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Teacher Gift Ideas

I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend!  I love Memorial Day.  So grateful for such a special holiday to remember and honor everyone who has served and continues to serve our country.  We had a low key family weekend at home which was just what the doctor ordered around here.  :)  I know some of you are finishing up school this week (jealous!) but for those of you who have a few weeks left like we do I thought I’d share a few ideas for teacher gifts.  I received a lot of really sweet gifts over the six years I taught school, but I will promise you that the gifts I remember most and still have to this day are the kind letters my students and their parents wrote me.  Nothing beats a sincere heartfelt handwritten letter.  I love to go back and read them.  Some of them still bring tears to my eyes.  So we’ll be writing letters for all of my kids’ teachers for sure!  But it’s also fun to give a little something with our letters.  Here are a few things I’ve done in past years…

Last year we gave teachers a cup from Jamba Juice with a gift card inside of it.  I got the idea from Tatertots and Jello.  She also has the “creative juices” tag you can use.  Such a cute idea!  

The year before that I put together a fun gift for summer.  I always try to think of what I would like for a gift.  You can’t go wrong with sunscreen and a towel and the People Style Watch issue.  Perfect accessories for a day at the beach or pool!

I just rolled the towels up and wrapped the magazine around them and tied it all with a bow.  SO simple.   (I’ve also given a gift card to get a pedicure with a fun magazine and that gift is also always a hit!)
For years when we’ve had to give gifts to lots of teachers (we are in this camp this year with all of my little buddy’s pre-school teachers, aids, and therapists) I’ve always made a homemade treat with a personalized tag.  
(You all know I really just share this idea each year so that I have an excuse to post these old pics of my cookie making helpers)  :)
I highly recommend hiring a cookie watcher if you don’t already have one on hand. 

Buy some inexpensive plates and wrap up the treat with your personalized tag.  Done!  
Here are a few other ideas I found on-line that I thought would be fun…  

This is technically to give to teachers at the beginning of the year, but switch a few words around and you could give it to them at the end.  Another great idea if you are giving to a lot of teachers.
This might just be the smartest teacher gift idea I’ve seen yet.  
Can’t go wrong with a gift card to Tarjet!  And such a fun way to wrap it up.  

I thought this was a cute, simple idea too.  You could put any treat in a jar with a “you’re the sweetest” card.  Especially fun if you know your child’s teacher’s favorite treat.  My students always knew my favorite treats.  And my favorite hobbies and my favorite movies and my favorite quotes and my favorite subjects and my favorite future baby names….  Some of us are a bit more of an open book than others.  :)

Teachers can never have enough white erase markers (or any other school supply for that matter).  Fun way to present them.  

Creative way to wrap up some cookies.  

And how creative is this idea!?  You could do this with all sorts of pasta meals.  Possibilities are endless!  
Well.  Now I’m inspired to get our teacher gifts ready to give!
Hope you are too.

xoxo, Erin
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7 thoughts on “Teacher Gift Ideas

  1. Cute ideas! FYI, Memorial Day is actually a day to remember the men and women have died while serving for our country. Just want to clarify since it’s important to really understand what the day is about and honor those who have lost their lives for our country. My dad is a veteran and I know this point is also really important to him.

  2. Thanks anonymous! I know why we celebrate Memorial Day. :) It’s just hard for me to remember the men and women who have lost their lives for our country without also thinking about and honoring those currently serving. My dad is a Veteran too!


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