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Mirrored console table – ready for fall!

It has been so hot here lately.  The hottest weather we’ve had in a while.  And then something happened yesterday.  It rained!  And just like that, there was a hint of fall in the air.
I lit my pumpkin spice candle, cleaned the house and started adding some fall decor.  Who cares that today was sunny and 80 degrees again.  We’re feeling the crisp autumn air inside!

Most likely just from the air conditioning, but we’ll take it.  ;)
This mirrored console table has sat empty for so long.  Because this area leads into my formal living room I wanted to get that room decorated first so that I could add table decor that flowed nicely.
This is what I came up with!  You probably recognize the vase and bowl from my family room console table.  A lot of switching goes down around here when it rains and a decor mood strikes.
My living room has so much silver/chrome in it that I love this vase on this table even more.  But the beautiful faux turning leaf branches are my absolute favorite!  They were a Pottery Barn splurge and I have them throughout the house.  Pricey for faux flowers, but they look so real and a little goes a long way.  This vase is only holding two branches.  Plus I had a rewards card gift certificate from PB from buying our outdoor umbrellas that was burning a hole in my pocket.  I tried to explain to my husband what a sound investment good, real looking fall leaves are since we don’t have the luxury of clipping real fall leaves in the yard.  Plus I’ll decorate with them year after year after year.  I don’t think he bought it.  The two of us have very different ideas when the word “investment” pops up.
I filled my wooden bowl with all sorts of fall goodies.  Aren’t the little velvet pumpkins cute?  They are from Pier One.  That store is hit and miss for me but they have some fun stuff right now for fall.
Funny story about the wooden window pane frame.  I knew I wanted one for this table and have been on the lookout for months and couldn’t come up with anything.  Then I was getting a few groceries in Target last week and there it was!  It was perfect!  Great size, perfect shade of wood.. except is was actually a picture frame with glass in it.  That didn’t stop me.  I thought I could just pop the glass right out.  Turns out the glass didn’t “pop” quite so easily.  It was glued to the sides of the frame so tight.  So I held it over our outdoor garbage can and took a hammer to it!  Glass all over the place.  I felt like Chip on Fixer Upper having a blast destroying something.  It was my shining DIY moment since that’s about as DIY as I get.  Ha!  :)  (You can see what it’s supposed to look like here – a cute picture frame too!  Just not when you’re looking for a window pane.)
I also moved our fall family picture on this table and put it in a pretty silver frame.  One of my favorites.
The roman numerals are September 6, 1997 – my wedding date.  SO in love with this sign!  Its from Jaxn Blvd and as soon as I saw Kim’s Roman Numeral signs I knew I had to have one.  You can personalize them with any date.  I love having this displayed on our fall table for September.  18 years this month!  The beautiful mercury pumpkins I bought last year at Pottery Barn – loved pulling them out to use again this year.  See.  Another sound investment.
I still haven’t found what I want for the opposite entry wall (I’ve been close a few times, but I’m holding out for the perfect bench that is the perfect size!).  Regardless, it feels nice to have a touch of decor on the table!
Bring on fall!  In all its 80 degree glory.


Table: Home Decorators/Amazon – on sale!, Vase: Home Goods (similar here), Faux turning leaf branches: Pottery Barn, Wooden bowl: local antique store (similar options here), Velvet Pumpkins: Pier OneWindow pane frame: Target, Silver Frame: Pottery Barn, Roman Numeral Sign: Jaxn Blvd, Mercury Pumpkins: Pottery Barn – white and antique glass.

xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Mirrored console table – ready for fall!

  1. So beautiful and enjoying your house decorating evolution! Have to ask were your velvet pumpkins from Pier 1 recent purchase? I can’t find them anywhere! Thank you! They aren’t on their website either!

    1. Thank you sweet Jen! I just updated my post with the link! I was having a hard time finding them last night but tried searching a few more minutes today and there they were. They come in a cute little bundle of fall goodies. I love them so much I’m tempted to pick up another box! xo

  2. What a gorgeous display, Erin! I think those leaves look awesome and so real. I completely get what you mean about a sound investment-you proved it with those great pumpkins. I’d be there behind you nodding vigorously if I could. :) The frame looks great and it sounds like something I would do. What a sweet idea with the Roman numerals. Glad you explained them because I was wondering. Adore that bowl of fall goodies. I’d love to do that in my home! Such great decor. You’ve got the touch! Funny you mentioned rain, Whooo hooo! I talked to my dad who lives in CA as well and he shared with me that it rained more than a thimble-ful where he lives. Hopefully it’s the start of good things to come!

    1. Oh I know! Fingers crossed we get more of that rain soon! It was so much fun having a cloudy day. We haven’t had enough of that weather and so desperately need it. So happy you like the table decor! This is such a fun time of year to decorate. :) Thanks cutie! xo

  3. Can I just say, I love that floor! The console table is perfect. I love the faux leaf branches. I could gather branches from our yard but I think I’d rather have some that would last longer and not risk bringing in the bugs. lol

    1. Your comment about bugs made me laugh because of what happened to me last year! I cut some branches down and they were full of spiders! Oh my word – never again. This girl is all about faux fall this year! Ha ha.. :) Thanks Heather! xo

  4. I love this so much! We actually just purchased the same table a few months ago for our dining room and it is positively STUNNING in person. I love how you styled it!

  5. Hi Erin!
    Looks so pretty and fall-like! I love the branches from Pottery Barn – have to check those out on my next shopping trip. Was wondering 2 things. First, have you ever thought of putting a lamp on this table? I just put one on the console in my foyer and I love it. So welcoming to have a small light on when you walk in at night. And, also – what does the console table in your family room have on it since you “borrowed” items from there? I do the same thing! Nothing stays in one place around here for too long :)

    1. Hi Kim! Thank you so much! I always assumed I’d put a lamp there and I most likely will after the holidays. I moved that vase in on a whim just to see how tall of a lamp I should look for and I liked the vase there so much I went with it! :) I’ll be sharing my family room console table in just a few days for a fall home tour I’m working on so you can see what is living there now. Same!! Everything rotates daily around here! :) xo

  6. Love your display! I really like the faux branches so I had to order them. I also ordered the cute pumpkins. I found a vase and now I’m looking for a bowl. What type of bowl would you say that is? Whew! This is getting expensive, but I know I’ll love it when it’s all put together!
    How do you store your decor so nothing happens to it? Some of it is pretty fragile.
    Thanks Erin!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Kim! Thank you! So happy you like it all! That bowl is just a deep wooden bowl I found at a random antique store. I know Pottery Barn has similar wooden bowls, but you could probably find a less expensive option at somewhere like Home Goods or TJ Maxx or I wonder if Bed Bath and Beyond has one? Most of my seasonal decor I store in our attic. My faux flowers and branches I just lay in a plastic bin or up against a wall. I’ll do a post on that after Christmas when it’s all put away! :)

      1. I did look at Home Goods for the bowl,but had no luck. Will keep searching! Also, when you store your big tall vases and other big decor, do you put those in plastic bins as well?
        Thanks so much Erin!
        Enjoy your day!

  7. I love everything about this space. May I ask how wide the entry way is? I’m designing my next house and love the width and especially the door/surrounding windows! Haven’t seen that before but it would be perfect for our future home. We traditionally see the surrounding windows go floor to top of the door but I feel like this would be better for security.

    1. Thank you Selena! Our entry is 9 1/2 feet wide. I designed the door that way for that very reason – more privacy! :) Good luck with your next house! xo

    1. Thank you Lisa! I probably won’t post a floorplan. I get asked a lot but my husband isn’t excited about my over willingness to share every detail of EVERYTHING on the web. Ha! :) Sharing exactly where our kids are sleeping, etc.. But I totally get it! I’m a floor plan geek too. ;)

  8. I love your entryway! The Pottery Barn website did not show the same faux turning leaf branches as you have but they do have the same ones in the actual store, I found them today! Super excited to decorate with these branches this fall. Also, Pottery Barn has a 20% off coupon code right now: PBSAVE20 :) Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Oh thanks so much for the tip April! Happy you found them in the store! I LOVE those branches! Can’t wait to pull them out again this year. Happy decorating! xo

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