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Valentine’s decor (and clean drawers!) in the butler’s pantry

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Already half way through the week.  I have been organizing up a storm!  I sometimes get in a grove organizing and don’t want to come up for air.  I have to remind myself to get dressed and eat and take care of my kids and update my blog.  Kidding!  Sort of.  :)  I have about 5 different projects in the works right now and I really need to just focus and finish one thing instead of hopping around so much.  I’m a bit scattered to say the least!  But we are ready for Valentine’s Day so at least there’s that.
butler's-pantry-2{bowls/xo plate/pitcher/5 & Thankful sign/glasses/red cake stand/kitchen aid/salt and pepper shakers/jadeite plate stand}

I kept some of my red from Christmas and switched things around a bit for Valentine’s Day in the butler’s pantry!  Hanging our heart tissue banner has become a bit of a tradition and my kids love it when I get it out each year.  (You can see how we made the banner here.)

Do you notice anything new on my butler’s pantry shelves!?
You guys!  My mom gave me a Kitchen Aid for Christmas this year!  It’s the 5 quart in Pistachio and I’m so in love!  Such a fun surprise and kind of a family joke.  I gave her one years ago and told her to never get me one because then I’d have to use it.  Ha!  You all know how I feel about cooking and baking.  But my mom knows my love of all things Jadeite and said “it will at least look really cute in your kitchen.”  And that it does.  :)  I haven’t used it yet mom, but any day now… I can feel it.  I’m gearing up.
The fun Jadeite salt and pepper shakers were also a gift from my cute mom.  The Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies seem to multiply like crazy this time of year.  We just can’t say no to Girl Scouts.  Or to Thin Mints. :)
While my butler’s pantry shelves are looking lovely for Valentine’s Day, the drawers and cupboards below them were hiding a scary mess.  messy-butler's-pantry-drawer
You know when your kids go to a birthday party or the dentist and they bring home little prizes and trinkets?  This is where I’ve been stashing it all.  Along with other random miscellaneous junk. right-side
Things go to these drawers to be forgotten about.  And I had forgotten about them for way too long!empty-drawer
After a quick clean out the left drawer is completely empty!  Other than some packets of flower
Right side is for my nicer napkins and dish towels.  organized-drawers
That took me a whole 15-20 minutes.  I can’t believe I let it go for so long!
I don’t have a “before” of these cupboards but they were a mess too.  Nice and clean now!  Just extra storage for things that don’t have a home in my most used cupboards.  My kitchen is almost completely organized and it feels so good!  I’ll share more pictures soon!
And who knows.  Maybe.  Just maybe.  I’ll whip up something to eat with my new kitchen aid while I’m at it.

Or I’ll just keep organizing and admire it on my kitchen counter.

Love you mom.


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xoxo, Erin
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30 thoughts on “Valentine’s decor (and clean drawers!) in the butler’s pantry

  1. Love it, Erin! So clean and so cute! Love the mixer! You’re right (or your mom is!) that it looks so great as decor alone! Perfect in your light and airy kitchen!

  2. That Kitchen Aid was born to live in your kitchen, Erin! What a pretty color! I have faith that you will use it, soon. Hey…make up a batch of your Applesauce cookies! :) The butler’s pantry looks amazing. Are they selling cookies already in your area? We don’t start until Sunday. Thanks for sharing that clean drawers (at least for a minute) are possible!! Confession to you…that Tidying up book you spoke of in your last post somehow jumped into my possession and followed me home. And that book series you recommended that your daughter is reading? That book ended up in my daughter’s possession, too! So, does that mean the contents of this post will magically organize my most messy drawers?? LOL Happy Wednesday!

    1. Ha ha.. I wish it would Jeanne! So glad you got those books.. we love them! I think you will too. :) And I know I need to get a batch of applesauce cookies or banana bread muffins going in my new kitchen aid soon. It’s so nice and clean and new I don’t want to get it dirty! Ha! ;) xo

  3. Looks great! Where did you find the ‘Thankful’ sign – – love it and could see it working perfectly in my mudroom.

  4. Looks great Erin!! You will love that mixer (if you ever use it!) – it makes baking easy! :)

    I had to laugh at your comment to remind yourself to get dressed and take care of your kids —I’m totally the same way when I’m in the middle of a project. I can’t be bothered to pour a glass of water! I’m in the middle of a huge scrapbook catch-up right now and life is literally passing me by. It’s nice once it’s all done though!

    1. It’s hard to focus on anything else when you are trying to get something done! But like you said.. SO nice once it’s finished! Besides.. who needs water anyway? ;) xo

  5. I’m in love with the Kitchenaid stand mixer!!! perfect spot for it too! and I love the color. I’m not a baker but between The Pioneer Woman and the pretty colors available I know I will own one of my own too!

    will it get used? that’s debateable lol

  6. Hey Erin,
    I know you’ve probably been asked a million times, but would you mind sharing your quartz colors on you kitchen counters & island? Thank you!

  7. Your butler’s pantry is such a cute area to decorate, Erin! You truly owe it to yourself to put that mixer into use….soon! I had a handheld mixer all during the years when my children were little, & I used it for everything but it was rather exhausting and I often just resorted to mixing by hand. I got my KitchenAid about 20 years ago….long before they had all the wonderful colors, but I love it and use it a lot. Yours is a beautiful color and looks perfect with your Jadeite!

  8. Love the decor and the mixer is so cute. Can a mixer be cute? I wouldn’t want it to get dirty either. i didn’t use my oven forever in the new house because I didn’t want it to get dirty and I seriously don’t like cooking either. As you know, I burn everything. Happy organizing. xo

  9. Love the blender color! Once you use it, you’ll fall in love. My girls love to help put the ingredients in and watching it blend.
    I decorated for Valentines too, along with my Winter pine cones lol. Do you still decorate the mantel too? I felt like spreading the love this year. I ended up decorating mantel & front foyer also.

    1. Thanks Debi! You’re right.. I bet my girls will love the blender too. :) I don’t decorate my mantels for each season as much because I have so many other things in the house I’m still trying to decorate that occupy my time and brain space! :) I’m sure once the house is furnished I’ll play around with them more. I bet yours look so cute! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  10. Hey Erin! Hope you are doing well today!

    I also LOVE my Kitchenaid mixer… but I don’t do a lot of baking with it. I SHRED MY CHICKEN with it! If I cook breasts of chicken and put them in (especially when warm) they will shred perfectly in about 20 seconds on the lowest speed. It is amazing! This way I can shred quickly and effortlessly. This is the whole reason I got my mixer!!!


  11. I, also, always appreciated the after school time with my now grown daughters. It was my favorite part of being an at home mom. They have so much to share and it just spills out. Also, love your home and kitchen decor. Especially ❤️ those signs!

  12. Erin,
    Your open cabinets above your butler’s pantry makes me want to remodel mine and open everything up. I never keep mine as clean as yours though so their is that key point. Love the way you decorated that space. It is so cozy and welcoming.

    1. Thank you so much Jen! I’m so happy you like them. My mom says the same thing. She has some cabinets that could easily be opened up but doesn’t want to have to keep them clean. I totally get it! I love having closed cabinets too. :) Enjoy your weekend cutie! xo

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