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Recent December pics

Well.  I’ve been a bad blogger lately, haven’t I?  Sorry for the lack of posting lately!  We are soaking up as much family time as possible and I’m so happy we still have the rest of the week.  I’ve been much better about sharing pics on Instagram – it’s so fast and easy.  When my kids and husband are home with me I just can’t bring myself to spend hours on the computer.  But a few posts are almost finished and coming soon because I still have Christmas decorating posts that I never finished!  December got away from me.  It always does no matter how prepared I try to be.  For now here are a few random pics from the past two weeks I never got around to posting…
My little buddy helping his daddy make pancakes – our Saturday morning routine.  When they are finished he always says “dad – I think we need more stuff in there!” because he doesn’t want the baking to end.  It always makes us smile.
This his how I organize my Christmas receipts every year.  Real fancy I know.  It’s always nice to save receipts for gifts you are buying in case you need to return anything after Christmas and I like having them all in one easy to locate place.  Do you all love me for giving you this idea AFTER Christmas?  Ha!  It’s not that I’m a slacker… it’s that I’m SO on the ball I’m giving you ideas for next year already.  :)
I didn’t get around to decorating my formal dining room for Christmas.  I had fun plans for this room and was going to have friends over for a dinner party and then I remembered what our December schedule looked like (my girls are in a play right now and it has made our lives crazy to say the least!) so I decided to wait until next year.  Plus I don’t have dishes.  Well – I have dishes – plastic Target kid friendly dishes – because that’s all we’ve used for the past ten years. :)  I need some real grown-up dishes.  Always a nice addition to a dinner party, don’t you think?  Our elf enjoyed hanging out in this space even though it was lacking in decor.
My girls coming home from school after a rainy day.  They always have so much to tell me.  :)
I gave out Williams Sonoma Peppermint Bark to friends and neighbors this year.  Have you all tried it!?  SO delicious.  I waited for it to go on sale and stocked up!  This was the last batch we delivered.  I made sure we’d have an extra box left over.  And it lasted about 5 minutes.
Just about to get our traditional Santa pic for the year.  I’m going to keep taking my kids to see Santa as long as they still fit on his lap.
making-pretzel-hugsMaking our traditional pretzel hugs.  Even though we didn’t give them out to friends this year my kids insisted on making them.  So yeah.. we had three trays of pretzel hugs along with Peppermint Bark.  Treadmill will be calling my name come January.  And I didn’t set up my hot chocolate station this year on purpose!  I gained 5 pounds from that little move last year.  Tis the season for weight gain.
My little buddy got sick just in time for Christmas.  :(  Strep throat.  I spent two straight days just holding him.  And while I hated to see him so sick, it was nice that it forced me to slow down and soak up time with him instead of running around with last minute errands.  He’ll always be my baby and I loved all of the extra cuddle time.  Happy to say he is doing MUCH better now.
This was our favorite present Christmas morning.  My girls had all sorts of drawings and little presents they made for each other under the tree.  I didn’t think much of them until Ad opened and read this one from Ellie.  My husband and I both looked at each other and just teared up.
I snapped this picture with blurry eyes and thought about how it was a moment I’d never forget.
It’s always funny to me how I have the house so clean and calm with our candle burning on Christmas Eve and by 10:00 am Christmas morning our kitchen looks like this.
Craft room was rarely clean during the month.  I will say however that it was SO nice to have a place to wrap and create and then just shut the door and pretend the mess wasn’t there!  This coral rug I moved in from the dining room for the month made me excited to add more decor to this space.  Not this color (coral is too much for me with the blue walls), but the room needs some personality.  And a good cleaning.
The rest of the week we are spending with extended family.  Staying up way too late talking, laughing and watching movies like It’s a Wonderful Life.

It really is.  :)

xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Recent December pics

  1. What a precious gift your daughter gave to her sister! It made me teary eyed! What a testimony to you as parents that you are raising such lovely girls and such an adorable son. Family is everything! I’m so glad there are people like you (and your family) in this world who make it so much better by just being you! Thank you for sharing your Christmas memories with your blog friends. It warms my heart to see such goodness and cheer.

    1. Wow Romi. What a kind, heart felt comment. So incredibly thoughtful of you! Family really is everything, isn’t it!? You totally made my day. I feel so blessed to have people like you reading my blog. Warms my heart too. :) Happy New Year sweet friend! xo

  2. Thanks for sharing bits of your wonderful life, Erin. Your posts always make me smile. So sorry your little buddy was sick, but happy to hear he’s doing better. And what thoughtful and generous girls you have. That little love note is so very sweet and a treasure to keep. May your new year be filled with many happy blessings!

  3. What a perfect Christmas! Thanks for the receipt tip for next year — I will be copying you again! :) You have such a sweet family! Happy New Year!

  4. Oh Erin this is such a nice post! Looks like a wonderful holiday! I totally relate to many of your comments and had to laugh. I am also making my kids visit Santa every year until they don’t fit anymore—-and maybe beyond that! I saw the post on Instagram about your girls’ gift to each other and it is sooo sweet! Definitely a special moment for Mom and Dad.

    And…I love seeing your house messy! Makes me feel better during this crazy kids home-from-school week!!!’

    1. So sweet of you Lynnsey! Thanks for your sweet comment. And oh my word – yes! House is a disaster with the kids home. I’m just letting it all go until they go back! Happy New Year cutie! xo

  5. Your home is beautiful, Erin! I am a new reader and thought I would say hi. We are in the process of building a new home and your blog has been a great source! Have a happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Vicki! I’m so glad my posts have helped. So nice to “meet” you! I appreciate you saying hi and hope you have a wonderful New Year also. :)

  6. Such a sweet post! Love seeing pictures of your every day life-messy kitchens, adorable kiddos and all :) Enjoy your time with your extended family. Happy New Year, sweet friend!

  7. Your children are adorable, and I can so understand the before and after pictures of crazy holiday moments ;-) Your home is lovely. Nothing better than A Wonderful Life at Christmas time. One of my favorites and that’s a great shot! Have a very happy, healthy new year!


  8. Erin,
    Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! I love seeing how close your girls are. I am hoping mine will show the same affection for each other as they grow older (as I am writing this they are fighting over who gets to push whom on a toy). I enjoy seeing sneak peeks into your family. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Ashley! Do you mean the two kitchen islands? I do like having two instead of one larger island! It’s really nice to keep the food prep on one and then serve on the other. Or keep the food away from the kids’ homework if they are doing it on one island. Also I know that if I had one large island I would be walking around it all day and couldn’t reach my kiddos very easily. I think it would have been too big in my space. Happy with my decision. :)

  9. Oh how lovely. Your Christmas photos are all kinds of awesome !! I especially loved seeing your kitchen on Christmas morning it looked so lived in. And made me feel totally normal wth my three kiddos lol : ) just new house just looked Devine all decked out !!

  10. Hey Erin! I read every post, but don’t always comment… can I just say, I TOTALLY APPRECIATE the few pics of messiness :-) It makes me feel normal! Yet somehow, it still looks just beautiful at the same time :-) Happy 2015!!!

  11. Love your style Erin. Your family is beautiful. May I ask where did you get those pretty hanging black lanterns? I see one also in the back ground on the wall of your house. Love the look of them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Stephanie! You know I can’t remember where I got them! Somewhere on line. So many people have asked me and I can’t find my info. on them anywhere. So sorry. I’m going to dig a little deeper and I’ll share the info. on my blog if I come up with it! Thanks for your sweet comment and Happy New Year! xo

  12. Hey Erin,
    You’ve probably already shared this, but where did you get the coral rug? We’ve moved into a new home with lots of hardwood floors and I need rug inspiration! I love seeing “real” pictures of your home with a bit of a mess. Very easy to relate to! My girls made sweet presents for each other this Christmas, too. I love sisterly love!

    1. Hi Kimberly! My coral rug was from Home Decorators. They have lots of fun rugs for good prices. So sweet your girls made gifts for each other too! It’s the best. :) Happy New Year! xo

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