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Anniversary and goals

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend!  My husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary Sunday.  I shared this picture on Instagram and Facebook (wrote a little bit about how he drives me crazy and I couldn’t love him more ;)) and after I did, it reminded me that I shared this picture once before.  I couldn’t remember when so I started scrolling through past blog posts and then it hit me.  It was for a post I wrote last January – My Goals and Word for 2015.  I went back and re-read that post and I’m so glad I did.  My word for this year has been “BETTER” and my #1 goal was to be a better wife.  I’d have to ask my husband if so far I’ve been doing my part to achieve my goal.  I’m sure he’d say something like “well.. you haven’t stopped buying baskets..”  Ha!  But we both know – I have.  ;)  I’ve worked hard to be better at all of the things I mentioned in that post and while I can still do so much more and really being “better” will be a life long goal for me, I can say that I have truly noticed a difference in my life so far this year by prioritizing others.

Re-reading that post was so good for me.  Like January, the start of a new school year is a great time for a fresh start.  A good time to remember our goals and to keep going down the path we started at the beginning of the year.  Or, if we’ve  strayed a bit (happens to all of us!) and haven’t made time for our goals, it’s a great time to re-focus and start making time for what matters most.

So what did I get my husband for our anniversary this year?  A gift that I knew would top them all.  I really like football on in the fall, but my husband takes his obsession with the sport to a whole new level and usually by the time the Superbowl rolls around I’m over it and ready to have him back in our lives.  So I thought and thought about the way to his heart and then it hit me.  For his gift I told him that this fall he gets un-interrupted football time.  That means he gets to watch any game on any weekend at any time he wants.  I can’t complain that it’s too much.  I can’t change the channel.  I can’t declare a football strike and hide the remote.  Not that I’ve ever done that before.  :)  I even promised that I’d keep the kids entertained if it was a really important game (even though I have no doubt that now every game will be “a really important game.”)  He’s awfully excited about his gift to say the least and if I hold true to my end of the bargain, I think we really will end the year with me achieving my goal of being a better wife.  At least in his eyes.  And that’s all that matters.

Like I said, working hard on those goals.  ;)

If you set some goals last January, take a minute to remind yourself what you’re working towards!  I’m so glad seeing the picture I shared above reminded me to do just that.

And babe.  If you read this post – here’s to another 18 years!  Life with you just keeps getting better.  I probably won’t ever stop buying baskets, but no matter what – I’ll always love you most.


xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Anniversary and goals

  1. Awe, what a sweet post. I remember that post you wrote and I decided to pick a word. Mine was, “still” Not in a sit down and be still sort of way. Just to, be still. Try to take in the great things in life and to listen to God. I think I have done pretty well. I am always running around and doing stuff around the house and never take the time to just look around me and take in the important things.

    Tonight the Dodgers and Angels played. Marty is a huge Dodger fan and I like the Angels. Instead of picking out new house stuff, I sat and watched the game with him. At first, I was antsy, but it turned out to be a fun night. I hear you on the football though. That is some serious stuff. I would love to be a fly in Marty’s brain for just one game. I just don’t get it. But, if it makes him happy. I’m all good!

    May you both be blessed with many more years.

    Happy Anniversary sweet friend.

    1. I LOVE your word Cathy! Such a good one and I could definitely be more still in my life. I also love the example you shared. Such a fun night with your husband that you took the time to appreciate and cherish. I look up to you in so many ways my friend! xo

  2. I started a post the other day with a similar theme of re-focusing and re-dedicating myself to my goals for the year. I think Fall is a great time to re-kick-start ourselves, as we begin the countdown to the end of the year. Congratulations on your anniversary! And here’s to always getting better and better!

  3. Hi there!
    So true! I’ve been a mom for 23 years now (althought I’m barely 40 ;))! and my “years” have began in september for so long that it almost doen’t make sense to begin it all over again in january! I went back to “that post” to read it!
    I’d like to thank you for being there for me, yes I read you to get inspired, and I read you to brighten my day and I read you to know what is happening in the “creativity” world! My days aren’t always bright and I always count on your posts and those of other bloggers to help me get through it!

    1. Sara I’m totally with you. Maybe it’s the teacher in me but the “new year” always starts in September! Thank you for such a kind comment! It truly makes my day that once in a while I brighten yours. :) xo

  4. Happy Anniversary, a bit late, but still heartfelt. So sweet that you two have made it this far and are so happy together. What a lovely, heartfelt gift you gave your husband and I’m sure he truly appreciates it and you for your thoughtfulness. You are definitely striving for the better in your goal. That is what is most important, the effort, right? I’m a football fan, so I get what you are working toward in your gift. (wink). This time of year is a good time to reassess and recommit. Well done, Erin! I think you are a wonderful example. Have a great week! Hugs!

  5. So sweet, Erin. You are the cutest couple. I’m not married (because, you know, I’m just 16) but I think that my favorite of my mom’s advice rings true to all relationships: pick your battles. It’s especially true towards kids, but I think that towards your spouse it’s true too. Good luck with all of the football, and remember: this too shall pass! :)

  6. So sweet, Erin! I’ve been working on being a better wife too (and mom too…so much mommy guilt here most days?) so thank you for sharing your heart about this! So glad to hear I’m not th only one!! Great post :))

    1. Bree! Made my day to hear from you on the blog. :) You are such a good friend to swing by and say hi! Thanks cutie. And I hear you – always mommy guilt! I have to remind myself to concentrate on what I am doing vs. what I’m not or I’ll get depressed real quick! ;) xo

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