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Organized (and decorated!) mudroom

Happy February everyone!  Mudroom is decorated for Valentine’s Day!  But before we go any further… quick announcement.  The winner of the Paint and Prose prints from my last Friday Favorite’s post is Lisa who said:

“#ican’teven is my favorite! Oh my how many times I’ve felt that when I’m getting ready to tackle the laundry! :) Love it all Erin! Thanks for introducing us to a cute new shop!”

Congratulations Lisa!  I think we all know the feeling well. :)  E-mail me your info. and Abbie will be in touch soon!

Ok.  I’ve been organizing up a storm and am ready to share more progress with you today.  You all know when I designed my mudroom I decided on closed cabinets to hide the mess.  I absolutely love them and will always be so happy with that decision.  This room for the most part, always looks clean.

Regardless of what’s lurking behind closed doors.  But things were starting to get a little crazy behind those closed doors and it was time to do something about it.  I didn’t take a before picture of these cupboards.. I should have.  They weren’t awful, just too full.  If I don’t watch it close, the kids will all of the sudden have six jackets and five bags and all sorts of other random items stuffed inside.  I took everything out and dumped it on the floor.  I wiped down every cupboard and vacuumed every drawer.  I had the kids choose their most worn jackets and bags to put inside and then had them take everything else up to their rooms.
This is what they look like now.  SO MUCH BETTER.
Backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles, backpacks, a jacket or two and a bag for after school activities.  My husband’s locker hides the rain gear since he doesn’t usually set his brief case down in his locker at the end of the day.  Although if it were up to me he would.  :)
You guys.  I got rid of SO many pairs of shoes.  At least 9 or 10 pairs between the 5 of us.  There were so many shoes crowding these drawers that were too little or so old the kids weren’t wearing them anymore.  Now these drawers only hold our most worn every day shoes.  Clearly we are fans of Converse.  :)
A few months ago I put a clear container in Kole’s drawer to hold his socks.  Brilliant!  Now there is no running back to his room every morning to grab a pair.  My girls go upstairs to do their hair before we leave in the morning so grabbing socks wasn’t a big deal for them, but with my little buddy it was always holding us up.  My laundry room is right next to the mudroom so after I wash his socks they go straight in his drawer.  Love solutions like that!  The container is usually full of socks – when I took this picture I was behind on laundry. :)  My husband’s drawer holds a few balls.  The kids were playing with the other two that also go in this drawer.
Ahhh.. clean drawers are happy drawers.
organized-mudroom-8These tall cupboards never really had a purpose.  After we moved into the house they slowly became catch alls for random junk and extra bags and shoes.
Lovely I know.
organized-mudroom-24I got rid of so much excess that now they are half empty!  I might store something else here at some point, but for now they are just extra shelves for my girls’ shoes and a few extra backpacks and lunch boxes.  I always need an extra backpack for their beach camp each summer, but I was holding on to way too many extras.  Love that this room holds all of my kids’ shoes so they don’t have any in their closets.
I cleaned out all of the drawers below too.  I went though all the flip flops and tossed several pairs that were too dirty or too small.  Now all of the rest fit in this one drawer.
My tall Uggs in the middle drawer and that’s it!
It feels so nice to only have the things we actually use/need in this mudroom!  Remember my two secrets to staying organized?  Less is more and I’m loving that I now have empty cupboards and drawers.
I couldn’t decide which red pillows to set on my bench so I just used all three.  I’m all about less is more these days.. unless we’re talking about pillows. ;)
organized-mudroom-19 {The solid red and home pillow are from Pottery Barn.  The red heart pillow is from Tai Pan.  Throw is from Target.  The red striped runner in from of my lockers is also from Target.}
The ice skates are also from Pottery Barn.  Isn’t this scarf adorable?  I got it for Addison for Christmas (from the Gap.. they have such cute things for girls on sale for Valentines Day right now!).  She looks darling in it, but I told her when she’s not wearing it I want it for decor.  Ha!  Adds a nice touch don’t you think?  :)
I also cleaned out my little bench drawers that had been accumulating various junk treasures.
I’m using the left side for party supplies.  (I keep finding random things we might use again while I’m cleaning out other drawers.. now I have a place to put them!)organized-mudroom-5
The right side holds the girls’ hats, gloves and scarves.  organized-mudroom-7
corner of mudroom
And we all remember my little hobbit luggage closet right?
It’s nice and clean too making this mudroom completely finished!
I even took a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and wiped down the outside of every cupboard in this room.  (They work great on white cabinets btw.)  Now my mudroom is sparkling!  So nice to check it off of my list!  Have you been checking things off of your organizing list?  If you feel overwhelmed, just start!  Pick a small drawer and clean it out.  It will feel so good you’ll be motivated to clean another one.

And clean out another one is exactly what I’m going to do. :)  Happy organizing friends!

*{additional sources/info: mudroom cabinets/lockers/bench were all custom made.  I designed them and had my cabinet guy make them when we built the house.  Cabinet hardware is all from Restoration Hardware.  Door hardware is from Emtek.  The locker name plates were from Pottery Barn.  The baskets above my lockers are the Day Trip Lidded large baskets from Pottery Barn (on sale now!).  Paint in this room is “Seattle” by Frazee (Frazee paint has now joined with Sherwin Williams.)  White trim is “Arothane White 001” also by Frazee.}

*affiliate links used

xoxo, Erin
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58 thoughts on “Organized (and decorated!) mudroom

      1. Your mudroom is amazing and looks so cool with the Valentine touches! Great job on organizing all the cupboards and drawers! I’m kind of doing the Kon Mari method of cleaning out but on a much smaller and less intense process….it is fun to pack up the car trunk with bags & bags to take to Goodwill!

        Warm hugs,

        1. Hi sweet Carol! Oh my word.. doesn’t it feel good to say good-bye to bags of stuff!? I LOVE that feeling. I don’t know that I’m doing the Kon Mari method as intense either but I love that book and am trying to get rid of as much as I can that we aren’t using. Hugs and happy organizing to you! Maybe I’ll see you soon at the Goodwill drop off! ;) xo

  1. Looks fantastic, Erin! You’ve got lots of storage, but your show that if you don’t have a purpose for some of those storage places, chaos will reign. Your solution for Kole is pretty brilliant! The entire space looks fabulous. Your decor is perfect for the holiday. Ha, ha on not letting your daughter use her scarf, but I definitely see why! :) Happy Monday to you!

    1. Thanks so much Jeanne! Yeah.. we’ve had chaos in a lot of our cupboards and drawers lately. I’m so motivated to get my house whipped into shape! Happy Monday to you too cutie! xo

  2. Loved this post, Erin! You’re an inspiration, as always. Quick question: what do you keep inside the baskets on top of the lockers?
    Happy February,

    1. So sweet of you Ximena! Thank you! I don’t have anything in those baskets right now! I used to use them to hold winter things (scarves, hats, etc.) but then I moved all of our winter ski stuff together in a trunk up in our attic (we only use it once or twice a year). The few things my girls wear to school I moved to that mudroom bench drawer. So the baskets are currently empty and just for decor! If I ever move something in them I’ll share it on the blog. :) Happy February cutie! xo

  3. Erin, it looks so fresh and so clean and so nice and organized! Love it! I did the sock bin for the kids about a year ago and it’s such a simple thing, but seriously changed our mornings! A total time saver!

    1. Thanks cutie! Feels so good to have it done! We should have discussed the sock solution at one of our meetings! Ha! Love that you do it too. :) I’ll text you dates soon! xo

  4. Love following your blog and Instagram! Your mudroom is perfection! We are about to build
    ours out and I have the most annoying question ever 😬 Any chance you’d have the time at some point to post measurements of the shoe drawers and widths of the cubbies?

    1. Hi cute Jenna! Oh my word.. not annoying at all! In fact I answer that question SO many times I’m just going to write a new post with the dimensions. :) Coming soon!! xo

      1. Hi there,
        Did you ever get a chance to post the measurements for the lockers and drawers? I am also going to have a cabinet maker make our lockers and this would be so helpful! Thank you!

        1. Hi Deborah! So sorry I am just now seeing this comment! Are you still trying to figure out locker size? If you are, shoot me an e-mail and I will measure for you tomorrow! xo

          1. HI! I looked for your email and can’t find it. We are in the process of building and I’d love to know the dimensions as well.

  5. Oh, Erin! It’s perfect and exactly what my dreams are made of! :-) Quick question…the “1, 2, 3” numbers…where did you get them? Can I ask if the numbers correspond to anything (such as your garage doors or something), or if you just liked them sequential? Thinking something like that would be perfect for our mudroom! Thanks! – Jennifer

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! So sweet of you! I fell in love with the 123 numbers just because I have 3 kids. My kids are my number 1, 2 and 3. :) The sign came with just the numbers (I found it at Home Goods) so I added hooks to hold our keys. That’s about as DIY as I get! Ha! :) xo

  6. Hi Erin! Love your mudroom. In fact your mudroom is the inspiration for my mudroom!
    Where did you get the rug? Do you change it up based on season/holiday? :)
    Also, LOVE the sock bun idea. I already found an empty bin and implemented the idea.
    Thanks so much for your great ideas.

    1. Hi Shelley! Thank you so much! Rug is from Target and yes.. I change it often. I use this red striped rug for Christmas through February and then usually do navy or something else fun for Spring and Summer. So glad that sock idea helped you! It has saved our mornings many times! :) xo

  7. Love this and the thought that must have gone into creating such a useful space. What are the locker and shoe drawer dimensions? What do you keep in the baskets above the lockers? And what is in the upper cabinet on the non locker side? Sorry for so many questions!!

    1. Thanks Ashley! Yes! Definitely a lot of thought and planning went into this room. For years in my head. :) I’ve been getting so many questions about dimensions lately so I’m going to do a post soon. The baskets above the lockers are empty at the moment! I used to keep winter hats/gloves, etc. there but moved everything together with our ski clothes so right now they are just decor. :) Upper cabinets are empty at the moment too! I’m sure they’ll get filled with something at some point but I am on a major purging spree and am getting rid of so much stuff we don’t use/love. Lots of empty cabinets are the result! :) xo

  8. Oh how I love this room…….I have a question ~ I noticed a speaker in your ceiling, and am wondering which sound system you are using? Ours is 9 years old and we have all the ceiling speakers hard wired, but sadly I haven’t been using it ~ i have a receiver and 5-disc CD player ( totally ancient… Is yours on Bluetooth? I’ve seen people control theirs with their phones ~ that would rock my world! Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Karen! I know nothing about our speakers so I’m letting my husband answer this one.. ha! From him:

      Our speakers are wired to our receiver, which is a middle of the road Yamaha receiver. The receiver is only a couple of years old though, and receivers made in the last few years connect to your phone either through Bluetooth or even without Bluetooth through your home network. You connect the receiver to your home network like you would a computer, and then as long as your phone is connected to the same wireless network you can control the receiver from anywhere in the house through an app on your phone. Since the receiver is connected to the Internet you can run things like Pandora radio on it too, and all that can be controlled on your phone.

      I hope that helps! :) xo

  9. Your Valentine decor is so cute. That is the cutest scarf I have ever seen. How did I miss that at the Gap? Berkley would love one. I have some perging to do. We have been in this house for 8 months. Hard to believe That it’s time to go through stuff again already to make room for more. I may have a shopping problem. No! More like retail therapy. :)

    1. Thanks Cathy! I’m so bummed they don’t have that scarf anymore too! I should have shared it earlier on the blog. They have darling pj’s for V-day right now at the Gap that I want to get my girls so bad, but they need new pj’s like they need a hole in the head. :) I read a sign once that said “I COULD give up shopping but I’m not a quitter.” Ha ha! I laughed for 20 minutes! So meant for us!! :) xo

  10. Hi Erin,
    I found your blog when I did a search of mudroom designs on Google. Yours was hands down our favourite of the thousands of pictures out there! We showed our contractor and today was installation day-so exciting! It’s not completely finished, but when it is I’ll put some photos up. So funny that today was your day to post about yours. Can’t wait to walk into our mudroom and not see piles of stuff all over the place. Thanks for the inspiration, your house is beautiful, and I love all of your organizing tips. My next project is our toy room, can you come organize it for me? ;)

    1. Thanks so much Ann! I’m so happy you found me! And I’m SO excited for you!! Would love to see pictures when it’s finished. You will LOVE it! Man.. I need some help with our playroom at the minute. My kids made a major mess yesterday and I feel like tossing half of their toys! It’s a hard space to stay on top of. We’ll have to have a playroom organizing intervention party together. :) xo

  11. Erin, as usual you are my organing hero!i look forward to your accomplishments and use you as a guide and push through my chaos and tackle my goals. I cleaned out my pantry this last weekend and I 💜 to stare at my “mini store”. Please tell me I am not the only one that fronts their shelves to look like a grocery store!?! ☺️ Keep up the good work MaMa Erin!!

  12. Erin, I’m obsessed with your mud room! We have four children ages six and under and I’ve been searching for over a month now for a plan that I like for in our game room and came across your blog earlier this week! I’m going to get someone to build me something like this, but I was wondering if you could email me your dimensions, specifically, how tall/wide are the insides of the lockers and the shelf, how wide are the pull out drawers on the bottom, width of bench, and how deep is the entire thing. My space is much smaller than yours so i’m going to have to modify it, but I don’t even know how to get started. It’s overwhelming! Any info you would be willing to share would be so appreciated. I’ve been on a purging binge and your blog has really inspired me, especially the organized playroom, school supplies and now the mudroom. I can’t wait to get started on organizing our home! Your home is absolutely beautiful!!

  13. I just love this mudroom! I’ve been doing quite a bit of research online for mudroom ideas. We don’t have a mudroom in our house and I am having an architect come out on Monday to draw up some plans. We are going to convert our screened in porch on the side of our house to a mudroom. I love your idea of lockers instead of open storage to cut down on visible clutter. Also, the name plates are great! I am going to show the builder and architect your ideas on Monday! Thank you for sharing.

  14. Hi Erin,
    I absolutely LOVE the cupboards you have in your mudroom, do you happen to have the dimensions? Thank yoU!

  15. What a fantastic mud room!! Is the bench custom made? If not where did you get it? I’m looking for a bench with drawers like that.

    Thank you!

  16. Hi–LOVE this mudroom. Did you ever do a post with the dimensions on the lockers/benches? I can’t find it…Also, what is the total size of this room? We are turning our three-season porch into a mudroom. It’s 9×15. I’d love to use your mudroom as a model for ours. We also need to add a powder room in there. Lastly, if you own them, where do you store your boots that are longer in length (ones that go just to your knee or above? Do they fit in the drawers? Do you store them some place else?


  17. Your mudroom is amazing! We are having some lockers custom made as well, could you share the dimensions of one locker? Thank you so much for your time!

  18. Hi Erin! My hubby is moving steadily along in redoing our laundry area. He used the formula for the baseboard, door trim and door header trim that you did, but used slightly shorter measurements- it’s working out great! Now, we are wondering did you do the same height for the window headers as the door headers? It looks like you did but just checking to make sure. We really love your mud room area and of all the trim ideas out there, we just had to create yours! Thank you for inspiring us and so many others!
    P.S. I love your spring refresh update.!

    1. Barb! I’m so sorry! For some reason this comment just showed up on my dashboard and it looks like you left it months ago! Do you still need some measurements? You’re probably done with your laundry area by now! Let me know. I’m traveling but can measure as soon as I get home if it helps! Thank you for your sweet comment.. I’m so happy my pictures were helpful! xo

  19. I was wondering on the dimension for the lockers and drawers used by the kids. Trying to gauge how big is a good size in our house. thanks!

  20. This mudroom is exactly what I need!! We are currently building and I have been looking everywhere for the perfect mudroom and this is it. I saw lot of people ask for dimension but didn’t see them anywhere. Sorry if you posted them and I missed it but I would really love the dimensions of the Drawers and Cubbies.

  21. Love the mud room. Looking to do something similar in my new home.
    Wondering if the floor is floor is engineered wood or real wood.

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