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Fall Into Home Tour

Fall into Home Tour sign

So excited to be sharing our home all decked for fall with you today!  I’m especially excited because I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers who are also sharing their beautiful homes.  Seeing everyone’s cozy decor this time of year is so inspiring!  I can just smell the pumpkin spice.  :)  Be sure to check out all of my friends’ homes at the end of this post!  They are simply stunning.  happy-halloween-porch
Welcome and come in! porch-hanging-lanterns
With the help of my 5 year old I just finished sprucing up our front porch for Halloween.  Not quite as spooky as was requested, but ready for trick or treaters none the less!
(Full post with details and sources here.)
Last week I also shared our entry console table.  Ready for fall!
I love feeling the season right when I walk in the front door and having our wedding anniversary date displayed for the month of September is icing on the cake.  :)  From our entry you walk into our formal living room and I have some progress in that room to share soon!  But I took way too many pics for this tour so it will come later.  I’m also planning to update this post with sources soon so if you have any questions ask in the comments and I’ll add it to the post!  You can find all of the sources for this table here.
Our formal dining room is a work in progress but I set a simple fall table scape that is adding so much warmth!  Now I just need the guests!  Along with silverware, glasses and food.  All coming soon.  :)

Sources: Yellow Stems, Terrarium Vase, Chargers, Pumpkin napkin rings, white napkins, Pumpkins – Home Goods, Dishes – Tai Pan.  fall-dining-tablescape-farmhouse-style
I like to keep things simple in the kitchen with counters clear for our constant every day messes.
But these adorable twig pumpkins, some branches and a few other small touches add instant coziness.  Isn’t fall all about coziness?  To me it is.
I know.  You’re all dying over my amazing chalk art.  How did she do that you’re wondering!?  Ha!  After years of teaching elementary school this is what you get.  My first graders never complained.  ;)
Mini white pumpkins are my favorite and make an appearance in my house every September.  I just get them at the grocery store.  A few of them sort of hop into my cart every time I’m there.
My kids say “another white pumpkin mom!?”  I smile and say “you can never have too many mini white pumpkins.”  Life lesson #2,356.
This THANKFUL sign made by my beautiful friend Caroline at Vine and Branches is my favorite.  I decorated our butler’s pantry shelf and told my husband.. see.. it has meaning.  1 2 3 for our 3 kids.  A 5 for the 5 of us.  And we are thankful.
Later that day he tossed down his sweaty running gear on the counter and said see.. it has meaning.  I’m thankful I’m healthy and can run.

I wasn’t amused.
Simple display in our dining nook.
More of my favorite fall branches in this vase and mini white pumpkins.  Of course.
I love displaying past fall pictures of my kids.
And adding cozy throws in every corner.
We set out our favorite Halloween books in a basket every year.  Those of you who have been with me a while know all about our traditions.  :)
This reading corner is a favorite spot for my kids and I love coming around the corner and finding one of them curled up in that chair with a good book.
My mantel isn’t really decorated yet – it’s a tricky spot for me and always a work in progress.  I tossed a couple of pumpkins up there until I can find what I’m looking for.  I don’t know what I’m looking for btw, but when I find it, I’ll know.  :)
My kids really look forward to our Halloween picture banner every year.  So fun seeing their costumes and how they’ve grown.
Last year when I decorated my console table for fall I ran into a few spider issues trying to have a Martha moment by cutting down real branches.  That might be one reason I’m all about faux branches this year.  So in love with these Longan flower stems!  I’ve had them awhile and was excited to get them out for fall.  They look so real and will work for fall or summer.  Plus no spiders.  fall-table-styling
I have to share a picture of my couch because truly when I think of fall I think of being curled up on this couch with my family.  Banana bread muffins baking and football on the TV.  There’s no where I’d rather be.
Even our mudroom is feeling the season!
I figured if I displayed my Hunters the rain will come!  My good luck charms.
Like the kitchen, I like this space to be clean and open for every day use.  Just a few hints of fall.  Makes me smile every time I walk through that door.
I hope you enjoyed the tour!  If you’re new here you can subscribe to get an e-mail each time I post by signing up on my sidebar!  You can also see what I’m up to on Instagram or Facebook.  Usually decorating or organizing something.  :)  You can also check out my full home tour here.  To all of you who are regulars and stop by often, I am so thankful for you this fall.  Truly.  My blog friends mean so much to me.  I wish I really could have you all over for dinner!  The table is set.  Who wants to bring the soup?

Enjoy today.


2015 Fall Tour Collage

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xoxo, Erin
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87 thoughts on “Fall Into Home Tour

  1. Erin your kitchen is unreal. Like… I’m almost embarrassed to show my kitchen because of how amazing yours is! Your whole house really…. It’s like my dream house. So beautifully done… Everything!

    1. Rachel! You are too kind. Thank you sweet friend! I’m so excited to sit down when I have time tonight and see yours! I like to take my time and soak in these tours when kids are in bed. ;) xo

  2. Friend, you have the most stunning home! I love seeing it all decked out for fall! (And I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to have some aqua touches around, no matter what the season! :) It’s fun to see all of your fun fall traditions, too– that Halloween picture banner is the cutest. My boys would love that! Thank you so much for the beautiful tour! Have a wonderful day!

    ~Abby =)

  3. Love, love your home! Can you tell me if the Restoration Hardware chairs you have in your dining room are comfortable and are you happy with that purchase? Thanks for your time!

    1. Thank you so much Christy! They are and I absolutely love those chairs! Definitely get the seat pads for them. Love the look and they make them extra comfy. :)

  4. I absolutely love this post. Your decor is so simple yet beautiful, it just seems to flow and all go into place. At some point could you give a list of the books that you have for Halloween, I know my babes would love that. Look forward to read and see your stunning photos. Thank you for sharing x

  5. It’s beautiful! Have you already shared your paint colors on the blog or Instagram? I would love to know the gray that is used in your main living areas, and the blue in your play room. Gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Natalie! I have but I need to put them all together in one post at some point! My main gray is “Seattle” by Frazee and the play room is “Icing on the Cake” by Benjamin Moore. :)

  6. Your fall decor is so pretty. I love your dining room. I want those pumpkins. I put some pumpkins in a bowl. Done and done!! LOL. I haven’t finished decorating the house since we moved in 3 months ago so I am having a hard time thinking about fall decor and we are in the middle of the painting stage. I saw that your plants are still alive. Congrats. Mine, they are dead. I did get a beautiful orchid as a housewarming gift. I hope I can keep it alive. Time will tell. Seriously though, your house looks so warm and inviting. Happy Fall, Erin

    1. Ha ha.. Cathy! I love you. :) K – remember when I moved in? I tried decorating that first Christmas and it was such a mess. Way too much going on! This is your year to bag holiday decor. Laughing you brought up my plants. I almost wrote all about how proud I am that I kept them alive but I didn’t want to jinx it! :) Happy fall to you my friend! And happy painting. xo

  7. Wow! You have a beautiful home and great taste in decor. That wreath in your mud room would look so pretty above the 1 2 3 sign you have by the door!

  8. Erin,
    Your house is so charming. I can tell you really love to decorate. Even your mudroom is beautiful. I really loved that your kitchen was so timeless. It will be in style forever. How do you get your dining room pictures to turn out so well? I have an 8 person table as well and mine never turn as good as the ones I take at my smaller table. Any secrets?


    1. Thank you Jenn.. so kind of you! Hmm.. I don’t know a ton about photography. I’ve picked up a few tips over the years. Mostly just wait for good lighting. Turn house lights off and take them when natural light is coming through your window! Also try lots of different angles. xo

  9. Your home is so lovely and cozy, Erin! It has beautiful lines and lots of neat architectural touches. But really, to me, what makes it truly beautiful is the love you put into making it a home for you and your family. I adore all your fall touches, with the branches and the pumpkins and all that. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  10. Wow, beautiful home! First time finding you…looking forward to hours of browsing thru your old posts and will look forward to future ones in my inbox!

  11. LOVE all your fall touches!!! I may need to get some of those faux branches and I love those pumpkins on your dining table and the plaid throw in your mudroom. A Homegoods stop may be on our next shopping trip ;) xoxo

  12. Wow!! I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and am in awe at your talent and your gorgeous home! So cozy, beautiful, AND organized – amazing you could accomplish it all! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us:)

    1. Olivia! What a sweet comment. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you like it. Your sweet words put a smile on my face first thing this morning. Thanks again! :) xo

  13. Hi Erin :)

    I just stumbled upon your blog through Instagram and have to say I am smitten! I am hooked now and have been looking at all your amazingness for the last last few days and am wondering how I just discovered your blog! Just wanted to let you know that I love everything you are putting out there and hope to see lots more from you. You have a beautiful family and home and so glad I found your space out here in the social media world!

    Cheers :) Darcy

    1. Darcy! Oh your kind words seriously made my day. I’m so happy you found me in the great big social media world too! Thank you thank you sweet friend. Your comment was like Christmas morning. :) So nice to “meet” you! xo

  14. Oh my goodness, what a FUN post!
    When I have more time I’m going to have to go back and visit all the other Fall Blogs. I bet I get some neat ideas for decorating! Love it!
    Your home looks amazingly fall-ish, by the way. Love the mini white pumpkins!
    quick question: the couch in your family room…is that a tan color, beige, or is it an off-grey to match the wall paint? I can’t really tell from the photos, but to MY eye it’s not shade of grey, but some kind of neutral tan or bone color. Am I right?

    1. Thanks cute Katrina! You are such a doll and always make me smile. :) That couch is a sandy natural light tan color just like your eye thinks. :) It does have grey undertones in it so it works well with the paint. Looks better in person than it does in pictures actually! And yes.. long live mini white pumpkins! My forever favorite. xo

  15. Oh my gosh Erin! Everything is stunning in your home. I love all the corals, grays and white pumpkins. Your home photos belong in Better Homes and Gardens. You had me at BOO :) lol

  16. I love seeing all of your posts, Erin, but especially enjoy any home tours you do! I’m so glad that you did this Fall tour…..your home is always beautiful, but the way you do Fall is extra nice!

  17. Beautiful! Do you have source info for “Enjoy the simple things” and “Thankful” signs? Love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Valerie! I linked to the thankful sign shop right below the pics of it! (Vine and Branches) The Enjoy the Little Things sign is from an etsy shop called House of Belonging. :) xo

    1. Hi Julianne! It’s from World Market and I just added the link below that picture of it on the blog. A few others asked so I added it to the post. :)

  18. I can’t get enough of your blog. Your home is beautiful. Fall is my favorite season for decorating. I’m glad I’m not the only one filling up my house with pumpkin decor. Where did you find your kitchen scale? It’s so beautiful!

  19. Erin,
    Your house is beautiful!! I just love the Halloween banner!, I think I may have to try and make a Christmas one with the kids!
    Thanks Erin!

  20. Erin! Your home is STUNNING! I know who I will come to for advice if we ever get the chance to build… such great finishes. I love how you have brought fall in, so pretty!

  21. Um, so how have I not “met” you until now? Have I been hiding under a rock?!? Seriously. Your home is STUNNING. It is absolutely my “dream” exterior. I LOVE all the panelling…. and your kitchen?! And colourful rugs?! *swoon*. I can’t wait to follow along now that we have “met”!

    1. Oh you are too sweet Krista! I felt the same way when I first saw your blog in the home tour! We were under a rock together. Ha! ;) Thank you so much sweet friend! xo

  22. perhaps I’m a bit biased, but I’ve read all of the other posts and I love your fall tour the most! Not only do I love your style the most, but I love all of the festive touches and how they stay true to your overall look and style of your home.

  23. Erin, I love seeing your home and the style of your decorating. I like it because it is simple yet elegant and not overboard. Love your style and the fall touches that you made. Your style is very organized and not a cluttered look…..

  24. I am in LOVE with your home. I am about to start the house building process (we just got our land) and have been so overwhelmed with all of the house plans to choose from. Was this a custom build or did you find the house plans somewhere else? Everything about your home is amazing.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! We built our house custom from the ground up! Quite a process! I’m excited for you! It’s amazing.. and awful. Ha! ;) Check out my blog this week! It has been 2 years today since we moved in so this week I’m talking all about building! I just posted some fun before and after pics and then later this week I’m going to share some tips I picked up along the way! Hopefully they will be helpful to you! xo

  25. I am realistic. At a glance the Halloween decorations are way out of balance with size of your porch. Probably would show up better if decorations were much larger. I can barely see the “lettering” above your door to many letters blend in with the house trim and the birds in front of the window also don’t show up very well.

    1. Sorry you don’t like it Janet! I’m sure bigger would be better but it’s really hard to find large things to decorate with – especially when you are busy running 3 kids around all day. :) The kids love the porch decor and that is what matters to me most. Take care!

  26. Hi there. It is my first time coming across your site and let me say, your taste is impeccable! I think I have pinned just about every image on this page. haha Thanks for the gorgeous inspiration!

  27. Girl! Your house is too cute! Where did you get that cozy sectional? We are in the market for one and it has been hard to find something the right size that isn’t overstuffed. Thanks!

  28. I LOVE the big baskets under your console table! Beautiful home!!! Can you please share where you purchased the baskets and the size if possible. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Jessica! I’m blanking on the color I picked but if you type “favorite paint” in the search bar of my blog a post with all of my colors will pop up. :)

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