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15 Ways to Style a White Vase

Happy Friday friends!  I can’t believe the weekend is here.  This week flew by so quickly!  It felt really good to be home with my kids again after a week away.  I’m excited for the weekend.  Dinner with friends and A LOT of catching up around here.  Mostly organizing.. so my kind of catching up. ;)

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a fun picture I put up one evening where I mentioned a “white vase challenge.”  One of my cute friend’s Kelley rounded up a group of 15 people to join an Instagram challenge that showcased different ways to style a white vase.  Our only instruction was to use a white vase (could be any version of a “vase” we wanted) and then style it and take a picture.  I have to admit I was a little intimidated by this.  Everyone she asked to join is a talented designer.  And I’m just me… pretending like I know what I’m doing most of the time.  But I loved the idea and love everyone in the group and was excited to join the party.  And keep on pretending.  :)
I shared my white “vase” in my Get Ready for Spring post last week.  LOVE my flour canister (it was at the top of last week’s favorites!) and I was excited to fill it with coral tulips.  The day before I was going to take a picture my tulips started drooping!  I followed a few tips I had heard about how to perk up sagging tulips… left them outside in the cold over night and put a penny in the vase.  Nope.  Didn’t help.  The next day was so busy with the kids and I didn’t have time to buy more tulips.  I quickly decided that sagging tulips were a thing and this was totally the look I was going for.

Hi.  My name is Erin and I’m a master pretender.  :)

My friends are so talented!  They all came up with such beautiful and creative arrangements that I had to share them with all of you in case you missed them!  I thought it might give you a few ideas for Spring decorating.  We all have something around the house that could be considered a white “vase.”  Definitely check out their blogs and/or IG accounts if you have time.  Every one of them is incredibly down to earth and kind and crazy talented.  Some of my favorites to follow!
image 3

{Citrine Living}

Tamara used faux hydrangeas, white roses, artichokes and pears and I LOVE how it turned out.  The green really pops against the white and looks so fresh and clean for Spring!  Tamara’s whole house is crisp and clean and stunning just like this arrangement!  image-4

{The Grace House}

Jennifer used a white pitcher as her vase (I’m a fan!) and I love the vignette she created.  Notice the silver trey inside of the wood trey.. such a fun idea to try!  I also love the pink and white flowers in the taller vase and hydrangeas below.  The more flowers the merrier in my book!  Simply stunning.  image-2

{Z Design at Home}

My friend Bree’s arrangement just screams Spring!  And happiness!  Love all that yellow and you all know how I feel about lemons. My favorite!  This arrangement was too much fun.  Bree just started a new blog not long ago that is full of inspiration!  Love Bree and her home.  image-5

{Kelley Nan}

Kelley’s fruit and flower arrangement is so beautiful and elegant!  I love the purple grapes hanging on the side of the vase. :)  Her whole table setting is so classy and sophisticated, but also inviting.  I’m on my way over Kelley!  White-Vase-Oscar-Bravo-

{Oscar Bravo Home}

How cool and unique is this!?  That Bonsai tree!  Never would have though of that.  Or to use simple white bowls.  Oscar is crazy talented and has such a fun personality.  Sarcastic funny like my husband.  My favorite.  :)How-to-Decorate-with-a-Glass-Vase-1

{Decor Gold}

My friend Jennifer has such a talent for putting together clippings from her yard and making them look like absolute masterpieces!  This flower arrangement could not be more beautiful.  I love everything about it!  And I wouldn’t mind taking her table, bench and chairs.  Oh and that mirror behind the table too.  Love Jen and her simple, neutral style!  image 9

{Zevy Joy}

My cute friend Annie put together a mostly all white arrangement.  So soft and fresh for Spring!  Love this!  I also adore that cute little basket of white eggs.  Such a creative touch!  It’s all in the details and Annie definitely has a way with details.


{Blount Designs}

WHOA!  Talk about glam!  My friend Deborah is the ultimate queen of flower arrangements.  I mean look at those flowers!  I can smell them from here!  I love this blue and purple color combo.  Her house is such a stunner.  So elegant and chic!  Plus she and I are both major pillow hoarders so we get along famously.  :)


{The Spoiled Home}

Sandi and Shalia definitely win for the most creative approach to the white vase!  What a fun idea.  Their casual farmhouse decor makes me happy!  Their home is beautiful and so inviting and this table grouping is just a sample of the cool decor they display so well.  Love how they really thought outside of the box with this one!  Let’s give them a hand.

Couldn’t resist.  ;)

randi garrett design white vase challenge 1

{Randi Garrett Design}

Oh how I love Randi and her flower arrangement!  The way the eucalyptus drapes off to the side and the unexpected pop of clementines.  So beautiful and fun all at the same time!  Randi grew up in my neck of the woods in Southern Cal. and oranges are a staple around here.  I love that she added that sentimental touch.  That is so Randi!  She puts a piece of her heart into everything she decorates and it’s one of the things I love most about her.


{Tone on Tone}

K I don’t know where to even begin with this amazing picture by my good friend Loi because I seriously LOVE every single thing about it!  Just look at those pops of yellow against all that white!  Can you see the beautiful tree he clipped the flowers from outside his window!?  I can’t get enough.  The lemons on the pedestal, the white ironstone pitcher, the table and chairs, the styling of all those white dishes on the open shelves in the background… it’s absolutely perfect.  I want to pick this room up and set it in my house immediately.  And while I’m at it I wouldn’t mind if Loi came along too.  He sells antiques and styles his home so beautifully.  Me and my sagging tulips need your help Loi!  :)


{Fig and Twigs}

Is your jaw on the floor?  Mine was when I saw this stunning arrangement by my friend Janice!  Her instagram account is FILLED with gorgeous flower arrangements that all look too beautiful to even be real!  I really look up to people like Janice who have such a talent with flower arranging.  To take so many different styles and types of flowers and put together something like this.. WOW.  Plus that black and white checkered pattern is icing on the cake!


{Old Silver Shed}

Couldn’t love this picture more by my friend Sandra.  She used a huge shell for her white “vase” and my two all time favorite flowers.. hydrangeas and tulips.  Isn’t it breathtaking!?  Sandra lives in a coastal home in Cape Cod and I want to move in!  Her house is such a dream!  My absolute favorite style.  You can see in this picture how gorgeous it is.  Those floors!  That door!  She has hydrangeas all over her yard.. {sigh}.  I could stare at her pictures all day long.


{The House of Silver Lining}

This is the last white vase arrangement and what an arrangement to end on!  My talented friend Shauna went straight to her local produce aisle for this one.  Yes.. that’s radish, parsley and baby cabbage!    Talk about a cool idea!  So incredibly creative and just FUN for Spring.  Shauna is always coming up with creative and beautiful ways to decorate her home and has inspired me in so many ways!  I just love her and her blog.  When I was showing my girls all of the white vase arrangements this was Addison’s all time favorite.  Mine was like #6.  Ha!  Gotta love kids and their honesty.  Secretly I was thrilled to be in her top 10 considering how amazing these arrangements all turned out.

I hope these white vase pictures inspired a little Spring decorating!  I loved seeing what my talented friends came up with.  They are all such a huge inspiration for me!  And just plain fun.  The best kind of friends.  :)

I didn’t have time this week for a full Friday Favorites post but here are two quick recent favorites before I sign off…

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 10.53.59 AM

LOVING these ceramic accent tables!  Pottery Barn is having their 20% off Spring Friends and Family sale this weekend and I have been waiting!  Of course I have. :)  Picking up a few for around our outdoor entertaining area and fire pit area.  I need a place to set my drink and magazine this summer!


And my last favorite is this pic I snapped with my phone quick of Ad and Kole while we were heading into the grocery store.  These two like to annoy each other a great deal of the time so when I catch moments like this it is especially touching.

And yes.  Addison is wearing rain boots when there isn’t a drop of rain to be found.  But when they match your shirt so perfectly.. that’s just how she rolls.

I have no clue where she gets it from.


Enjoy your weekend friends!

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “15 Ways to Style a White Vase

  1. Beautiful modest sweet lady you are! You just don’t give yourself enough credit! Your house and style are always jaw dropping gorgeous!
    Your “fake it till you make it” style is truly modest (unassuming in the estimation of ones ability and/or achievements)
    I give you 10 out of 10!
    What beautiful arrangements all so different and unique and stunning!

    Thank you for being you! I truly look forward to your posts every week!
    (If I may and in no way meaning to offend could I point out a little thing you mentioned in one of the above posts… ” Plus that black and white checkered floor is icing on the cake!” I do think that is a black and white check table if you look at the proportion of the table to the mantle of the fireplace as well as the drop down the sides of the table where you can still see the window panes on either side of the table.
    Please forgive me for pointing it out… Xxx)

    1. Samantha! You are so incredibly kind! What a sincere, thoughtful comment. That means a lot to me. Thank you so much! And thank you for pointing out that’s actually a black and white table.. ha! I’m off to fix that in my post right now! :) I so appreciate you letting me know! xo

  2. Bonjour! Welcome home, you jetsetter!!! Want to hear all about France. You are too funny :) and sweet. Thank you, Erin, for the kind words. You’re a rock star, and I’m honored we’re friends.
    Enjoy the weekend with your cuties :)

    1. Thank you Loi! I’m so honored too and look up to you so much! France pics are coming soon. I thought of you there often! :) xo

  3. Erin, this is the best narrated tour of the entire white vase challenge! You are so funny and descriptive in such a good way! For the record, I LOVE sagging tulips! I think that’s their prettiest state! For Real!! Thank you for your sweet words about my veggies too! ;)
    Love ya!

    1. Ha! LOVED your veggies Shauna! :) Thanks so much cutie! The whole challenge really was too much fun. And I’m all about sagging tulips from here on out. ;) xo

  4. Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous filled vases. They look amazing! You have your own style, Erin and it’s a great one, so it makes me a teensy bit sad that you call yourself a master pretender. I totally get it, and I value your honesty, but your lifestyle may be just different from the other ladies. I like how you have such beauty in your home that is filled with three growing and very active children. I adore how you find something you love, like that flour vase, and you use it multiple places and multiple ways. And that last photo…that is so sweet! Icing on the cake for this post, that is for sure. Have a lovely weekend with your family. :)

    1. Ahh.. you might make me tear up Jeanne! Thank you so much. You are such a good, supportive friend to me and I really appreciate you saying that. Means a lot! :) xo

  5. Hi Erin, glad you enjoyed Paris. The best way to get any flowers to stand up is to put ice in the water. This makes the shoot straight up.
    The coral colour is beautiful.

  6. Erin!! Thank you so much for the sweet shout out about the blog and for your kind words! Truly love everything you said about all of the participants of the white vase challenge and I couldn’t have had more fun doing this with you my friend!! You are a joy to colab with and I can’t wait to see you very soon:)) So glad to call you my friend!!!

  7. I love all this inspiration Erin! Flowers are my favorite thing about spring.

    Btw i basically just started blogging – starting to get it going a little but it’s kind of a slow process. I totally feel like I’m pretending almost all of the time. It’s nice to hear that sometimes everyone feels that way, even more experienced bloggers like you :) I think your tulip arrangement looks beautiful!

    >> Christene

    1. Thank you sweet Christene! I think I’ll always feel like I’m pretending in a lot of ways! Blogging is a really slow process and can be difficult.. especially in the beginning. Hang in there! Best of luck with your blog cutie! xo

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