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Ad’s baptism

Age 8 and baptized a member of our church on Saturday.  I can hardly believe it.  

These two continue to be so incredibly close.  I can’t imagine two sisters any closer.  The way they play together, laugh together, watch out for and defend each other touches me every single day.  They sang together at the baptism and my eyes filled with tears.  I think that is what heaven will be like for me.  A place where I can sit and listen to my girls sing.  And eat Baked Lays potato chips and read Better Homes and Gardens.

I remember taking this photo of my girls like it was two days ago.  
Wasn’t it?  
Time to toss our little buddy into the mix.  This was the best we got.  
I often wish our right now with these three would last forever. 
Silly face and all.  
We are such lucky parents to have this beautiful girl in our lives.  
Her smile lights up a room and she gives the best hugs.
Of anyone.  
Hands down.  
Addison is honest and kind and a hard worker.  
She always does her very best and has a deep desire to do what is right.  
She makes us laugh.  She is clever and quick witted and perceptive and spirited.
She has a talent for entertaining her sister and irritating her brother.  
She loves life and family and stylish clothes and strawberry yogurt with gummy bears on top.
And I love her more than any words in any blog post could ever express.  
(Kenny’s parents on the left and mine on the right.)
What a treat to have both of her grandparents here for her special day.  
What a treat to have Kole at least faking a smile instead of sticking out his tongue.

So proud of this girl.

 Such a special day for our family.

xoxo, Erin
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24 thoughts on “Ad’s baptism

  1. Congrats to Ad for Choosing The Right & being baptised:). Lovely family pix on a very special day.

    I love Ad’s baptism dress. Did you have it made for her?

    Strawberry yogurt with gummy bears sounds fun, I’ve never heard of that before & will have to try it – tho it’ll probably be Haribo sweets as we don’t have gummy bears here:)

    Well done again to Ad on her very special day.

  2. The pictures are precious. I can’t believe how tall they all are. I really love the one of Kole making a funny face. You have beautiful children Erin.

    What a special day it is to be baptized. Sounds like your weekend was truly blessed.

  3. What a beautiful little lady she is becoming! Congrats on your baptism, Addison.

    You really have a darling family and all three of your kids are so so cute. Haven’t seen their pictures in a while, they are really growing up.

  4. She looks so beautiful in her baptism dress :) I love yours too. My oldest is turning 8 next March and I’m so excited for his baptism. I will cry like a baby. Such a special birthday!

  5. Congrats to Ad and your family! You have a very beautiful family. You’re beautiful, your kids are adorable and I must say that you have a very handsome husband. Wow!

    And yes, where did you get that dress?!?

  6. Congratulations Addison on your baptism day Erin you have such a beautiful family enjoy every second of their growing up before you know it they will be graduating and that happens in the blink of an eye…and most of all Thank you for sharing them with all of us….Donna

  7. What precious family photos, Kole’s funny faces and all!!

    Congrats to Addison on her baptism. Such a special and joyous time in her young life. May God continue to bless her in the years to come.

  8. Thank you so much everyone! Your comments are so kind and made my day. They really did! :) And thanks for the dress compliments! It’s from Banana Republic. I’ll show it better at some point in a Fashion Friday. I’ve had some requests to bring those posts back so I’ll put one together as soon as I have time!


  9. Love her dress!!! The hot pink shoes are just too cute with it!!
    Just curious, were you and your husband both raised in the same church? I think it’s such a fascinating church. Several of the bloggers that I love are also Mormon. I love the way you guys raise your families!

  10. Her eyes are so beautiful in these pictures! I really LOVE how she is styling her pretty dress with the pink shoes and purse!!
    You all are a lovely looking family!
    Blessings to Addison.

  11. Thanks Rhonda! She had to add a pop of hot pink in there somewhere. :) Yes – Kenny and I were both raised in our church although neither of our parents were very active. We both grew up in the same small town and the majority of the people there at the time were Mormons. Our hometown has changed and grown a lot now so that isn’t the case! Thanks for your sweet comment! Always so fun to hear from you. :)

    Thank you Michele!

  12. Hi Erin,
    Just curious on which town you grew up in. I know there are a lot of members in Provo & Orem. Well a lot of Utah actually.

    Did you find it strange/hard when you lived out of Utah to be amongst non-members? I think it’s good to mix with non-members too so that we can learn to choose the right & stand up for what we believe in – & being a good example.

    I’ve been a member for nearly 37 years & am the only one in my family. It’s really hard at times but I feel blessed for it.

    I hope the other readers on here don’t think I’m mentioning the church too much. I apologise if I am.

  13. Congratulations on Addison’s baptism!! It will be a truly memorable experience for her. You have such a beautiful family, and I just love the photographs!! Love to you all!

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