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My goals and word for 2015

Happy Friday everyone!  So glad I made it through this week!  The first week back after Christmas vacation is always a hard one for me.  I can’t help feeling a little down that the holidays are over and I always miss my extended family after spending time with them.  Plus it’s just so hard getting back into the routine, isn’t it!?  Feeling so busy and rushed after such a nice two weeks of moving at our own pace.  Which was slow.  I’ve decided I quite like moving slow.  There isn’t enough slowness in my life.  :)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for the year this week.  Are you a goal setter?  I’ve always loved setting goals.  I don’t always achieve everything I set out to do.  In fact, I pulled out my goals from last year and Kenny and I were laughing so hard because I hardly achieved any of them!  (Start planning meals – nope.  Go to bed by 11:00 every night – nope.  Exercise six days a week – nope.)  Ha!  That’s ok.  Just the act of reflecting on where I’m at in my life and thinking about ways to better myself is rewarding and important, regardless of whether or not I follow through with everything.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself to feel better.  :)

This year I’m being very realistic and kind to myself and setting goals that are more attainable for me during this busy stage of life.  I’m also trying to think about goals that will help me become a better person.  In fact, my word for the year is BETTER.  I want to be better next year than I am this year.  So here are my goals for 2015.  I’m hoping that by sharing them with all of you I’ll have a better success rate than last year!  Although given my poor performance in 2014, that shouldn’t be hard to pull off.

1) Be a BETTER wife.  I love my husband and we have a good marriage.  Not a perfect marriage.  We’ve certainly had our fair share of disagreements.  But we did survive building a house together and are still in love so I think we’re in this for the long haul.  ;)  An interesting thing happened when we had child #3 that I’m sure many of you will relate to.  My husband and I became seriously outnumbered.  As our three kids have gotten older and involved in various activities we find ourselves in constant “divide and conquer” mode.  He takes the girls to gymnastics while I take Kole to therapy.  Then I take one daughter to a birthday party while he stays home with the other two.  Then I get Kole bathed and ready for bed while he reads to the girls.  Kids are doing great while the two of us hardly see each other!  It has become so much more difficult to carve out alone time so that we can re-connect and be a couple.  I want to be better about prioritizing and planning uninterrupted alone time.  I also want to be better about prioritizing my husband in general.  Little things like give him a hug when he walks in the door at the end of the night and take time to hear about his day instead of my usual “yea you’re home – I’m exhausted and El needs help with homework because her decimal knowledge is sadly surpassing mine and while I get Kole ready for bed can you make sure Ad flosses her teeth?”  My husband’s whole life is about taking care of me and the kids.  He works so hard and is so selfless – always putting his family first.  I want to make sure I am focusing on doing the same for him.

Btw – I asked Kenny how I could be a better wife and he told me to buy less baskets.  Ha!  We both know that isn’t happening so I’ll just stick to the above instead.  :)
(My husband hates posed photos like this.  He said something sarcastic and I was tightening my lips trying so hard not to laugh and this picture makes me smile remembering it.)

2)  Be a BETTER mom.  I take a lot of pride in being a mom.  While it’s far from easy and I am exhausted every day, I really do love it.  It’s such an important job and I feel like overall I’m doing ok at this whole motherhood thing.  But I know I can be better.  The girls and I were chatting one day and somehow they started talking about how there are many “sides of mom.”  The “classy sassy mom” when I go out with friends or dad (Addison’s words – hilarious!), the “strict” mom when homework and chores need to be done and “playful mom” when I’m laughing and goofing around with them.  Then El said “mom remember that time when we were in our pajamas on the couch goofing around and dad walked in from work and you grabbed a blanket and threw it over all of us and said “hide!” and we were all laughing so hard.  Remember that?  That night was so much fun.  I wish you were like that more often.”  It was so interesting to me that she remembered that night – it wasn’t one that stuck out in my mind.  Just a typical evening.  But my girls remembered it because I was playing and connecting with them.  Not on the phone, not cleaning the kitchen, not barking out 15 different orders, just goofing around with them on the couch.  That conversation was such an eye opener for me and I want to be a better mom by making sure we have more “playful mom” moments together this year.
3) Be a BETTER friend and person.  My mom shared a quote with me a while back that has really stuck with me.  “Pray for the opportunity to be a blessing in someone’s life.”  I love that.  I want to try to focus more on others this year and less on myself.  I want to be a better friend by being more aware of what my friends are going through and thinking about how I can help them.  Even if that’s something simple like a phone call or dropping by with chocolate.  My friends have always been there for me and I want to look for more opportunities to be there for them.  I also want to look for opportunities to “be a blessing in someone’s life.”  Even if that is done by just a sincere hello, a smile and a compliment.  It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day.
4) Be a BETTER blogger.  Oh man.  Blogging.  So much I could say.  I love it so much but I have to admit that I sometimes struggle with blogging.  I struggle with how much time it takes.  I struggle because I compare myself to other bloggers who have such amazing content and pictures and are able to post so much more often than I do.  (How do they post so often!?)  I struggle with how personal I should/shouldn’t be.  I love sharing my life with all of you.  This blog is such a happy place for me because it’s the one place I get to just be Erin.  I get to talk about my loves and passions like organizing and decorating and motherhood with people who love those things too.  I think of my blog readers as friends and when I post I feel like I’m sitting at a table with all of you talking and laughing and sharing ideas having a grand old time.  :)  I want to open up about so many things when I blog.  But this is the internet and every once in a while I get a not so nice comment that reminds me that not everyone reading is my friend.  That makes me feel a bit more guarded.  And it makes me want to share less of what’s on my mind and in my heart.  So sometimes I struggle with what to post.  Bottom line – I think I struggle with overthinking my blog.  I want to be a better blogger.  For me that doesn’t mean to write more posts or to get more page views.  It means to stop over thinking blogging.  Stop comparing myself to other bloggers.  Post when I can and not beat myself up when I can’t.  Share what I feel safe sharing and what makes me happy.  I want to focus more on all of the things I love about blogging (like connecting with all of you!) and less about the insecurities that often creep up.  I blog because it’s fun and I want to be better this year about keeping it that way.

So that’s it!  My goals and word for 2015.  Of course I also hope I can start planning meals, go to bed by 11:00 every night, and exercise six days a week – but for reasons I think you’ll understand.. I’m not writing those things down.


What are your goals for the New Year?

xoxo, Erin
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63 thoughts on “My goals and word for 2015

  1. Oh Erin — those are great goals and ones a lot of people (me!) should adopt as well. Love the quote by your Mom and will be thinking of my own goals too. I definitely have the declutter and organizing goal yearly! Hope you and your sweet family have a great weekend full of fun moments!

    1. Thank you so much Janet! I didn’t write it down but of course there will be lots of organizing around here this year as well. :) Happy New Year! xo

  2. I like your word for the year and the thoughts behind why that word fits for you. I agree that being mindful of what you want to accomplish is a great step in the right direction. It sounds like your goals for the year are definitely doable and I’m sure you will have lots of fun accomplishing them. You’ve definitely had a lot on your plate these last few years. So sorry to hear that you get some not so nice comments from occasional readers. Not cool, but trying hard to not let it get to you is easier said than done. Your blog is great as is, and I don’t think you need to do anything to tweak is (except maybe allow full content on readers rather than having to click over to the actual blog to read everything-that just started when you switched to the new site ;) ). But to me your content is terrific and I enjoy reading what you share when you get the chance to share it. I’m usually smiling when I am done reading your posts. I’m sure you will have a fabulous year!

    1. Thank you Jeanne! So sweet of you to say. And sorry about the shortened feed. Unfortunately there are people out there who steal blog content and shortening your feed is one way to protect your posts. I don’t like it either but felt like it was a smart thing to do for safety reasons. Happy New Year to you and thanks again for your kind words! They always brighten my day. xo

  3. Erin, you are such an inspiration to me!! I love your blog so much and look forward to every new post. It is always fun to see pictures of your beautiful and loving family and to get to share the building and decorating of your new home!! I’m sorry you have to put up with some mean people; unfortunately they are everywhere. But I think you are a wonderful blogger, and I really appreciate your sharing your life with those of us who adore you!!!

    1. I hope you know how much I adore you too Jane! Thank you sweet friend. Your comments always brighten my day. You are a great example of “being a blessing in someone’s life.” You truly are a blessing in mine. xo

  4. I’m an occasional reader but not a big commenter but I love this word so much that I had to let you know. It’s the best one I’ve seen and I’ve been trying to get things in my own life “better than they were”. It leaves you feeling successful and more motivated to keep improving. I love it and hope you enjoy your year of better.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Lou! So sweet of you. Good luck to you this year too! I hope we can both be better in 2015. :) xo

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I love your blog….it’s the first one I visit every morning. I love it because you are real!!!! You show the beauty as well as the everyday. I would much rather visit your blog then any over the top, popular, voted #1 blog any day. Thanks for being you and opening up glimpses of your gorgeous home and family with us. Forget the negative Debbie Downers and continue to be the positive Sunny Side Up Erin so many of us have come to love. Many of us will never get to sit down and meet you face to face but you make us feel like ‘friends’ through your blog. You are already Better because of that.

    1. Sheila! You are going to make me cry! :) What a sweet comment. Thank you! Your kind words mean so much to me. Wow. Truly touched! xo

  6. Erin, I just have to say I love your blog. It is so uplifting and happy. I have read it way before it was super popular. I think you are amazing you inspire me everyday. You should never compare yourself to our blogs because I fill overwhelmed trying to read most other blogs. Sometimes I fill like they put to much in them that there not fun to read anymore there not real or realistic for most people. You are doing such a great job and you are a awesome mommy. The only thing I could say about your blog is and don’t feel bad or think I’m being rude in any way because I’m not trying. I just miss how simple it use to be. Before it was so popular. I loved fun finds and just seeing all the fun your family was having together. I live reading your blog and I check it every morning for a new post. It’s like my fresh air. Thanks for sharing so much with us.

    1. Such a kind, sincere comment Heidi! Thank you. It means so much to me that you’ve been reading for so long. It really does. And I know what you mean about how it used to be more simple. That is part of what I want to work on! I over think my blog too much and don’t post a lot of the small things anymore because I put pressure on myself to please everyone. I also don’t feel like I can share quite as much about my kids’ lives because their safety is everything to me. It’s a balance that I am definitely going to work on this year! Thanks again for your sweet, honest words. So grateful to have blog friends like you in my life. xo

  7. I have all your goals plus a few more:
    I want to be a BETTER cook! (and I don’t mean better an in making tastier meals…I mean better as in actually cooking a meal instead of heat and eat stuff!
    I want to be a better runner. I enjoy running for exercise but I need to work on a few things to actually be “good” at it (as in, to not hurt myself!)

    ((And I so get you with the “divide and conquer” thing!! It really IS hard to find time with your spouse when you both are constantly going in two different directions.))

    1. Be a better cook has been on my goal list for 10 years! And I never achieve that one so this year I’m leaving it off my list. But better luck to you Katrina! :) xo

  8. Love your goal list! I’ve been reading a lot about goals recently and thinking of my own. It can be difficult to carve out time for our marriages and make the moments to be a fun, silly mom more often, but these are on my goal list this year, too. Love that quote about being a blessing in someone’s life, too!

    1. Thanks Gina! I know. Easier said than done! But definitely things I want to shoot for. So grateful to have you in my life in person! :) xo

  9. Hi Erin – I think your prayer has already been answered, because you are a blessing to ME!! Your posts inspire me more than you know. I so appreciate your honesty. Please don’t change anything about your blog – as Dr. Seuss said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” I have struggled with worrying about what people think of me for so many years. This year I am focusing on letting go of the “less than” mindset and rejoice in who I am and focus my time, energy and love on those who love me for me!!!

    1. Love this Susan! I am going to remember that quote too! What a great one. I love you to pieces! You are a blessing in my life as well and your comments always make me smile and put me in a good mood. Thank you sweet friend! Good luck to both of us with our goals. :) xo

      1. Erin – you are so sweet!! I’m glad we are here for each other!! Have a great weekend with your beautiful family!! xo

  10. Love your word for the year!

    I personally love your blog as is, the design is clean and easy to read and your pictures are always good quality. And your posts are great, normal, everyday mom kinda posts, which I appreciate so much. It’s not like you’re writing to sell something, like you said it’s more like we’re all sitting in your kitchen and chatting casually like neighbors do. I always come here when I need some positivity, a little pick-me-up, and it’s nice to occasionally come away with a little organizing tip or idea.

    And yeah, the divide and conquer phenomenon is so common once you hit even 2 kids I think! But your girls are getting a lot older and more mature, I say kick ’em outside with their little brother to play for a couple hours and enjoy alone time :) Also, bedtimes are our saving grace with 4 (soon to be 5) kids! We can cuddle up and watch a more grown-up movie once everyone is in bed.

  11. Hey, Erin. This post was such a nice thing to read after the rough week I’ve had. Glad it’s over! :D I love that you’ve set really simple but yet so demanding goals for yourself. Kids will definitely not remember clean counters, folded laundry and spotless bathrooms. Kids will remember and cherish the careless times, spent with people they love in peace, harmony and love. I know you are a good parent, Erin, but sometimes we all have to remind ourselves that there’s still space for a little improvement. I’m with you on this one this year! About your blog … I really appreciate your honesty and the fact that you are so respectful to your kids’ privacy here on the blog, which is definitely not a trend in blogging world. You always have a kind word for everyone who comments here, which is also a big plus in my book. Just stay as great as you are, Erin, and keep this blog going. Wishing all the best to you and your lovely family.

  12. I could have wrote soooo many of the same exact words you said today. WOW!
    I want to work on being a better wife, better mom and better blogger..and I too overthink my blog sometimes and it becomes overwhelming.

    I love your blog, thank you for reminding me that I am in the same boat! :)

  13. What a great post Erin. I love your word for 2015. I think my main goal for this year is to , “be still.” I am always thinking about things that need to be done instead of enjoying the moment. While getting my hair done, I am thinking about 10 things that I could be doing instead of enjoying that down time. Even while eating dinner, I think about all that needs to be done after. I have decided that I just need to learn to be still.

    I think your goals are great ones. I love your blog Erin. It is my favorite. I don’t think I have ever read one post that I didn’t enjoy and I have been reading for a long time. I think why it is so easy to connect with you is because you are so genuine and you seriously make me laugh. Your personality and heart shine through your posts. From what I can see, you are an amazing mommy and I love the banter between you and Kenny…Less baskets… Your posts always make me smile.

    Have a great weekend and buy a basket..JK.;)


  14. I’ve been reading here for three+ years and enjoy your posts! I will say that I, too, enjoyed your blog design better before the switch, but it’s yours to do what you want! That isn’t a reason to not keep following along. I did not come up with a word for this year. There are so many areas I would like to work on. By March of 2014, it was a fail for my goals here Really sad because those goals were more about character traits that needed work. I like your list and think anyone could better themselves in the important area of relationships. Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Hi Erin,

    I am a reader, but I haven’t commented… Does that make me a stalker?! :)

    I just want to say that I love your blog! I use so many of your organizing ideas. I love me some organization. Ha!

    I also love your word and focus for the year. We can all strive to be better. My word of the year is surrender. It has been tough and we are only 8 days in, but I know God is going to rock my world this year. It will be painful, but I always love the outcome of a good pruning, and appreciate the journey looking back. I am, obviously, religious and want to surrender my whole life to His will. There is just too much in my life that I have tried to maintain control over instead of surrendering to Him. I also feel like Romans 12 is my chapter this year.

    Sorry for the ramble, but I just love your blog so much. It makes me think and gives me great organizing ideas. What could be better than that?!?!

  16. I love your word for 2015! Your blog is so cute-always positive, always “sunny-” love that.

    I wish everyone could work on being “better-“wouldn’t that make the world a better place?

    I do specific goal setting around my birthday every year ( it’s in May).
    Takes the pressure off in January, LOL.

    I also write out a list for the year, though-like you, I’ve never met a list I didn’t like :)

    My Ma was the original meal planner-we had the same thing every Monday-Friday ( like meatloaf on Monday, spaghetti on Tuesday, etc), Saturday was fend-for-yourself and Sunday was a big mid-day meal.
    It never varied, and she always knew what groceries she needed every week. As a kid I thought it was awfully boring, but once I had my own kids I realized the woman was genius.

    Let me also pass along some words of wisdom from my daughter’s third grade teacher-

    “Can’t lives on won’t street!” Goofy, I know, but I love it!

    This saying-from the great Mrs. Harris of TX- is one I use ALL. THE. TIME. ( especially in my own classroom when I am teaching)

    Sometimes, people are so afraid of screwing up that they default to saying, “I can’t _______” when what they really mean is “I won’t take the time to learn how to _________ because I am afraid to fail.”

    If you want a good place to start, let me recommend this book: ( it has great pictures)


    PS- if you are ever looking to get involved with a great organization, check out Just in Time for Foster Youth here in San Diego. They help kids aging out of the foster care system( who are automatically cut off at age 18. Yikes!) . My own kids are adults now, so I have time to work with JIT in a more involved way, but there are many ( easy!) ways to help these kids-you can see their needs on the site.

    Here’s the link:

    Don’t read their stories without Kleenex close by.


    Here’s to a BETTER 2015 for all of us!

  17. Hi Erin,
    I am reading your blog instead of the 1000 other things I SHOULD be doing. But your blog always makes me feel more cheerful, so that’s how I’m justifying it today :) I was thinking about what u said today about not feeling free to share everything u really want to, and I was thinking that maybe you should have 2 blogs. This blog, and then a password protected one for your family &close friends bc then you could still share with your readers but you could have a private protected place to still get out all the other thoughts and feelings that are not appropriate for a public blog. Best of both worlds. Thank you for your positive thoughts and inspiration. I love escaping here to this beautiful happy organized place for a few minutes when my life is too crazy, it always makes me feel ready to tackle the world again :) I have no doubt that you (and your blog) will only keep getting better!

  18. A few things!

    LOVE your word – I posted on mine on Wednesday on my blog
    I also don’t like posed pics like that WHILE DOING IT but I love seeing them afterwards. This year, my hubby said flat-out we’re not doing those ones and I said ok but the PHOTOGRAPHER insisted ;)
    Love your goals linked to your word – I think the key for you is going to be posting a monthly check-up. I do that and I call it Goals Night. Clearly I’m hugely creative. Shall I remind you to do an update too? :)

    1. PS I get the openness/ guardedness about blogging too. A lady told me I’m condescending the other day and I was like WHATTTTT???? I think I’m the least condescending person ever but for this week I’ve been overthinking how I phrase things :O

  19. I also check out your blog every day and the one thing that stands out to me most is your positive attitude – even when you mention something that could be considered negative. I appreciate the way you can take anything and spin it into a good thing such as your cooking interest or abilities! We all have things that we really can or should work on but there are other priorities that stand far and above those in their importance so we focus on those. Yes, your family needs to eat BUT they need your love and attention more. If they have to eat a few take out meals or eat PB&J every once in a while, that won’t hurt them. Being without your undivided attention will so keep up the good work!

  20. Erin,
    I have been reading your blog for the last year or two and never commented, but today is the day! I have been documenting the past year of my life on a blog, but because I spend too much time comparing myself and my blogs to others I have yet to make mine public. I’m thinking I should take what you said about blogging and apply it to my life and my blog. My biggest New Year’s Resolution is to take time each day and think about one thing I am grateful for, not something like food, shelter, or family but a day-to-day thing like good customer service or a great parking spot. I just think by finding something each day to be grateful for it might make life seem a whole lot easier.

  21. I love this word! I can completely relate to ALL of your goals (except blogging, I don’t blog). :-) My word for the year is NOURISH. I want to nourish my soul, my body, my marriage, my family, my friendships, my career, and my home.

  22. Hi Erin,

    I love this post! These are the kinds of things I have been thinking about as well and I love putting a word on it. I feel like I have gotten so bogged down in the last few years with the grind of work and kids that I need to be better in several areas and enjoy those fun little moments your daughter described. My kids definitely make me want to be a better mom and better person!

    I love the honesty of your blog. So sorry about the negative people. People who read blogs they don’t enjoy will never make sense to me!

    Happy 2015!

  23. Thank you for posting your first two comments. It is so easy to get caught up on what we “think” we should be doing and lose sight if the two most important things. It was a great reminder that being a a better wife and mommy can change everything!

  24. Thanks for all the great advice! I love that you recognize how dedicated your husband is, and that you want to be a blessing to others….great advice. I also love the effort to try to be more playful….I find that one so tough when our workload as moms is never-ending. I heard a speaker once say “try to be a grandparent”, meaning play with your kids, give them your undivided attention, unconditional love and when they ask to do a craft or paint say “yes!”. The best thing about your goals is they are completely selfless. I have two boys and my “baby” is a girl. I find your blog so enjoyable. The perfect mix of motherhood, home design, beauty/fashion and social events. Thanks!

    1. Jaclyn! Your comment means so much to me. What a kind thing to say about my blog. Thank you! Sometimes I worry that I’m too scattered and I should focus on one topic more, but since that’s too hard for me I’ll just remember that you think I have the perfect mix. ;) I’ll also remember the grandparent comment. It really is hard to be playful when you’re exhausted and in the thick of things, but so rewarding if you can pull it off! Thanks again for your thoughtful words. Happy New Year! xo

  25. Love your word for 2015, your blog, and you! I am thinking my word may be “present.” I need to focus more and savor every blessing. Happy New Year!

    1. I love you back Dee! :) Also love your word for the year. That’s a great one. I think I’ll be “better” about being present too. ;) Happy 2015! xo

  26. Great goals! The one about spending more time with your Hubby resonates with me because that was a goal that I identified this year also. My Hubby & I have 5 kids so are well & truly outnumbered & haven’t had a date night in a little over 3 1/2 years so 2015 amongst other things will involve appreciating my relationship more. I too have my Mothering & Blogging on the agenda ~ busy busy! Look toward to reading your Sunny Side Up Blog throughout 2015. X.

    1. Oh my word Danielle! 5 kids!? You are my hero. :) So busy. And it’s all good stuff, but like you said, date nights are few and far between! Hopefully we can both be better about prioritizing them this year! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! xo

  27. I love your description of marriage with kids! My husband and I have been talking about this, but I couldn’t quite describe how I’ve been feeling. But you nailed it! We are always just trying to divide and conquer with the kids, and then we have no energy left for each other! Thanks for sharing your goals- very helpful! And I love your blog! :)

    1. Thanks Evaly! It’s really so true, isn’t it!? You hit the nail on the head with the energy thing too. Kids seem to zap it all. :) Hopefully both of us can carve out a little more couple time with husbands this year! xo

  28. I love your blog! I’d rather read your authentic sporadic posts than daily posts from those seemingly fake mom bloggers! Keep on doing what you can do! I’m sure I speak for all readers when I say we appreciate you, being ‘just Erin’, it’s authentically refreshing! Happy New Year & good luck on all your goals! Ali, from Orlando FL :)

    1. So thoughtful of you Ali! Your comment means so much to me. I’m so very grateful you are happy with “just Erin.” :) I hope you have a wonderful 2015 as well! xo

  29. Hello Erin
    Thanks for sharing your goals with us! We should all do the same!!
    Love your posts and follow with excitement at all your decorating
    genius!! Oh how I could use your brain for the new house we are
    building. Have a wonderful year!! God Bless

  30. What an inspiring message!! I also love the concept of finding a word and have loved asking my clients .. what is their word for the new year. I have chosen two words for the new year – LOVE and DETERMINATION. You have motivated me to blog about why I chose those words as well. Thanks again for having a place that I can read that always uplifts me and brings a smile :). By the way, I hope one of these days we bump into each other at TJMaxx In St. George .. or Target :)!

  31. Erin……did you know that the Pottery Barn post on Facebook features your reading corner in your house?!!! It’s awesome. I recognized it right away! Hahaha. Cool.

  32. Erin, you are such an inspiration and I love your blog. You don’t need to change anything! I have you to thank for introducing me to Popcornopolis Zebra Popcorn, the Favorite Things curling iron from Target you posted a couple years ago ( a huge fav of mine now) and so many of your organizing tips. I have a new love of the Container Store and Staples because of you too. You have helped me to learn how to be more organized.

    I have enjoyed seeing your children grow and progress through school and the progress on your beautiful home. Your children look so happy and I think you did a fantastic job of designing and decorating your new home.

    You have made me BETTER by just being you and by sharing your little corner of the world with your blogging friends. Thank you!

  33. hi Erin,
    just read this and i wanted to tell you that we love your blog for what it is, not for better pictures of for more content or for anything different that it is, just as you would probably say to your kids there will always be people you won’t please but just focus on the many readers that you do please and there are a lot of us out there, i have been reading your blog for a couple of years and i have been really enjoying it so don’t stop posting what you do and how you do it, we like you for exactly who you are.
    p.s. I am from and live in Greece, that’s how far in kilometers you have reached readers, Be Really Proud of yourself

  34. Erin, I love your word for this year. Love your blog and everything about it. You inspire and bless me every time I visit your blog. And talk about friends? I feel like you’re my friend even though you’re much younger and we’ve never met. I know you from your blogging and your sweet children and I don’t think you need to change a thing. I’m just happy to see what you have to say whenever you have time to say it. Happy New Year my friend. And I hope you achieve those wonderful goals, they could apply to nearly all of us, you know. Hugs.

  35. I read your blog all the time and don’t often comment but felt compelled today: I hope you don’t let the haters get you down, as they say, you can’t be all things to all people! I believe that there isn’t one blog out there that would be exempt from negative comments. Your positivity and energy really come through on this blog, making it one of my few regular reads.

    Just for laughs now: I had a dream about you the other night – it was hilarious and included your husband asking me for advice on how to fix a room you’d decorated (think 80’s Chinese restaurant) and the fact you were renting your gorgeous house out to blog readers while you were away and that you and your family were all massive chain smokers! Don’t ask why, I don’t know! Perhaps it’s the sleep deprivation (11 week old baby in the house, number 5)…!

  36. Erin,

    I also have never commented before, but I just had to let you know that Sunny Side Up is my most favorite blog (and I read quite a few). I like everything about it and really appreciate what an excellent writer you are and how you keep things light, humorous and REAL!

    I feel like we have quite a bit in common as I also live in SoCal, used to be a teacher, love organizing and improving my house and avoiding cooking when possible. :)

    Please don’t change anything! You are doing an amazing job!!

  37. I ended up here through another blog, but I came across this post and it really made me think. Thank you! I just asked my boyfriend how I can be a better girlfriend and now I’ve some goals to myself as well. I hope you achieve yours!

  38. I cannot believe anyone would write a mean comment to you! I love your blog & you’re a “mom-spiration” to me (my twins are 7months, so I have TONS to look forward to! ha!) Love from Jersey!

  39. Erin~ You are simply wonderful! I think your 2015 goals are inspirational. I too need to take more time to be silly with my kids rather than getting caught up in busyness of motherhood. I love everything to be cleaned, organized, and things in their rightful place, but I also realize that sometimes I have to just let go of that and make these little faces in front of me a bigger priority than cleaning my house. Finding the balance is my journey.

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