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Kitchen Refresh!

Ok! Kitchen refresh take 2. :) What a week! My blog has been struggling lately but I think (I hope!) we’re up and running again. Tech issues are never fun, but the good news is that I’ll have lots to catch up on next week. :) Thank you for being patient with me! You all are the best.
kitchen refresh!Hello hello friends!  I’ve freshened up my kitchen a bit for Spring/Summer and I’m excited to share a few new additions with you all!  It’s feeling all sorts of cherry around here.  I wish so badly I could just have you all over to hang in my kitchen in person!  Wouldn’t that be so much fun to have a huge blog party!?  If everyone each brought one thing to eat we’d have food galore and I wouldn’t have to cook a thing.  My kind of party.  ;)

As soon as I finished decorating my office/craft room I decided that I loved the black touches (especially the black and white stripes!) and that I wanted to bring a little more black into my family room and kitchen.  I bought this cute striped throw for a steal and love the way it looks on my couch with the coral and blue.  Black and white stripes just go with everything.  They are my new neutral.  ;)
The first thing I did to refresh my kitchen and give it new life was to change the sign over my oven hood.  I love the Enjoy the Little Things sign I used to have in this spot (you can see it in this post), but it’s square and I felt like a rectangle shape would work better.  I found this Vintage sign on-line at the Magnolia Market and fell in love!  Shiplap wood?  Steel gray simple letters?  The perfect size!?  Yes please!  Thank you once again Chip and Jo.  Forever yours, Erin.  :)
This bay window is a favorite feature of mine, but it’s so tricky for me to decorate!  I feel like I need something taller and bigger on the right, but this is working for now.  This is also a tricky spot for me to photograph because of all the sunlight that pours into this window.  It’s such a pretty spot in person because of the view of our pool/backyard which I can’t for the life of me capture with my camera.  Still a lot to learn where photography is concerned!
Aside from black I wanted to bring a little more coral into the kitchen because of the coral accents I have in my family room and in my kitchen nook.
These cute little bowls from West Elm (here and here) were a perfect way to add coral to my wire basket.  I’ve had this basket for years and absolutely love it.  For a while it was in my craft room holding stamps and supplies.  Then it was in my bathroom holding sponges, bubble bath and decor.  Now finally it has settled on its new home in my kitchen.  (You can find a similar 3 tiered basket here from Crate and Barrel.)
Still looking for the perfect thing for this corner, but for now this wood bowl full of apples and a plant give the space some life.
I added a few more coral bowls to my clear cupboard.
And found some cute black and coral bowls for my tray.  Yes, I hoard decorative bowls.  Admitting it’s a problem is the first step to recovery.  Although if recovery involves less decorative bowls, quite frankly I’m not interested.  :)
I kept my dining nook decor the same (even bought another vase and set of my favorite faux flowers after moving them) because I like it so much.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
This is my favorite new kitchen decor!  The fun wooden crate I’ve had for a while and decided it fits perfectly in this corner.  I put a few Rosemary plants inside of it and they are making my kitchen smell so good!  I’m absolutely smitten with my Flour and Sugar canisters and the matching Oil and Vinegar jars.  The Flour canister worked great as a vase in my family room and then again in my formal living room, but now it’s finally back in the kitchen.  I wish I could say it was holding flour, but it’s actually holding treats that I’m hiding from my kids so I can have them all to myself.  Shh.. don’t tell them.
I knew I wanted a black and white striped utensil holder and I searched high and low and couldn’t find one.  I almost bought this cute crock several times, but decided to keep looking for my striped crock that didn’t seem to exist.  Then a few weeks ago I walked into West Elm and there it was!  My black and white striped crock!  A sales associate told me that it is actually a pot for a plant (no wonder I hadn’t found it on-line!).  But to me, it was my absolutely perfect long searched for utensil crock and I was overjoyed.  I quickly called my husband to tell him my good news and then quickly remembered why I don’t usually call him with this sort of good news.  I don’t think he quite understood my joy or gave it the attention it deserved.  (“that’s great babe.. gotta go.”)  Which is why I share these things with all of you.  I know you get it and share my joy.  And if you’re looking for the perfect black and white striped utensil holder (or plant pot for that matter!) look no more.  I have found it for all of us!  (Que the angels singing in the background.. it’s that good.)  ;)
Love my little salt and pepper shaker cut out.  :)  This salt and pepper set was a gift from my mom.  She has the same set and I loved it so much that she bought me my own.  Most likely so that her’s wouldn’t mysteriously disappear.  (Love you mom.)
An older picture of my scale and lemons since I kept this happy spot the same.
I also kept my Vintage pizza board and cheese board up against my backsplash because they are favorites.
Excited to use them again this summer!  They add a touch of fancy to regular poolside snacks for the kids. ;)
I kept my butler’s pantry simple.  Love the black from my Thankful sign and number 5.
The only new additions here are my Kitchen aid (color is “Pistachio”)
and a couple of cute black and coral bowls from Anthro.  No surprise there.  :)kitchen-refresh-17
So that’s it!  My Spring kitchen refresh!  Which wasn’t major.. just a few small changes.  But it added a bit more of my personality to the space.
And adding your own personality into your home is always a good thing.

Now.. who wants to volunteer to bring cupcakes?  I’ve got the lemons covered.



xoxo, Erin
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75 thoughts on “Kitchen Refresh!

  1. Your home is so crisp and fresh. Those are the words that come to my mind when I see your kitchen.
    The kitchen scale in your kitchen would look pretty at Christmas full of silver balls.

    1. I’ve put silver balls in that scale for Christmas! Love it. Last year I put in silver and red. :) Thank you so much! I’ll take crisp and fresh. ;) xo

  2. Love all the fresh Spring touches. I love those little bowls too. I only have a few obsessions like lanterns, pillows, clocks and mirrors. Those little bowls in so many colors are right up there with that list. I love the black and white. I think every room needs a little black. Glad you have your blog up and running. xo

    1. Thank you so much Cathy! Me too! So frustrating having it down all week. And yes.. nothing like a little black in the room. :) xo

  3. I just discovered you blog (and Instagram and Pinterest) and I am obsessed! I feel like you’ve put everything in your home that has been in my dreams! Thank you so much for sharing and documenting your finds! My home decorating rut has been restored!

  4. So sorry you had technical issues! No fun there! But, now we get to see your gorgeous kitchen again. And gorgeous it is! I like the touches you’ve added to it. While I know the surfaces are picture ready, I can’t help but admire how clean and clear you keep them! You sure allow everything to shine. I so enjoy all the touches like those bowls and the centerpiece on your table that you add to make it look even more appealing. Great job, Erin!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! It’s constant work keeping those two island counters clean! But they do look like that.. at least a few times a day. ;) Makes me so happy you like it. :) Thank you! Enjoy your week cutie! xo

  5. I’ll bring the cupcakes! 🙋🏼 ☺️ Your home is absolutely perfect in every way. Thank you for sharing your seasonal decor and personal touches. It is always a pleasure to view your blog posts – I might get just as excited when I see you’ve posted something as you did when you found the utensil holder! I love the black and white utensil holder and all the other colorful additions. Your home belongs in a magazine or a decorating book. It’s such a pleasing feast for the eyes.

    1. Oh my word Romi.. that was the sweetest comment! It makes me so happy you look forward to my posts! Really – that means so much. Thank you sweet friend. You made my night! xo

  6. Could you tell me what the measurement from the wall behind the cooktop to the island with the chairs are please? I’m wanting two islands like this, but not sure I will have enough room in our new build this summer.


  7. Your kitchen looks so sunny and bright! I wish I lived closer! I would totally bring some cupcakes and spent an afternoon in your happy home!!

  8. I loooooooove the striped crock!!! It really stands out in your kitchen! I have been looking for one too!!! I just went to order it and they are back ordered until September! Crazy! I might have to see if there is a store close to me:) Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Oh my WORD Jeannie! I knew those would go fast! It’s seriously so cute, right!? The angels sang when I found it! ;) Definitely check your store and if not order one fast because I bet they don’t last long! xo

  9. Erin, what do you use to clean your counters? We have quartz counter tops and I use a homemade cleaner without chemicals and love it, but I’m curious as to what you use.

    1. Hi Debbie! So funny you are asking because I’m working on a post about the cleaning supplies I love and use! You’ll see it sometime this summer. :) For my quartz counters I love Mrs. Meyer’s countertop spray! xo

  10. Hello! I’m a huge fan of your blog and absolutely LOVE your house!!! My friend and I have been wondering if you would ever post a floor plan?? We’ve been trying to piece the rooms together so I figured I’d ask!

    1. Hi Rachel! Thank you so much! Makes my day that you enjoy my blog and like my house. :) So sweet of you! That is a good question and one I get asked all the time! My husband and I decided to not share our floor plans on the blog after we built for several reasons. Mostly just for privacy/safety issues. But blog readers who follow closely can probably figure most of it out by piecing rooms together like you said.. ha! :) Thanks again for your sweet comment! xo

    1. Hi Danielle! Do you mean the bowl from my “summer goals” post? If that’s the one you’re talking about I got it at my local grocery store, but I’ve seen them on Amazon too. :)

  11. What is name of the gray paint color you used on your kitchen islands? It looks like the perfect gray. I have been wanting to paint my island but so many grays to chose from.

  12. You have a gorgeous kitchen and home! I absolutely love following your blog. Do you mind me asking where you found the wire basket your scale with lemons is sitting in? I’ve been looking for something similar, but have had no luck so far. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Cody! That means a lot that you enjoy my blog. :) That wire basket is several years old and I found it at Tai Pan in Utah. :) xo

  13. Love the kitchen refresh ideas and in particular the black/white crock from West Elm along with the blue spoons as an accent. Our local Target had a Kitchenaid brand of cooking utensils in blue but the size was a little large. Was hoping you could share the details of your blue spoon purchase as I prefer the size and color of those. Thanks for sharing the blog, your ideas and where to buy the items…it’s so much fun to follow!

    1. Thank you so much Sandi! I just answered your other comment about the blue spoons, but let me know if you can’t find them. I can add a link to them in this post! xo

  14. Love the black/white crock from West Elm and the blue spoons. Our local Target had some Kitchenaid brand utensils in blue but they were a bit large. Was wondering where you found the ones you have? They are a lovely shade of blue and appear to be the same size as the other utensils.

  15. Hello Erin,

    First of all I love your blog! I had a quick question for you. It looks like you have recently changed your mirror over your fireplace…I am in LOVE with your new mirror. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you got it from?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Paula! Thank you! So happy you like my blog. :) Which fireplace are you talking about? I have two I’ve shared on the blog with two different mirrors so maybe that’s why you think I’ve changed one? Let me know if you are talking about our casual family room or my formal living room and I’ll share the mirror source! :) xo

  16. Hi Erin. Could you tell me what color your kitchen islands are painted? I’ve been looking for the perfect shade of gray that doesn’t go blue and this may be it

  17. Oh. My. Word. I just found your blog through Instagram, and your house is pretty much exactly the look I’m going for in the house we are planning to build this year. We have our plans drawn out, just trying to nail down some details before we break ground. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the gray island, the backsplash, and pops of color (especially that aqua tray!). Your craft room is absolutely to die for as well! What paint color are the walls in there? Don’t mind me while I creep around your blog for the next several days gathering ideas. Lol!

  18. Hi Erin! Do you mind telling me the diameter of your lights above your kitchen island? I have a similar sized island and am trying to determine the best size pendant lights to use.

    Thank you!

  19. Your home is beautiful! We are remodeling and I am about to order Thermidor appliances. Do you like them? Also do you happen to know what the name of your flooring is? Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! Ok.. I LOVE my Thermador appliances EXCEPT my dishwashers! They don’t dry plastic and with three kids in the house most of our dishes are plastic. :) Just something to think about! But I love my fridge, ovens, cooktop, etc. If you type “Hardwood Floors” in the search bar of my blog a post all about my floors will pop up. :) xo

  20. Hi there – I am sure this has been asked before but I have been trying to find your kitchen pendant source? Beautiful kitchen!!

  21. It’s a little hard to find where you got all your things.. please update your page putting a link (GET THE LOOK) I wanna where you bought your counter chairs..??

      1. Would you mind sharing who made them? Do they do other orders?
        No wonder I can’t find them!!!
        I have 3 boys- I want that look but with fabric that will hold up
        It’s a constant battle 😜

        1. Hi Jen! I can send you my friend/designers info. for the barstools (I’ll email it!) but also check Ballard Designs. They have some almost identical for a lot less money! You can pick your fabric or send in your own! xo

  22. What a fun and pretty mint colored tray. May I ask where you got it? LOVE love your timeless, classic, fun and crisp style and design.

  23. Hi Erin, I’m in love with your blog and your home!! We are in the process of building our dream home but having a hard time with the kitchen. I saved a photo of your kitchen and always go back to it for inspiration. Would you be able to tell me what type of black counters and white counters for the island that you used? I can’t seem to find the post regarding this. Hope you are able to help. Thank you so much in advanced. :)

    1. Hi Chersky! Thank you so much! My kitchen counters are all Quartz (Caeserstone). The black is “Raven” and the white is “Organic White.” Hope that helps! Congrats on your dream home! So exciting. :) xo

  24. I love your kitchen! I have the same color scheme and the exact same backsplash. I don’t see any outlets on your walls though. I’m having trouble looking for outlet plate covers that blend in or don’t detract so much from the beautiful marble. What do you have or any recommendations? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you! I put most of my outlets in the cabinets above the counters when we built! But I need some to put on my islands because the white outlets really stick out on the gray paint. I’ve been looking at Rejuvenation! They have some options! xo

  25. Hi again Erin
    I have to ask what are all the taps and what not around your sinks it seems like you have multiple taps around each sink was curious as to what each one is for sorry if it seems like a dumb question lol

    1. Hi Tess! There are a lot of things around my sink.. ha! Not a dumb question at all! They are a soap dispenser, sink sprayer, dishwasher outlet and a cold water filter. :)

  26. I have been admiring your kitchen for about an hour now :) I stumbled upon your blog one looking for inspiration for the raven colored countertop. We are redoing our kitchen and absolutely love the backsplash with the raven countertop. Can you share details on your backsplash? Thanks so much! Love your blog!

    1. Hi Christina! Thank you so much! I’m so happy you found me. :) I don’t have a lot of info. on the backsplash other than to tell you it is Cararra Marble subway tiles size 3×6. I picked it out at a tile store in southern Utah and don’t have any other details but you can find Carrara marble tiles in most places! Good luck with your kitchen reno.. so exciting!

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