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My Favorite Gray Paint! (and all paint colors throughout my house)

My favorite gray paint!

**POST UPDATE!  Since sharing this post I’ve had so many questions about my paint.  It got a bit complicated with Frazee switching to Sherwin Williams.  Some of you were having a hard time finding the exact color, some of you had questions about what sheen we used, some of you wanted info. on our white paint or our ceilings or on rooms I didn’t share in this post below.

SO!  Because I love you all. :)  I have spent hours getting everything figured out for you!  This involved a few trips to my local Sherwin Williams, several phone calls with my painter, and going back to where my mind was during building and painting our house which quite frankly is a place I didn’t really want to return to.. ha. ;)  I then typed EVERYTHING up for you on a printable that you can print out and keep!  This printable includes ALL of my paint colors throughout our home (exterior and interior).  It also includes the brand and number that goes with each color.  A few of these rooms I haven’t even shared on the blog yet!  But now you’ll know the name of the paint color when I do. :)  Feel free to read the post below, but you will have a much easier time finding my paint colors with the exact information I share in my printable.  Happy painting! :)  

 Sign up at the end of this post or CLICK HERE to download all of my paint colors and get access to my new printable library!


Ok friends.  It’s finally here!  A post that contains ALL of the paint colors throughout my house.  This post has been a long time coming for three main reasons.  First because  “what is the paint color of your _____ room?”  (insert any room in my house) is the number one question I get asked.  On average between my blog, InstagramFacebook and e-mail I get asked that question around 20 times a day.  That’s a lot of time I spend typing out paint colors! ;)  The second reason I’ve been wanting to write this post is because for someone who thrives on organization, there are a lot of things about my blog that aren’t very organized!  Ha!  Go figure. :)  I’ve mentioned all of the paint colors in my house multiple times on my blog, but they are all in various posts and random places making it difficult for all of you to find.  Hence the 20 paint questions a day.  I recognize that I did that to myself.  :)  Reason three is because you guys.. I GET IT.  The struggle is real when it comes to finding that perfect paint color for you house.  Especially when you are working with gray paint which is a great neutral and really popular right now.  Gray is tricky and I want to help you!  I spent months knee deep in gray paint when we were building and went through every single shade of gray possible (at least it felt like it!) until I finally found my favorites that look amazing in my house.  Will they look amazing in your house?  I don’t know.  That depends a lot on the lighting in your home so please put a large sample on your wall before you have at it with any of these colors!  But I do think that overall my grays are at least a great place to start if you are looking for that perfect gray.  So here we go!  Let’s talk PAINT.

**Almost!  :)  One important thing before I get started!  A lot of my paint colors are by Frazee.  Frazee is a popular paint in the southwest states.  Soon after we finished building our house, Frazee joined with Sherwin Williams.  You can still get most of the colors, you just might have to talk to a Sherwin Williams rep. if any of the names have changed.
{EXTERIOR GRAY}  Our exterior gray paint is actually a custom mix.  We started with “Capricorn” by Frazee (Sherwin Williams) and then we darkened it a bit.  Don’t ever be afraid to lighten or darken your paint!  If it’s the right shade but you want it bolder or less bold, just have your painter or the paint store darken or lighten it 25% or more and try that.
{EXTERIOR WHITE}  All of our exterior white paint is “Snowflake” by Frazee (Sherwin Williams).

(You can see more of my front porch here.)
{MAIN INSIDE HOUSE COLOR}  Ok.  Let me introduce you to my all time favorite gray paint.  I’ve been having a love affair with it for quite some time now and over half of my house is painted this color.  My all time favorite gray is “Seattle” by Frazee (Sherwin Williams).
My front entry gray is “Seattle.”
We carried “Seattle” throughout our downstairs hallway.  (Hallway light source.)
It looks lighter or darker depending on my pictures, but all of the hallways are “Seattle.”
It’s also the color in our family room.  Here is why I LOVE this gray paint color so much.  In my opinion.. it’s not too dark and it’s not too light.  It’s also a TRUE gray.  All grays have undertones which is why they are so tricky to work with, but this gray really just looks GRAY!  It has a coastal vibe to it that I absolutely love.  It’s also the perfect backdrop for any and all colors you want use in your decorating.  Yes.  I did a major happy dance when I met “Seattle” by Frazee.  :)


It’s also the color in our dining nook.  (Dining nook sources are all at the end of this post.)
I didn’t have much wall space to paint in my kitchen, but carried “Seattle” through any spots I did need painted (mostly around the ceiling).  I get asked a lot about the paint we used on all of our cabinets and I’m sorry I can’t give you that!  It was a custom mix my cabinet guy came up with.  He showed me a white he wanted to use and I told him I wanted my cabinets more white than that, so he came up with a brighter white for me and it was sprayed on my cabinets.  I basically wanted to have to wear sunglasses in my house because my built-ins were so bright white.  Ha!  Got my wish.  ;)
{WHITE TRIM THROUGHOUT HOUSE}  While I can’t give you my white cabinet color, I can tell you that it matches my trim perfectly.  All of the white trim and molding throughout my house is “Arothane” by Frazee (Sherwin Williams).
More “Seattle” and “Arothane” going up the stairs.
I loved “Seattle” so much I also used it in our upstairs hallway.
{MUDROOM} Also “Seattle” by Frazee.  I almost painted this room blue and then changed my mind at the last second!  Glad I did because I like to use blue accessories in this room.  And red.  And whatever color I’m in the mood for which is why I love gray neutral paint.  (You can see how I organize my mudroom here and more mudroom details here.)
Our downstairs laundry room is right by the mudroom so I just stuck with “Seattle” in this room also.  Especially since there wasn’t much space to paint.  (Full post on this laundry room here.)
Mostly just this wall.  Still need to cover that ugly outlet box!
My girls’ bathroom is also painted in “Seattle.”  I had a different color ready for this room and just like the mudroom, I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to keep it neutral.
Full post on my girls bathroom decor here and you can find room details here.
My formal living room (just shared pics of it decked for Spring here!) is mostly white so a lot of “Arothane.”  The small bit of gray on the wall is of course, “Seattle.”
{LIVING ROOM CEILING}  I wanted the living room ceiling to be a darker gray and ended up choosing “Elf” by Frazee (Sherwin Williams).  (Living room details and sources here.)
{DINING ROOM}  I wanted our dining room walls to be a bit darker than the rest of the house so I choose “Wavelength” by Frazee (Sherwin Williams).  This is a really good gray if you want something a little darker without a lot of undertones.  The inside of the white built-ins are painted in “Elf” just like my formal living room ceiling.
{UPSTAIRS LAUNDRY ROOM}  Our upstairs laundry room cabinets are “Wythe Blue” by Benjamin Moore.  I really LOVE this color.  My cabinet guy thought I was absolutely crazy to paint my cabinets this color.  I thought he was absolutely crazy to think I was crazy.  ;)  ironing-board-in-the-wall1
The wall color was tricky because of the bold cabinet color.  After trying multiple colors, I ended up choosing a soft, light grey. You can see it on the left side of this room.  It’s called “Silver City” by Dunn Edwards.  (Upstairs laundry room details here.)
{OFFICE/CRAFT ROOM}  My office walls are “Tinted Ice” by Dunn Edwards.  It’s a bold aqua color and for a while I wondered if it was too bold!
But as soon as I decorated this space and brought more black into the room I fell in love with my aqua paint all over again. :)  (All office details/sources here.)
organized toys
{PLAYROOM}  My playroom is a softer aqua/blue color.  Clearly I like blue/greens!  This room is painted in “Icing on the Cake” by Benjamin Moore.
yellow playroom hutch
drawers for kids toys
(Full post on playroom organization here.)
{KITCHEN ISLANDS}  I often get asked about the color of my kitchen islands.  They are painted “Chelsea Gray” by Benjamin Moore.
{MASTER BATHROOM} I haven’t shared all of my master bathroom yet (coming at some point!) but I’ll tell you the paint color you can see in this picture of my tub.  This room is painted “Silver Trophy” by ICI Paint.  (Full post on my tub shelves here.)

So there you go!  My favorite grays along with the rest of the paint colors throughout my home.  I hope this post was helpful!  You can also check out my paint board on Pinterest. I’m always pinning new colors I love to that board.  I’ll add to this post when I finally share all of our bedrooms.  A lot of “in progress” going on around here!  Enjoy your week friends!

And happy painting.


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xoxo, Erin
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217 thoughts on “My Favorite Gray Paint! (and all paint colors throughout my house)

  1. This was fun to read, believe it or not. Actually, it was fun to get a bit of a tour of the house again. It’s so pretty! Seeing the progress you’ve made is always so fun! I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to select the color! That’s a lot of paint! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Oh my word.. I was SO over paint by the time we finished building this house! I think that’s probably why it took me a couple of years to write this post. I had to block paint from my mind and forget about it for a while.. ha! ;) Hope you’ve had a good day! xo

      1. I have fallen in love with your home. It is absolutely beautiful. We have decided to use Seattle throughout the house. What is your color of your ceiling paint?

      2. Your place is gorgeous! I was wondering if u could help me out I’m wanting the same colors of greys u used , now that this is 2018 I’m having a lil hard time I’m using Sherwin Williams paint!

        1. Hi Maria! I just updated this post this morning with a link to my paint printable! Did you print it out? It will have all of the information you need to get my colors! (There is a link to it at the beginning of the post or the end.) :)

          1. I am having a hard time too finding Seattle by Sherwin Williams. I didn’t see any updated color on that print out list? Did I miss it?? TIA!

          2. Yes me too! I love the color gray. We did this in a previous house and I lost the color mixture combo to get it mixed & was hoping you had the mixture. Thank you!

      3. Thank you so much for your tour and sharing your knowledge I’m looking tio paint my home so this is just what I needed.

  2. I know this was a ton of work to round up all of these paint colors Erin! So great to have it all in one place now for easy reference! Thank you so much! Have a great day!

  3. Hi Erin,

    I absolutely love reading your blog! I’ve been following you for a few years and knew right away I needed to use Seattle somewhere in my house. We just completed remodeling a hall bath and a 1/2 bath between my boys’ bedrooms. I live in Michigan but my Sherwin Williams store had no problem mixing the paint for my painter. Didn’t even try another sample of gray. The color is amazing and we get so many compliments on it. Thanks you so much!!! When we remodel the master bath I’ll definitely use Seattle again.

    1. Sue that makes me SO happy to hear! Yea! I’m so glad they mixed it for you and you love it! Thank you so much. It means a lot to me that you’ve read my blog for so long! So happy I was able to help with the paint. Thanks for letting me know. Made my day! :) xo

    2. My didn’t seem to think they carried Seattle anymore – what colors did they mix or how were you able to tell them what you needed?

      1. Sorry Jessica! I wish I knew more to tell you! It was Seattle under Frazee but now that they’ve switched to Sherwin Williams they might not carry it anymore. :(

          1. I know this is late but Sherwin Williams can look up old paint colors…they recently acquired Kwall Paints and they can look up those colors as well. (they even have their fan decks) To be honest, if they tell you they can’t…I think I’d ask to speak with a manager.
            I’d be really surprised if they couldn’t find the formulation for this. :)

        1. I have the full book of colors, looks like it’s either discontinued or changed the name?? Same with the other colors as well.

          1. Hi Olga! I’m going to share the formulas on my blog at some point soon! Figuring them all out for our theatre room. :)

  4. Love your home Erin!!! And what PERFECT TIMING!!! My mom is here and she and I are picking out some new furniture for her home and she also wants to find that perfect grey and she LOVES this Seattle!!! I have Frazee inside my home too and it’s great. So we are running with this one. THANKS for sharing!! Xoxo…

    1. YEA!! So happy this post helped her Summer! I don’t think you can go wrong with “Seattle” .. love it so much. Thanks cutie! Have fun with your mom! xo

  5. Hi Erin! I love everything about your style in home decor and fashion. Everything you do is SO cute and classy.

    I have a random question for you… In the past I remember you mentioning something about a sunless tanning lotion you use to give your skin a tanish look. I have pasty white skin and I looking for a recommendation of a good lotion.

    If you have a recommendation, that would be great! Thanks!

  6. Thanks Erin for sharing!!!! Love everything you have done with your home and every space is beyond “pin” worthy :) Amazing blog post as always!

  7. Love everything. Do you remember where your foyer light is from? (The big ball chandelier) I’ve been looking but am having a hard time finding one big enough of with enough light bulbs, your looks perfect!

    1. Hi Valerie! Thank you! If you are talking about the chrome orb light in our entry it is from Restoration Hardware! I don’t think they carry it in that finish anymore, but I know they still have a lot of similar orb lights. :)

  8. Yay! Thanks for doing this paint post Erin! I do love all the paint colors you chose in your house. Everything just looks crisp and clean. This is a great source for us.

  9. Perfect timing! For me anyway :-)

    We are in the process of building a custom craftsman home and although It’s not yet ready for interior paint colours, I need to start thinking about this now. I am leaning towards gray tones but it has to be the “right” gray that will not appear cold to me. There are many values of gray and so begins the journey. I appreciate your very helpful post.

  10. Hi! My family is moving into a new house in a week and the grey paint anxiety is at an all time high! We do not have Frazze here…and clue which Sherwin Williams color is most like Seattle? I love your pics and in between Repose Grey and Aggreeable Grey right now, then saw this post and wondering if you know if either is close! Thanks;)

  11. I’m a huge fan of gray paint so it’s nice to see someone else who shares my love. Your house is beautiful! My favorite room is the kitchen. I might have to use that same color in mine now.

  12. For the utility box, just paint it the same as the wall color and you’ll never see it. In my townhome, I was mortified because they put the utility box in the corner of the living room and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. When I had my house painted, I asked the painter to paint it and he did a fabulous job and you can’t even see it at all anymore. It’s amazing you don’t even know it’s there. It’s that good.

    Gray paint can be tough due to the undertones but also due to the light. It makes a big difference if you have a north-facing room versus a south facing room in terms of picking paint colors since north-facing rooms can make paint colors look darker. North-facing rooms always need the lighter end of the paint chip spectrum to look good. Based on the gray colors that I see online, I tend to prefer Wickham Gray and Gray Owl quite a bit, both by Benjamin Moore. I just saw a fabulous gray kitchen that I saved on my Pinterest board recently. It was amazing. Makes me want to redo my entire kitchen LOL. Glad you are happy with your colors:)

  13. Your paint colors are lovely! I’m going to check out the Seattle paint color, seems like it could be just what I’m looking for in our new place. We also moved to Illinois from the Seattle area so the name will make me happy too. :)

  14. Erin,

    You mentioned that someone posted two sherwin Williams colors pretty similar to Seattle and I can’t find the comment you are referring to for the life of me. I had my Sherwin Williams store mix Seattle for me and it looks much much lighter than yours (and my house is dark so I know it’s not my lighting making it look lighter). I too am wondering if maybe Repose Gray or Benjamin Moore Stonington is a close match. I am also in need of a bright white and when I asked the sherwin Williams guy about Arothane he told me that’s the product name, not the color. Do you happen to know if your can has a formula label somewhere on it with the actual color name? I’m assuming it’s a bright bright white. Thanks Erin!!!!

    1. Hi Heather! Shoot! I’m not seeing that comment now either.. I’m wondering if it was on another post? I’m going to keep looking for it. As far as the Arothane.. I’ll ask my painter when I talk to him next week or check my paint can as soon as I’m back in town. I’ll reply here again when I find out. :) xo

      1. Hey! I was wondering the same thing! I know it’s been a while since the comments were made but this is what I found about “Arothane” and ya, it seems to be a product….

        Were you ever able to see if there was a color created with this product? And admittedly, I’m curious…is this the can/kind of paint that was used in your home? I suppose it’s always possible there was no color added and it was just used straight from the can. (Maybe since then you’ve had to do some touch up and you’ve figured it out by now? Fingers crossed ;)

        Thanks for your efforts! I know, paint is a pain…and colors too. :)

  15. LOVE the blog! I can’t put back and white together, but I sure like trying :). Your blog and page gives me a great starting point. When it comes to paint, is there a sheen you prefer over another? Are your living room walls flat paint? I recently walked in my co workers recently painted house, and she used a paint so shinny I had to wear my sunglasses. Just wanted your opinion. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Danielle! Yes! Most of our paint is flat (living room and most rooms). It looks the best, but is tricky with kids! Fingerprints and other marks don’t wash off so all of our bathrooms, my office/craft room and a few most used hallways are painted in Eggshell. I wouldn’t go more shiny than Eggshell! :) xo

  16. Great post. Can you tell me where you purchased your kitchen rugs and runner? I love them!!!

  17. Hi Erin,

    Thank you so much for your post! My family’s facing a gray color dilemma and I’m looking for the Seattle paint but can’t find it anywhere online. I can only find Seattle Mist by Benjamin Moore. I’ve see the previous comments and see that people have gotten it mixed for them but I’m not quite sure how that works if I can’t find the paint in the first place? Could you provide any recommendations for finding the Seattle paint?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Tiffany! Oh no.. gray dilemma! I’ve been there! All you have to do is go to a local Sherwin Williams paint store or a Home Depot and tell them you want Seattle by Sherwin Williams (used to be Frazee) mixed for you. Hopefully they can do it! I’m sure a Sherwin Williams store could. If you just have Home Depot near you might want to call to see if they can do it for you. Hope that helps! xo

  18. Love your house Erin! We are submitting a plan to our HOA to paint the body of our house Capricorn with 50% additional pigment added and the shingles up above at regular strength Capricorn (so excited to finally have a plan)!
    Would you mind sharing your exterior white trim and black door colors? Our local Sherwin Williams was kind enough to loan us a paint deck until we finalize paint colors.

    1. SO exciting Sandy! Yea! Ok.. the white was “Snowflake” I believe (by Frazee so not sure what SW is calling it?) and the black door is jut “Black” by Dunn Edwards. So original right? ;) Happy painting! xo

  19. Hi Erin we are having a huge Gray dilemma in fact I went with with a color I saw in a model home that appeared to be the right Gray and now my entire house looks lilac purple. I never saw purple in the model. I actually tried Seattle on a few test spots and liked it but was concerned it was too dark and wasn’t going to be light enough but I loved the color… I was unaware that you could actually lighten a color with out changing the actual tone. Anyway I was wondering what type of and what color light bulbs you use ie: soft white warm white bright white day light. I think this will have a huge impact on what I am seeing in the color and would be important to figure out before I have them repaint the whole house… Which is currently scheduled.

    1. Hi Anngela! So sorry to hear about your gray dilemma! Paint is so hard! I’ve struggled with it myself and know how tricky it is to find the right color. We actually have so many different types of lightbulbs throughout my house. We have a lot of can lights.. the kitchen lights are bright and the family room lights are warmer. Definitely get a sample of Seattle lightened and try it on your wall with your lighting. My fingers are crossed for you! xo

  20. Your house it so beautiful, absolutely love it! This paint post was so helpful, thank you so much for putting it all in one place:) I have a quick question about your amazing floors and if you know what brand or type the hardwood is? They look perfect against all the white trim!!

  21. Hi! Love your house!! Maybe I’ve missed it but could you tell me what paint color the white ceilings are in the rooms you’ve painted Seattle? And where is the wallpaper from in your kids bathroom- love it!!


    1. Hi Laura! Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner on this! Just answered your other comment. I’ll try to get that info. from my painter this week! He might remember the name of the paint.

  22. Hi! Love your house! What color are your drywalled ceilings in the rooms with Seattle walls?

    1. Thank you Laura! I’m so sorry.. I have no clue what our ceiling color is! I chose it with my painter and didn’t write it down. It’s a really neutral white/cream. xo

  23. Can you share the purple room color? What color did your son go with for a room color? We are in the midst of building and my girls were peaking over my shoulder and LOVED the purple too.

  24. Hi Erin! I love everything about your house! I live up in the Seattle area, so I think maybe it is a sign that I should pick that color for my house :) I am currently in countertop limbo. Are your kitchen counters by Caesarstone? Colors? any problems? I’ve searched your entire blog and only found info on the laundry room counters. Any help is appreciated!

    1. Ha! That color was made for you Tanya! ;) Yes.. our counters are quartz (Caesarstone) and I love them! No problems at all. The kitchen islands are “Organic White” and the perimeter is “Raven.” You can’t go wrong with Quartz! You can order samples of your favorites and see how you like them from the Caesarstone website. :) xo

  25. I stopped by the Sherwin Williams store today to get samples of the grey and white paint, because I absolutely love it. They said the grey as actually a Benjamin Moore color but could not find the white. Have you had a chance to find out what it was? Id love to know as I plan on painting my living room later this summer and I absolutely love it!

    Thank you! :-)

  26. Love the Seattle! Do you happen to still have your paint can for the “Seattle” color that lists the color value for it? I’d like to have a can matched to that hexadecimal color.

  27. Sorry to bug you with a paint question. Sherwin Williams had no idea what the color Arothane was. It wasn’t in their frazee line though your other colors were. After a Google search he thought it was a type of paint. So I was wondering if your white was just a type of base paint with not tint added or was that the name of the color? And then maybe it was discontinued when they bought the line.

    Thanks for sharing all the photos of your beautiful home!

    1. Hi Cheryl! Oh my word.. you are fine! Ask away! It might have been the type of paint.. so sorry about that! It’s the only name my painter gave me so unfortunately I don’t have any additional information on that one! It might have been discontinued too. Next time I talk to my painter I’ll try to get more info. on it and mention it on the blog! xo

  28. Thank you, this is so helpful to see it in real rooms! I was wondering if some time you could post pics of the rooms in dusk/dawn lighting, and at night with lights on, just to get a feel for what the paint colors will look like with different lighting?!

    1. Thank you Whitney! I’ll have to try that sometime! Although it’s hard to tell what things will really look like in your space with pictures on the computer. xo

      1. I want to say I’m new to all this and not sure what blogging really is :). I’m from Louisiana and just lost my house to the recent floods and was looking for ideas to rebuild. Everything in your house I love and would like to use some of your ideas for ours. I’m not sure if you have answered some of these questions before but I’d like to know the type and color of your wood floors, also are they hard to keep clean? What is the color of your counter top and what material are they made out of and also, are they hard to keep clean?

        1. So sorry to hear about your house! I can’t imagine. I’m so happy you are starting to rebuild. If you type “hardwood floors” in the search bar on the right side of my blog a post will pop up all about them! My counters are all Quartz and they are SO easy to keep clean and nice! Love them. :) Best of luck with your new home! xo

  29. Hey Erin,

    My apologies if you listed the color, brand and type of paint that you used on the “outside” of your front door, and I just missed it. I want to paint my front door black and was wondering if you could give me that information? We painted our front door black at our old house, but I don’t recall what I used. Ugh! Thanks so much!

  30. Hi friends! I just loved it so much, I had to go to great lengths to figure it out! I contacted SW and here is the reply I received. I bought a sample quart today to try on our walls – can’t wait!

    Here’s how to find…

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Frazee color Seattle. Unfortunately, there is not a corresponding matching color in the Sherwin-Williams palette. However, do not despair, your local Sherwin-Williams store can tint the Frazee color into the product of your choice. You just need to ask the store associate to tint the Frazee color Seattle # CL3213W. The formula for the color resides in the competitive match color database.

    Since this is a discontinued color, the store will not have color chips, strips or brochures that feature this color, so the color may look quite different than the color swatch on the blog, since colors are vastly different looking from a computer screen to real life. You may want to get a color to go sample of the color before committing to an entire gallon so you can see the color and how it looks in real life.

    I hope you have found this information useful, thank you and have a good day.

    Matthew R.

    Product Support – Color Help

      1. You’re welcome! The sample was perfect and now our living, dining, and kitchen are a lovely Seattle Gray! So very pleased with how it turned out – thanks for your blog!

        1. Hi Jess,
          Did you have to tint the color, or did you just ask the SW worker to make it that exact formula for CL3213W got a sample tonight and I did not ask to get it tinted. Does that make a difference? Does yours have an light blue in it?

  31. Hi,

    I never got a chance to thank you for your reply to my comment about the paint. I really appreciate that you take the time!! My brother is Jared Huddleston, we went to Dixie. My brother in law is Nate Esplin. Thanks again!

    1. Oh you are so welcome Shannon! What a small world! I remember them both well! :) Tell Jared I said hi! Our dads worked together for quite a while at the college too. :) xo

  32. Your home is absolutely gorgeous. I came upon your blog while searching for gray paint colors for my home. I am sure you know that SW no longer offers “Seattle” would you be able to help me out and tell me what color you feel comes to the closest match? It would really help me solve my struggle to find that perfect color!

    1. Hi Joyce! I so wish I knew of a close substitute! I know of a few, but they are all Frazee and not offered anymore either. If you look up Studio McGee’s blog I know they have a lot of posts on good grey paint colors! Type “grey paint” in their search bar. I hope that helps! xo

    2. Hey! I just picked up Seattle at Sherwin Williams as they had it in the database. I thought it might be different from what I have on the walls already but it’s almost EXACTLY the same as SW Light French Gray.

  33. Hi, Frazee’s Capricorn CL 3233M and Seattle CL 2313W are not actual Sherwin-Williams colors. They are from the discontinued Comex “ColorLife” color palette that was used by Frazee and several other paint dealers. SW stores have these as competitor colors in their SherColor database and can do a match but be advised that many white and light colors can be difficult to mix in a quart size because you have to divide the already small amount of colorant in a gallon by 4 and the tint machine may not be able to dispense that small of an amount. Although Capricorn and Seattle were easy to find, there is no Frazee or COMEX color by the name of Snowflake. They had : Snow Valley, Snowmobile and Snowshoe Trail in the ColorLife colors. The previous 7###@ and 8###@ numbered palette used by Frazee doesn’t have a “Snowflake” either. There are: Snow Ballet, Snow Gum, Snowcloud, Snowdrop, Snowlight and Snowy Pine. What color number did your painter give the store in order for them to mix “Snowflake”? Thanks !

  34. Hi! I LOVE your house!! It is so beautiful and well done! I was wondering what color you used on your ceiling? I can’t seem to find the right white for mine and I love yours.

    1. Thank you Teresa! I don’t know that color! My painter gave me a few choices for the ceiling and I picked one and didn’t write it down! So sorry I’m not more help with that one! xo

  35. Been searching for the perfect grey for awhile and a friend referred me to your blog – question, do you think existing colors on the wall could effect the way the new grey color displays? I swear that’s the issue I am having. I tried samples of greys that had a mixed in primer already. Maybe I will have to do an additional layer of primer before applying the new grey color? Anyways I think your Seattle color is PERFECT and I will stop at nothing for finding the equivalent (ha!)

    1. Hi Danielle! Happy to have you here. :) Yes! That can absolutely happen! Lighting changes everything too. Seattle in my family room looks totally different than it does in another room I have it in upstairs! Paint is SO tricky, isn’t it!? Especially greys! Best of luck finding something similar! :) xo

  36. Hi,
    I am looking for a nice gray color for my living room. I was almost committed to Repose Gray, but then came across your blog and absolutely love Seattle gray! I went to Sherwin williams tonight and they were able to mix for me the version of “Seattle frazee paint”.” It says it has black, new red, and raw umber in it. Do you remember what the mixture was for the Seattle gray that you used? I really LOVE this color and want to make sure it is the right one. I wonder if Repose gray is close to it…

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Cathleen! I’m so sorry.. I’m not sure about the mixture! I’d put a small sample on your wall and make sure you love it first! xo

  37. My SW had no problem mixing Seattle by Frazee. I also purchased Knitting Needles by SW and they look to be an exact match when painted next to each other. So for everyone trying to find the match it appears to be Knitting Needles. :)

    1. Thank you for sharing. This is very helpful. Did you by chance ask them if the formula for Seattle and Knitting Needles is the same?

      1. Hi Jamie! I didn’t but I’m tracking down the correct info. for Seattle and will hopefully have it on my blog soon! xo

  38. Hi Erin!
    Our painters just finished our first coat of paint in our new house and we are using Seattle! I’m loving it so far!! I also chose Icing on the Cake for my little girl’s room. Haven’t seen it on the walls yet, but super excited!
    Back again with another question! Did you go with semi-gloss or high-gloss finish on your trim and doors? With 3 little ones I want it to be easy to wipe down, but I don’t want to to look off if it is too shiny! Curious what you did. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Chelsea! Yea! I’m so happy you like Seattle! Did you by chance get a number with it? So many people can’t find the exact mix.. did your SW guy match it for you? I went with semi-gloss on my trim. Our doors are all matte. :) xo

      1. Erin,
        Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back with you. I kept forgetting to look at the paint when I went to the house, then when I did remember the paint that was there has drips over most of it and I can’t tell! I promise I will look when the painter gets to the second coat and there are more containers!
        Thanks for your feedback on the trim semi-gloss.
        Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!

  39. I am in the middle of updating our guest bathroom. We are taking out the old cast iron tub insert and ripping out all sheetrock and all of the old ugly tile. We are starting completely over with this bathroom. I, myself, am obsessed with grey’s as well, but I have had the most difficult time trying to find a “true” grey. I had my house painted in what I thought would be grey but turns out it pulls a lot of blue. So, my house looks more so like a boy’s nursery rather than a modern grey. This blog has helped me though, I am going to go try and find these colors and try them. I know I want a true grey on the walls in the bathroom, and the bathroom only has one small-medium window, and I had a 67 inch claw-foot tub delivered we will be putting in, along with a new toilet and new sink. The only things I have left to pick out which I am just not sure on, is the floor….. I am thinking a white porcelain with the grey walls, but then again I have thought about a wood look tile, but with that I am not sure if I should do a light greyish or white-ish tile or a dark wood tile, or should I just stay with the white porcelain tile? Could you give me your opinion on tile? I saw the picture of your girls’ bathroom and I really liked that tile you have, but our guest bathroom is only about 55 square feet so I don’t want the floor I choose to make it look smaller. Any input is appreciated!

    1. Hi Josie! Sorry I’m just now seeing this comment! I think either tile would work and look great! Did you see the post I did on Kole’s bathroom?

      I put a wood looking tile in there and it turned out really fun! But white is a classic and you can’t go wrong doing that either. The only issue with a while floor is that it’s harder to keep clean. Just something to think about! :)

  40. HI I was wondering if you had which paint number for Seattle by Frazee Sherwin Williams. I stop in a Sherwin Williams to see if I could get a swatch and they looked up Seattle and told me they have 3 different formulations for this color and I would need the number. Thanks

    1. Hi! I don’t have one! So sorry. But I get asked this so much that I’m going to do some research and figure it out. I’ll share it on my blog as soon as I have it! :)

    1. Hi May! I don’t! But I get asked this so much that I’m going to figure it out and post it on my blog at some point. Sorry I’m no help right now! xo

  41. Hi Erin!

    Thank you for sharing your exterior colors! I was wondering what paint sheen you used for the siding, shutters and front door?


  42. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home and paint colors. ☺️ I am also looking for the formula for Seattle by frazee. I’ve read that the number is 3213w, but everything I see seems to have different formulas for that same code. I read above also that Sherwin Williams had three different formulas. I would love to know your specific formula for Seattle 😊.

  43. Hi there I love your beautiful home and wonderful design choices. We are currently at the paint stage in our new home build and I adore all of your color choices. I am most interest in the gorgeous exterior. You mentioned Capricorn “darkened a bit” and Snowflake trim. Did you darken Capricorn by 25%? Did you consider doing coordinating colors for the gables and body of the house? I’m torn between one color for all vs. highlighting the craftsman details with soft coordinating colors. Thanks so much for your help!

    1. Hi! Thank you! I want to say we darkened it 25% but to be honest I can’t remember! I would recommend doing that and trying some on a section of your house to see if you want it darker or not. The one thing I knew was that I wanted my exterior to just be white and gray with black doors/shutters so I never debated coordinating colors, but it sounds beautiful! Best of luck! I know paint can be SO hard. xo

  44. I have a really hard time with the grays. Love Seattle, but our SW doesn’t seem to have it or SW doesn’t make it anymore???? I have a sample of Knitting needles, reading previous blogs on your site and read that it is really close?? If you have found the code for Seattle, please share?? :)
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Shar! Working on getting the code and making a print out of all of my paint colors for everyone! Coming to the blog this Fall! xo

  45. Hi again! I found Seattle by Frazee. I wasn’t sure, I thought it was one whole title, duh!? Anyway Sherwin Williams can replicate the color, but Frazee is a paint company in the LA area I understand. They had to really look for the color, but they found it. Anyway i painted my bedroon Seattle. My bedroom faces east, but when I got done, I noticed that the Seattle paint had a purple hew (sp?) to it. i went into my master bath with it, it looks gray. Funny how lighting has a lot to do with the paint color also. Love how it looks in your home. My room is kind of dark with dark furniture so maybe that is why it has the purplish tone. Can’t wait for your paint colors to come out, so I can compare my paint colors to yours.

    1. Hi Shar! Oh my word! I don’t see purple in it at all! But you are so right.. lighting makes ALL the difference! Working on getting those colors up on the blog soon! xo

      1. That is so funny! we just recently used Seattle in our kitchen. My husbands thinks he sees some purple. I don’t see any purple at all. At times it may look a little bluish, but no purple.

  46. Love you paint colors!! Such an inspiration and I can’t wait to start painting my house! Thank you! One question. What gloss did you use for your white trim? Is that a satin finish or semi-gloss?

  47. When I called Sherwin Williams this morning (Michigan), they do still have both Frazee colors for Seattle and Elf. However, they are pulling up 2 codes for each color. Do you know what color codes/swatches you used?
    Seattle – CL 3213 or CL 3213W
    Elf – CL 3215 or CL 4772

    Thank you!

  48. Your blog has been such an inspiration for my new home. We are not to the framing stage, yet all the selections that must be made ahead of time are overwhelming. I truly am replicating many of your ideas as I love your home, yet must tweak and make them our own because we live in the Midwest, good ole Indiana. You have taken a lot of the guess work out of the process, cant THANK YOU ENGOUGH.
    Hope to share pictures someday :)

  49. You have a beautiful home and it is wonderfully organized. One thing I noticed is that you don’t have any art on your walls. Just wonder why that is. It would add so much warmth and beauty to your home.

  50. Does anyone happen to know the light reflective value of Seattle? Our local Sherwin Williams found the code and we put some up in a few spots. We have sensational beige on our walls and the lrv is only 44. Seattle looks to be around a 50 or above. Just wondering to see if we need to lighten it a little. Our house doesn’t get a ton of natural light, trying desperately to make it more light and airy. Thank you! Your house is beautiiful!

  51. Hello!
    I am wanting to paint my master bathroom gray and have bright yellow accents. I have been searching for the right gray and I love all the grays in this post!
    I was wondering why you went with Silver Trophy in your bathroom rather than Seattle?
    Also, my bathroom is on the small side with no natural light… so that will probably have a big impact on the way the color looks on my walls.

    1. Hi Shannon! I went with Silver Trophy vs. Seattle in the bathroom because it just looked better with the lighting in that room and the marble. Plus it’s a darker grey and I wanted to mix it up a little in my bathroom. :) If you don’t have a lot of natural light I would go lighter with the paint! Seattle (or something even lighter) might work better for you, but definitely put some samples up on your wall first to see! Hope that helps! :)

  52. How much did you darken the Capricorn? We are loving your color! The amount of samples we have are outrageous, we cannot find the perfect one!

    1. Paint is SO hard! I think we darkened it 25%! Good luck finding something you love! I’m hoping to have all of my paint colors up on the blog in a printable form with all the paint colors soon. Maybe that will help too. :)

  53. Hi Erin, do you have the actual formula for 3213 Seattle. when you give Sherwin Williams just the number the mix is not the same as yours. , thanks Marcia

      1. hi thanks Erin. three times tried to subscribe to your news letter and the confirmation email isn’t in my email. I will check on my other computer to see if its in that email. I had SW make 3213 and definitely not your gray. Right now I have my dining room and living room painted Repose gray and too blue.
        thanks again!

        1. Oh no! Definitely let me know if it still isn’t working! And make sure to check your spam/junk mail! It might have gone there..

  54. Yes, I too am not receiving any email. Have you made any progress in getting a detail code on the tint used to make Seattle?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Doreen! Unfortunately I don’t have a detail code on the tint! So sorry. Did you sign up for my e-mail list and now aren’t getting the e-mails? Did you get the initial paint printable e-mail?

  55. Hi Erin,
    Your home is beautiful! I”m looking for lighting for our bathroom. I love the nautical looking vanity lights you used in your girls bathroom. Do you remember what brand they were or where you purchased them?

  56. Hello Erin! I tried to get an exact formula of the Seattle paint at SW but they keep asking where I’m getting this formula from… they think I’m crazy for going off of a blog! But it doesn’t hurt to try right! :) We hired a painter that recommended ProMar400 paint. Do you happen to remember which type of paint you used? We did 2 coats of 3213 Seattle and it’s looks blueish. Or maybe I need to get it darkened to get a deeper gray??

  57. Hi,

    I just went to sw yesterday and your paint code does not come back as a grey color. I picked dust blue and lightened it 60% and got a similar grey.

    1. Hi Tracey! They must have mixed it wrong! I’ve heard from hundreds of people that it has worked great. I’m happy that you found something else that worked for you!

  58. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hey I just tried to purchase this paint (Seattle) at Sherwin Williams and the guy in the store told me they don’t make this color in interior paint only in exterior paint.

    Any recommendations??

  59. Hi did you ever post the formulation for Seattle paint? Keep painting my house gray and it’s coming out blue!!!! help.

  60. Wow!!… first of all I love your home!!!
    Wich is why I saved it in my pinterest since like 1yr ago. Knowing that when we were ready to paint I wanted the same colors!!!
    I’m from Colorado, and yesterday as I walked into sherwin Williams and asked for
    (Arothane) white color, I was told that they couldn’t find it!!!!!:”(
    I was so disappointed! I asked if they could (Seattle) they said yes…. I was confused as I know I want the whitest WHITE!!!!! They sold me (extra white) and since I know nothing about painting I took it but it’s not at all bright white… please help!

  61. I am so happy I came across this blog! I have been searching for the perfect gray for our new home and because of these pics I went to SW and ordered a sample. I painted the color on my wall (along with four others) and idk if im just biased because of your beautiful home and how nice it looks in your pics but I am obsessed with it. My only concern is.. do you see blue a lot when you look at it??? In my main living room we have very large windows and when the window hits it I see blue. but in the other areas I painted it doesn’t look that blue. I am absolutely terrified to paint my whole house and see blue, not gray! What do you think? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Gail! I’m so happy you found me! Thank you for your sweet words about my home. It shouldn’t have a blue tint BUT paint always looks different depending on the light in the room so it must be the large windows and the way the light is hitting the paint. I have that color in several rooms and it’s a lot darker in some spaces than others and looks like a shade darker of paint because of the natural light coming in. I would just live with the sample for a while before you paint and if it’s still feeling too blue to you head to SW and see if they can help you find something really similar with no blue tones. xo

  62. Hello Erin,
    Hope you and your family are enjoying the Christmas season!

    I have been following you on Pinterest for some time and love your Seattle gray paint, which I am considering for our lil’ holiday house in AZ. Armed with all of your ‘paint’ information of Frazee and SW, I went to SW and was told that Frazee is their competitor and that they didn’t have Seattle for SW, even though I showed her the paint recipe, she was not willing to help : (. It was obvious to me that she was unfamiliar of their merge so, I left determined to find what I am looking for. With SW 7069 Iron Ore (Behr Carbon Copy is very similar) as an accent wall in the master, and the Behr light gray 436-2DB for the other three walls and (the rest of the house) but, because there is no paint chip of Seattle for me to compare, do you think that Seattle would be a color to consider, would it compliment or hinder the Iron Ore color? Coming to the finish line of decisions I need to make. Any thoughts or suggestions. The house faces South if that helps. Thank you for any insight you may have.

    1. Hi Paula! Oh no. I would LOVE to help you with this but just don’t feel like I can without actually seeing everything! I’m assuming that it would compliment the Iron Ore color and you’ll be fine! But it’s so hard to say without seeing the paint and your rooms. Sorry I can’t help you more! xo

  63. I ran across your blog so long ago. We have been planning to build our house for around 3 years. They started painting the walls this week – seattle gray. I couldn’t love this color anymore if I tried. Thank you so much for all of our helpful information 😘

    1. Could you tell me what did you do to get this color Seattle at sherwin Williams since it discontinued
      Thanks in advance. Love this color

  64. Would you be so kind to provide the code for the wavelength by Frazee? I need touch up paint and Sherwin Williams isn’t finding it in their system

  65. Hi Erin!
    I love your blog… it is so helpful with design ideas and inspirations!
    I have another question regarding Seattle paint color. I went to the Sherwin Williams store with the formula shown… they said they need to know what base was used for this formula… as that makes a difference. Would you be able to share that information?
    Many thanks!!

    1. Hi Jen! I think the base depends on the sheen you want!? To be honest I don’t know the base we ended up using on my main grey. So sorry I’m not much help with that!

  66. Hey! Being that it’s 2021 I’m late to this article but I love your colors! I am having a hard time finding Seattle by Sherwin Williams. Do I just need to use the color breakdown from your pdf?

    I can only find Seattle Gray by Benjamin Moore and (it’s hard to tel) but seems like it is ever so slightly different from the Seattle by SW. Any input 😬 we start painting next week.

    Enjoy your blog and insight on all these paint and decor items!! Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you! And yes! You need the color code on my PDF.. do you have that printed? Seattle isn’t a SW color. It was a Frazee color but Frazee merged with SW so they discontinued the color, but most Sherwin Williams stores can mix it for you if you have the code! Here is the link to sign up for it if you haven’t already. Happy painting! :)

  67. Super helpful post! Thanks!! Love the look and color combinations of your exterior too. Wondering what color garage door you went with?

  68. OMG, the painters have painted 1 coat and I am OBSESSED. I can’t thank you enough for posting your color and sending the sheet with all the paints. 99 % of the house is Seattle with extra white trim and they are even putting Seattle in the coffered ceiling. I just saw it and am SO excited. Thank you so much for your amazing blog !!!!

    1. Oh my word.. your fun comment just MADE my day! YEA! I’m thrilled you are happy with the color! :) Thank you so much for letting me know and for your sweet words about my blog! And you are very welcome. ;)

  69. Hello I am so obsessed with your styles in every room!! You are an amazing creative decorator. I’m so in love with the colors. I found your blog as I was searching for a gray. I love the Seattle color but I can’t find it anywhere. I searched Sherwin Williams and no color was found. So I googled and nothing. Is it discontinued or name change? I’ve been trying to match the color for awhile now so I just decided to get in contact with you to see if you know. If it is discontinued do you know of another color close to Seattle? It’s the closest color to my decor I’ve been looking for and my just my luck I can’t find it. Please help

  70. I just found your page and I love it !!!
    We just bought a new home and this helping so much
    Can you please tell me where you got your rug that is white with diamond shape
    I got turning from pottery barn
    Thank you so much !!

    1. Hi Kelli! So nice to “meet” you! I’m so happy you found me. Huge congrats on your new home! That’s so exciting! That rug was from Restoration Hardware. I’ve had it about 8 years though so I’m not sure if they still sell it!

  71. Hello. Just letting you know that I just went to SW to get this paint color and they said they couldn’t make this paint color any longer as the paint that you used doesn’t exist any longer. I told them to do the color formula anyway and they did. It’s more of a darker gray than what your color is. I just wanted you to know.

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