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Happy Halloween!

happy halloween 2015_edited-1Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend!  Good times around here for sure.  We were a little random this year.  Ad dressed up with friends at school and they were all preppy nerds (um.. ok.. ?), El wanted to be a witch and my little boyfriend made sure we all had our shots, temperatures checked and heart beats monitored.  :)  Love these trick or treaters so much!  I know our years are numbered having them all three trick-or-treating together with us (El actually turned down a party with friends this year to stay with the family) so we cherish our Halloweens around here!  I hope you all enjoyed yours as well!  I’ll be back soon with another post.  So excited!  Bring on the most wonderful time of the year!


xoxo, Erin
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3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Awww, you all look great! How sweet that your daughter wanted to spend time with the family over a friend party. That has to feel good. This year was the first year our family had two separate things going on and for the first time we didn’t all go trick or treating. It was a strange feeling for sure. Gosh those kids grow up pretty darn fast! Have fun getting ready for Christmas now. All bets are off for you, I’m sure.

    1. Thanks Jeanne! I have a feeling that will be us next year. Once they get older they’re off! Makes me sad. :( I really tried to enjoy having them all three with us this year. They do grow too fast. Happy November cutie! xo

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