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Friday Favorites – favorite organizing posts!

Well! I hope everyone had a great week. It sure flew by around here!  Things were just short of chaos at my house this week and I’m feeling more scattered than ever lately!  I think it’s a combination of school/activities really picking up for my three kids, random commitments/to-do’s taking up any ounce of free time I have, and the fact that my house truly looks like a bomb went off because I started decorating for fall and haven’t had time to finish.  You can see in this picture of my dining room I shared on Instagram today what “in-progress” looks like around here.  Let’s hope there are better “afters” to come! :)

Whether you are typically an organized person or not, some weeks are just crazy and despite best efforts to stay on top of things we all end up feeling scattered and overwhelmed at times.  When I have weeks like this one I just let it go and vow to be more on top of things and productive the following week!  To help us all prepare for smoother weeks ahead I’ve rounded up a few of my latest favorite organizing posts!  I hope these are as helpful to you as they have been for me.
Not long ago I started writing a post on reasons we often have a hard time staying organized.  My post was about 2/3 done and in my drafts folder.  Around that same time I was perusing Pinterest and came across this post by Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog – 5 Reasons You’re Failing at Organization.  I read the post and couldn’t believe it!  She mentioned everything I had and then some!  I found myself nodding at everything she said and then decided I didn’t need to re-write a post that she wrote so well.  :)  I also love that after each reason she listed that we sometimes fail at staying organized she also gives a quick solution so we can fix the problem.  I love Abby and her blog and this is a great read if you are struggling to stay on top of things!
How To Be Organized Each and Every Week by The Well is a new post I stumbled on and I LOVE this one simple little tip!  Something I plan to implement in my life from here on out!
One thing I really felt we needed this week that I didn’t have ready was some sort of chore/homework check system for the kids.  My girls have play practice for three hours most school nights so our time at home for homework and chores is limited and they have to work hard and fast to get everything done.  Without something keeping us on track we all forget one thing or another!  I’ve always loved this simple After School Checklist by Pulling Curls.
allowance charts for kids
It’s similar to the Chore Charts I came up with for my girls last year  but I think I want to combine the two for this school year.  I love a simple check list!
star behavior charts for toddlers
When my girls were younger I made these Star Behavior Charts and absolutely loved them.  A great solution if you have younger children!
I thought about making one for my 5 year old son, but then I saw my friend Gina’s new Simple Chore Charts she made for her kids and I’m thinking of doing something like it instead!  I know my son would respond really well to this daily reminder of his simple daily to-do’s.
On a quick side note, you all know how in love I am with my pull out laundry hampers.  Such a great way to keep laundry organized!  My friend Gina came up with a similar solution I wanted to share..
She had this simple open cabinet built in her laundry room to hold one basket for each family member.  She puts the clothes in the basket and everyone can take the basket to their room and put their clothes away.  Or not.  But regardless, the clothes are organized and off the floor!  Genius!
Do you all read my friend Samantha’s blog Simply Organized?  If you don’t you need to start!  SO many great organizing tips and Sam is honestly the sweetest most down to earth person.  Love her!  I love all of her posts but there are two that I’ve had pinned for so long and still need to get to.  Love her solution for DVD organization.  This has been on my to-do list for years!  I really need to prioritize it because our DVD’s are always a mess.
I also love what she did to organize the extra paint in her garage!  We have so many paint cans in our garage that I need to get under control.  DVD and paint organization will both be top organizing projects on my list for next year!  So glad Sam has done the hard work for me so now I can just copy.  :)
A few of my favorite organizing posts!  I hope they were helpful.  You better believe that tomorrow I’m doing my Week Ahead Prep and setting myself up for a more organized week.  Fingers crossed I can pull it off!  And also manage to get my fall decor off the floor.  :)

Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, Erin
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13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – favorite organizing posts!

  1. Do you have a post or go to website/article for organizing a garage? We moved into our new home right at a year ago, my husband designed an elfa system from the container store and got it put up in the garage, then he just picked up everything off the floor and put it anywhere and everywhere on the shelves and baskets he got. No organization at all and the shelves are complete chaos. Even though the garage is his thing with man stuff, he’s asked me to organize it for him. I have an idea of how to do but it’s a little overwhelming at the moment. Thank you!

    1. Mary I’m going to post a garage update soon! I haven’t done much, but aside from sharing my progress, I’ll also link to past garage organization posts I’ve done. Hopefully this week or next! :) xo

  2. Great post, Erin. I’m sure you will have your fall decor out and about very soon. Your house will look even lovelier! Thank you for sharing these great organizing blogs and posts. I look forward to delving into them this weekend. I so enjoy reading posts about organizing. Gives me great hope that I, too, can get organized. Then I remember I have to implement what they talk about…ha ha! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Ha ha.. that’s really the trick isn’t it Jeanne!? We all love to read and pin organization posts but actually implementing them is another story! :) Enjoy your weekend cutie! So happy to have football on again. :)

  3. Wow Erin, I swear great minds think alike. First the mascara and now I was on the hunt for a olive green anything last week. I found a top, but really want the jolt pants too now! lol I have the striped top in navy blue and white for Summer from Target. I am going to get the black and white striped one. Thank you for opening your home and fashion advice. You are always on point :)

  4. Hi Erin –
    Thanks for the links to the organization blogs – I’m always on the hunt for a good one! Your fall decor being spread all over your dining room didn’t even faze me. My entire house is undergoing a huge remodel so if you want to see a mess with everything out of place?? Come visit! I’m lucky to be able to find my kids these days!! Lol. Was wondering if your living room chairs were ever delivered? I’m looking at 2 chairs from Ballard and am worried they’ll take forever. I’m already on a 10 week wait for my couch from another store :(. Hopefully by then construction will be complete. Fingers crossed!!

    1. Hi Kim! Oh my word.. your comment about finding your kids made me laugh out loud! I can only imagine going through a remodel! My chairs did finally come (I’ll share them soon!) but some mirrors I ordered from Ballards FOREVER ago still haven’t come. They are not the fastest store that’s for sure. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck finishing your home! xo

  5. Happy Friday! What do you do with all the school papers that you want to save? I’ve got cute artwork, great stories, test papers, etc. I’m swimming in papers!

  6. Good ideas. I am short of floor space for more cupboards. I’ll have to do some serious disposing of my teaching material and arts and crafts.

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