after taking this picture.  :)

As far as lipstick goes, I was on a quest for years to find a shade I loved.  I tried many Mac lipsticks and they were all fine.  But my favorite?

Bobbi Brown’s “Plumberry” lipstick with their “High Shimmer Lip Gloss” (Bellini 14) on top of it (pink bottle).  The Plumberry is dark, but with the lip gloss over it, it’s such a pretty color!  Also in the above picture is my Bobbi Brown “warm sand” touch up stick (foundation in a stick).  These three things (the touch up stick, lip stick and lip gloss) are what I keep in my purse.

This picture is from a couple of years ago, but this is the lipstick combo.  It’s a fun splash of color!

Bobbi Brown’s shimmer lip gloss is super expensive, so for day to day I substitute it with other lip gloss like these from Bath and Body Works.  I especially love “Brown Sugar.”

So there you go!  My favorites!  I know these colors won’t work on everyone (if you have fair skin and freckles, you’re hooked up!), but maybe this post gave some of you an idea of something new to try next time you’re shopping for make-up.  It’s always fun to discover new products so if you have a favorite when it comes to make-up please share in the comments!

Now go forth and look fabulous!
And while you’re at it, enjoy the weekend.
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xoxo, Erin
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40 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – favorite make-up!

  1. What fun to see what your favorite makeup must haves are.  I used to sell cosmetics at Nordstrom.  I’ve tried many products over the years, and here my favorites:

    Foundation- revlon colorstay for oily skin, applied with (buffer brush from coastal scents online).  Light foundation- palladio tinted mineral moisturizer, sold at Sally’s.  This stuff is amazing, it goes on light and feels natural on skin, yet it does give coverage.

    Concealer- Laura Gellar full coverage concealer.  A dab of this and any spot will vanish. (Macy’s)

    Setting powder- Elf High definition powder- sets makeup and fills in pores. This is a translucent powder.  This product is amazing!  ($6 Elf online)

    Blush- pallet from coastal scents ($15 online).  I also use Elf’s Cream blush $3 each, & apply with a buffer brush.  

    Eyes- Urban Decay naked eye pallet.  Eyebrows- anastasia thin brow pencil.  (Sephora)

    Skincare- I order the java african black soap from Coastal Scents online.  For moisturizer, I use Josie Maran Argan oil as needed…around the eyes etc. (Sephora)

  2. I’ve been anxiously waiting this post and I love it so many great ideas! I think I used to have the plumberry lipstick and was told it was discontinued, do you know if that’s true? Thanks!

  3. Loved reading this post – it’s always great to see which products make the favorites list! Am definitely going to check out the Bobbi brown lip colors you posted. They are gorgeous!

    For a new blush – I highly recommend Exposed by Tarte – it looks amazing on every single person I’ve seen I on – both in person and on line. In the compact it looks brown like a bronzed but on your cheeks it turns into the most beautiful pink – its hard to describe but I’d definitely try it ! Also love Pale Pink blush by Bobbi Brown – its what Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day – it’s super pigmented so you only need a tiny bit to brighten your face … Peony is also a good shade. Can you tell I love blushes LOL?

  4. Fun post! I mostly use Laura Mercier. Haven’t tried MAC, really should as I am not a huge fan of LM eye colors. Love Bare Minerals for a softer, natural look, however it makes SUCH a mess of my bathroom counters!! Okay, a trip to the beauty counter is in order. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Erin-this is awesome! You and I look so much alike and have the same coloring this makes my life so much easier. Off to Nordstrom’s I go :)


  6. Thanks for sharing all your tips. I have reddish, fiar complexion and still get acne (yes even as an adult that washes her face morning and night) and so I need something with great coverage. I am stuck on Merle Norman brand and they are slightly less expensive for the foundation than yours are. But you have tempted me to try your brand too. I also am really liking the new Physicians Formula mascara and eye shadow packs that are at drugstores. They are all natural too.

  7. Thanks everyone! And oh my word – thank you for so many fun make-up recommendations! I can’t wait to try some of these products out! (Ella – I am trying out those blushes next week! Thank you!)

    Jess – yea! Our complexions ARE so similar. You will love these products! :)

    Amy – AHH!! I don’t know about Plumberry being discontinued!? I will find out! And I will be so sad if it is! :(

  8. Erin, looks like plum berry was one of several to be discontinued. Then BB held a vote on FB to bring back the favorite (in each country)…looks like Wine one in the U.S. :(

  9. Next time I want to try new makeup, I’ll have to head over to Bobbi Brown or Mac – – I’ve never done one of those makeovers before! I always bounce back and forth between valuing more expensive makeup and wanting to try less expensive stuff. I’ve definately found that with mascara, the drugstore brands are just as good if not better. I really like Covergirl LashBlast, but will have to try out that Maybeliene as well.

    I tend to spend a little less money on hair stuff, so I feel I can spend more on good makeup. Right now I’m giving Revlon Colorstay a try (heard it was as good as Mac). I’m just all over the place! I’ve been meaning to try out Laura Geller’s Balance/Brighten foundation – I always gravitate towards it at Ulta and I like stuff that’s quick and easy.

    Question: what sunscreen do you use? My moisturizer has an SPF in it (and a lot of foundations I’ve used do too) so I don’t think of using a specfic sunscreen. Do you reccommend a good one for the face (under makeup) or just any sunscreen you’d pack to the beach?

  10. Hi Erin! I’ve been using Mac for years and prunella eye liner has been my staple too!! I love all their stuff, especially the lip glosses and eye shadows. I will have to try out some BB next time. Great post!

  11. I commented above (used to sell cosmetics at Nordstrom). I also wanted to say to everyone, that there are alot of really good makeup products in drugstore lines. It can get expensive trying to find the best products out there, so I recommend watching reviews on utube. One of my favorite beauty gurus is Emily on beauty broadcast, she is a news anchor and is very thorough on her reviews ranging from high end to drugstore, she also gives great makeup tutorials. I hope everyone checks out her videos, you’ll be happy you did! Emily,

  12. Hi Katy! I’ve tried so many sunscreens and finally found one I love for my face! It’s Cetaphil. I’ll share a picture of it soon in an upcoming blog post.

    Anonymous – thank you so much for all of the tips you’ve shared! I’m definitely going to check out Emily (and some of the products you recommended). Fun to hear from an expert! :)

    Darcy – so fun to hear from you too!

  13. What a great post! I have been obsessed with makeup since I was a teenager reading “17” magazine. I still remember Bobbi Brown and Mac were always top picks back in the 80’s. Of course, I have never been able to afford them so I admire from afar. Maybe you could do another vlog post showing how to apply all of these great products like you did with your hair vlog post. Just a thought. :) I know you’re super busy with that new house of yours.

  14. Thanks for your make-up recommendations Erin. I had been keeping my eye out for a new mascara to try but there are so many out there that promise the same results. I am American living in the UK so not everything is available to me that is in the US, unfortunately! But after seeing your recommendation for mascara, I went to the store and was relieved to find Define-A-Lash! Haven’t given it a go yet but I will today. :)

  15. Thanks for sharing Erin!!
    I’m always on the hunt for a better mascara so I am going to try that one! And the painterly pot sounds great too. Right now I use one by Laura Mercier but it’s really expensive to I’m hoping Mac’s is cheaper!

  16. I’m always on the lookout for new make up as well. Although I don’t wear much of it, it’s nice to have some quality make up for going out :) Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hey,thanks! This post was just for me….freckles & fair skin!! Can’t wait to try some of your suggestions!


  18. So I love the mascara, but I’m having trouble removing it! I have been using Almay Eye Make-Up Remover and haven’t had much luck getting all of it off. What do you use?

  19. Funny thing… I’m reading this post thinking this is great, I have fair skin too and I can try all these fun colors Erin is sharing. Then I get to the eye shadow, I use the exact same colors, Shroom and Satin Taupe, and I love them! Especially the Shroom, in the summer sometimes that’s all I put on. I also really like Haux, fun one to try if you haven’t already. And thanks for the tips on mascara, I still haven’t found one I love. I go back and forth between expensive and cheap and drive myself crazy. Thanks for all the fun tips can’t wait to try some of these fun products.

  20. Thanks so much for this comprehensive list!! I really appreciate it.

    Quick question – I might have missed it, but would you mind sharing which shade of eye concealer you use? There are so many!!


  21. I loved this post because I LOVE make-up! And guess what, WE WEAR THE EXACT SAME FOUNDATION – EVEN THE COLOR IS THE SAME.

    This must be why we are so cute, right? ;) I guess it is just the fair skin and freckles.

    So excited for your new house. It will be lovely.

  22. Fizzy Rain – oh my word! So sorry I just realized I never answered your question! My eye concealer is Sand: Pale Yellow. Hope that helps! :)

    Hi Nicole! So fun to hear from you! And so funny we wear the same foundation! Now I like it even more. :)

  23. Okay,I’m a little slow to comment, but I really loved this post. I also use Strobe Cream, Painterly, and Cetaphil. I love the fun shades of MAC eyeshadows, too. It’s interesting how different makeup artists recommend differnt ways to use products. You mentioned you put Strobe Cream on after your foundation. When I used it during a makeup trial I was told to put it on first, even before my moisturizer. I’ve hated almost every under-eye concealer I’ve ever used, so I’m excited to try Bobbi Brown’s. I went to Targt the other day and Define-a-Lash was on clearance. Score! I LOVE it. I think it’s the wand…I’ve never had one like it. Keep the great posts coming! :)

  24. Hi Erin, Desert Rose blush from Bobbi Brown is also a fantastic neutral colour – more of a peach than a pink but I think would be great with all your other colour choices – and they also do a lippie, which might replace your discontinued Plumberry.

    I was wondering if you can recommend any neutral Bobbi Brown eyeshadows? I’m not a MAC fan as I find it too pigmented – plus the counters too scarey with overly made-up fashionistas!!

  25. Thanks Kimberly! So glad you like the mascara!

    Anonymous – I’ve only tried a couple of colors of Bobbi Brown eye shadow and haven’t loved them so I don’t have much to recommend. After every eyeshadow I try I just keep going back to the MAC brands I love. Sorry that’s not much help! (But I agree about the overly made-up sales people!)

  26. Hello Erin!

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now, and find myself coming back to so many of your blog posts, especially this one! I found your blog because I wanted to read about other people’s experiences of creating an organised home, but your blog is so much more than that!

    This post made me feel so connected to you, despite the distance (I live in London, UK), not least because we both have the beautiful English Rose skintone (I also use Bobbi Brown foundation in 02 Sand). In fact, you could almost have been describing the contents of my make-up bag, which is a bit spooky, but cool at the same time! I’ve never tried MAC ‘shroom’ but am desperate to do so now, after reading your recommendation and seeing how great your eye make-up looks.

    I am normally more of a fan of lipstick than eye make-up (it was a resolution for 2012 not to leave the house without wearing lipstick!), and two of my favourites are Bare Lips and Plum Wine, both by Laura Mercier. I adore her tinted moisturiser too.

    I’ve been very ill, and have been severely anaemic for a few months, which means that I look ghostly pale (unwell, rather than classically English!), so I have discovered a number of products that can make me look so healthy that the doctors think that I’m a visitor rather than their patient! A particular favourite is Bobbi Brown pot rouge (for lips and cheeks) in Powder Pink. It’s a cream blush, which goes on like a dream, and looks so natural. I use it on my lips as well. I think someone else mentioned Bobbi Brown’s shimmer bricks, which I also love – I use the shade Pink Quartz.

    I always look forward to reading your blog, and have been so inspired, encouraged and entertained. Thank you! And now I’m off to get some sleep so that I’ll have energy in the morning to get up and hunt down your Maybelline mascara – it must be sold somewhere in London, right?!

    Thanks again, Jo

  27. Hi Jo!

    So much fun reading your sweet comment! I loved it! Sounds like we really do have a lot in common in the make-up department! I am totally going to try the products you recommended! Especially the Bobbi Brown pot rouge. Can’t wait! Thank you!

    And thanks again for your kind words about my blog. It was so sweet of you to leave such a nice comment. It made me so happy. :) I hope you get feeling better. So nice to “meet” you!

  28. Hey Erin
    Went out and purchased the maybelline DEFINE-A-LASH and I love it! I hope Maybelline sees this and offers you some kind of deal:)
    I was directed to your blog by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality when she featured your new home in September. And boy was I WOWED!! It was, quite frankly, a pleasant surprise to read your down to earth observations and posts:) They’re funny and sweet and I’m glad I stopped by…
    Regards from Canada!

    1. Oh yea Wendy! I’m so happy you tried it and liked it! Love that mascara.. I’ve been wearing it for years! Thanks so much for your kind words.. they made my day! I’m so happy you stopped by too. :) xo

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