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May Re-cap!

Oh my word.  It’s the end of May!  We all made it!  Still hanging on around here.  By a thread no doubt, but alive and kicking.  We have the rest of this week and one more until summer break and we are all so beyond ready.  This morning was brutal after the nice, long weekend.  Almost hilarious.  None of us wanted to wake up!  Then we were scrambling big time.  It’s like our brains have switched over to summer mode and there’s no going back. :)

Because life is so busy, especially during this time of year, I decided to do a quick month round-up of what happened on the blog during May.  I know I haven’t had much time for blog reading lately and I can’t wait to sit down in my pj’s and do some major catching up on my favorites in two weeks!   Seriously counting down.  If you’ve been on the go like we have and missed a post or two I’ll catch you up quick!  Then on to good things in June.  :)


I kicked off the month by sharing my organized jewelry.  This vanity in my master bathroom has been a dream since I whipped it into shape!  I shared all the details in this post (including my favorite jewelry) and can’t wait to share a few more things in this space soon!

quote 2
I love this quote from Melissa’s new book “Make Room For What You Love” that inspired this makeover.  My jewelry was a cluttered mess before and drove me crazy every day.  I’ve thought about this quote a lot this month and have been purging like nobody’s business.  Best feeling ever!


I’ve always loved this sign in my office, but this month I switched it out for something a little more personal!  The new sign makes me happy every single day. :)

squad-white-picket-fence copy


I had so much fun sharing some pics of my recent girls’ trip to Florida!  We had such a great time.  Wishing I was back on that beach right about now!



Feeling overwhelmed most likely isn’t a new feeling for a lot of us.  I have a few things I make sure to do every time I’m feeling like I have too much on my plate that have helped me immensely.  I hope they were helpful to you too!



SO many good things in May’s first Favorites/Fashion post!  From decor to clothes, lots of things I’ve been loving this month.  I have to say that my Clinique moisture mask I mentioned in this post is quickly moving up the list to one of my all time favorite things.  I’ve been getting so many compliments on my skin lately!  It’s my best kept little secret.  That’s actually a not so little secret since I shared it with all of you. ;)

This outfit is another fun favorite from this post.  An all time staple that is on repeat for me year round!


So fun sharing a few fun updates I’ve made to my kitchen recently!

Just small decor changes, but they have made such a difference for me.  I think it’s so important to put your own stamp on where you live.  Everyone deserves to wake up and feel happy and energized by their home.  And if it takes some new flour and sugar canisters and a striped plant pot turned utensil crock to bring that happiness, then by all means, scoop those babies up!  #lifelesson  #husbandmightnotagree  #butwhatdoesheknow


It felt so good to commit and share my summer goals with all of you!  It always makes me happy to start a new season or phase of life with some sort of direction and plan.  Fingers crossed I can make them all happen!  Time to put the cookie dough away.  Almost.  ;)



This May was such a special month for our family.  My mom retired after 35 years of teaching and I loved sharing the pictures of her fun party with all of you!



Then soon after I shared a few of the fun gifts she got at her party along with some more of my most recent favorites.

SO many fun things on sale last weekend and some of the sales (love you half yearly!) are still going strong!  Let me know if you picked up any of my favorites and how you’re liking them!  I always get so excited to hear when you love one of my favorite things too. :)
And that’s a wrap for May on the blog!  I’m always so grateful I have this happy little place to escape to each day.

What was your favorite post this month?  I’d love to hear!  

Happy June everyone!  Bring it on.


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “May Re-cap!

  1. Hands down, my favorite was the post about celebrating your mom! And that quote you shared about the book was near the top, too. Good luck making it through the next two weeks. You can do it!! :) Hugs!!

  2. Erin, I quickly ran to Nordstrom to find the Neta Leather wedge sandal after reading your post . However, I came out with the Vince Camuto Evel leather sandal instead. Now, I’m debating if my choice was wrong. Have you worn your wedge sandals with a dress or skirt? Would you mind posting a picture if you have? I wanted to be able to do this that’s why I ended up with the Evel sandal. My verdict is the wedge sandal would be way more comfortable to wear.

    1. Hi Debbie! Ok.. the Neta wedge sandal is definitely comfortable but I don’t think it would look as good with a skirt or dress so you probably made the right choice if you wanted something for a dress. I LOVE the wedges with jeans or capris. You might just need both! ;) Hope that helps! xo

      1. Erin, sad to say but the Vince Camuto sandals went back. The bungee-cord like straps pinched the sides of my feet and my feet was so done by the end of the day. I’m now waiting for the Neta sandals to arrive and hoping I can wear it with other things besides pants. Thank you for answering my question.

        1. Oh no Debbie! Such a bummer they weren’t comfortable for you! They are super comfortable for me.. must just be the differences in our feet! I hope the Neta sandals work better for you! xo

        2. You bought the Vince Camuto Evel sandals also? I’m glad it works for you and hope to see you wearing it on a future post. It’s definitely very cute and unique and I’m so sad to have to let it go.

          1. Oh Debbie I was confused! I don’t have the Evel sandals (just looked them up though and they are SO cute!). I have the Vince Camuto “Court” ankle strap sandal and really love them. I have two pairs I wear with most of my dresses. I think you’ll love the wedges though! xo

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