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Friday Favorites and Fashion!

Happy Friday everyone!  I have some fun favorites and clothes to share with you today!  We are actually going to start with a couple of my mom’s favorite things.  Since I shared pics from her Retirement Party I thought I’d show you a few of the fun gifts she got.  My mom’s birthday happened to land the day after the party so we were all celebrating Mother’s Day, her retirement and her birthday.  Time to spoil mom.  :)  A lot of her retirement gifts were so heartfelt.  The quilt, the cake, some plaques and personal signs (I need to take pics of it all next time!).  She also got a few fun things that are just SO my mom.  A few friends went in on this darling Dooney and Bourke purse for her.  I mentioned my mom loves yellow.  It was a reoccurring theme at her party!

Some other friends went in on this darling basket of Kate Spade goodies.  My mom also loves lemons (preferably in her diet coke) and we all loved this creative gift!  Lemon tablecloths, napkins, dishtowels, salt and pepper shakers and a coin purse.  I was thinking about what a fun gift idea this would be for any teacher at the end of the school year.  Find something they love and make a themed basket for them.  A cute purse isn’t a bad idea either.. especially if you could go in on it with a few other moms so you could get something nice.  *Sorry.. I still need to figure out my kids’ teacher’s gifts so I’m getting a little sidetracked brainstorming with myself here. :)
Opening a fun gift from my sister.
Such a happy bright yellow tray (on clearance right now!) and this summer cottage garden pillow that’s also on sale.  My mom loved the pillow so much that she hurried and ordered another one for her couch.  She thought they were too cute to keep outside.  Hmm.. another fun teacher gift idea?  K.. I’ll stop now. :)
I’ve loved the Kate Spade watch my husband got me for Christmas so much that I decided to get my mom one too.  Have you all seen the fun, creative Kate Spade watches that came out recently!?  Oh my word!  I had the hardest time choosing which one to get her!  I finally picked this darling watch with a blue band that says “somewhere” and has a little tropical drink and a striped straw on it.  Appropriate for retirement, right?  :)  They have a black and white striped watch (keeps making its way into my cart and I’m trying to resist!) and one that has arrows with “mani pedi”.. too much fun.  There is a really pretty pink and navy one that says “going places” that would be perfect for someone graduating.  I seriously love them all!  Aren’t they adorable!? …

Anyway!  My mom LOVED the watch.  I also gave her these darling PJ Salvage pajamas which are more for the fall than summer, but she loved mine so much at Christmas last year and we went to get her a pair and all the cute ones were sold out.  So when this darling pair popped up at Nordstroms on-line I snatched them for her.  She was excited. :)  Quick fashion insert btw.. I’ve had so many questions about where I got my camo pants I’m wearing in this picture.  I shared this similar pair last week and then a few days ago I also found this pair that are also SO similar.  (Mine are True Religion but these are Hudsons and I LOVE Hudsons.  A great fit if you haven’t tried them.)  I’ve pretty much worn out new holes in mine I’ve worn them so much.  Good thing that’s the look we’re going for in these pants.  :)
A few favorite pics from our pool party after the retirement party. :)  These three girls have too much fun together.  There is often tears when we separate them after a trip so we always have to have the next get together planned to make it easier!
My sister clearly agreed with me that every pool needs a happy pink flamingo floatie so she got one for my mom.  But that wasn’t enough.
She had to go one step further.  Nothing like a ginormous white swan floatie to add to the mix!  Oh my word.. we laughed so hard!  It took my dad and brother forever just to get him blown up!  They were sweating by the time it was done.
Then we laughed so hard I about dropped my camera when my sister was trying to lift that thing into the pool!  It’s seriously so big.  Once my sister and I get laughing we can’t stop.  It was one of those moments.
He was the life of the party to say the least. :)  (Wearing my favorite black swimsuit you can see in my trip to Naples post.)
A few other recent favs!  I shared this pic on IG and Facebook this week because it was a happy mail day at my house.  First I got this darling sign from my sweet friend Caroline at Vine and Branches.  Isn’t it perfect!?  I can’t wait to show you where it’s going!  The same day I got my sign my lattice ceramic garden tables from PB finally arrived!  Oh my word.  I knew I loved these, but now that they are here at my house I love them even more.
I got them to sit next to our couches in our outdoor entertaining area.  Just right to hold a book and a glass of lemonade. :)
Two for this space and one for the fire pit area.  But.  Now I love them so much I want them inside too!  I’ve been moving them around my house for days!  I’m like a kid with a shiny new toy. :)
I love one here next to my family room couch.  Cute right?  Pulls the blue from my pillows.  It’s like I needed something in that little spot!
I kind of love one next to my striped chair too, although as I look at this picture I’m wondering if the pattern is too busy with the chair and pillow?  That’s a lot of pattern going on.  Might be a bit much.  (Plus I’d never put two in one room and I think I like it by the couch better.)  What do you all think?

The moral of this story is that now I want to order 3 more!  They really are so cute.  Plus they are on sale and come in 5 colors.  A new favorite hands down!

*Sidenote: My Thatcher chair, Pulley task lamp and my all time favorite wool/jute rug from this room are also on sale at PB this weekend!  PB is doing their “buy more save more” sale.  This holiday weekend is a dangerous one for shoppers. :)
Ok!  On to some fashion.  I bought this cute “Flutter Sleeve dress” from J Crew a few weeks ago.  Personally, I usually don’t have a lot of luck with J Crew clothes.  I’m a little more curvy and their clothes seem to fit bodies like my sister’s better – thin and straight. (She loves J Crew!)  But I had a gift card there and fell in love with this dress.  It fits really cute – comes in at the waist – and I love the Ikat pattern.  I didn’t have time to try it on for a picture (haven’t worn it yet!) but I just ordered another pair of my favorite Vince Camuto shoes (the coral color!) to wear with it and will have to get a pic when they come.  They are on sale right now for the half yearly sale and I can’t wait to get them!
Speaking of shoes.. these also had to come home with me not too long ago.  I’ve seen these darling wedge sandals many times and I thought they were cute.  But I didn’t fall head over heels until I noticed they come in gray!  Did you all know I like gray?  As they’re photographed on my gray tile next to my gray paint. ;)
SO cute and they are surprisingly comfortable.  I’m smitten!
I’ve had them on all week!  I keep reaching for my Anthro jacket (almost half off!) because we are having our “May Gray” in San Diego which is always followed by “June Gloom.”  Lots of cool, cloudy weather on the coast right now.  It’s a nice change from the sunshine, I just always wish we got this weather in the fall!

{jacket/white tee/navy pants- Emma legging/necklace/watch/shoes/gray bag}

These shoes look really cute with any pants rolled up a bit.  That’s the new way to turn your pants into summertime capris.  Roll them up!  And show off your fun high ankle sandals that are so in right now.  (Btw.. my chevron necklace is on sale for $8!  That will go fast…)
K.. you guys.  I’m  so excited about this favorite.  I found the all time BEST summer tee!  Every summer I look for tees that I love and can buy in multiple colors to just live in.  Wear with shorts, wear over a swim suit, wear with a summer skirt, wear as pj’s!  I love living in a good comfy tee in the summertime!  I’ll tell you all why I fell hard for these Vintage wash tees from GAP… and bought them in multiple colors.  :)  They are fitted, but not tight.  I like a V neck and the little pocket adds a bit of something extra.  SO comfy and a great fit and not see through (so many tees are too see through!).  I tried on LOTS of tees and these are the winner!  The come in vintage wash and just regular (what I got) and they come in LOTS of colors.  I stuck to the colors that look best with my skin/hair, but if I was a tan brunette I would have been picking up the pinks and corals too. :)  Everything at Gap is 35% off right  now!

You’re welcome. ;)
Green tee with my new sandals.  Cleaning and errands day.
My other green tee with my favorite AG’s and gray chucks.  Still loving my bucket bag!
And the black Gap tee with these cute Jolt Linen crop pants I found not too long ago.  Really love them.  So comfy and light for summer!  They also come in white and black.
Ok.. last favorite!  But it’s a good one.  SO in love with this new dressy but relaxed Lush top!  Seriously love it.  It’s perfect for when I need to dress up just a bit.  A meeting at school, evening out, etc.  It’s comfy, lightweight for summer and I love the color.  (It also comes in a red/orange and black.)  Best part?  It’s under $40!  I love it with my Vince Camuto heels (on sale!) and two of my favorite necklaces – chevron and my tanner bar pendant necklace.
Another cute thing about this top.. it’s long in the back.  Love it!
I also tried it on with my Kendra Scott tassle necklace and love that too.  (Seriously is there anything this necklace doesn’t work with!?)

Well!  That post was a workout.  I think I can skip my run this weekend.  So many favorites… so little time…


Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

p.s. If you’re shopping the Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale here are a few favs I mentioned and things I’m snatching up. ;)
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xoxo, Erin
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19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites and Fashion!

  1. Oh wow! So much to love about this post. It was fun seeing the thoughtful gifts your mom got. Lots of love flowing. Bright, sunny lemon seems to fit your mom’s personality. :) That bag/purse looks fabulous. I giggled when I saw the flamingo and then the swan. That is huge! The watch you got her is very fun and perfect for her lifestyle. Your new goodies are fabulous. Those tables are way cool looking and the choose happy sign must be your mantra. :) As for the fashion…fabulous items that look great on your body shape. You must be able to wear just about anything! You always look terrific. I’m not a huge strappy sandal person, but I was definitely smitten by those pretty gray wedges. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend. Hope the sun peeks out long enough for a bbq or two. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! You are right.. bright and sunny and yellow definitely describes my mom. :) I know.. that swan is SO huge! Too much fun. We had a good laugh with that one. :) You are very kind to say that about me, but I hardly look great in everything! I obviously only buy and share things that work for me and it’s only about 30% of what I try on. Full disclosure. :) But thank you for your sweet words. Happy weekend cutie! xo

  2. I love your favorites posts…my husband, not so much. Time to shop! Too bad things are double the price in Canada!

    1. Ha! I hear you Karen! I can’t say that my husband loves the shopping I do so that I can write those favorites posts.. but all in a days work, right? ;) Happy shopping cutie! :) xo

  3. My daughter is in HS now, but the biggest hit for teacher gifts we did was bought the cutest beach towel we could find – bought a cute, easy read summer book, chapstick, travel size sun screen and a small snack. We placed the goodies in the towel and wrapped it with the cutest ribbon! It turned out to be the best gift and the teachers loved it!

  4. I knew those garden tables would look cute inside too. I love them. It looks like your mom had a fun birthday. Love the watch and purse. Love everything on this Friday favorite’s post. Have a great, long weekend. xo

    1. Thank you Cathy! I know.. the tables are so cute inside and outside! Really love them. I’m glad you do too. Let me know if you get one! :) Enjoy your weekend with your sweet family! xo

  5. That Lush Surplice top looks better on you than the model at the Nordstrom website!

    Thanks for sharing some fashion ideas.

  6. I thought the Lush shirt looked better on you too! Can you tell me what jeans you are wearing with the Lush top?

    1. You are too kind Alaina! Thank you! Those are AG jeans! My favorite. I linked to them under the picture of me in the green tee. :)

  7. Is the blue quatrefoil pillow custom made? If not can you share where it is from. Love the pattern and light colors. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Sharon! That pillow was custom and I’ll share my designer/friend’s info. on my blog soon! (Hopefully this week) :) xo

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