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Our Favorite Toys! (2013)

Sharing a few favorite toys today!  Mostly because I am just now ordering a lot of our Christmas so toys are on my mind!  I thought this would be my year to get back on top of things and have everything Christmas related done by now, but apparently next year will be “the year”.  :)  A lot of odds and ends to finish the new house have kept me so busy this month so I’m doing most of my shopping on-line.  At the LAST minute.  Lovely!

I have to admit that while I love shopping for extended family and friends, these three are the most fun to surprise!  I love finding that perfect gift for each of them that I know will have them squealing Christmas morning.  TOO much fun.

This pic is from our family photoshoot last month and I adore Kole’s little face he pulls when we say “smile!”  Not quite his natural smile but at least it’s better than this…

 My little buddy gets as excited about family pictures as his daddy does.


Time to share my kids’ favorite things!  Some of these toys we have and love and some of these things just may pop up Christmas morning!
1.  Goddess Girls  – My girls are so into these books.  They read them so fast we can’t keep them stocked!
2.  My Little Pony Equestria Girls DVD – Anything My Little Pony is adored around my house and this DVD has been played more times than I can count.  My Little Pony has come a long way since I was a little girl!  They’re like totally cool pre-teen ponies now.  Kinda sad!  But my girls love it.
3.  Justice jewelry –  Addie (who loves all things fashion) is a huge fan of Justice jewelry.  She especially loves “best friend” charms and usually gives the other half to her sister.  :)
4.  How to Draw Books – we gave several of these “How to Draw” books to the girls for Christmas last year and they have loved them!  They keep them busy for hours at a time and have really helped improve their art skills.
5.  Doll Robe – We pretty much love pj’s and robes more than life itself around here.  I figured it was time for the girls’ dolls to join the pj party!  Now that it gets dark so early we are usually all in pj’s by 5:00.  Kenny would argue that this happens regardless of how dark it is outside.
6.  Razor Scooter – My mom bought these for my girls and they’ve hardly been set down since!  One of our favorite toys HANDS DOWN.  They inspired my backyard bike/scooter path.  :)
7.  Rainbow Loom – Chances are if you have a daughter you’ve heard of Rainbow Loom!  Very popular gift this year.  It’s on Addison’s wish list!
8.  Thea Stilton – Another series of books my girls can’t read fast enough.  Darling stories.  They can’t wait for reading time when they are into a Thea Stilton book!
9.  Beenie Boos – Oh my word.  My girls are obsessed with them.  Have been for over a year.  Our growing collection is driving me crazy!  Of course they are asking Santa for one yet again!
10.  Karaoke System – Can’t wait to see my little singers on Christmas morning when they open this fun gift!  Should be a good time for the whole family.  As long as mom doesn’t steal the show.  ;)
11.  Panda fleece pj’s from Justice – My panda lover has had these pj’s from Justice for a while now and pretty much LIVES in them.  Not my favorite pair, but my El is so in love with them.  I couldn’t share her favorites and not include them!  Great gift if you have a panda lover in your life too.  :)
12.  Head Banz – My girls LOVE playing this game!  They play it with each other or invite friends over to join the fun.  Great gift for Elementary age kids.
13.  Guess Who – Another game my girls play non-stop.  I remember loving this game when I was their age too.
(age 3)

1.  Rudolph Memory Challenge – Getting this because we are obsessed with Rudolph around here and memory/matching games are always a hit with Kole.

2.  Pete The Cat Books – Kole LOVES Pete the Cat books.  He discovered them in preschool and they have become fast favorites.  Darling stories.

3.  Melissa and Doug Car Carrier – This was a Christmas present from last year that my little buddy  has played with over and over.  Wooden toys are the best and Melissa and Doug toys hold up so well.

4.  Go Away Big Green Monster – I think we’ve read this story over 4,629 times.  Or more.  We talk a lot about monsters at our house so I ordered this book for Kole last March for his birthday.  I had no clue he would love it as much as he does.  It’s a simple book that would be great for even a 1 or 2 year old.

5.  Maxbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure – I just ordered this because I know it will be a fun toy in and out of the tub!  Sharks rank right up there with monsters (basically anything scary that could “gobble you up” is a hit with Kole right now).  Plus I just thought the ship looked like fun.  Anything that encourages imaginative play is a good thing.

6.  Wooden Digger –  You can’t go wrong getting a digger or truck for a toddler boy!  I just bought the wooden digger from this set at Pottery Barn Kids because the wooden Melissa and Doug cars were such a hit last year.  A bit of a splurge for one truck, but all of the parts are so movable like a real digger.  Perfect for scooping pretend dirt!  Or even better – real dirt if mom’s in a good mood.

7.  Assorted Dinosaur Set – LOVE our dinosaur toys around here.  The gobble you up thing again.

8.  Go Away Monster Game – Kole has played this game in therapy and loves it so much.  I want to buy it for him but it looks like they aren’t making it anymore!?  I haven’t seen it for less than 50 bucks used.  Yikes!  Still working on this one…

9.  Plasma Car – All three of my kids have loved their plasma cars for years now!  I can’t recommend these enough.

10.  John Deer Tractor – K I haven’t ordered this yet but I’m dying to get it for Kole!  He would love it!  But I’ve already got several things for him for Christmas and I’ve found with kids (especially toddlers) that too much at once is just too much.  I love for my kids to really play with and enjoy each of their toys so I don’t like to give them too much at one time.  So one of you need to get it for your little boy.  It will make me feel better.  :)

11.  Zingo – Another favorite of Kole’s.  Zingo is just a fun way to play Bingo.  Toddler style.  If Kole has a willing playmate (thank you Ellie!) he’ll play this game all evening.

12.  Mindscope Neo Tracks – Kole has played with these at a friend’s house and loved them so much.  The tracks bend and flex and can be put together in so many different ways.  I know this will become a favorite!

13.  Jenga – Such a fun and simple game.  Kole loves it.  There is such a joy he finds in crashing things that I’ll never understand.  But if it makes him happy, it makes me happy.   :)

Hope this post gave you a few fun toy ideas if you’re still scrambling like me!  Like I said – next year.  Christmas cards will be ready to mail by September!  Gifts will be bought by October!  Decorating will be done in November!

Or not.

And just like every year during this crazy, busy month it will all eventually get done and work out.

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xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Our Favorite Toys! (2013)

  1. My girls watch all the my little pony episodes and equestria girls on netflix all the time too!!

    Speaking of wooden toys… my brother has a company with really fun stuff, it’s called little sapling toys. You’d really like it. His company is actually #1 on etsy. Kinda fun.

    Thanks for all the good ideas!

  2. That is on my list of things to do next year. I always say I am going to start early but I am afraid they will find all my stash. The worst part about this Christmas is I am sending my Christmas cards out today. It is one of my favorite things to do. Last year we didn’t have them made because Elle just had Finley. I was a little pre occupied. This year you know why I couldn’t get it together. However. They are going out. I have a few more things to buy on Amazon Prime and I will be done. At least I wrapped everything that I have bought.

    I think every toy needs to come in a square box. I had so many to wrap and I became really frustrated with the odd shape of some of the boxes.. I am just glad they are done.

    Thanks for the ideas. I think the robe will be one that I have to buy. I am like you. 2.4 seconds after getting out of my car…I am in my PJ’s.

    Thanks for the ideas Erin and Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card. It made me smile.


  3. Great list Erin! I hear you on the My Little Ponies pre-teen thing… it’s no wonder girls grow up so fast. Shows geared for them jump from Dora & Sofia to Winx Club & Barbie and other shows with boyfriends, break-ups and other “teen” problems. My daughter LOVES all those shows (she’s 7) but I cringe sometimes and wish they could leave some of those topics until they’re older. Let little girls be little girls… they’ll grown up soon enough anyway! Rant over :) Good luck finishing all your Christmas shopping and enjoy those beautiful faces when they open their gifts!

  4. Thanks so much everyone!

    Lindsey – so fun! I’m going to check it out!

    Cathy – next year will be our year! ;)

    Thank you Jen and Lauren! :)

    Hilda – I feel the SAME way! What’s the rush!? I want to keep them little as LONG as possible! You can rant with me anytime. :)

    Robin! Thank you thank you! I’m off to buy it!

  5. Glad to see another recommendation for a Plasma Car. That is the big gift for my 3 year old son this year and I don’t want it to disappoint. Love the lists and love those pictures of your darling babies!

  6. The crappiest thing of all…I ordered the plasma car about a month ago. Ups man set it on my porch. The box has a picture of the car inside. My four year old saw it. Not sure I can give it to him for Christmas now since it might blow Santa’s cover! I am so bummed!!! I have it stored away in a good hiding spot. Might give it to him in May for his 5th birthday. Will he be too old?

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