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Friday Favorites/Fashion

utility-kitchen-canisters-oHappy Friday friends!  What a week!  I hope you all survived yours.  I have some fun favorites to share today starting with these darling kitchen canisters from West Elm! flour-and-sugar-canister
I fell hard when I saw these and bought the Flour and Sugar canisters immediately!  I don’t drink tea so I didn’t get that one, but what a cute set!  They have one for coffee too!  They add so much charm to my kitchen and are large and so nicely made.  I’ll share more pics further back later but had to let you know about this fun find immediately.  :)  Did you all see what I did with the flour jar on Instagram?  More on that in an upcoming post too!  Let’s just say I’m in love with these jars and will be using them for many things!  Not just to hold flour. :)

I loved the canisters in my kitchen so much that I had to order the oil and vinegar set too.  Aren’t they adorable!?  So handy having them right by my stove.  I want the utensil jar too.  I just love this set.

{Pizza paddle board/rectangle cheese cutting board/oil and vinegar set}

I didn’t have time to take a new picture, but I have the oil and vinegar jars right next to my favorite cutting boards.  They look so cute!
Btw.. my cheese cutting board is on sale!  Perfect for summer entertaining.  Even if you’re just entertaining your own kids.  :)  My outdoor rug is on sale too.  This is a happy sale weekend.
K.. remember my favorite reversible bag I bought last fall? nordstrom-reversible-bag2
And how it came in so many cute color combos?  reversible-bag-in-coral
Did we all know it came in coral too!?  Or is this new?  I saw this shopping last week and was so excited I took a picture. :)  Love this color for Spring.  I use this bag so much and love this color combo.  You can use the brown side of the bag in the Fall and the coral side in the Spring/Summer.
Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.42.24 AM
So the weather when we’re in Paris is looking a little all over the place.  I’m planning on just layering a lot so I’ve been looking for a lightweight but warm Spring jacket and found this Quinn Jacket at Anthropologie.  Oh my word.  I know hanging on my door it doesn’t look like much, but I promise you it is DARLING on.
Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.35.49 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.35.30 AM
I didn’t have time to take a picture in it (I’ll take lots on our trip!) but this is what it looks like.  I love it!  It ties in the back so it gives you some shape and is a really flattering length.  Even for short people. :)  It comes in three colors (peach, cream, and grey) and I really love this peach color for Spring!  But it isn’t the best color for me with my hair and skin so I bought the grey.  The other thing I love about it is that it can look casual (you could wear it over workout clothes) or more cleaned up with some nice jeans and a cute top underneath.  When I went to look it up for you all I saw that Anthro is having a 25% off clothes sale this weekend!  Makes me want to buy the cream jacket too.  :)navy-dress
I had to share this with you all too.  One of my favorite dresses is back!  QI1A0134copy-for-blogQI1A0103c2
A couple of years ago when I shared pics of Addison’s baptism so many of you e-mailed me wanting to know where my navy dress was from.  It was sold out at the time so I wanted to let those of you who were interested know that it’s back!  It’s a newer version of the same dress.  I wish I had a better picture to show you.  It comes in at the waist and then flairs out.  You can see it better on-line.  It hits me just above the knees.  I was going to wait and take a picture in it to share with you (I wear it to church often) but then I remembered Banana’s 40% off Spring sale ends soon so I wanted to hurry and let you know!  I always wait and buy nicer dresses like that on sale.  This is a great dress and every time I wear it I get asked where it’s from.  wire-baskets
I also found these cute 2 and 3 tiered wire baskets in Crate and Barrel!  double-shaw-farmhouse-sink2
I get lots of questions about the one I have in my kitchen (which is sold out) so I had to share that with you too.  :)makeup
Recently stocked up on some favorite make-up and I’ve shared these before, but I really love them so here they are again.  Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener (good-bye dark under eye circles!).  Mac Brow Set – perfect for keeping your eyebrows in place.. I’m funny about messy eyebrows. :)  And my all time favorite Mac eye lash curler.  I’ve had mine for years and it was getting dirty so I just bought a new one.  I’ve tried many but this one is the best.  Three of my must haves for make-up!  (You can see the rest of my make-up here.)  gap-sweater
Last favorite of the week.  I’ve been a little obsessed with Gap sweatshirts lately.  I shared this one in my favorites post last week.  gap-sweatshirt
And then I ordered more.  :)  They are just so soft and comfy and perfect for every day running around.  Especially on days when I stay in workout clothes all day and it cools off and I need something to throw over my tank top.  This is an awful picture that made me laugh when I saw it.  No make-up and I was in such a hurry I look like I’m about to run into my mirror!  I don’t know if my husband loves these sweatshirts as much as I do.  He said the other night when he got home and I was wearing one.. “going casual again today huh?”  Ha ha!  Don’t worry babe.  I’ll get dressed and wear make-up again at some point.  But the Gap sweatshirts are staying.  :)

Stay comfy and enjoy your weekend friends!

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xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Friday Favorites/Fashion

  1. Your home is beautiful. Can you please share the source for your family room chandelier? Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Christine! I ordered that light from Jeremiah by Craft Made. Sorry I don’t have a link but if you google them you should be able to find it. :)

  2. Your Friday Favorites posts are always so fun. I smile lots while reading them(even when I’m feeling not quite up to snuff with a yucky cold right as our Spring Break is starting, poo). You are so fun and funny. Keep up the great work!

  3. I love the sweatshirts and have slight addiction ;). We are same height but wondering if you ordered size XS or S? Thanks!!!

    1. I’m quickly becoming addicted myself! :) The first sweatshirt I shared (white with grey stripes) is an XS and the blue is a Small. It’s a little baggy though so from here on I’m getting XS because I like the fit of the white one better. Hope that helps Angela! They are SO comfy! xo

  4. Looks like I’m going to have to make a trip to West Elm soon. Such cute things! So excited for you for your trip to Paris….drink a panache for me while you’re there 😊🇫🇷⚜

  5. Oh my, you are killing it this week! So much good stuff! Love those canisters…and I like what you did on Instagram with the red tulips. So pretty! Love the oil and vinegar too! I’d probably get those coffee and tea canisters and use them for something else. You can always use them in a cabinet with something else in them. I’d probably get those canisters if I didn’t already have these large glass canisters on my countertop. I had some Edwardian red script lettering put on my glass canisters and they look really pretty in there but these white canisters wood be a close second. I also love that black tiered basket. I am loving this stuff in black lately. The coat is really cute. It will look great on your trip!

  6. The grey striped sweater you posted about a while ago from Nordstrom is also on sale. 40% off. I got it in the mail last week and love it. Luckily where I live it will still be cold enough to wear it for a while still.

  7. Love the jacket for Paris or anywhere Erin!! i receive a lot of compliments on my skin and it’s because I wear Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Her stuff, books included is amazing!! ill have to try the brighter :)
    Love all the kitchen accessories too. Thanks for opening up your home to us once again

    1. Thank you so much Debi! I’ll have to read some of books! Love Bobbi Brown cosmetics. For sure try the brightener! It’s my favorite. :) xo

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