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Family Room drapes/pillows

I took some new pictures of our family room two weeks ago and just haven’t had time to share them.  Our drapes finally came!  And pillows!  Most of them anyway.

Ignore the shelves.  They are a hot mess in these pictures!  Still haven’t got around to styling them yet.  But so fun to have drapes in this room!  I’ve never had drapes before and I’ll admit I was really nervous about how these would look.

I chose a black rod to match the door hardware.  I was tempted to bring in some color with the drapes, but just couldn’t commit to anything!  I knew I wouldn’t be changing them out anytime soon so I decided to keep them more of a neutral.  

I love a good geometric print.  :)

We only close them at night but it makes the family room feel so nice and cozy!  Love that.  
They add a lot of warmth to the space.  
Here are the couch pillows I had made…

The pillows are all blue and grey (love the fabrics!) but I have two more coming in a different color (one more for the couch and one for the striped chair).  I have played around with a lot of different colors for this space and was having a hard time deciding what would compliment the blues the best.

I considered orange.  But I’ve never loved orange.  

 Then I thought maybe yellow.  But I used yellow in the dining room and want to mix it up.    

So I finally decided on coral!  Coral is such a fun, fresh color to decorate with and I think it will be exactly what I need to liven things up in these main rooms!  I’ll show you my coral additions to the room as soon as I get everything figured out.  
 For now I am really enjoying a calm color palate in this space.  

I’m so happy to be done with all the big decisions/purchases for this room.  Now I can just accessorize which is what I enjoy the most!  Tempted to take everything off those shelves and start this second!  But it’s almost midnight so maybe I’ll get some sleep first and tackle them tomorrow.

xoxo, Erin
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41 thoughts on “Family Room drapes/pillows

  1. I love the drapes and the pillow combo. I think the coral will look really nice and give you the pop of color you are looking for.

    So happy to hear that the fires are under control. So sad for the families that have suffered loss. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. I know the most important thing is to have your family. But, to lose everything has to be so hard. It is all so sad. I am going to check out the web site to see what we can do!!!

    Have fun styling your shelfs…:)

  2. Where did you order your drapery rod? I have an entire wall of windows that needs a really long rod like that. Love the curtains and pillows!

  3. Erin, your new drapes are just beautiful! The geometric design is just incredible!! You couldn’t have found a more perfect pattern! It made my day to read that you are going to use coral with the soft blue! I cannot wait to see what accent pieces you use. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts, Erin. I’m so thankful that the fires didn’t reach your area, and am so sorry for the ones who were affected by them. Thank you so much for sharing your home with us.

  4. Hi Erin!
    Okay, so I am SO glad to see that you did drapes in that room. We are putting in a pool over the next few weeks, and our family room will soon have similar doors like yours (the two french doors, both side by side like yours) that will open up to the pool patio, and that side of the house gets A LOT of sun in the middle of the afternoon. It’s blinding without a shade. So I was wondering what I was going to do once the doors went in. (We have to have some sort of way to keep the sun from hitting directly into the family room, or else how will we see the tv? lol) And now you gave me a great idea — drapes! I have never had drapes in my home, so this is new to me, too. But from your photo I can get an idea of how they would look over my new doors. So thanks for sharing this!

    Where did you get your drapes? Did you have to have them custom made, or did they come in that size? Where did you get the bar to hang them? ((See? I have no clue whatsoever about drapes!))

  5. Thank you so much everyone! Thrilled you like the drapes and pillows! :)

    Tara – the rod and drapes were custom – we had to go that route because of the size of the doors/transoms. I can send you my designer’s info. if you want to e-mail me!

    Smiling from ear to ear after your comment Jane. Thank you!

    Katrina – I’m so excited about your new doors and pool! Fun! Like I told Tara the drapes and rod were custom but let me know if you want my designer’s info. If your doors aren’t as tall and you can get away with not doing custom (buying them through a store like PB or Restoration) I’d recommend that because of the cost. I’m going to do that in my formal living room because the doors aren’t as tall. It will look so pretty! We’ve loved having drapes!

  6. Looks great!! Did I miss the post about the baskets under the coffee table?? Please share!! They are exactly what I’ve been looking for for mine :) Adore your home and your blog!!

  7. Please tell me where you found your long curtain rod. We are having a hard time finding ones long enough for our family room. We bought the longest ones PB has to offer and they are still too short :9

  8. Thank you Holli! Working on a basket post right now! :)

    Angela – e-mail me if you want my designer’s info! You can call and order things from her that I’ve done custom! She’s great. :)

  9. Katrina – TV is 80 inches. That was my husband’s doing. He got the TV. I got the built-ins around it. Compromise. :)

  10. Erin – your home is absolutely gorgeous! I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing each room with us! Thank God the fires are under control.

  11. Love your blog and what you’ve done with this room! I think you need big objects on the shelves. The small objects get lost since the room is so large. Have a great holiday weekend!
    Ann R.

  12. Thanks! I had the pillows made custom. Just picked out the fabrics. Shoot me an e-mail and I can send you my designer’s name who I bought them through!

        1. I don’t have the name of the fabric but if you want to e-mail me I’ll send you my friend/designer’s info. I bought them through her and you can too. :)

  13. Hi! Do you know the type of pleating the curtains are? I have curtains of a similar fabric but I would like pinched pleating so they look more like yours. Also, what color gray is in this room and your foyer?

    Thanks and happy new year!

    1. Hi Abby! I’m not sure what type of pleating it is on my drapes. I ordered them custom and that is just how they came. Sorry I’m not more help there! My grey paint is “Seattle” by Frazee. Happy New Year to you too! xo

  14. I love your house. I would love to get source info for your family room drapery fabric. I love the neutral color punched up with geometric pattern!
    Are you still happy with your rug? The sample at PB looked super thick/chunky-has that been a problem with furniture etc?

    1. Thank you! Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll give you my source for the drapes! I bought them through my designer/friend. LOVE my Chunky Wool Jute rug! No problems at all. Read today’s post! It’s on sale and I talked more about it. :) xo

    1. A little more research, and I found “Seattle” on your blog. I can’t find Frazee anywhere, so I’ll try talking to someone at Sherwin Williams. Thanks!

  15. What brand of doors/windows did you you use for this room? We have a similar 4-panel door space on the house we are building and I have been looking for something more like these doors as opposed to the sliding doors. Thanks!

  16. Hi Erin, love your drapes. Could you please send me the fabric name and where you had them made? Thank you so much! You are blessed with such a beautiful home. Thanks!

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