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Fall Kitchen Decor (and new rugs!)

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Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

Isn’t Fall decor cozy!?  I finally finished decorating my house for the season and now I don’t want to leave it!  I just want to be home nesting with my candle burning all day long.  If only. :)

I’m sharing my Fall kitchen decor with you today!  Kenny was out of town last week and Addison was gone on a school trip so I found myself home with just Ellie and Kole for a few days.  Crazy how much easier it is to keep the house clean with 3 people living in it instead of 5!  I’ve never understood the philosophy of “once you’ve had 3 kids it’s crazy and doesn’t matter how many more you add..”  In my experience each individual person definitely adds to the load!  Just taking Addison’s activities out of the driving mix and not having Kenny’s running gear and work stuff all over the house made the week feel so much calmer and cleaner.  But even though the house was clean and my schedule was easier, it just wasn’t the same around here.  We missed them!

Sort of.  ;)

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

Anyway.. that was a long way of saying that my house stayed really clean for a week and it was easy to photograph all of my Fall decor.  So here it is. :)

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

I mostly just added traditional pumpkins and mums.  These pumpkins paired with real mini white pumpkins are my favorite combo.

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

Woven baskets always feel like Fall to me so I love to pull even more than I usually use out during this time of year.  Can you tell that this plant on the right is fake?  One of my favorites because it looks so real!  I always use a mix of real and faux when I decorate.  I think if you’re a regular here you’ve heard me mention that a time or two. ;)

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

White pumpkins peeking out of my bowls in the glass cabinet are always a happy sight.

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

I snapped this picture on my phone right after I decorated this table.  The lighting always looks darker on my phone but it makes it easier to see what’s out these windows!

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

My dining nook is SO sunny.. it’s always hard for me to photograph!

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

Simple pumpkins and faux leaves above my oven.  And have you noticed my favorite new kitchen accessory?  So excited about my new rugs!

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

These are Indigo/Navy Dash and Albert rugs in a Herringbone pattern.  Aren’t they gorgeous!?  I still love my black and white striped rugs and I’m sure I’ll pull them out again at some point, but I was ready for a change.

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

Here’s a closer look at the pattern.  They are so durable and I can already tell they are going to be a lot easier for me to keep clean!  They are a lot like my favorite family room rug in that both rugs hide dirt/crumbs really well.  Even when they are filthy you can’t tell because of the pattern.  Perfect rugs for busy families with kids.

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

I’m loving navy this Fall!  Such a pretty deep blue that goes great with all of the orange pumpkins.  I ordered 2 of the 4×6 rugs for in front of my islands..

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

and one of the 2’6″x12′  runner for in front of my sink by the window.  You can order these rug pads to go under them (and I would definitely recommend rug pads!).  I just used the same pads I had under my previous rugs.  These rugs are so nice and I love the way they warmed up my kitchen.  I’m excited about them!  (I’ll add a few links below to other rugs I considered for this space.)  I know the style is to keep your rugs out away from the cabinets centered on the floor but I’m too practical for that.  The designer in me wants to move them, but the busy mom of 3 in me knows they need to stay up against the sink to catch any water/food spills.  The busy mom of 3 in me usually wins.  Ha. :)

Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

  Fall Kitchen Decor (Sunny Side Up) #cofferedceiling #doubleislands

The only thing missing is something cooking in the crockpot!  Luckily Ad and I came up with a simple solution for that over the weekend. ;)

ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS this month!  We plan to do the same.


p.s.  For my fashion loving friends I just saw that my one of my favorite graphic tees (GOOD VIBES) is re-stocked and another favorite (SUNDAY) is 40% off!  I wear one of these pretty much every weekend running around with kids (they are soft and a great fit!) so I wanted to let you all know. :)


xoxo, Erin
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27 thoughts on “Fall Kitchen Decor (and new rugs!)

  1. Cute rugs and darling fall decor! What kind of pad do you put under your rugs? They look like they are thin and I can never get my thin rugs to stay put!!

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! These rugs have pads you can buy with them but I just used the same pads I had for my black striped rugs (bought at Crate and Barrel). They look just like the rugs that go with these! I’ll add a link to the rug pads in this post!

  2. Your fall decor in the kitchen is lovely and homey and cozy, Erin. Isn’t it amazing how the dynamic changes when one or more people in a family aren’t there. When I stayed at home, it always fascinated me that when I was home by myself, the house stayed clean, but the second the rest of the family came home, it’s like it exploded with stuff. LOL Even though you miss them when they are gone, you savor the calmness, I’m sure. Your rugs are lovely and how fun that you added them to your decor. If they were away from the cabinets at my house, they’d become a tripping hazard for sure. Not sure that broken ankle or crutches would add to the fall decor. Oh, I missed the post on Instagram, but read the linked post and giggled. Now that’s the way to do it!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    1. SO true! The dynamic definitely changes when someone leaves! And yes.. lots of savoring goes on when I’m home alone.. ha. :) You made me laugh about crutches because of the rug! I’ve seriously thought about that too! How do people not trip when rugs are in the middle of the kitchen floor? I don’t get it. Sounds like that makes two of us. ;) Love you Jeanne! xo

  3. Your fall decor is so adorable Erin! I love your taste! And the new rugs are absolute perfection :) Have a great day!

  4. Love this! You’ve probably already mentioned previously, but where is your “enjoy the little things” sign from?


  5. Hi Erin,
    I’ve been following your blog for about 6 months and I am always happy to see a new post in my inbox! I love your farmhouse sinks and was hoping you would do a post on them and the faucets you have chosen.. Thanks!

    1. So sweet of you Kathy! Thank you! My farmhouse sinks are Shaw and my faucets are Rohl! I’m sure I posted about them soon after we moved in but that was five years ago and that post is most likely lost in the archives.. ha! :) Let me know if you have any other questions about them! xo

      1. Hi Erin!
        I’m deep diving into your achieve posts as I didn’t want to bother you but I can’t find an answer.
        Could you tell me if your faucets are chrome or polished nickel? I’d really appreciate it :) thanks, Kat x

  6. It looks so nicely done! I especially love the new rug additions. I look forward to your kitchen & living room Seasonal decor every year. I also love the orange and blue combo. Happy Fall!

  7. I love your kitchen and especially the basket with handles that the pots are sitting in.
    Can you tell me where you purchased it?

    Thank you

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